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Jett Paschal

"Dude, did you guys see that!? EFFIN AAAY!"

0 · 145 views · located in Aisla De Lune

a character in “Beyond the Divide”, as played by Eskay


General Info

Name: Jett Paschal
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pigeon Forge, TN
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Physical Attributes

Height: 6’0
Weight: 220 lbs
Build: Fat
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Distinguishing Features: Goatee, silver cross necklace
Tattoos/Piercings: N/A


Head: N/A
Torso: Typically wears polos or button shirts
Legs: Jeans typically
Feet: Sandals, with socks if cold
Arms: N/A
Hands: N/A
Accessories: Silver cross necklace


Despite coming from a very wealthy family, Jett exudes very desirable qualities. Loud, hearty, and brutally honest to a fault, Jett wastes no time in speaking his mind clearly. Coming from a family with a vast amount of money, Jett has become adept at quickly calling those out who would seek “friendship” with him on account of his wealth. Still, should one prove to be a true friend to him, one may find a loyal and incredibly supportive friend. Though you can’t tell at first glance, his privileged childhood has left him with very little understanding of money, and consequently has trouble both managing his money and controlling his impulsive spending. His mouth also tends to be bigger than his mind, and will occasionally find himself attempting to match wits with someone who is far better equipped.

Likes: A challenge, frisbee, steak.
Dislikes: Non-sport related exercise, BS, winter.

Loves: Shooting, heart-to-hearts, Jesus.
Fears: Being spoiled, being a disappointment, crowded places.

Quirks: Jett LOVES having his head scratched, and will become a useless pile of moaning pleasure should he succumb to a good head scratching.

Motivation: Jett’s motivation is, ironically, to discover what motivates him. He has had the good fortune to have essentially whatever he wanted during his childhood, so he’s had precious little time to discover who he is or what he truly appreciated doing.

Trademark features/catchphrases: Anything loud and obscene can usually be traced back to Jett


Living in one of the most tourist-y areas Tennessee has to offer, (Pigeon Forge,) Jett has learned very quickly what it means to be able to talk to someone new. Some people claim that he talks entirely too much- it’s a small miracle that enough strangers have stuck around this boisterous rich kid long enough to develop a friendship with him!

As his parents own a bit of just about every attraction in the city, Jett has grown up quite privileged. He never asked for much, but was seldom ever turned down on the occasions where he did request something. Aside from his wealth, he led a pretty standard life- attending school, breaking girls’ hearts, and last-minute college hunting. All in the life of your every day procrastinator.

Jett is currently in his junior year of college at Belmont University, where he finds himself taking an extra credit voyage to Aisla de Lune. He’s always been one for taking exotic trips in lieu of doing classwork, though he will soon find out that he is going to be getting far more than he bargained for!

So begins...

Jett Paschal's Story