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Kayleen Cargill

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a character in “Beverly Hills High School”, as played by Rivers



Personal Information

Full Name:
Kayleen Marie Cargill


Preferred Name


Date of Birth
June 15th

Zodiac Sign


Swedish, Irish, English
Image[center]Personal Details

Sexually Active?

Relationship History
She's had one boyfriend, and aside from him, one other sexual partner. She lost her virginity to a senior when she was a freshman, thinking it would give her a boost in popularity and that he actually liked her. This wasn't the case, though, and after a year of heartbreak, she started dating model Jay Alvarrez, who she was introduced to at a party while on vacation in Hawaii. He's based in Florida but would visit Kayleen multiple times a month, and she the same. She was planning on marrying him, but about a month ago, she found out that he had been cheating on her throughout the entire relationship. Needless to say, she's now single, but still grieving enough to think she never wants to date again.

Relationship Status


Physical Appearance


115 lbs

Body Build
Kayleen has a slim build, perfect for a bikini. Her measurements are 34-23-34 with a bra size of 32C.

Shape of Face

Eye Color

Glasses or Contacts

Skin Tone
Kayleen is Caucasian, with naturally light skin that seems to be constantly tan due to her many tropical vacations (and though she won't admit it, a trip to a tanning bed here and there when she's feeling too pale).

Hair Color
Naturally dirty blonde that gets lighter with sun exposure

x Her hair is usually kept in its natural state when worn down. It has a bit of an easy and relaxed look to it, and since it isn't naturally untamed or frizzy, she doesn't need to straighten it very often.

Surprisingly, Kayleen's style is very in tuned with the stereotypical Californian look. She rocks the casual, but pretty look, and loves crop tops, tank tops, jeans, denim shorts, bralettes and sundresses. Her family has enough money that it only makes sense that even though her look is casual, it's costly, but her wardrobe isn't majorly made up of thousand dollar gowns and blouses.

Standard Outfit
An everyday outfit would be comprised of something similar to this. She normally opts for a pretty, yet simple, crop top and a pair of shorts that are questionably short. At home, she's usually either in a pair of boy short underwear and a sports bra or over sized t-shirt, or a bikini, on her way out to the pool. The California weather is one of the few things that she won't complain about, since she has been able to work out a lot of new outfits with it.

Overall Attractiveness
She's the epitome of western-European beauty; light skin, toned body, blonde hair, a pretty face... Most guys would rate her a ten. She'd probably say nine on a good day, and a seven or eight otherwise.


Good Personality Traits
Adventurous, Fun, Simple (in comparison to many of her new peers)

Bad Personality Traits
Insensitive towards others' feelings, Close-Minded, Defensive

Kayleen is the type of girl who usually puts herself first. To a lot of people, that translates into an image of her being uncaring and selfish, but it usually isn't like that. She just prioritizes herself over other people, so if she doesn't want to hang out with someone, she isn't going to. In a way, it's a defense mechanism. She's very sensitive to rejection and the idea of not fitting in, so she's grown to completely block out the idea that anyone else's opinions on her have any value or meaning. If someone thinks she's being a bitch or a bad friend, then she tries to just shrug her shoulders and remind herself that as long as she's happy, it doesn't matter. It's a mindset that a lot of people wish they had, but she has it to an extent where it isn't completely healthy. She can be insensitive to people's feelings and sometimes forgets that real friendships involve sacrifices that go both ways. She's the type of person who has no problem sitting alone during lunch or being her own partner on a class project. Again, it sometimes gives people the chance to interpret it as her thinking she's better than them, but a lot of the time, it isn't the case. She just doesn't want to bother herself with people who she doesn't think will do anything for her.

To those that she's close with, Kayleen can be a lot of fun. She loves drinking and partying, is always up for vacationing, especially to a tropical destination, and she always likes to gossip over the latest drama. She doesn't think of herself as a mean girl, but that's probably because she's not used to being challenged or having her flaws pointed out to her. She's used to having her way go, and thinks of it just as normalcy rather than her being demanding or petty.

Overall, most people's first impression of Kayleen is that she's uninterested in them because she thinks she's superior to them, or is just quiet. They don't know that she has already either decided that they seem useless to her, or that they seem like potential friends but she has too many secret insecurities to make the first move. She can be cold and insensitive even when she does soften up to people, but with her friends, it's more known that she's fun and energetic, and sometimes has a mouth that gets her into trouble.

