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Richter Bumbletuck

"Good sir, I would engage you in a battle of wits, but I loathe the thought of striking down an unarmed assailant!"

0 · 213 views · located in Aisla De Lune

a character in “Beyond the Divide”, as played by Eskay


General Info


Name: Richter Bumbletuck
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Faction (if known): Bumbletuck Inc.
Real-World Counterpart (if any): Jett Paschal

Physical Attributes

Height: 5’8
Weight: 185 lbs
Build: Chubby
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Distinguishing Features: Exquisite posture, distinctive chuckle
Tattoos/Piercings: N/A


Head: Black, ensorcled top hat
Torso: White dress coat, brown leather vest
Legs: White dress pants
Feet: Black and white dress shoes
Arms: N/A
Hands: White gloves
Accessories: Ensorcled monocle


Weapon Class: Quicksilver (Melee/Ranged Hybrid)
-- Weapons: Missus Rosemary and Hob Along- Richter’s two prized handguns. Rosemary resembles a Colt .45 Peacemaker, while Hob Along is a flintlock modified with a slightly longer barrel and a scope attachment. These are Richter’s primary weapons, and while he is constantly investing in new firearms, these are by and far his most regularly used.

The Quicksilver- Richter’s old rapier- a relic of his far-gone days of being one of Anima’s heroes. Though powerful and agile, Richter rarely uses this weapon- perhaps feeling a twinge of regret using this symbol of his once respected visage? Perhaps a dire conflict or words of an undiscovered relationship will convince Richter to once again wield this symbol of heroism…

Elemental Strength/Resistances:
Richter is not magically inclined, though he does possess 3 Ensorcled Artifacts that grant him some degree of magical augmentation.

Avelyn’s Monocle- Enchanted by Avelyn Farsheal, this monocle acts as both an additional aiming device, as well as a magical “scanner” of sorts. It detects latent powers, enchantments, augmentations, and weak points of whoever (or whatever) Richter observes.

Nolan’s Top Hat- Imbued with a passive healing enchantment by Nolan Qwedverk, Richter’s top hat constantly provides a slow degree of regeneration. As long as Richter is wearing it, Richter will constantly and slowly be in a constant state of regeneration (the hat prioritized wounds and illness first, then prioritizes the minimization of fatigue.) The hat takes significantly longer to heal more severe wounds, and cannot be used as a cure for death, completely severed limbs, or a ward for curses.

Beatrice’s Rapier- Presented to Richter by Sword Maiden Beatrice Knoll, The Quicksilver acts as an aegis as well as an offensive tool. The blade acts as a magnet for various elemental and energy based spells, and can be used to simply absorb the assault as well as return-fire what it has absorbed. The sword cannot block spells that directly attack the mind or anatomy, and cannot ward curses. In addition, the sword can only handle attacks of a mild to medium degree- heavier or more complex spells will not be absorbed.

Supporting Magic Skill:
Richter is not magically inclined- therefore, he lacks a Supporting Magic Skill. He prefers to get by on his wit and sharp tongue anyway, so it is to no disappointment to him.


Greedy, opportunistic, and coy are all fairly adequate descriptors of Richter, though his foes (who number in approximately the thousands to date) fail to recognize some of his more becoming traits, such as his razor-sharp wit, his skills handling diplomacy, and his surprising drive to keep (almost) every promise or bargain he makes. Every action Richter takes and every word he speaks tends to have an ulterior motive behind it, so one must be careful when bargaining with the wily quintillionaire (especially if he agrees to a contract completely on your terms!)
Though Richter is more or less a money-grubbing scalawag these days, there seems to be some semblance of honor left in him. His morals may be lacking, but Richter rarely strays too far from doing anything illegal (unless a job offers a payout that outweighs the consequences.) Richter also has an inexplicable soft side for kids- specifically, children who are clever and can back up talk with some kind of work ethic. He has an avid appreciation for music, and spends much of his leisure time either attending concerts and shows, or putting them on himself.

