Ell Leann Harmont

A wallflower with a sharp tongue.

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a character in “Beyond Punishment, Before Redemption”, as played by NebulaZ


Ell boasts a slender body with little natural curve, much like a twig. Her curling auburn hair and dim green eyes clash with her sharp features. She weighs roughly 130 lbs, is five feet and six inches tall, and has a few freckles.


Ell Harmont bares a savage, sharp tongue and a thoroughly blunt view on the world around her. Usually blending into the wallpaper, she picks up on anything and everything she thinks may be important in later situations, and retains information like a sponge. Ell has a hunger for literature, and spends most of her time reading, when she is not people-watching. Neither a follower or a leader, she prefers to sit on the sidelines until the moment is ripe for her to pick a side - not to say she doesn't have her opinions, which she will defend with an expansive, often inappropriate vocabulary.
Ell is not a psychic, or especially tuned to outside forces. She finds it easier to be sensible and down-to-earth about any situation that crosses her path.


She has only the clothes on her back - a pair of jeans, a blue tanktop, and a plain gray sweatshirt.


Ell Leann Harmont was born on June 8th, 1990 to Diana and Keith Harmont, and died on July 27th, 2011 in a tragic gas station shooting. During her life, Ell enjoyed the company of her parents, her dog, and her books. She had no close friends, and liked it that way. Her funeral was small, family-only, and she will be missed.
Ell was murdered by Miles F. Kennedy, who shot her six times in the torso and once in the neck while he robbed a gas station. Ell was trying to call the police when he heard her drop her phone. She stood, and told him he would never get away with what he was doing. Mr. Kennedy shot her mercilessly before doing the same to the cashier, and an elderly woman also in the gas station market. Both escaped with mild injuries, and survived. Mr. Kennedy escaped with money stolen from all three victims, Ell's jewelry, and the cash from the register and safe on the lot. By the time the police did arrive, Ell was already dead and Miles Kennedy was long gone. He was later caught and convicted of murder in the first degree, and serves life in prison, though Mr. and mrs. harmont will never have their daughter back.

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