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Mikayla Holmes

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a character in “Beverly Hills”, as played by TvFangirl



"If you’re not scared, you’re not taking a chance, if you’re not taking a chance, then what the hell are you doing?"

| Mikayla Holmes |

"I would say that most people tend to either go with Mick or Mikki for short. My mother has a preference to call me by Kayla. I'll admit that I personally prefer to be called Mikki but I'll respond to any of them."
| Mick, Mikki or Kayla |

| Seventeen |

|Birth Date|
"Please tell me you are not one of those people who believe in that zodiac stuff. When you were born has nothing to do with who you are as a person."
| August 3, 1997 |

| Female |

|Sexual Orientation|
"Hate to break it to you ladies but this girl is strictly-dickly."
| Heterosexual |


"My mom says that dancing is nothing more than a hobby. She thinks that I should spend less time remembering steps and more time memorizing my studies. She doesn't believe that I can actually make it in the world of dance, but I don't care what she or anyone else thinks. Dancing for me isn't a hobby its a passion. I don't care about the odds or how many hundreds of people have the same dream as me. Dancing is what I want to do and I am going to do it. No if, ands or buts about it."
The Dancer



Mikayla Holmes is the very definition of what it means to be a true free spirit. She is independent to a fault, has more energy than the Road Runner from the looney tunes and has an alluring debonair aura about her that draws people in and makes those around her want to know more about her.

Always the social-butterfly – Mikayla is often the life of the party, taking pure enjoyment out of bring surrounded by people. Those who don't know her look at her as some goody-goody people-pleaser, but they're wrong. Yes, Mikayla is an amicable peoples' person but she is no pushover and she won't be controlled by anyone. Mikayla is fiercely independent, and much more than stability and security, she craves creativity and freedom. Which is one of the main reasons why she loves dancing as she feels it is the epitome of both.

When something sparks her imagination she brings an energy that oftentimes thrusts her into the spotlight, held up by her peers as a leader – but this isn't a place she likes to be in. Where dance is concerned Mikayla always wants to be front and center but outside of the dance world she doesn't like the pressures of leadership. Her self-esteem is dependent on her ability to come up with original solutions, and she needs to know that she has the freedom to be innovative – she can quickly lose patience or become dejected if she feels like she trapped in a boring role. Which for her is what being a leader is – a boring role.

Dancing is the only thing that Mikayla has ever truly commentated herself to. When it comes to most things Mikayla tends to lose interest before her ideas can really flourish, but with dance she has never had that problem. Some of her biggest flaws are that she overthinks things, gets stressed out easily and is highly emotional – which tends to be both a bad and good thing depending on the situation. The two things that bring these traits out of her the most are: dancing and her mother. Which if you know anything about Mikayla's relationship with her mother you could kind of understand why this is. Fortunately for Mikayla, she knows how to relax. She has this somewhat scary ability of being able to perfectly switch up from being a passionate, driven idealist to that imaginative and enthusiastic free spirit that comes out when she steps onto a dance floor or stage.

❀ Dancing ❀ People ❀ Music ❀ Smoothies ❀ Shopping ❀ Domesticated Animals ❀ Beaches ❀ Los Angeles ❀ Parties ❀ Abs/Hot Guys ❀ Alcohol ❀ Social Media ❀ Money ❀ Nutribullet (uses it for everything) ❀ Her Condo

βœ— Flowers/Plants (dislikes the smell but loves the sentiment) βœ— Bugs/Insects βœ— Her Mother (they have a complicated love/hate relationship) βœ— Haters βœ— Cheaters βœ— Liars βœ— People Who Can't Hold Their Liquor βœ— Budgets βœ— Dark Chocolate βœ— Cigarettes βœ— Needles βœ— Frenemies βœ— Seaweed



Mikayla Holmes is the daughter of self-made billionaire Elizabeth Holmes, the Founder-CEO of Theranos. As Mikayla would put it she is a "test tube baby". Her mother wanted a daughter but she didn't have a man so she decided to go with in vitro fertilization using sperm from a sperm bank. Because sperm banks have a nondisclosure agreement with the men who donate Mikayla doesn't know who her father is or what he does. Not knowing who her father is doesn't really effect her though. She feels like in a case like hers ignorance is bliss and she'd rather just stick with her imagination as opposed to tracking him down and possibly being disappointed in what she finds.

