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Silas Wade


0 · 590 views · located in California

a character in “Beverly Hills High School”, as played by StarlightKeeper


Dialogue Color #74DF00 Thought Color #86B404

}Full Name{
"Full of flair and eccentricities. It's like my parents knew who I was destined to be."
Silas Ronan Andrew Wade

"I don't usually let people use them unless they're close friends."

}Preferred Name{
"Just my first name will do perfectly."

"Born and raised in the state of California, baby."

"All UK for me. My mom's an immigrant."

}Date of Birth{
"Yeah... I was born on that day."
January 27, 2000

"I know right? I have to be at least 21."

}Zodiac Sign{
"The water-bearing bitch of the skies!"

}Sexual Orientation{
Closeted Homosexual

}Relationship History{

}Current Relationship Status{
Single {Not Open To Dating As Of Yet}


}Skin Tone{



}Body Shape{
}Body Type{

Sandy Brown

}Shape of Face{

Dark Brown

}Distinguishing Marks{

}Physical Disabilities{

}Tattoos and Piercings{

}Fashion Sense{
SIlas is noted for being extremely fashionable while still maintaining a somewhat manly appearance.

}Overall Attractiveness{
Silas has a tendency to keep a sort of boyish charm about him that makes him appear more attractive than he actually is. However, most people would rate him a eight or maybe a nine.

}Good Personality Traits{
Agreeable ☀ Charismatic ☀ Creative ☀ Efficient

}Bad Personality Traits{
Complacent ☀ Self-Conscious ☀ Dense ☀ Possessive


☀Lying☀ It's not that he can't lie. Silas has a habit of lying to himself and others, making up grandiose stories about things that never happened to make him more popular.

☀Physical Exertion☀

}Mental or Behavioral Disabilities {

}Life Philosophy{

}Short Term Goals (Things he/she want to achieve or do within 2015-2016){
}Long Term Goals (Things he/she want to achieve years from now){
}Aspirations (What does he/she dream of doing){


Irving, California

}Childhood Idol/Hero{

}Dream Job{
}Education (Schools he/she went to before B.H.H.S){
}Social Class (Upper Class, Upper Middle Class, Lower Middle Class, Working Class, Lower Class) {

Present Day

}Household (Who does he/she live with?) {
}Occupation (Must have a permit to work, and employers must have a Permit to Employ. 15 year old workers may work three hours on school days and a combined 18 hours per week during the school year. Fifteen year old workers may not work during school hours and must complete work between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm during the school year. 15 years old may work no more than eight hours per day on non-school days and no more than 40 hours per week between June 1 and Labor Day.{

Sixteen year old workers enjoy permission to work four hours per day on school days and no more than eight hours on non-school days. Sixteen year olds may complete work before or after school, between the hours of 5:00am and 10:00pm, and as late as 12:30am on any evening preceding a non-school day. 16 year old minors may work a maximum of 48 hours per week.)
}Residence {
}Transportation{ (Do their parents drive them everywhere? Take the bus? Walk? 15 1/2 years old: Must take driver's education to get a learner's permit.)


}Relation to this Person{ (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, ect.)
}Relationship with this Person {


° Hobbies
}Musical Instruments{


}Spending Habits{
}Other Drugs{


[b]}Favorite Color
[b]}Least Favorite Color
[b]}Favorite Music Genre
[b]}Favorite Food
[b]}Form of Entertainment

Beverly Hills High School

[b]}What was freshman year like for you?
[b]}How do you feel about returning back to B.H.H.S? or How do you feel about attending B.H.H.S? if its your first year attending B.H.H.S.
[b]}How do you feel about your group/clique
[b]}Are you happy with your place on the social ladder?
[b]}Average Grade
[b]}Study Habits (Are you a top student? Slacker? Procrastinator?)
[b]}Do you plan on trying out or rejoining any sports?
[b]}Do you plan on joining or rejoining any clubs?
[b]}What classes have you taken?
[b]}What did you get in those classes?
[b]}Your current GPA

Out of Character

[b]}How Often Do You Post

So begins...

Silas Wade's Story