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Giselle Antoinette

"What is war but a bunch of grown men playing soldier?"

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a character in “Beyond The Sea”, as played by TheShyGirl



{From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were; I have not seen
As others saw; I could not bring
My passions from a common spring.
From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow; I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone;
And all I loved, I loved alone.
Then- in my childhood, in the dawn
Of a most stormy life- was drawn
From every depth of good and ill
The mystery which binds me still:
From the torrent, or the fountain,
From the red cliff of the mountain,
From the sun that round me rolled
In its autumn tint of gold,
From the lightning in the sky
As it passed me flying by,
From the thunder and the storm,
And the cloud that took the form
(When the rest of Heaven was blue)
Of a demon in my view.
~ Edgar Allen Poe


|{Full Name}|

Giselle Diana Antoinette


~ Diana
~ G/Gigi {Friends Only}
~ Siren {Stage Name}


Sixteen {16}






Cabaret Performer





Giselle stands at 5'4 and has a very frail, thin body. She has long, usually unruly curly red hair and large blue doe eyes. Giselle has pale porcelain skin naturally flushed cheeks and light cinnamon freckles that she covers with makeup before performing. Her body is a bit childish seeing as she is relatively flat chested and has basically nonexistent curves, her long legs are basically the only feminine asset that Giselle owns. Giselle usually keeps her hair down unless she is performing, and you can usually find her wearing ether a dress or a blouse with a skirt. She also wears very little makeup unless performing.


Emotion Manipulation

Giselle is able to manipulate other people's emotions. She can project an emotion of her choice and the people around her, or a select person, will gain that emotion until she ether stops projecting it or is out of range. While Giselle can do this at mostly anytime (As long as she is energized), she seems to project emotions best while she is singing.


Singing~ Tea~ Helping People~ Stories~ Calming People~
Friends~ The Violin~ Sweets~ Treating Everyone Fairly~
Reading~ Writing~ Performing~


Miracle Pills~ Lies~ The War~ Negativity~ Spicy Food~
Not Being Able To Help~ The Dark~ Being Alone~
Being Told What To Do~ Being Asked About Her Past~

|{Hobbies || Talents}|

~ Singing
~ Playing the violin
~ Listening to people
~ Keeping neutral

|{Fears || Weaknesses}|

~ Talking about her past
~ The war ruining Atlantis
~ The people she cares for getting hurt
~ Not being able to sing anymore
~ Not being able to help someone in need


Giselle's parents died helping an Orphic radical and her brother ran away to join an Alterist group.



Giselle was raised in a well-mannered home with strict etiquette rules, thanks to this, Giselle can seem a bit stiff and proper at times. But once she warms up to you, she visibly becomes more relaxed and casual. Giselle's always been a quiet person, so conversation may seem a bit one sided at times. But you'll find that she's a great listener, and the closer she is to you the more she begins to talk. Giselle becomes quite passionate when it comes to subjects that she feels strongly about, and it's best to avoid insulting these things unless you want her to end up going on rant. Giselle's a very calm person most of the time however, she's very relaxing to be around. She enjoys singing for audiences and usually uses her power to help keep everyone in the room calm and relaxed while she is, she's never used her power to make anyone feel a negative emotion before and doesn't plan to. Giselle doesn't enjoy talking about her past anymore than she enjoys talking about the war, they seem to be the only two topics that make her truly uncomfortable. Giselle holds it to herself to treat everyone the same, be them Orphic or Alterist.



