Beware The Red Moon.

Beware The Red Moon.


It will soon be time.. The time of the red moon.. You know what they say.. Lock your doors, bar your windows.. And whatever you do, do not enter the forest.. Especially at night..

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Welcome to Pav, home to elves, humans, dwarves, vampires, halflings, ext. Pav a rather large town that rests outside a large dense forests filled with lycans ( or as their more commonly referred to as werewolves.) For hundreds of years the residents of this village have been at war with their dangerous neighbors. The fighting had gotten so bad that the nearby kingdom of Easthavan, a kingngdom ruled by elves had to step in forcing a peace treaty between the towns people and the werewolves. The peace treaty was simple but effective. No one was alowed to cross the borders, unless given special permission by the town mayor and the lycan queen. Anyone who disobeys this rule will be harshly punished. And at long last this small section of world was afforded peace.

But the time of the red moon is at hand and tensions are high. Why? Because during the time of the red moon is mateing season for the werewolves and during this time they become very aggressive. And the fragile peace that was forged could be easily broken in a matter of seconds. But thus far, all has been well. There have been no attacks.. But something far darker, far more violent stirs in the mountians.. A something that will threaten not only the peace between Pav and the forest.. But all those who live in this world...

The cast

The Town Mayor
Gender - male
Race- decided by player
Information- friend of the hunter, contacts the lycan queen via letters when nessary, has a small crush on the shepherdess.
Played by-

The Lycan Queen
Gender- female
Race- Lycan
Information- best friends with the scout, contacts the mayer via letter when nessary.
Played by- taken by mei

The Hunter
Gender- male
Race- decided by player
Information- best friends with the shepherdess, local town hero, friend to the mayer.
Played by- reserved by doomblade

The Shepherdess
Gender- female
Race- halfling
Information- Best friends with The Hunter, newly made friends with The Omega (despite the rules)
Played by- amethyst butterfly

The Omega
Gender- male
Race- lycan
Information- the outcast of the lycan pack, friends with the shepherdess (Despite the rules), has no interest in the scout
Played by-

The Scout
Gender- female
Race- lycan
Information- best friends with the lycan queen, has a small crush on the omega.
Played by- reserved by dreamingreality

The Profile
I'm not very good with codeing, so you can code your profile however you want. But there are certain things I will require.

Title of character you wish to play ( the mayor, the omega)
1 pic of character (if you play a shape shifting character I expect pics of your cgaracter's other forms)
Character race
Character's gender
Character's age
Hair color
Eye color

3 fears
3 dislikes

Magic - please no godmoading. Keep your magic to one element or ability. Such as power over fire, shape shifting, ect. you can choose to not have magic if you like. And be sure to list any weaknesses your magic may have.
3 skills- such as sword fighting, cooking, ect.

Toggle Rules

I would like for this rp to be at least semiliterate. I would like all posts to be at the very least one paragraph long. (Although longer posts are more then welcome.) I expect proper spelling and at least semi good grammar.

Anime pics only
19+ in age
Be creative! You can make your character whatever fantasy race you like and give them whatever magic you like as well. Just please no god moadding.

Romance/ Relationships
Keep all romance pg 16.
No instant love! Yes I have some relationships set up, but these are only building blocks. Please feel free to change these set relationships as the roleplay progresses.

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Character Portrait: Enat Mc'cullin


Character Portrait: Enat Mc'cullin
Enat Mc'cullin

The Shepherdess


Character Portrait: Enat Mc'cullin
Enat Mc'cullin

The Shepherdess

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Enat Mc'cullin
Enat Mc'cullin

The Shepherdess

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doomblade wrote:May I please reserve the role of the Hunter please?

Yes you may. Spot reserved. ^β€’^

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May I please reserve the role of the Hunter please?

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Mei wrote:May I reserve The Lycan Queen? Nice roleplay by the way!

Thank you. ^β€’^ and yes you may. The spot has been reserved for you.

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dreamingreality wrote:May I reserve "The Scout"? :)

Yes you may. ^β€’^ spot reserved


Re: Beware The Red Moon.

May I reserve The Lycan Queen? Nice roleplay by the way!

Re: Beware The Red Moon.

May I reserve "The Scout"? :)

Beware The Red Moon.

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