Greatest Joys in Life
Her friends, the beach, sleeping, alcohol, vacationing

Greatest Fears
Spiders, rodents, tsunamis, being kidnapped

Her first priority would just be getting back home to her old life. She does have some normal, teenage priorities too: having a fun senior year, maybe finding romance, and graduating with little stress. She isn't really prioritizing school because she has no set career aspirations, and honestly isn't excited or interested in the idea of college, aside from joining a sorority.

Mental or Physical Disabilities
Mild-moderate Dyscalculia

Life Philosophy
"Love yourself so much that when someone treats you wrong, you recognize it."


Likes & Dislikes
Likes: The beach, chocolate, strawberries, having her photo taken, seeming mysterious, her home, shopping, The Plaza Hotel, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Jhene Aiko, Drake, private flights, The Caribbean, roses

Dislikes: Her new life (as of now), Her stepmother (for no real reason), children, schedules, bad hair days, windy days, cats, infidelity, baths

Favorite Films
All of the Harry Potter movies
The Notebook
Dear John
The Bling Ring

Favorite Books
My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
Oh, The Places You'll Go! - Dr. Seuss

Favorite Album
The Pinkprint - Nicki Minaj
1989 - Taylor Swift

Favorite TV Show
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
The Real Housewives of New York
Orange is the New Black

Favorite Sport and Team
She isn't really into sports, but her father was always a huge Minnesota Twins fan, so she supports them. She also loves watching the Olympic gymnastics.

Favorite Food
She's a picky eater and eats simple foods, such as:
Mozzarella Sticks
Sicilian Pizza
Italian Ices
Chicken Tenders
Macaroni and cheese

Favorite Drink
Her favorite non-alcoholic beverage would be water or raspberry lemonade and her preferred alcoholic drink would be a cranberry vodka.

Favorite Color
Light pink, gold, white

Habits & Hobbies

Hobbies or Pastimes
Kayleen often wishes that she had a real hobby. She could be good at drawing or painting, excel at some sport or musical instrument, but she doesn't. She's not passionate about anything that she considers to be a real hobby. She does enjoy swimming casually, sunbathing, jogging, shopping, and is constantly on her phone updating social media and texting.

Plays any musical instruments?
She can play the violin and flute, but has no plans on continuing them at her new school. She was forced to continue them throughout her teen years by her mother.

Plays any kind of sports?
No, she participated in competitive horseback riding and soccer as a child, but stopped both by the time she was twelve.

Ideal Perfect Weekend
The perfect weekend for Kayleen now, would be what she used to complain about being the same old boring thing she did all of the time back at home. She and her friends would finish their classes on Friday and take a helicopter to Missoula to spend the evening shopping, or fly out to California or Vegas or New York for real shopping. They would do spa days and sleepovers and house parties and have a simple, fun, girl's weekend.

Ideal Holiday Destination
Hawaii - it ends up being at least an annual trip for her

Spending Habits?
She used to be an "average" spender when put up against her wealthy friends. She's the daughter of a billionaire so it makes sense that what she spends is excessive compared to a normal teenager, but it was never reckless before she moved to California. Now, it's a therapeutic habit, a reason to get out of the house, and a way to spite her father, even though no matter what she spends, it'll never really make a dent in her father's fortune.

No, she'll claim that she's smoked weed, but she's scared to actually do it, and has no interest in smoking cigarettes.

Yes - she tends to be a lightweight, especially when vodka is involved

Other Drugs
She's never done any drugs, aside from alcohol, but will claim that she's smoked weed. She's not necessary against it, but her parents have continuously spoken out against it and none of her friends smoked it, so she's always thought of it as dangerous.


Drives & Motivations
Although she claims that she's going to find a way back to Montana and her old life before senior year is over, the real motivation she has for doing well in school is that she can start her own life. She can move out of her dad's house, reunite with old friends, and to things on her own accord.

What are your goals?
Right now, her biggest goal is to get back to Montana and her old friends. It's kind of ironic considering how her whole life, she wanted to get out of the state and was constantly traveling, but she misses her old life. A short term goal, and her attempt to make the most of the situation, is to learn how to surf. She's done it a couple of times in Hawaii but doesn't really know how to do it. She does want to get married, have kids and travel more frequently too.

