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"Here, let me help."

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General Information

Name: James Snow
Alter Ego: Angel
(His hero name. In the mafia, he is simply just James)
Alignment: Anti-Villain/Hero
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Orientation: Pansexual
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Light brown/hazel
Height: 5'5
Weight: 156 lbs
Appearance: Everyday Supersuit(Mask)





-Playing with his zippo


-To one day take over and change his father's organizations
-To not have to hide that he is truly a hero


-Likes: His zippo, helping people, his father, fencing
-Dislikes: His father's organizations, having to kill


-His father learning the truth
-Having to one day kill his father


-Immortality: He is immortal just like Daniel and will stop aging at 30.

-Light Element Manipulation: The user can manipulate all the lighted forms of elements, which ignore most of the limitations and weaknesses of the normal elements. This is the light manifestation of the normal elements that does have healing properties or anti-demon powers. These include: Holy fire manipulation, light manipulation, white light manipulation, white fire manipulation, and light healing.

-Angel Physiology: James can grow angelic wings to use fore flight and combat.

Skills: His father has him take the best fighting and fencing classes money can buy.

Equipment: He keeps his super suit hidden away in a backpack for when needed along with his zippo, revolver, electronics(laptop, smart phone, tablet)

Weapons: His father has him carry a revolver(8 rounds) though James would prefer a rapier.

-If he were to ingest a strong poison, James would die.
-Can only create white and holy fire by manipulating an already existing flame source(his zippo) but this isn't the case with light manipulation
-Anyone with the power of darkness/dark elements can over power his abilities if strong enough
-Growing his wngs hurts him like a wound and leaves to large jagged scars on his back


Biography: James grew up being raised by his father Daniel and those closest to him like Bruce and Lena(whom he thinks of as aunt and uncle). He's been raised in the gang and is to be Daniel's successor if he ever dies. James doesn't really agree with his father's ways and actually admires the heroes. Sometimes, he dresses up like one and helps them out taking on the persona of Angel keeping his true identity secret from the heroes and his father.

So begins...

James Snow's Story


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Prologue: Humanity and Beyond

The Universe....it's a big place out there. Within the infinite span of the cosmos is it really just fantasy, to think that there may other be forms of life? Well probability wise, it is illogical to believe that there isn't an indefinite amount of lifeforms and civilizations out there. In fact it is illogical just to believe that there is only one form of sentient life. Yet, who does believe in the illogical? Who is so vain or so ignorant to believe that their world is the only world with life on it? Humankind is. Yet, one shouldn't blame the Humans for this illogical conclusion, they have yet to see any proof otherwise....or have they?

Welcome to the Earth! A veritable paradise within the infinite span of the cosmos. It is here the Human Race calls home and it is here they remain, not always blissfully, unaware of the Universe surrounding them. They do say ignorance is bliss but denial is a whole different story. While the world at large does not believe in the fantastic or the Supernatural, thinking that this sort of thing is all fantasy! Although many are ignorant there are plenty more who have experienced these things and there are those who deny the proof. Many of the world's government and scientific communities deny these claims of the unthinkable, writing off those that believe as insane. Yet, when they are delivered absolute proof and they deny it, is that anymore sane? Many people from the shadows have worked to keep these people silent and have worked to seal away all evidence. Is it still just fantasy?...Or is the unimaginable real?

To the world these are all just wild speculation. But what if I told you that soon, what we believe to be unreal will become a thing of reality? What if the world was heading to some great apex that would spin the world on an entirely new axis? The truth of the matter is, that our world is changing. More and more, sightings of the fantastic are being reported more frequently, everything for UFO Sightings, to Monster Sightings, to reports of Humans doing Inhuman things. Is this all just speculation or is it cold hard proof? We are all heading for some great unknown and while the population will not understand and may even resist this change, they will not be alone. This change will bring great danger but it will bring great security as well. There are people out there right now. What looks to be ordinary Men and Women are actually far from ordinary. They work to understand themselves and the world around them. All the while preparing for a great change that will not only change the ordinary but the extraordinary as well.

