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Eloise Pepper

0 · 515 views · located in California

a character in “Beverly Hills High School”, as played by Starlight Keeper


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:,:Full Name:,:
Eloise Ophelia Pepper

Elle {Casual|Liked} Lo {Casual|Disliked} Pippy {Family Only|Liked}

:,:Preferred Name:,:


French German Swedish

:,:Date of Birth:,:
October 4, 2000


:,:Zodiac Sign:,:

:;:Sexual Orientation:;:

:;:Relationship History:;:

:;:Current Relationship Status:;:
Single {Open to Dating}


:;:Skin Tone:,:
Pale Porcelain



:;:Body Shape:,:
Eloise is built very slim and almost completely flat, not that she minds.

:;:Body Type:,:

Naturally blonde and slightly wavy. She never buys extensions and all of her highlights are natural.

:;:Shape of Face:,:

Mossy Green

:;:Distinguishing Marks:,:
Eloise has many freckles all over her body, her most noticeable one is on her left earlobe.

:;:Physical Disabilities:,:
Eloise suffers from severe insomnia, a fact she has kept a secret for several years from everyone but her family.

:;:Tattoos and Piercings:,:
She only has her earlobes pierced and her parents won't let her get a tattoo.

:;:Fashion Sense:,:
Eloise has a very vintage sort of style complete with button-up shirts and polka dot print skirts.

:;:Overall Attractiveness:,:
Because of her age, there are many people that won't comment. However, for all intensive purposes, Eloise is probably a nine.

:;:Good Personality Traits:;:
Cultured Enthusiastic Cheerful Thorough Competitive Modest

:;:Bad Personality Traits:;:
Assertive Conventional Naive Shallow Narrow-minded Well-meaning

All Eloise wants is to be loved and to love herself. However, her parents have presented her with a very warped perception of how the world is. While Eloise is kind and cheerful and easy to like, she can also come off as a bit of a shallow bitch. She isn't one to accept new ideas unless she comes up with them herself and hates change. She has a naive view of the world where everything is cut and dry. The lines are definite. Nobody dares to cross them. And she is on the right side, the side where she is the best.

On the other hand, you the well-meaning and modest Eloise that tries to get everyone to like her, but often says the wrong things to the wrong people. She doesn't brag about her skills, but she is aware of her level of talent. She is very conventional in her ideas of dating and romance, but she has a few rebellious streaks here and there. She has a tendency to push her beliefs on others, but she means it in the nicest way possible. She is cultured and bred to be a socialite and is thorough with how she gets things done.

Eloise is great at approaching people on a whim and talking to them. She makes friends easily, but there are times when she has trouble keeping them.
Physical Prowess
Eloise is considered very active. She plays tennis, jogs, does yoga with her mom, and swims. Her mother makes sure she stays in shape with a rigorous workout in the morning and healthy meals.
Musically Talented
Eloise has always had a certain talent with music. She is able to sing beautifully as well as memorize song lyrics quickly. Her instrument of choice is a trumpet and she can easily play a tune on it after hearing it once.
Academically Adept
Eloise is a straight A student, seeing as her parents ground her for anything lower that a ninety percent. They expect her to graduate with honors and as a valedictorian.

Easily Influenced
Eloise will do almost anything to get people to like her, so she is easily influenced into doing things she wouldn't otherwise do. This also applies to her parents, who can get her to do basically anything just by asking.
:;:Mental or Behavioral Disabilities:;:
Eloise suffers from severe insomnia. Because of this, she does not go to sleepovers or on school trips because she doesn't want people to find out.
:;:Life Philosophy :;:
"Be the best you can be. Then be the best everyone else can be because you're probably not good enough."

:;:Short Term Goals:;:
:;:Long Term Goals:;:

New York City, New York

"I would say I lived an okay childhood. My parents have always pressured me to be the best, but other than that, they obviously loved me. I wish I had less strict parents, but at the same time, I have to wonder where I would be without their guidance."

:;:Childhood Idol/Hero:;:
"I would have to say Serena Williams or Alison Balsom. Serena was definitely my tennis inspiration and I always thought she was without a doubt the coolest player out there. My mom took me to see one of her matches when I was nine. As for Alison, she was the one that inspired me to choose the trumpet when my dad told me to choose an instrument to learn. I wanted something different and she was one of the major female trumpeters in a field usually dominated by men."

:;:Dream Job:;:
"My mom and dad want me to become something like a doctor or maybe a lawyer. I have always wanted to be a professional tennis player."

In her life, Eloise has only ever had cats and other small pets because she grew up in penthouses where dogs would make too much noise.

Leman Manhattan Preparatory School||New York City, New York||Private School||{K-8}

:;:Social Class:;:
Upper Class

Eloise lives with her mother and father.



"My parents drive me everywhere. Occasionally, we'll have our chauffeur take me places."

Beckham Pepper||Father||50||Alive||CEO of Pepper Industries

Clementine Pepper||Mother||34||Alive||Retired Rockette and Dance Instructor

:;:Musical Instruments:;:

:;:Spending Habits:;:
:;:Other Drugs:;:

:;:Favorite Color:;:
:;:Least Favorite Color:;:
:;:Favorite Music Genre:;:
:;:Favorite Food:;:
:;:Form of Entertainment:;:

:;:How do you feel about attending B.H.H.S:;:
"I honestly don't want to. I just want to go back to New York and attend school with all of my friends. I won't tell my parents that though."

:;:What clique do you think you'll find yourself in by year's end:;:
"Preps, maybe. I guess I have all of the requirements?"

:;:Average Grade:;:

:;:Study Habits:;:
Eloise's parents have drilled into her head that it is best to get things done as soon as possible, so she usually does it as soon as she gets it.

:;:Do you plan on trying out for any sports?:;:
"The only sport I play is tennis, so I plan on trying out for that as a single."

:;:Do you plan on joining any clubs?:;:
"Well... My mom expects me to join the Glee Club and I suppose I'll join the Dance Committee... I would join the marching band, but I'm trained classically."


Starlight Keeper
Arizona Standard
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So begins...

Eloise Pepper's Story