What goal do you most want to accomplish in your lifetime?
Having a family will probably be her biggest goal. She wants that perfect husband who has a great job but always sets aside time for his wife and kids. She wants children who are happy and healthy, and maybe most importantly, attractive and popular. She just wants it to be perfect. No divorce, no moving, no fights. Just happiness.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years? Twenty years?
Five years is probably the hardest estimate for her. She doesn't have any real plans career wise. It's safe to say that her father probably would have forced her to get her bachelor's degree within that time frame. She hopes she would have met "the one" and would be going steady with him. Hopefully lots of travelling and good times with friends would ensue during that time as well. She'd like to be engaged by twenty-six, married by twenty-seven or eight (depending on how lavish she wants the wedding to be), and have her first child a year after marriage. She wants at least four children, so she'd be busy raising those for the next twenty years.


Livingston, Montana {0 - 17}
Beverly Hills, California {17 - Current}

What was your Childhood Like?
Kayleen is the daughter of Austen Cargill II and Mary Stone. She has one half-brother, Timothy Cargill, who she believes, destroyed her perfect family. It only existed for a few months, but she likes to think that it had been perfect and would have been had he not been born. Timothy is the child of a love affair, one that led to Mary divorcing Austen, and Austen choosing his mistress and new son over Mary and Kayleen. Austen is one of the heirs to the Cargill empire, and owns around 4 billion of the family's 45 billion dollar worth. He loves ranching and the great outdoors, and purchased an 8 acre lot in Montana where he built an extensive home for the family before the divorce. Kayleen grew up with tons of space to run around, lots of fresh air, but no real father figure, and definitely no contact with her brother. She saw her father maybe five or six times over her lifetime, but his presence in her life was mostly shown through the child support checks he sent every month.

Although Mary had Kayleen convinced that Austen abandoned them, it wasn't really like that. He very well loved his daughter, but didn't want to make things worse with a custody battle. Besides, he knew that Mary was a good mother, and he was so involved in work, that he allowed Mary to take primary custody of her. Mary worked as a top editor in a publishing company that her father founded, so she did well on her own, but the extravagant child support that Austen paid helped maintain their lavish lifestyle.

Overall, her childhood was positive and fairly normal for someone of such wealth. She lived in an upscale, rural community and seemed to always be one step ahead of the other kids. It allowed her to be popular and the center of attention. Kayleen had the material things she wanted, the friends she wanted, and the attention that everyone wants. If she had one complaint about her childhood, it would be that her parents didn't live together, and that her mother always seemed to have boyfriends, but no one who actually stuck around.

Kayleen does not currently have any pets. She grew up having a few dogs, but the last one passed away last spring.

Childhood Hero or Idol
She was a huge Britney Spears fan as a child, and continues to love Taylor Swift to this day.

Dream Job
She has no real career aspirations at this point. She isn't one of those people who were lucky enough to find their niche in an art or sport early on, so she's really not sure what she wants to do after school. Becoming a travel blogger has always seemed cool to her, because it seems as easy as taking nice vacations and posting artsy photos to Instagram, but she doubts her family would be supportive of something as non-traditional and stable as that.

Schools Attended
St Mary's Parochial School - Livingston, MT {Private Catholic School || Preschool - Grade 8}
Park High School - Livingston, MT {Public High School || Grade 9 - Grade 11}
Hollywood High School - Hollywood, CA {Private School || Grade 12}


Currently Living With?
Kayleen is currently living with her father, step-mother and step-brother.

Kayleen doesn't own any pets, but her step-mother's children have dogs living in the house.

She has never held a job in her life. Right now, she's just a student.

Kayleen has a credit card linked to her father's bank account, so she doesn't have any real spending restrictions. Her father is worth billions, and her mother millions, so she's set for life. She's a part of the upper class.

Kayleen doesn't consider her father's house to be a home, but it's where she'll be spending her senior year. She still likes to claim that her mother's home was far nicer, but living in Beverly Hills is completely different. Her house in Montana was one of the nicest in the state and occupied over 8 acres of land, but still wasn't as frivolous as her father's Beverly Hills home. It's a transition, adjusting from living in the middle of nowhere to such a populated town and state, and right now, Kayleen's resistant to any sort of change involving her new life.

In addition to her father's Beverly Hills home, he owns a few other homes in Miami, Paradise Valley, New York, Aspen, London and Nice. Her mother got the Livingston, MT house during the divorce settlement, and in addition to that, owns homes in Charleston, SC, Jupiter Island, FL, New York, NY and is renting an apartment in London.