And just who are these people you ask? Why they are you. Whoever you may be you have something special, something that this world desperately needs, even if it doesn't acknowledge that it needs you. Although the biggest question isn't who they are, they all very well know who they are, even if they are confused. No, the greatest question to ask is how they will change the world? Not every change is good and some change may be change for the worst. After all we are only Human and the unfortunate thing about Humanity, is their capacity to do great good but also do great evil. We have no idea who lead the charge for change but I can assure you, a struggle will ensue for the betterment of the planet. A struggle that will push all parties involved to the edge, but lets not be so dark shall we? This battle has yet to take place and the worst of it is still to come. No at this moment in time we look to the seeds of change. They are being planted as we speak.

As we speak, people from all over the world and even beyond are discovering more about themselves and the world. Yet none of them understand the gravity of it all. Many are still self-absorbed into their own worlds to consider they are stepping into a world far larger than their own. This is the story about these extraordinary beings and their trials and tribulations. This is a story about their growths, their highs and their lows. It is a story about discovery and it is a story about destiny. We now enter a world that still seems ordinary but underneath lies something quite the contrary. I welcome you to enter a world that is still Human as I ask you change it into something that is....Beyond Human.


Chapter 1: The Beginning

Welcome to the beginning of a new world...no wait scratch that. Welcome to the end of the old world. Yes that is much better. Don't worry it's not the apocalypse or anything like that. No it's more like the end of an era...and trust me the times they are a changin'! As Bob Dylan would sing. Anyway before I ramble, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Andrew Benjamin Novus. You call me Andy for short, or if you prefer by my moniker, Professor Extraordinarius! Kind of a mouth full yes, but I like it! It perfectly describes my life. It has been nothing short of extraordinary! Still, I am no the focus, well, not the whole focus. The real focus is on the everyday accounts of a whole slew of other extraordinary people! My accounts are just one little jigsaw in the puzzle of life. No, you need every jigsaw to solve the puzzle, so without further ado, how about we work on making these jigsaws fit shall we? *He then hums happily*

Ah yes, quite a bit of jigsaws I see...well, this is going to make for one long puzzle. I think every should sit down....*he then whispers*...it's gonna be a long one. Anyway, how about I let the big guy tell you a story, I'm sure from his perspective he won't leave out any details. *He then perks up and then motions you closer so he can whisper* The reason why won't is because he hardly says anything, he lets the characters do the work. *He then chuckles as the Professor moves away* Anyway take it away big guy! *He then leans in close again* And by him I mean all of you. *He then winks as he pulls away*

* * *

The Earth, it still turns as it ever did. The plants are still growing, the animals are still surviving, and Humanity is still progressing. Idyllic and average. But that is all about to change....we now begin your story.

The setting changes from earth to New York City


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#, as written by tigerz

Daniel sat in his office looking out the window to see a glimpse of the city. He didn't need his watch to know it was already time for lunch. The city was buzzing with huge amounts of people as they poured into various buildings to grab their meals and have a moment to escape their stuffy office jobs. Daniel found it amusing to watch people do this. Being immortal, he didn't really need food to survive he only ate it to appear normal in the public eye and so he could sit down and eat meals with his son.

Just then, his secretary, Lena, came busting through the doors in a poised and elegant manner. She dropped a file on his desk and then read his schedule for the day. "You have a meeting today at 2 with the board of directors and it should be done in enough time for you to inspect the new bank being built in Manhattan. As for tonight, you'll be meeting with the mayor and chief of police at 7 in a public area of their choosing to discuss the terms your your agreement which I have just sent to your email to look over. And the file on the girl is on your desk along with a few others involved in her program I also gave David clear instructions to only observe her and keep his distance as much as possible." All those that worked closely with Daniel in his corporation knew of his gang or were involved in it. Some of them even possessed abilities like him.

Daniel smiled at her and picked up the file and scanned through it. "Alex Pierce..." That girl had recently become a thorn in his thumb after she ruined one of his drug cartel operations being sent to Chicago. Normally, Daniel would be upset but he kind of admired her for doing such a great job. He decided instead of killing her, he was going to see what he could learn about her and possibly turn her over to his side and after seeing that she's a soldier, Alex sounded like she'd actually be of use to him...

