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The concept of Greed given a more tangible form; a raid boss from the game "Elsword."

0 · 245 views · located in Elrios

a character in “Beyond the El”, as played by FieryKrawls


Basic Information

◈ Name: Perkisas
◈ Alias(es): Red King, Red Demise
◈ Species: Presumed to be a Dragon and a Heavenly Beast [Incarnation of Greed]
◈ Age: Is thought to be as old as the El itself [As old as mankind]
◈ Height: Speculated to be at least 50 feet as a dragon [Can vary in Humanoid Form]

Perkisas is the concept of Greed given a more tangible form. While he has no bearing on the game’s main plotline, Glave, the current administrator of Henir’s Time & Space, had sent the El Search Party to the red dragon’s domain as a means to both train them as well as provide a source of entertainment for himself. Eventually, the ragtag bunch managed to overcome the dragon’s ordeals (with Glave’s interference) and acquired a powerful weapon in the process.


Perkisas is an incarnation of greed that appeared in the yet to be named continent of Elrios sometime prior to the Gods vs. Demons War. Amidst the chaos and confusion, the scarlet-colored behemoth indiscriminately attacked and/or slew any and all manner of being that tried to attack him, regardless of their involvement in the war - This was only the beginning of the red dragon’s notoriety.

For many years, Perkisas terrorized the inhabitants of Elrios as he accrued numerous piles of treasure in a long since abandoned castle until he grew bored of the constant pillaging. From there, he began luring adventurers to his domain with a ‘promise’ to grant his wealth and power to the one who defeated him. Many have sought this entity out for various reasons, only to never be seen or heard from again. Eventually, he fell into relative obscurity as those that knew of him began to die off and newer generations were born.


Dragon Form:

In his dragon form, Perkisas looks like your typical, Western European Dragon: large, lizard-like, leathery bat-like wings, four legs, prehensile tail, etc. His scales, while sharp-looking and coarse, are usually a vibrant shade of red with an orange tint to them but tend to lose their luster as he grows weaker. His eyes are orange and his his claws, wing webbing and nasal horns are a very dark shade of red. Towards the back of his head are four sets of excess greed energy that has been crystallized, with a couple more of these protrusions seemingly growing out from other parts of his body (such as his wings, elbows, towards the ‘heels’ of his feet and the end of his tail.)

Bands of gold adorn various parts of his body (such as two of the spines on his face, his horns, part of his snout, both biceps, both wrists and around the lower parts of his legs.) Perhaps the most notable ‘accessory’ on his ‘person’ is the large, golden ornament-like piece that covers part of his chest along with the orange jewel-like object encrusted within it.

Picture 1:
Picture 2:
Picture 3:
Picture 4:
Picture 5: [Back View. ...Sort of.]
Picture 6: [Closer look at chest piece]
Picture 7: [Closer look at the back of foot]

Humanoid Form:

◈ Eye Color: Red, with a splotch of yellow surrounding the pupil. When observed in sunlight, the red seems to take on a more orange-ish hue.

◈ Hair: A moderately thick, unruly mop of short, red hair with a strand at the nape that ends somewhere below his lower back. Covering the base of his horns, a good portion of both ears and a small part of his hair are two ornate, heavy-looking golden headpieces. Both eyebrows are black by his own volition.

◈ Attire: An unbuttoned, scarlet-colored formal suit jacket with light gray cuffs and matching dress pants. Around his neck is a red choker collar with an intricate, golden pattern all around it while the edges of his pant legs and suit jacket are encrusted with gold. The majority of the dress pants are obscured by a kilt-like garment of the same color that ends slightly above the ankle; the bottom edge of this is encrusted with gold and orange sphalerite.

◈ Build: Athletic; lean and not very muscular, but toned.

◈ Other Details: Is fair-skinned. He wears two rings on each hand: One on his pinky and middle fingers (right), and one on his index and ring fingers (left.) Aside from the suit jacket, he is essentially shirtless; can generally be seen barefoot, as he doesn’t particularly like wearing shoes (or socks.)

◈ Another detail he has decided to add to his person are the black, runic-like markings scattered across his body. The most prominent one starts from his right pectoral muscle (which slightly overlaps the left) and ends at the right external abdominal oblique muscle. The other areas which possess these markings are his left arm’s wrist and ankle, his back (which resembles a flame), left calf and left shoulder.