Right now, she doesn't have a car with her and is relying on her family's chauffeur. Her Mercedes G550 is home and is scheduled to be brought out some time this week, but she's considering just getting a new car. She's been looking to change it up anyway.


Name: Mary Stone || Role: Mother || Age: 44 || Life Status: Living || Occupation: Editor/Currently teaching college English courses

Name: Austen Cargill II || Role: Father || Age: 45 || Life Status: Living || Occupation: CEO of Cargill

Name: Timothy Cargill || Role: Brother || Age: 17 || Life Status: Living || Occupation: Student

Beverly Hills High School
Spent the Summer How?
Kayleen spent the beginning of her summer living her life normally. She and her girlfriends spent two weeks traveling between cities on the coast of Spain, Italy and France. She spent weekends here and there in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, and spent a week in the Hamptons on Long Island with her boyfriend. It was only about a week ago that her mother was offered a last minute position to teach a course at a prestigious university in England, where, conveniently, her fiancee worked as the university's president. Eliza accepted the offer, and within hours, Kayleen's summer went from being the perfect start to her senior year, to the perfect ending of her life. Needless to say, she was and is infuriated at the idea of having to transfer schools and move in with her father and his new family all in the blink of an eye. The last week of her summer was filled with teary goodbyes and promises that she'd be spending every single weekend back in Montana to keep up with her old friends.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
Right now, Kayleen isn't looking forward to very much. She isn't happy about having to transfer during her senior year of high school and is in the mindset that she doesn't need to make friends, and just needs to get through her classes and get home. She's homesick for her friends and mother, but if there was one thing she was at least somewhat excited about, it would be the nice California weather.



Place on the Ladder
She's a transfer, so she's probably on the lower end right now, just because she hasn't had a chance to find her place. Appearance (and maybe attitude wise), she'd probably gain respect fairly quickly, but right now, she wants no part in Hollywood High's social ladder or social scene at all.

Are you Happy?
Kayleen is definitely not happy with her current situation. She's in a mindset where she doesn't want anything to do with this new place or the people, so much that she won't even give it a chance.

If you could be apart of any other clique which would it be? Why?
For her entire life, Kayleen has always been at the top of the social ladder. She claims that she wants no part in any Beverly Hills High clique, but it makes sense that if she were to be attracted to one, it would be the royals.

Secrets (Something no one or few people know)
She lost her virginity as a freshman to a senior, and because of that, always secretly looked out for the younger girls at her school who lusted over the popular guys.

Do you plan on joining a club or sport this year? (If your part of a sport be sure to list the team and position you play)
No - she doesn't plan on getting involved in any extracurricular activities, but that might change if she warms up to the school

Best Subject

Worst Subject
Foreign Language

Period 1: - || Period 2: - || Period 3: - || Period 4: - || Period 5: - || Period 6: - || Period 7: - || Period 8: - || Period 9: -

Average Grade
B+, D in math

Study Habits
Procrastinates but generally gets her work done

So begins...

Kayleen Cargill's Story


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Character Portrait: Sophronia Passerini Character Portrait: Amelia Cargill Character Portrait: Kayleen Cargill Character Portrait: Aaliyah Jauregui
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"I just don't see why she has to come here. She's lived her entire life in tim buck two why switch it up now?" Amelia could see Sophronia giving her the side eye from where she sat on her bed listening to other one of Amelia's rants about his older half-sister "interloping" as Amelia had recently become fond of saying on her life. "I thought you came over here so I could help you decide on what to wear for the party?" Sophronia asked in an attempt to steer the conversation in a different direction. "I'm multitasking." Sophoronia snickered from her bed as Amelia for the first time in over twenty minutes went mute just rolling her baby blues as she stared at her final two dress options. The first outfit was black and gold and themed around greed, she had taken out her Alicia + Olivia Avani embroidered tulle top and Justina embroidered tulle skirt. She would accessorize by wearing her Etro cuff, her Chloรฉ pearl ring and her Arme De L'Amour ring. On her feet she would wear her Valentino sandals and carry her Charlotte Olympia Dali Perspex clutch. Given her mood as of late it was unsurprising that her second outfit was red and black and themed around the sin of wrath. Her second choice was far more simple than the first as her outfit just consisted of her Dsquared2 checkered sheer dress and her black Sergio Rossi Stiletto scandals.