Likes: Witty banter, clever kids, games of skill.
Dislikes: Extraneously serious behavior, getting hurt, games of chance.

Loves: Money, status, diplomacy.
Fears: Isolation, poverty, getting outwit.

Quirks: Despite his self-absorption, Richter has a soft spot for bright, motivated children. If there’s ever an occasion where Richter seems to go out of his way to help somebody, it’s probably to help stimulate this kids intellectual growth.

Motivation: Typically Richter’s only motive is to stay one step ahead of everyone else, or otherwise protect his own well-being. Richter is not entirely without honor, however, and under the right circumstances could be driven to acts of selflessness.

Trademark features/catchphrases: Richter will typically always introduce himself in an over glorified, zealous manner.


Though Richter was born into a rather poor family, he was fortunate enough to have parents that loved him. While his father taught him chivalry, honor and swordplay, his mother taught him the ways of music. His childhood was wrought with love and pleasant memories.
Aside from his lack of material things, Richter was able to lead a very happy childhood. While the rest of his Animaian peers were honing their magical prowess, Richter was bound and determined to become an attorney. After a few years at the academy, however, he found himself thrown into a freelance bounty hunter position with three of his childhood friends (Beatrice, Avelyn, and Nolan.) Against his parents wishes, he abandoned his aspirations of law in favor of a life of apprehending fugitives.

He spent the better part of two years bounty hunting with his friends (who gained quite a bit of notoriety as the “Four Heroes.”) However, at the ripe age of 20, he and his friends finally slipped up, and found themselves being pursued by a notorious crime syndicate. Though they evaded pursuit for a time, Nolan was eventually caught, and the remaining Heroes were forced to regroup and follow-up with a rescue plan. Unbeknownst to them, however, the syndicate had a grudge with Richter, who acted as a legal aid during a trial against one of syndicate’s men. They had already taken care of the attorney and the jury- Richter was the only one left who knew the man’s face and case. In exchange for his freedom and pardon for interfering with the syndicate’s affairs, Nolan sold Richter out.

Richter was abducted soon after at the Heroes’ now disclosed hideout (Avelyn and Beatrice were also granted freedom as part of Nolan’s agreement.) What started off as brutal torture, however, grew into a rather odd business partnership. In exchange for his life, Richter offered his services to the cause of the syndicate. The syndicate agreed, paying for him to finish his study of the law. After finishing out his year, he would spend the next four years representing the syndicate in court every time one of them was caught. His reputation as the Hero Quicksilver would slowly evolve into the Quicksilver Tongue, using his cunning and wit to assist a myriad of criminals escape life in prison. The syndicate eventually learned to trust Richter, and allowed him to keep a portion of their earnings, and they even taught him how to use a gun.

Gaining their trust was the first part in Richter’s plan, however. Throughout his four years of forced servitude, he invested his money into big corporation as well as formed under-the-table relationships and contracts with very well-to-do nobles, businessmen, and other shadier characters. At the end of his fourth year, he had finally accrued enough wealth to conscript his shadier clientele to annihilate the syndicate.

After taking out the syndicate, Richter paid a handful of freelance private investigators to track down the traitor Nolan. Upon learning his whereabouts, he put his newfound skills to use and disposed of Nolan. This was the act that would forever turn Richter into what he is today. Money, power, and diplomacy had granted him the ability to topple an entire organization and gain vengeance- perhaps he should dedicate his life to the same cause! Long gone were feelings such as longing to reconcile with his family or tracking down the other two Heroes- he had his status to start building.

In just twelve years, Richter has successfully earned his place in high society, owning his own college, arms dealers, auction houses, brothels, among other corporations (both legitimate and leaning towards the darker side of the law.) Feared by those in similar status and despised by those beneath him, Richter has become one of the most iconic symbols in Anima. Money certainly hasn’t bought him happiness, but in Richter’s eyes, happiness isn’t what pays the bills, money is!

So begins...

Richter Bumbletuck's Story