Kingsly Market

"My names Kingsly and that is the only thing I will respond to. Deal with it."

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Kinglsy Market


Full Name: Kingsly Tyson Market
Nickname: Kingsly
Birthday: 22, January, 2220


Physical Features:
-Eye Color-
Stormy blue
-Hair Color-
Dark Brown, almost black He keeps his hair longish.
-Skin Tone-
Pale but not sickly just resistant to tanning.
He has thick ragged scars on his back, they appear to come from some sort of animal and he has the tattoo of a dragon on his forearm.


Personality: Kinglsy is very anti social, he doesn’t like people and he really doesn’t like hyper or self involved people because they make him feel very uncomfortable because he is mellow, which is odd because he has an violate anger, and though he is anti social he is very willing to help people who want or need help. By adding his obsessive exercising and you get people who think he is only good for physical labor even though he has a very sharp mind, he just isn’t book smart. He comes off as rough and even cold to new people because he grew up with only his father, his mother dying of an animal attack when he was younger, and he has never really felt love. Do to the lack of females he has experimented with other guys to work away with sexual needs but he still considers himself straight because he is actually attracted to females., Against his Fathers wishes he has become close to animals, the little bit of rebel he hides within himself, he was attacked by a mystery animal when he was wondering around his home, no one saw it and it made him pull deeper within himself and the few friends he still has fought hard to stay with him. He is very loyal to his friends and he even feels bad for the loners and outcasts that have no one even though if not for his friends he would have been like them.
History: You must wait for it to be revealed 
Anything Else?: He befriended a black wolf who is named Onyx. She follows him every where.


So begins...

Kingsly Market's Story


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In the center of the Dome sits the market place in the South and West, and the Government headquarters in the North and East. The most rich and well off people live in a ring of homes around the village center. After this ring of homes are the factories and the homes for the factory workers. That ring is followed by a ring of farms, and the furthest from the city center is the farmers houses. This is where our story starts, out by five little farms where five best friends live. In the town center, soldiers roam to keep people from stealing, keep fights from breaking out. In the industrial center, poverty reigns and people fight frequently. It is the farms that people want to be in, it is the farms where people aren’t rich, but they aren’t poor. It is the safe zone, and the Government keeps it that way. Five such farms where our five best friends live are nearly right on the Dome wall. The images look as if the world never ends, that it’s just wilds and woods, but that’s not true...not true at all. The wall is the end of the line. While there is undeveloped space beyond the farms, it isn’t beautiful and woodsy. It is open and able to be viewed by every angle. This is a prison, a prison with pretty colors. It is a fast moving, highly advanced prison.

This is the world that the girls know, but it is not the world outside. Outside, the world is free. It is hot, but it is free. People flourish in nomadic groups, but there are very few females. Sure, there are girls born every day, but there aren’t women. Most women die in childbirth, or retreat to the dome. For this reason, there are more females than males in the dome, and more males than females outside. This is where the Travelers come in. The Travelers are five young men who are going to go into the Dome and spread the world that the outside world is safe. There is still the ocean, and small lakes from which the people disinfect water and make it potable. The animals are different than they used to be, most have little to no hair, but they live and are eatable nonetheless. These young men live in a slow moving, completely safe society. Due to the fact that they are a small group of people, they have to settle differences without many fights. The men are going to show the Dome Dwellers that life is sustainable Beyond Sustainability.

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It was hot.

Hotter than a normal day would be. Most of the time it was pretty decent weather. Upper to mid range 90's or up into the hundreds. Humans had adapted. They could stand more heat then back in the day. Guess that's what happens when you live in a world like this.

The world itself wasn't too bad. There was clean water, food to eat if you traveled with a decent enough hunter. Not so much vegetation though. You had to be a carnivore to survive out here. Ryan could feel the sweat beading down his face, getting in his eyes.

"Gah" he grumbled as he whipped off his shawl. He reached up and wiped the sweat onto his sleeve. He replaced the shawl. IT was not common for humans to get sunburn much anymore, but with the sun today, he didn't want to take chances.

The group had been walking for some time. It had to have been half the day. They had been moving at a decent pace, must've cleared a good 30 or 40 kilometers today. He supposed it was time to take a little rest, seeing as the rest of his crew, apart from Kingsly that is, was lagging behind something fierce. Ryan stopped and turned around. They werent too far behind. Maybe a hundred yards or so. He could see their little heads poking over the last sand dune. Kingsly had stopped beside him. The guy wasn't even breaking a sweat. Ryan raised an eyebrow to his travelling companion.

"Sometimes I think you're a mutant" He gave a small smile, and a chuckle.

He turned back to the rest, who had just arrived. Morgan was carrying most of the supplies, seeing as he had a certain affinity for hiding from danger while the others took care of it. Ryan had to give credit to the guy though. He was so afraid of getting sun burnt that he brought along a large telescopic parasol for the crew to sit under in times like these. This probably was one of the reasons Ryan put up with his cowardice.

"Oi' Jayson, How about you set up a little picnic for us?" He said that like it was a question. It wasn't.

He supposed Morgan was more often than not, the brunt of everyone else's jokes, but what are you gonna do. In a group of guys like this you cant go running off scared every time a bison shows up. Regardless of his cowardice, he was a helpful member of the team and They needed someone like him along.