Talking about her older half-sister always fucked with Amelia's mood and a party that she would normally be over the moon about going to and excited about she just felt rather blah about. Taking pictures of each outfit that was at the moment draped over the two gold chairs in Sophronia's room by the fireplace she sent the pictures to Aaliyah and asked which outfit she should go with. Sophronia herself wasn't exactly thrilled about Marcel's Seven Deadly Sins party but of course Amelia was dragging her to the party as it was their first chance to make a good first impression on the upperclassmen that "mattered". "I am so not in the mood for this. So, whichever one Allie choices is the one I'll wear." Amelia said turning from her designer clothes and plopping down on the bed next to Sophronia. "Have you decided on what your going to wear?" Sophronia gave a nonchalant shrug, "Not yet, but I'll find something to throw on." Amelia let out an exasperated gasp at Sophronia's words. "You can't just throw something on Soph! You don't just throw on anything and walk out to face the most determinant event of your life!" Sophronia just blankly stared at her best friend in a way that you knew that she was so use to everything that Amelia that she was hardly effected by her friend's dramatics at this point in their relationship. "Lia, you know I--" "Give me ten minutes I'll find you some suitable options." Amelia side sliding off of Sophronia's queen-sized bed and heading to Sophie's closet.

Quick post just to get the first post up so others can start role-playing. I promised you guys that I would get it up and while it is a couple of hours pass Friday I'm gonna pretend that I got this up in time and just say enjoy my rp buddies.


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#, as written by Rivers
Timothy Cargill
"Her flight touched down five minutes ago. She should be here any minute," Austen stated confidently. Timothy stood with his father near the baggage claim of Kayleen's gate. Timothy nodded understandingly, standing in nearly an identical stance as his father, with arms crossed over his chest. It was rare that Austen ever took a day off of work. Even on days where there were special events, like a birthday or holiday, the patriarch of the household would be sneaking off late at night or before the sun came up to get in a few hours at the office. For someone whose net worth was enough to sustain generations and generations of his offspring, Austen worked incredibly hard for seemingly little reason. He liked work, though. It wasn't that he needed to get away from his family, because, unless there was some secret marriage issues going on, the Cargill's were a pretty tight family unit. Tim got along with his mother, and idolized his father. Unlike a lot of boys, it wasn't because his father was never around and Timothy tried to be the best to catch his father's fleeting attention. No, despite Austen working intensely, he was around enough to remain a major role model in Timothy's life, and Timothy really wanted to be just like his father when he grew up. He was successful, hardworking, a family man, and a great husband.

The only flaw that Timothy could think of regarding his father was his first marriage. It wasn't something that was brought up frequently, considering Austen's ex-wife despised him and did her best to keep their daughter away from the Cargill's. Still, Timothy wondered sometimes about how it all could have happened. He didn't understand how his father could fall in love with one person, conceive a child with them, and just weeks later, sleep with another woman... a stranger. There was clearly a strong connection between them, something that was more than sexual, since that stranger was Timothy's mother and Austen's now wife of seventeen-years. Of course he would always side with his mother and his own family, but it didn't stop Timothy from wondering how Austen could make such a mistake and marry someone that he was so okay with losing. It was probably a major reason for why Timothy was so reluctant to address romantic feelings he had. He didn't want to make a mistake and choose the wrong person for his own sake, and their's.

Despite standing in the airport for twenty minutes, Timothy hadn't pulled out his phone once. He was surprised that his father hadn't, but if the businessman was focusing enough on his estranged daughter's presence, Timothy wasn't going to distract himself either. It seemed disrespectful, and besides, he was enjoying the small, pointless talk that he and his father had been engaging in as they waited. Although he wouldn't have minded his mother being here, it probably wouldn't have been the best start for the new life of the girl who felt like his mother ruined her life. In a way, she was right, though Tim didn't think that that was his mother's fault. Even more than his mother, it was better that Amelia wasn't here. A cat fight was the last thing that they needed minutes into Kayleen's arrival. "There she is, I think!" Timothy said, quickly pointing out a blonde emerging from the gate.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Amelia Cargill Character Portrait: Kayleen Cargill Character Portrait: Aaliyah Jauregui Character Portrait: Timothy Cargill Character Portrait: Tristan Elliot Character Portrait: Bradley Arthurs
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#, as written by Rivers
Timothy & Kayleen Cargill
Image Image
"Perfect! Now remember, be nice, Tim. Mary said that she's still adjusting to the idea of moving to California," Austen said in a hushed... and was it a nervous?!... tone as they approached the baggage claim area.