Lena turned to leave and was at the door when Daniel stopped her. "Lena, could you do me a favor and call Bruce. Tell him to fetch James from school. I've decided there's enough time for us to have lunch together." He smirked and threw the file back onto his desk. "And do make sure to check in on David. I'm not paying him mess things up."

The setting changes from new-york-city to Brooklyn


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#, as written by tigerz

James stood in front of the bathroom mirror looking at his reflection. There was still some blood on the collar of his shirt that he couldn't tell whether or not it was his. His cheek bone was starting to turn black and blue and his lip was definitely busted. "Well, this is just great..." James knew his father would be upset that he got into another fight at school. The dean was probably calling Daniel right this instant while James stood there gawking at his flawed reflection.

Truthfully, James was only trying to stop the fight. One of the stuck up school bullies was harassing a kid for no real reason and picked a fight with him so James stepped in and taught the bully a lesson. Though the kid did at least manage to land a few hits but James quickly took him out and made a run for the bathroom where he was now as his injuries began healing until you couldn't even tell James had been in a fight. This always worried his father. He didn't want James exposing himself and Daniel because they have no idea what might happen if they knew but that still didn't stop James from teaching the school bullies a lesson whenever he could.

His friend, Eric, then came bursting into the bathroom to find James. "They're looking for you." James sighed and fixed the tie on his school uniform before leaving the bathroom to only be stopped by a teacher. "You are needed in the office." The teacher walked him to the office and spotted a familiar figure standing before him, Bruce. A grin spread across James' face. "Uncle Bruce!"

"Hey kid, ready to go? Bruce is a tall and strong looking man who also has abilities like him and his father except he posses telepathy and telekinesis. Daniel always keeps him close by and if not for James, Bruce would be his successor because he has a slow aging process thanks to his father testing an experiment to see if he could give off some of his immortality using James's blood.

"What's going on?" James asked as he left the building with Bruce.

"We're pulling you out of school early because your father wants to have lunch today."
Bruce opened the door to the passenger seat of the Porsche and the two headed out of Brooklyn and into the direction of Daniel's office building. "By the way, you might want to change your shirt." He threw a fresh shirt over at James and James changed. "Your father has yet to hear about your fight at school today."

Eventually they made it to the building and James walked into his fathers office to hear part of the conversation he was having with Lena.

"Cancel my 2 o'clock appointment and tell Victor Void to meet with me then. As for this Vivienne Campbell, just tell her to make an appearance and I'll decide what I think about her offer." He turned to look at Bruce. "Bruce, I would like you to stay close for when she decides to visit. I may need your 'expertise'."

James was always fascinated by the way Daniel spoke. He had a subtle British accent when he spoke and it always sounded brilliant to James. James didn't really have this accent and spoke more like an american from growing up here.

"So father, What's for lunch?" The two of them grinned and sat down.

The setting changes from brooklyn to The Universe


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#, as written by tigerz

Daniel and James ate their lunch in his office. Daniel had no real need for food but enjoyed spending time with James. It made him feel human. "I heard about your fight at school today... The two ended up having a long discussion about it. Daniel wasn't upset about what James did he was just worried that he might expose himself. "You need to understand that doing something that is a huge risk for the both of us." James nodded.

"Now for punishment, you'll have to fence with me tonight after my meetings." James groaned. "Fine..."

Lena then came in through the door. "Sir, your 2 o'clock is here as well as Vivienne Campbell" Daniel nodded. "James, I want you to go with Lena while I speak with Mr. Void. Lena, have someone bring a drink for Ms. Campbell and let her know I will be with her shortly."

Bruce came in through the door. "Ah, just the man I was looking for. Let Victor know I'm ready to meet with him and bring me a bottle of the scotch I keep hidden downstairs." Bruce found Victor in the waiting room. "Mr. Snow is ready to meet with you know." He lead him into Daniel's office and grabbed the bottle of scotch. He poured two drinks for Victor and Daniel.

Daniel leaned back in his leather chair and had some of his drink. "So what is it you would like to discuss Mr. Void?"


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#, as written by tigerz

Daniel grinned as Victor happily took the scotch. "Only the best for such important possible clients." Daniel had mistakenly called Victor by the wrong name and was respectfully corrected on it. "Oh, it's Voight not Void, it's alright an honest mistake."

