Suke Ptelea

"Distance yourself from me." (WIP)

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a character in “Beyond Messiah”, as played by Chloe De Luca



Full Name: Suke(Soo-Key) Ptelea(Ta-Laya)
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Nymph
Sexual Orientation: Men
Description Details Suke is a petite being, with burning red hair, and lush green skin. Standing at a mere 5'1 and weighing in at 100 pounds. Her movements are agile and determined, as her body frame is strangely strong. She stands firm wherever she goes, with confidence and security. Her body is lean, though muscular. Her hand are wrapped with bandages, and her body is covered in wrapped pieces of cloth. Over the wrappings she wears thin clothes to cover the more sensitive areas of her body. She always remains barefoot. She can be seen wearing green and brown clothing usually, that clings to her body, yet is easy for her to move in.
Skills: Suke can bend the earth to her will, and is a master of Southern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu. She has the ability to hear the vibrations of the earth, making her an excellent guard and tracker. Her technique gives her control over both mineral and living organisms. She uses her abilities to fight, and can be very effective against much larger opponents.
Weakness(es): Her weaknesses include large bodies of water, the dependence she has on her lower body, and her dependence on connection to the ground. If she is injured too badly, she cannot bend the will of the earth. Her people have never been strong swimmers, and she is terrified of water. It is ten times more difficult for her to move anything she isn't' touching.

Equipment: Though she usually just uses her body and her abilities, she does carry with her a staff to amplify her ability. On her person she always carried a bag of seeds tied to her belt, to be used as weapons or snacks. For protection in the cities, or of she is hiding her identity for any reason and does not want to use her abilities, she has a dagger holstered to the back of her thigh.
Personal Summary: Suke is a free spirit, who trust's only the earth and her instincts. Laws and Rules mean nothing to her, as do most of the people around her. She has been alive for many many years, though she looks fairly young to others. Time passes around her much slower than others, changing her perspective on the world. To her, everything and everyone around is temporary.
Personality: Suke is passive, nothing gets to her. Some may think of her as careless, conceited, or lazy...but she simply doesn't care to attempt things she knows will have no affect on her future. She will hold conversations with others, but never for very long. No one ever has anything interesting to tell her. She is not however bored, watching the people and things pass her by is entertaining. The changed happening in her lifetime intrigue her. She views the world as a scientist views an experiment.
She is motivated only by her own needs and desires, which can change as fast as the wind at times. She is not against other people, and has traveled with companions before, however that's all they are to her ever. Traveling companions. One day however, she hopes to find someone different, she isn't sure how or why, but she needed to find him or her.
History: Since she was driven from her home, she has been living on the Isle of Fascination. It is covered in dense forests, and and has extensive mineral deposits throughout the area. She chooses to live outside the skirt of the civilizations, within the wildlife. Using her incredible ability she makes shelter for herself, as she trains and meditated in the forest. Rarely does she venture into the town. She has no desire to spend her time with the fools who indulge themselves on the Island.


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