"Come on, dad, you know I'm going to be nice. Mia... maybe not... but I always try with Kayleen. Why do you think I'm here?"

"I know, you're right. I just want this to be easy on everyone, ya know?" Timothy didn't have time to agree with his father and reassure him that everything would be fine, because they were soon in too close of a vicinity to Kayleen, and his father was talking again. "Kayleen, over here!" Austen said, waving to catch her attention as the father-son pair approached. "How was your flight?" Timothy considered adding in a tidbit of his own, maybe something about how Mia and his mother wanted to be there but had big commitments, but he remembered how uninterested his half-sister had seemed in making conversation and just smiled.

He's worth billions of dollars, and he can't even pay for a chauffeur to pick me up? I have to get right off the plane and deal with them? Can someone please kill me now? Kayleen mustered up a smile that she hoped looked authentic enough to hide her real feelings. She didn't want to be in California, at all. It used to be a nice vacation destination for her, because it rarely ever involved seeing her father. Despite what her father's new family might believe, Kayleen didn't have a say in moving to California. Her mother was leaving for England in a few days, and it wasn't possible for her to remain in Montana alone. She begged and begged to be allowed to move to England with her mother, but her pleas fell to deaf ears. Her mother used the excuse that she wanted Kayleen to finish her high school degree in the states, where things would be less complicated, but Kayleen was convinced that her mother just wanted to "live" again and start a life with her fiancรฉ on her own. It was likely a mix of the two, and a lot less of a personal attack as Kayleen wanted to believe it to be, but it didn't change the fact that she was stuck in the last place she wanted to be for the next year.

"It was okay. You guys didn't have to come out to pick me up, though. I'm sure you are busy, I would have been fine with a car." She wouldn't have been fine with a hired driver being here instead. She would have been relieved, thrilled, happy. She allowed her father to take her two pieces of luggage from her hands, and forced a smile of appreciation. The rest of her things had been shipped from Montana a few days ago, and Kayleen hoped that being reunited with her things would be a step towards putting her into a good mood.

"Nonsense! We can always make time for family. Amelia and Jackie spent the day getting the house ready, but everyone's been so excited for you to arrive." Timothy prayed that Kayleen really knew their father so poorly that she wouldn't sense how scripted what he was saying sounded. Tim knew that his father really wanted this to work, and what he was saying wasn't so much of a lie as it was a wish, but come on! His mother wasn't against the idea of Kayleen moving in, because there really wasn't any reason for her to feel that way. Had it been Timothy moving in with Kayleen's mom, that would have been awkward, but Jacqueline was the one who had come out on top in the entire affair ordeal. If anything, Jackie seemed more willing than usual to accommodate Kayleen, because it was clear to everyone how badly Austen wanted this to work. He still wouldn't call his mother "excited" for Kayleen to move in, but she was content with the situation by now, and willing to do what it took to help Austen. Amelia, on the other hand, was the definition of the opposite of excited.

"Mmm... great," Kayleen muttered, still trying to seem positive. She didn't want to be here, but she also wasn't going to be nasty right now. This wasn't like a Christmas vacation where she would be in California for five days, two of which she spent with a friend from home who was vacationing in Los Angeles at the same time. She was going to be stuck in the same home as these people for months. The Cargill estate was big, but not big enough where she wanted to maintain a cold and bitchy front for months. That wasn't to say that she was going to be warm and peachy, but Kayleen's plan was just to do her own thing. She would interact with her father, his slut-of-a-wife and her half-siblings when necessary, but nothing beyond that. She would go to school, go shopping on her own, go to the beach on her own, and try to make the best of this without allowing herself to fall into this new life. This new life wasn't her life, and she was stubborn enough to wish that it never would be. She had enough friends who loved her at home to want to make any new ones here. Besides, it would be easier to leave at the end of the year if she hadn't actually found anyone to make staying worthwhile.