Regardless of who her father is or maybe, her mother has provided for Mikayla her entire life. Being born with a "silver spoon in her mouth" Mikayla had a better upbringing than most kids who come from two parent family homes. She was born in California being raised in Palo Alto. As a child she was homeschooled being taught by the best governess and while she didn't attended a real school she always had plenty of friends growing up. Elizabeth has always had a crazy work ethic that bordered on the line of being a workalcholic and because of this she wasn't around as much as Mikayla would have liked. This is probably one of the many reasons why Mikayla and her mother have such a strained relationship today.

Although her mother wasn't around much she made sure that Mikayla had a very enriched childhood. Elizabeth always had Mikayla enrolled in extracurricular activities in what Mikayla assumes was her attempt to keep her from feeling neglected as a child. Which in hindsight it kind of did. When she was little Mikayla had an itinerary that was booked seven days a week, from the time she awoke till she went to put to bed. She did everything as a child, dancing; horseback riding; singing; acting; gymnastics; karate; cheerleading; arts and crafts; girl scouts and basically every sport you can play with a ball. Out of all the activities that she was involved in as a child the only one that stuck was dancing. She was enrolled in her first dance class at the age of two and she's been dancing ever since.

Nowdays, Mikayla doesn't live with her mother. She lives alone in her condo in Hollywood that's situated eighteen minutes outside of Beverly Hills. Mikayla is determined to make her dream come true and become a dancer professional. This is not a dream that her mother approves of nor supports. Elizabeth wants Mikayla to focus on achieving what she deems "realistic goals" and she wants her daughter to spend last time dancing and more time planning out a real future. This disagreement is the source of the majority of arguments between the mother-daughter pairing and in an effort to compromise with her daughter Elizabeth and Mikayla have come to an agreement. The agreement being that Mikayla has until twenty-one to break into the dance world and make a name for herself. If Mikayla isn't able to accomplish her dream by twenty-one she was give up on dancing and will either go to Stanford University like her mother had before dropping out, or her mom will get her a job in her company.

Mikayla usually wouldn't be one to respond to ultimatums but she couldn't pass up the chance to prove to her mother that she really could make it – so she agreed to her mother's conditions while making a few of her own. The main condition being that Elizabeth couldn't withdraw financial support. So, after signing to a legal agreement (it being the only way Elizabeth would agree) Mikayla moved from Palo Alto to Hollywood. Instead of continuing with homeschooling Mikayla made the decision to enroll herself into a real school, West Beverly Hills High School. Her mother pays all her bills (mortgage, cell phone, cable, ect.) as well as provides her with her allowance of eighty thousand dollars a month. With her mom providing for her financially Mikayla only focus on school, dancing and she manages to squeeze her friends and having fun somewhere in there.

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Mikayla Holmes's Story


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The bell for homeroom rang. Peter was already chatting up the teacher, trying to get on his good side. He knew that if he built up a good relationship with the teacher, he would be easily fooled by Peter's tricks. The final bell for homeroom rang and Peter was in his seat by then. There was no reason to skip school today, but that made it all the better to leave early. His eyes lurked around the room. He thought about getting one of the girls in class to leave with him. Maybe the whole school would spread rumors about the two. That's what Peter wanted. He wanted the rumor of him and some girl sneaking off, but while that floated around the school, he could go commit a crime and seem innocent. There was no real logic to anything Peter ever did. With one glance he looked at the clock and gave out a sigh. With his chair sliding back, Peter got up. He went over and stood by the door and waited for a girl to make herself noticeable enough for Peter to just take her with him.