"My apologies, Mr. Voight. I must have heard the name wrong when my secretary informed me of our meeting." Daniel gave a charming and apologetic smile as he waited and listened to Victor go on about the possible business plans which had Daniel rather intrigued.

"I am sure you of heard of Voight Enterprises, well we would like to deposit a significant amount of our money into an American Bank. You see it's all rather political as we keep the majority of our money in offshore accounts and well, certain rabble rousers find that disagreeable...so, to get them off our backs we are putting money back here in America." Victor spoke as he sat with one leg over the other and made a few hand gestures especially at the rabble rouser part. "I told Father about you, because he doesn't feel comfortable with placing his money in a bank like Chase. And I told him that Mr. Snow could carter to more dignified members of society better than most." He spoke as he situated his tie as he rose up, proud in his seat, as he called himself dignified. "I am here to ensure that our money will have a safe transaction and it will be kept safe, no funny business or anything like that. He has heard of your business being robbed before but I am sure that won't happen to our money, will it?" He asked as he sipped on his scotch.

Daniel found that way that Victor spoke and carried himself to be all too amusing and intriguing. He waited on giving Victor a response and used the moment of silence to have some of his scotch. "I can assure you that your father's money will be greatly taken care of and I can even make sure to help your father receive positive campaigns for using our american bank." He paused again for another drink. "As for robbery, my bank goes through every mile to find and stop whoever finds themselves idiotic enough to steal from me." Daniel was a great liar but he did feel as if he could trust Victor in the near by future with what Daniel is really up to after hours. "There's no greater banker you can trust than me." He flashed a charming grin and finished his scotch.


James sat in the office next door that belonged to Lena. He wanted to stay in the room with his father. James always enjoyed watching his father do business. Sure he wasn't the greatest man in the world but he had a way of caring himself through a negotiation and being able to so easily persuade a person to eat up everything he said that just intrigued James. His father was such a charming and charismatic man. he just wished he didn't do what he does after hours...

"How about a game of chess, squirt?" The sound of Bruce's voice brought James's attention to the man he considers uncle. James then smirked at him. "Are you prepared to lose?". Bruce laughed at him and placed the game on Lena's desk despite her protesting since she needed to do work. She then rolled her eyes and moved done and continued what she was doing on her tablet. James laughed and helped Bruce set up the game. James was the white pieces and Bruce had the black pieces. James made the first move.

They continued to play for what felt like hours even though it hadn't even been an hour in real time. "I refuse to lose to a child." Bruce confessed which made James chuckle as he moved another piece. "That's unfortunate seeing as how you just did. Check mate." Bruce laughed. "I've trained you well..."

Meanwhile in Chicago...


Alex impatiently stood in line at Starbucks waiting to finally be able to place her order. After all, superheroes needed their caffeine. Unfortunately like most days in Chicago, Starbucks was packed with other caffeine crazed people desperately craving their caramel macchiato. Finally Alex was next in line and was able to place her usual order. A grande caramel mocha and vanilla cake pop to satisfy her sweet tooth. Alex then waited for her drink to be prepared when she noticed someone walk in that didn't look like the usual Chicagoan. He seemed out of place from the rest but avoided eye contact and found a place to sit with his iPhone and laptop.

Alex took her drink and found herself a place to sit. She noticed the guy continuously making subtle glances at her as she had her drink. Alex never turned to fully look at him but saw him in the corner of his eye. He was handsome but she could tell he wasn't interested in trying to hit on her because he would have done so by now like most of the other men in the city. Instead he just sat there casually looking up from his laptop until he got a phone call. Alex then stood up and casually walked passed him like she didn't even notice his existence but as she left Starbucks she turned to look at him and made sure he was looking before she gave him a taunting smirk and left as if to say come and get me.

Sure enough, he bought into the bait and followed Alex into an alleyway. A familiar and annoying voice spoke in her head. "Alex, what exactly are you doing?" Alex smirked at the sound of Garret's voice. "I know exactly what I'm doing. You'll see, sparkles." She called him by the nickname he absolutely hates but ignored the last thing he said when the guy finally stood in front of her. Alex then followed his arms and looked him over. "So how about you tell me why you're following me?"