Austen was a people person and doing his best to compensate for the seventeen years that he missed of his daughter's life, so conversation was rampant on his part throughout the ride home. Tim would do his best to chime in here or there, agreeing with his father that Kayleen was going to love Beverly Hills High, and that his friends were all excited to meet her too. A lot of the things he was saying were just as fabricated, or at least exaggerated, as his father's words, but it seemed like the only thing to do. Kayleen would respond with single words and phrases, but she didn't seem as stone-faced as she had during her Christmas visit. She was being nice enough, and he decided to brush off the borderline curtness as her just being tired from her travels.

Two of the housemaids came out to greet the trio as they stopped at the end of the long, private driveway, and Timothy was ready to hop out and get on with his day when his father addressed the staff. "No, no, don't worry about this. Timothy will help Kayleen bring these up to her room. Just make sure my lunch is hot in fifteen minutes," Austen requested. His non-business streak was nice while it lasted, because almost immediately after he finished speaking, he sunk further into his seat in the car and pressed his phone to his ear. As the woman scurried away from his window, he turned back to his children. "I'll be right in, I just have to take this."

"Alright, no problem!" Tim put on his best happy and willing act as he stepped out of the car and headed towards its trunk. "Let me just grab your bags, and then I'll show you where your room is," he said as he pulled the two large bags out of the SUV. "Wow, did you pack the entire state of Montana in here?" he asked with a chuckle. If Tim let it, he knew that the situation could get awkward since he didn't know Kayleen and from every past interaction, had been shown that she didn't want to get to know him. He didn't want that to happen though. If not for his own comfort, but to help his dad out in this situation that he wanted to work out so badly.

Oh. My. God. Fuck my life. I seriously should have had everything shipped here. Now I have to deal with more small talk. Okay, it's fine. You'll just let him bring your bags up, tell him you're tired and are going to take a quick nap. You can get through this. Kayleen's thoughts would suggest that she was dealing with something a lot more detrimental than moving into one of the nicest estates in Beverly Hills, but right now, she was entering crisis-mode in her head. She meant to laugh at the joke that she didn't find to be an ounce funny, but couldn't force herself to do more than exhale from her nose. "Just clothes. I can take them, really. It's not a big deal, just let me know how to get to my room."

"Nah, it's cool. They're not that heavy. Besides, I don't think he's going to get off our back unless he sees me going in with you," he followed up with, as he nodded his head back towards the car. Timothy thought he noticed Kayleen's smile softening a bit, but as he lugged the two suitcases into the house, he couldn't be positive. One of the housekeepers that wasn't working on Austen's lunch informed Timothy that his mother and Amelia were both out, and he was able to breathe a sigh of relief over just that. Unknowingly, Kayleen was doing the same thing, but mostly because it meant that she didn't have to deal with any welcomes or awkward re-introductions. A con of having such a large home meant that it took nearly ten minutes for them to reach Kayleen's room. On the way there, Timothy did his best to mirror his father and fill the time with conversation, but it was easier now that he could just act as a tour guide, pointing out where everything was. It didn't require much of a response from Kayleen which was helpful too. "... And last but not least, here's your room," Tim said, resting the luggage bags against the wall as he opened up the bedroom door in front of him. "I'm sure you want to get settled in, but in case you're bored later on, a friend of mine is hosting a big party. Everyone from school is going, and it should be pretty fun. You're more than welc-"

"I'm really tired, so I don't think I'll be up for any partying tonight. Thanks anyway," Kayleen didn't mean to cut him off rudely, but she was desperate for some solitude right now, and didn't even bother to drag in her luggage before closing the door in his face.

Timothy, while not oblivious of just having a door shut in his face, was just as relieved to be off of host duty that he didn't think much of it. He tried to remain sympathetic, and decided that if he were in her shoes, he would probably not want to go out on his first night in a new home and city. Still, he was unsure if his father would be content with the idea of him and Amelia leaving for a party without Kayleen. He supposed that it wasn't his problem yet, and for now, he could just relax. On his way down to the kitchen, he responded to a few texts he had gotten while at the airport, and sent one to Aaliyah, Amelia and Bradley as well.

To: Tristan
In ur fucking dreams. I wanna come over there and kick ur ass just so you never even think that again, but my sister just got in and idk if my dad will be cool with me leaving. Give me 10 and I'll let you know

To: Aaliyah
How was ur shoot? If you've got any pictures that weren't PG-13 enough to make it to the magazine, you know my snapchat is always open ;)

To: Amelia
Heads up that Kayleen is here. Ik you want to act like a brat and throw a tantrum, but try to be nice for dad's sake.