Giselle was born into an old money sort of family. From a young age Giselle and her older brother Markus were taught proper manners along with do's and don'ts in social settings. She had been taught early on to not ask questions about the land above Atlantis, and to treat the people who came from the land above the same as she would treat anyone else. The Antoinette children were taught to coexist peacefully with both the Orphics and the Alterists, but of course, at this time the two groups were still living together peacefully. Privately educated by a tutor that would come to their household every weekday, Giselle and Markus rarely got outside their house. The outside world was mostly a mystery to them, and the only other children that they were able to became aquatinted with were the children who's parents had been invited over to dinner by the Antoinette's. It was no surprise that the two siblings became best friends extremely quickly, despite the five year difference. The two siblings would spend hours playing together in their rooms or just laying on the ground talking. The two were to blinded by their naivety and the four walls around themselves to even consider the possibility of what would happen in the future. As Giselle grew older, her parents encouraged her to take up a musical instrument. Giselle decided to learn the violin, seeing as her mother was proficient in the instrument herself. But little did she know, this would lead Giselle to realize her passion and her power. She was a natural at the violin, seemingly taking after her mother, and she was quickly able to learn complex songs. Yet, Giselle knew that it wasn't what she was meant to do, she didn't have the connection with the instrument that she knew her mother had. One day while she was practicing a new song she'd received for the violin, a melody had slipped out of the girl's mouth without her realizing. Giselle didn't realize that she had been humming along to the song until she finished and stopped only to notice that a calmness had settled over the house. It was then that she realized that she was able to manipulate the emotions of others, while it is easiest for her to do through song, she can also change someone's emotion without singing. It also helped her realize that she loved to sing, and her parents took advantage of this asset and often had her perform for their guests at dinner. Yet things weren't as good with Markus, he had never been very musically inclined, and his table manners left some things to be desired. So while Giselle was eating with and entertaining her parents and their guests, her brother would spend the time alone in his room. One night once Giselle had been excused from the dinning room, she ran up to her brother's room only to find that he was gone. She waited restlessly in a chair in the corner of his room, staying up all night waiting for him to return. Finally, just as the sun's first rays where lighting Atlantis' sky, Giselle watched as her brother climbed back into his room through his window. Once he was inside and had noticed his little sister, Markus proceeded to excitedly tell Giselle about all that he had seen on his night out. He told her about the group of Alterists he'd meet that where the same age as him, 19 to be exact. He retold the stories that the Alterists had told him about the world above Atlantis to Giselle, also telling her about this pill that had been invented that gave them the ability to use their powers for 24 hours long. Giselle could tell how envious her brother was, he'd always complained about how we could only use our powers for a limited amount of time. Yet at the same time, Giselle couldn't help but feel worried at the idea of these pills, she knew that some Orphics would find it unfair that they were the ones born with powers, yet the Alterists got to use more of their artificially gained powers. And as it would seem, Giselle's worries came true only a few years later. Markus had continued sneaking out after that day, so he'd report to her the developments of the war between the two groups. And while her brother was born an Orphic, she knew that he was secretly pulling for the Alterists. Meanwhile, Giselle noticed that her own parents where growing quite restless. And it wasn't long before her parents were going against the very rule that they had taught their children from the very beginning. Giselle's parents had had it with what they called the Alterists' 'selfishness', and had decided to help out one of their radical friends. But they hadn't been gone long before both her parents and their radical friend were murdered by a group of Alterists. While Giselle knew that it was there own fault for getting involved, how could she look at the Alterists quite the same? So when her brother decided to runaway and join his Alterist friends, it only helped to twist the knife further. Now all alone in the middle of a war, Giselle didn't know quite what to do. She was only fifteen at the time, and now she was parentless. But an idea soon struck her, Giselle remembered seeing a Cabaret on one of the few occasions that she got out of the house. So taking gathering all of her courage, Giselle soon set out for the Cabaret and a life that she never expected to have. She became known as the Siren on stage thanks the way she'd use her power while singing to fill everyone in the room with a calmness. She just hoped that her singing could bring people real peace.

|{Theme Song}|

Dog Days Are Over | Florence + The Machine

"Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father
Run for your children, for your sisters and brothers
Leave all your love and your longing behind
You can't carry it with you if you want to survive

The dog days are over
The dog days are done
Can you hear the horses?
'Cause here they come'

|{Face Claim}|

Lily Cole

Character Dialogue || #dbabff

So begins...

Giselle Antoinette's Story


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~ January 15th, 8 pm. ~

ImageImage Tonight is a very special night. Perhaps the most special night if you don't count Christmas or New Years. January 15th is Conjoinment Day in Atlantis. That's the day when the surface dwellers first came down into the underwater city, connecting themselves with the seafarers, creating one indivisible population that still resides inside Atlantis's great protection today. Traditionally, the holiday is spent in great celebration. The Cabaret, Pub, and Casino are usually packed, and even on the streets, crowds of socialites are chatting and cheering. Everyone is dressed to the nines, whether they be dancing in the club or just chilling out at home. It's supposed to be a very peaceful, unified day full of fun and excitement. But during these times of segregation, revolution, and change, tradition may not last for too long...


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#, as written by Dumisa


Wes jolted up out of his bed and stared at the clock, cursing under his breath after realizing what time it was. He usually woke up early on Conjoinment Day to enjoy certain festivities but times were a little different now that he was the owner of The Cabaret. He muttered under his breath, making sure he had gotten everything from cell phone to his keys to The Cabaret. The day he took over, busy was slow - Well, the owner did just die though. It took people awhile to really warm up to him because he was so young but now that they recognize him and know him a little bit more now, business couldn't be better.