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Morgan grunted, back so sopping with sweat that the salty liquid was dripping down onto his shoes in globs. He could plainly see the droplets of sweat cascade upon his dirty brown sneakers. In the beginning, they were green. He shrugged his shoulders and arched his back, shifting some of his burden from one side of his body to the other, eyes downcast, head bowed with effort.

"Oi' Jayson, How about you set up a little picnic for us?" Ryan commanded in his typical passive-aggressive fashion.

It wasn't the arduity of the baggage he was forced to lug around that so exhausted him. Nor was it the brutal and relentless beating he was taking from the sun. Nor was it the temperature, which happened to sit at around a humid one-hundred degrees fahrenheit. It wasn't even the fact that he'd rather be inside of the dome, relaxing on his family's farm.

No. He was mentally exhausted, not by his circumstances, but by his companions. Don't get him wrong, he doesn't wish any ill will on them, but he simply wasn't sure how much longer he could stand being the giant 4th wheel of the group. The ugly duckling. The ass to every joke. So he wasn't a fighter. So we wasn't the heroic type. So what?

They thought him a coward. Some even said it to his face. They didn't respect him, respect what he could bring to the group. Many times he pondered simply ditching them and running away, but where would he go? Wander out on his own? That'd surely spell his death. Run back to the dome? Even if he could find his way back without the others, they wouldn't welcome him in alone unless he had a damn good story.

And Morgan wasn't a liar.

And he couldn't stomach just leaving his brother behind like that.

So he brushed their insults off as best he could, biting his tongue and reminding himself to hold his head up every now and then. It was ironic, really. They'd rebuked him for speaking so "frankly" about their living circumstances, and the unforgiving sun. They'd given him shit for bringing the parasol.

And now they boss him around. Command that he take it out.

Morgan bit his tongue, taking a deep breath and letting it all out in a sigh. He didn't like working himself up. He knew he'd never act on any of his so-called darker impulses anyway, so there was no use anguishing over them. Letting his bags fall to the ground, he grumpily began setting up the large green parasol for the group to find refuge from the blistering heat of the sun's rays.

Refuge. Isn't that another word for seeking shelter? For hiding?

Who're the cowards now?!

At that, a slight grin touched his lips. He'd never say something so crass out loud.


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This is such a shit mess. I'm tired of living. Everything is so disorganized, I hate it. And god dammit, I can't stop sweating. If this heat never goes away I'll die by something other than my own hand. Wouldn't that be funny - a martyr. Sheesh, man I'm really starting to lose it. Julian closed his eyes a moment.

"Sometimes I think you're a mutant."

The sentence hung in the air, causing Julian's otherwise dazed head to snap in the direction of the voice. Due to being somewhat of a lone wolf, he was more than aware that he wasn't particularly wanted. This made him increasingly attuned to insults, but still unconcerned at the same time. Somehow he'd been taken in by a group of rolling stones who, ironically and hysterically to Julian, gathered much moss. Putting the mutedly funny bits to the side, he knew he wasn't exactly one of them. .Julian had never been one of any crowd, known to walk alone for the most part with the exception of his brother who up until recently, tagged along behind him. At any rate, Morgan, Kingsly and Ryan decided to keep him - for one reason or another.

An ascent of the heatwave, which Julian had learned to live with, delightedly coated his body with sweat. A long-worn white tee shirt and smeared jeans now sagged with the weight of bodily moisture. Julian tugged on one tattered strap of his rucksack, his mahogany eyes unenthused and dilated while Morgan as usual received an onslaught of ridicule. Poor kid. In all honestly Julian didn't mind Morgan, and that was due to his eerily familiar persona. Morgan reminded Julian of Quincy.

Then there was Ryan - some sort of a douchebag that Julian would have dismissed in high school as a classic case of 'not enough love' syndrome. But in these days, Julian had to consider it typical. People weren't really soft, accepting and kind. Especially the men. To take offense so late in the game would be a stupid and cowardly move. The typical dynamic which encompassed who could exhibit the best characteristics to win the biggest jerkoff award never piqued Julian's interest. After all, it wasn't like Julian to be bothered with others and their theatrics. Being a part of the slightly dysfunctional male clique was more of a survival tactic than a personal preference. But then again Julian did suppose surviving was a personal preference. But then again even after that, he wasn't sure about wanting to be around anymore. Not without Quincy. Some may have thought, if Julian would have ever spoken of his younger brother, that Julian lost his purpose in life.

Remaining at the ass-end of the queue, Julian pressed some sweat-matted hair from his eyes and rolled his shoulders. His whole body ached - more specifically his shoulders and back which were growing in muscle mass due to his ongoing labor. He paused, locking and unlocking his knees while he absentmindedly hardened his jaw.

He'd familiarized himself with the sound of his stomach screaming in emptiness and agony. More often than not he just ignored it. At this point in time, his skin was so hungrily clinging to his bones that every distinguished muscle carved itself against it. This wasn't to say that he was sickly thin, or ill looking in any way. It was more that his natural muscular toning was coming to surface. Julian supposed that was due to his lack of potato chips and double cheeseburgers. Which he would have killed someone for in the state of things.