To: Bradley
Pregaming at ur place tonight? Might be bringing Kayleen. Idk


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After twenty minutes of blissful silence Sophoronia had almost forgotten that Amelia was at her house until the utterly pissed off blonde came storming back into her room from the closet. "Who the hell does he think he is?! Be nice! Be nice! When the hell do I ever pretend or play nice!" Amelia said chucking her phone across the room so hard she was lucky it didn't shatter on impact when it hit the wall. "Jesus christ! Lia what the hel--" "He called me a said that I throw tantrums - which admittedly is kind of true, but ... he's such a kiss-ass!" Amelia said plopping down on the bed next to Sophia. "Whenever you feel like starting from the beginning so I can at least pretend to understand what your talking about feel free." With a heavy sigh Amelia spilled the tea regarding the text her brother had sent her while she was rummaging through Sophia's closet, "Kayleen has officially moved her boney ass into my house." Amelia said as she laid back on her bestie's bed, "Think your parents would let me move in here....for like....ever?" Sophronia giggled as she laid down beside Amelia, "Quit being so dramatic," her words had Amelia looking at her like she had two heads, "I was gone for all of ten minutes and you suddenly don't know me at all." This got another giggle out of Sophronia as she grabbed the nearest pillow and squatted Amelia with it. "Shut up, and for the record you were gone for like twenty minutes thank you very much."

The two girls giggled before finally Amelia sat up, "So, is that a no to getting the bestest most awesomeness person in the world as your new roommate?" Amelia said with a pout giving Sophronia her puppy dog look which just garnered a eye roll from Sophronia as she too sat up. "No, that was a no to you letting the quote on quote "interloper" run you out of your own home. Look, Lia you know your always welcomed here and if things ever become to much your more than welcomed to hide out here, but as far as moving in....absolutely not." Rolling her baby blues Amelia gave a dramatic sigh as she got up off the bed. "Fine, but if I end up getting arrested for murder just know that while you can't be entirely blamed for my incarceration you did play a part in it by refusing to let me stay here." Amelia said walking across the room to where her phone laid on the floor. Checking the screen she breathed a sigh of relief when she found that the screen hadn't cracked, "Well I guess am not completely unlucky." With her spirits lightened a bit she suddenly remembered her text from Aaliyah, "Oh! I totally spaced. Allie texted me back while I was getting out your outfit for the party. Am going with wrath...and you my darling...," she said tossing her phone on the bed as she jogged to the closet and back with Sophia's outfit in toe, "will be dressed in the sin of pride."

"I don't really think pride fits me." Sophronia said the uncertainty in her voice clear as day. "Soph none of the seven sins really fit you. Your sinless. Which is something that will hopeful change at some point during the year...but, until it does pride is the best I can do. It's not my fault your as sinful as a saint." Sophronia couldn't help but smile as she didn't even bother putting up a fight. With all the changes going on in Amelia's life at the moment Sophie knew that a day of fun was just what her friend needed and if allowing her to drag her to some popular dude's party would give her the fun she needed than Sophronia would go along with it. "Fine. Pride it is. Shall we get ready?" A smile spread across Amelia's face that was from ear to ear, "Hell to fucking yeah! Get those irons heated. I just need to text Allie back and we can get this pre-party party started!" Throwing the articles of clothing that made up Sophie's outfit on the girl's bed Amelia picked up her cell and took a photo of the outfit and texted it to her along with the pictures of their bikinis and than sent her a text.

Soph's ootd & our kini pics. U like or nah?


Sophronia's - Outfit

Top - { Diane Von Furstenberg } Kora silk crepe de chine top
Shorts - { Current/Elliott } The Boyfriend stretch-denim shorts
Sandals - { Valia Gabriel } Pink Gin nubuck sandals
Right Arm Bracelet - { Chan Luu } Silver beaded and leather wrap bracelet
Left Arm Cuff - { Aurรฉlie Bidermann } Copacabana gold-plated and cotton cuff
Rings - { Isabel Marant } Set of five gold-plated and resin rings
Clutch - { Oscar de la Renta } Goa embellished satin box clutch
Bikini - { Eres } Alliages Radium and Argent bikini
Sunglasses - { Cutler and Gross } Cat-eye nickel mirrored sunglasses

Amelia's - Outfit

Bikini - { Beach Bunny Swimwear } Madagascar Glam Triangle Top & Skimpy Tie Side Bottoms