Picture 1: [basis for humanoid form's appearance; slightly altered]
Picture 2: [Official Art]
Picture 3: [In-Game Design]
Picture 4: [In-Game Design; Back View]

Things to Note/Abilities


Greed Embodiment [Self explanatory]
Dark Energy Manipulation [Mainly used in his Humanoid Form]
Fire Attacks [Mainly used in his Dragon Form]
Illusion Manipulation [Limited to Illusive Appearance, Illusionary Environment and Layered Illusions]
Perception Manipulation [Supplementary ability; used in conjunction with Illusion Manipulation]
Teleportation [Sometimes used by his Humanoid Form during battle]

Things to Note:

1. This iteration of Perkisas will not be using most of the abilities one might associate with the Embodiment of Greed. The main reasons for doing this are because I like the challenge of thinking up other ways to have him go about his ‘job’ and to put limitations on him in order to avoid unwittingly making him too OP (because it’s fairly easy for his powers get out of hand.)

2. Initially, Perkisas didn’t have a human form. That changed when an ancestor of the Siegharts became something of a thorn in his side. In spite of it originally being used in an effort to disparage said ancestor, he has become rather attached to their likeness over the years and claimed it as his own. …Among other things; can make himself look completely human if/when needed or desired.

3.Although he has ‘mellowed out’ somewhat over the years, Perkisas will still sometimes kill out of provocation, caprice, or occasionally an outside factor; very few individuals (in Elrios) are alive today that know of his titles.

4. Perkisas can be rather picky with what he hoards/steals/etc. In fact, he’ll sometimes go after something simply because it caught his eye (even if it’s junk.) Some ventures have not been considered because he either hasn’t thought of it quite yet or had doubts of its profitability. However, he is open to suggestions, given that you have the right “incentive.” Incidentally, He is far more likely to be picky about treasure than money and will readily accept currency from another dimension in place of ED (Elrios Dollar) on the occasions that he tries to sell you something so long as it isn’t fake.

5. Perkisas has never truly disliked another creature enough to the point of razing their species as a whole (even if their unwanted trespassing upon his domain greatly irked him, once upon a time.) Over the years, he has come to appreciate how malleable other beings are and even began to encourage them to act on their dispositions more frequently, often putting on a front of amiability in order to make them more susceptible to his persuasions; unsurprisingly, humans are his favorite.

6. Perkisas is capable of creating an indefinite amount of javelin-like constructs out of thin air so long as there is darkness around to draw from. In addition to this, the solidity and number of these constructs is dependent on the amount of darkness in a given area. Though he is able to draw upon his own reserves of dark energy if needed, he would much rather use other sources that are readily available to/around him.

7. Though it has seldom been witnessed, Perkisas is capable of manifesting both his human and dragon forms simultaneously if the situation calls for it. However, it is not ideal for drawn out fights or extended periods of use due to the strain that it puts on him; useful for disorientation (unless the target can ward off or see through the ploy.)

8. Perkisas is able to manipulate his human form’s height so long as it doesn’t exceed his dragon form or is any smaller than the average, humanoid-looking pet in Elrios. However, he doesn’t like to make himself any taller than his preferred height, as it both puts a strain on him (much like manifesting both forms at once.)

9. Although it has come to be widely accepted as a fact throughout Elrios that Perkisas is a Dragon and a Holy Beast, this is actually a misconception. The truth of the matter is that Perkisas is an energy-based entity that has attached itself to a weapon and has influenced its appearance, properties and so forth.

10. Should your character be deemed worthy of ‘wielding’ Perkisas, it is very likely that they will, in a sense, become him. While they won’t physically become him or inherit his powers, they will start to act differently than they normally do over time (should they choose to keep him in their possession for a long period of time.) One could feasibly borrow his powers/techniques in combat if they’re decent enough with magic; his gimmick is to augment one’s magic-based capabilities based on their greediness.

11. Despite it showing Perkisas to have reverted to a sword in the ending cinematic for his raid, I have purposely made it so that he will not be any one kind of weapon in particular. Rather, the kind of weapon that he is will vary from thread to thread and will also depend upon the type of weapon your character is more inclined to use in combat.


So begins...

Perkisas's Story