He basically busted through the front door of his home then saw everyone singing and dancing in the streets. If he wasn't feeling like he was late, then he would definitely been happy enough to join them but he had to go and open up The Cabaret. On his way there, he had realized that some of the streets were blocked off, probably due to the parade that was close to starting. But luckily, the roads weren't jammed pack so he moved through them with ease.

After driving about thirty minutes, Wes had made it to the Cabaret and parked into his parking space. He got out of his car and seen some of his workers and performers already there. "Hey guys. Sorry I am late, kind of another late night if you know what I mean." He'd joke then wink towards them then opened up the doors, letting them walk in first then followed behind them, flicking the lights on with the switch over beside the wall. It was really updated in there, having more of a Modern feel to it with a little bit of a vintage feel for when it first opened up. He didn't do anything but just repainted the place and added a few more decorations.

"Okay guys! Listen up!" He walked up on the stage, clapping his hands together to get everyone's attention. "Okay, as we all know, it is Conjoinment Day and it is one of our busiest days ever. Ladies, I need to girls to be extra perfect tonight." He winked over at them then eyed the guys. "You guys have to be on your P's and Q's as well. Smile. Show them those pearly whites." A few of them smiled as the rest shook their heads. "Uhm, okay. Well, while you guys set up, I am going to see what this parade is all about." Wes chuckled then stepped off of the stage.

"I'll be back when the parade is over. If you guys get before then, call me." He'd wave them goodbye then head back outside, sniffing the air in front of his Cabaret then exhaled with a slight 'Ah'. Getting back into his car, he started driving back into the direction of the parade, parking near the route when he arrives there and getting out of the car. Wes walked along the block, with his hands stuffed inside of his dress pants pockets, eyeing all of the different festivities around him as he accidentally bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry. I wasn..." He'd paused in mid sentence then eyed the female. "Sorry, again and for staring but I have never seen you around here before, well at my Cabaret." He'd say then eyed the people behind her.

"Oh, sorry. I don't mean to interfere but I just thought that I should invite you to the Cabaret." He'd reach into his pocket and pull out a business card and hand it to the female. "Oh, I'm Wesley, by the way." He'd flash a small smile then nod his head before walking off and continuing to walking around, amazed as he stood, his eyes staring at the road as he waited for the parade to commence.


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Alexis Ingrid Suess
"Better keep your eyes on me, because I'm a shooting star."
Outfit || Theme Song

The light peaked through the window, waking the blonde who was snuggled so comfy within those blankets. She opened her blue eyes, frowning at the light. She had gone to her boyfriend's, Pat, house after work. After a few drinks, they ended up in bed as usual. It was either his apartment or hers. They really didn't care whose. She had even given him a key to her apartment, just to make things more convenient. And even if their love affair fizzled, Alexis would still consider him a good friend. He was one of the only alter friends she had made since dancing at the Cabaret.

She looked over at him and smiled. Still sound asleep. She smirked, leaning over and kissing him. She slipped out of the bed, not bothering to grab a blanket for modesty. She slid on her lacy panties then matching bra. She slid on a black skirt that rested just above her navel and pulled on a lacy red crop top. She didn't mind showing off some skin, especially since she was about to go to work. She slipped on her boots and laced them up. She grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom where she touched up her makeup and brushed her teeth. Her hair still looked fine from the night before.

Alexis slipped out of the bathroom, smirking when she said that he had still not awaken. She took a notepad and wrote a note for him. 'Had to head to work. See you tonight! -Alexis' She kissed the note, leaving a lipstick mark behind. She put it on his nightstand where she knew he'd to see it. She headed out the door, locking it as she left.

As she hurried down the stairs, the blonde searched her purse for a pill bottle. She smiled when she found it. The miracle pill. She opened it, finding it still filled with pills. She had gotten a refill the night before. She popped one of the pills and swallowed. She didn't need water, she did this so often. It was a daily habit now. She couldn't even remember when she first started taking it. She just knew how wonderful it was to be able to use her powers whenever she wanted.

She didn't have to walk that far to get to the Carbaret. She had thought she would have been late but no, Wesley had been. She smiled at him. She had only made it a few minutes before him. She slipped in with the others. It was the same ole speech they got every year on this day. "Don't worry, Wes, we're like a well oiled machine. You don't have to worry about anything going wrong." She told him as he left. She moved through the rows of tables and headed to the back. She found her dressing table.

This was Alexis' second home. Though her parents probably knew what she did for money, they never actually came out and asked her about it, or come here. It was better that was. She didn't want to ruin their reputation. It wasn't like she was a floozy or anything. She just loved to dance. And where was better than the Cabaret to get noticed?