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A universe which focuses on KoG's 2.5D MMORPG, Elsword; crossovers are encouraged.

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Welcome to Beyond the El!

The point of this universe isn't necessarily to follow the actual canon storyline for the game (but you can if you want to.) Rather, it's to give people an opportunity to expand upon or explore any of the lesser known characters, previously established locations, other paths that a character could have taken, etc. Speaking of the lore, it's... Kind of a mess. So, I'll just link you to here instead:

Pre-Game Lore:

If the above hasn't daunted you yet and you're still interested in the idea behind this universe, feel free to join!

[Note: This universe is a Work in Progress; more locations and descriptions will be added in time.]

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In General

1. Try not to godmod, metagame, powerplay, etc. If you aren't sure of what these things are, please refer to this post/infographic here: - Exceptions can and do exist, but please try to give your character(s) reasonable limitations. Example: Glave cannot travel between Elrios and other dimensions due to being bound to this dimension as part of his punishment for seeking the world's truths. This also means that he cannot directly influence or interfere with most events that happen in Elrios.

2. If you cannot remember where things last left off, it is highly encouraged that you look through “The Story So Far…” section if you need to catch up. Retcons are an unfortunate inevitability of this game so we we won't tell you not to retcon things. All we ask is that you don't do it excessively if you can help it.

3. Speed Roleplaying/One-Liners/Chat Speak is generally discouraged here. If you are new to roleplaying and/or are still getting used to it, please try to write a minimum of three to five sentences per post. The more people have to work with, the less likely they are to be confused about things going on in the scene/RP.

4. Communication is key. If you have a problem with someone, have a problem with something that they did or said, need clarification about something, etc. let your respective partner(s) know through PMs. ...Or, at the very least, try to make some sort of effort to resolve the issue with them. Incidentally, if you need to go on hiatus or discuss something out of character, do it in the OOC tab.

5. Darker themes will be allowed, but try not to get excessively detailed with them. Basically, keep things PG-13. (This also applies to romantic/sexual themes - If you need to do that sort of thing, take it to PMs.)


1. You may create an OC (or adapt an already existing one) for this universe but please try to keep them within the confines of/adhere to this game's lore. If you do not know what the lore for this game is, please feel free to message me and I will try to explain things to you as best as I can. Or, you're welcome to read through the current story on Elwiki and have a go at piecing the lore together, yourself.

2. Crossovers are very much welcomed here. However, some characters will have it easier than others for this sort of thing because of their powers, but Chrono Gates are very much a thing here. So, if a character from Elrios ends up in another dimension (or vice versa), it's probably because of a Chrono Gate/Dimensional Crack. ...Or you could just blame it on Glave.

3. Duplicates of the same character or path can exists but they need to be different from one another in some way (be it personality-wise/powers, something physical, etc.) This is mainly to try and prevent people from getting confused about who is who.

[Note: Rules may be edited and/or changed at a later point in time.]

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Character Portrait: Perkisas


Character Portrait: Perkisas

The concept of Greed given a more tangible form; a raid boss from the game "Elsword."


Character Portrait: Perkisas

The concept of Greed given a more tangible form; a raid boss from the game "Elsword."

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Character Portrait: Perkisas

The concept of Greed given a more tangible form; a raid boss from the game "Elsword."

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