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Joseph Gallaway

"They say you can't be in two places at once. They're right... I can be in ten."

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a character in “Beyond The Sea”, as played by GreenPegg



{"Understanding breeds capability and capability breeds betterment.” - Joseph Galloway}

|{Full Name}|
PhD Joseph Robert Gallaway III

Joe, Joey (by his mother)






Not your average man among the Adonis' of Atlantis, Joseph still however manages to stand out from your average scientist. His slightly disheveled dark brown hair, small amount of well kept facial hair, and knowing brown eyes give a nice contrast against his pale skin. When it comes to fashion, he prefers to keep it business/formal casual. A simple pair of jeans paired with dress shirt and ties work nicely for him as anything else.

Replication: Due to genetic tampering, Joseph has the ability to duplicate himself multiple times. These clones are exact copies of the original and have all of his knowledge and skills. Before the Miracle Pills, he could only clone himself twice. With the pills however, he can clone himself as many as nine times. He has also been able to duplicate objects via touch, although this takes complete concentration and he can only make one copy of an object at a time. His two primary uses for his clones are as lab assistants as well as research assistants, as any time one clone learns something, that knowledge is subconsciously brought to the mind of the others and the original.

Learning||Magic (both literal and show magic)||Art||People (especially women)||Performance Art (Theater, Dance, etc.)

Failure||Sleep||Slowing Down||His Guilt||Peoples misconceptions of him||Segregation

|{Hobbies || Talents}|
  • Knowledgeable in various fields, but specializes in Genetics, Social Psychology, and Biological Engineering.
  • Has acute mental and emotional control and incredible focus.
  • Master of sleight of hand and performance magic.
  • Can play the piano as well as the accordion.
  • Loves to cook.
  • Collects decks of cards.

|{Fears || Weaknesses}|
Joseph is afraid that either the guilt of his hand in the Miracle Pills will kill him or the massive amounts of information in his brain will somehow degrade his mind as he does have extraneous headaches after one of his "study sessions".

Has kept his object replication under wraps out of fear of being subjected to experimentation.

If Joseph could be described as anything, it would be as diligent. Once he starts doing something, he'll most likely finish it. The few exceptions he has stopped working on something were either when someone else faltered or his own personality and morals got in the way. He understands that their are some lines that should never bee crossed and yet has crossed many of them both professionally and personally, although it has always been for what he believes to be the best for everyone. He truly does care about the people around him and especially for those that he considers his friends or family, but he feels an obligation to fix the mistakes of his past that often strains his relationships and give people a colder impression of him then he'd like.

A natural workaholic and a bit of a showman to boot due to his magician father, Joseph is extremely confident as well as charismatic. Due to his high level of intelligence, he often finds himself drawn to things he doesn't understand and very much enjoys a challenge. At the end of the day however, there a few private moments where his guilt over his hand on creating the Miracle Pills and the deaths and lives they have ruined get to him. These are the moments that Joseph dreads as he only sees them as ultimately waste of time.


Before Joseph was born, his father was given an invitation for what the person described to him as a "place of magic". Intrigued and excited at the prospect, Joseph II boarded the submarine ASAP and headed off towards Atlantis. When he arrived, he was shocked by the people and the abilities they seemed to have. Real, genuine magic, right in front of his eyes. This realization made him feel like a bit of a charlatan as all he had to offer were his cheap tricks. Dejected, he sat down for a cup of coffee at the closest place he could find and wallowed a bit until he was met by a man who introduced himself as Mr. Dragos. Dragos had been the one who fought for Joseph II's passage to the city and comforted the magician by explaining his reasoning; Silver wanted Joseph due to his creative thinking and his natural aptitude as an entertainer and an artist.

With a new lease on life and his profession, Joseph re-branded himself as Gallaway the Great. Although it took some time, Joseph became quite popular due to his charismatic and relatable nature and his creative tricks and illusions, always seeming to draw an impressive crowd. Eventually, he branched out into other ventures and became one of Atlantis' best known radio personalities. It was around this time that he would meet his wife, Gloria, and had a son; Joseph Robert Gallaway III.

Joseph idolized his father, wanting to be just like him. That was the case until Joseph discovered his aptitude and interest in science. Thinking his father would be disappointed in him, Joseph did not want to tell him the truth. This charade went on until Joseph was twelve. His father approached him about his true passion in life one day while staring into the ocean and explained a simple truth; all magic is, is a web of events so well hidden or so seemingly insignificant that most people can't tell they happened at all and it's the magician's job to understand and implement these connections for the betterment of others, even if it's just a smile at a time. He said science was like this except on a grand scale, having the tools of creation to use instead of some smoke and mirrors. Joseph Sr. made his son promise that he would always try and do what was best for everyone, no matter what he was. Joseph Jr. enthusiastically agreed and with his father's blessing, pursued his dream.

After years of schooling, training, and experience as a geneticist, Dr. Joseph Gallaway was brought into the fold of the Miracle Pill project. Within a few months of his addition to the team, the project was completed and Joseph was hit with a splash of fame. That is, until the side effects of the pill revealed themselves. People were becoming addicted left and right, others were dying just as quickly, and some were losing their powers completely. Feeling guilty for his actions, Joseph began a project to synthesize Miracle Weed in order to meet growing demands. It was during this time that he finally underwent the procedure which was performed with an alternate injection that he had designed. The procedure granted him the ability to replicate himself and with this power, he began to study various subjects in order to find the answer to the growing crisis. It was around this time however that Joseph II died in a scuffle during an anti-Alterist rally. His father had never had any powers, but was still caught in the crossfire. His father's death only motivated him more to the point where he began ingesting the Miracle Pill and forgoing most of his personal connections altogether.

Know that the separation between Orphic and Alterist has been put into effect, Joseph is now determined more then ever to fix the problem he feels he has caused.


|{Theme Song}
Everybody Wants To Rule The World/Lorde

|{Face Claim}
Jesse Eisenberg

Character Dialogue || #008080

So begins...

Joseph Gallaway's Story


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~ January 15th, 8 pm. ~

ImageImage Tonight is a very special night. Perhaps the most special night if you don't count Christmas or New Years. January 15th is Conjoinment Day in Atlantis. That's the day when the surface dwellers first came down into the underwater city, connecting themselves with the seafarers, creating one indivisible population that still resides inside Atlantis's great protection today. Traditionally, the holiday is spent in great celebration. The Cabaret, Pub, and Casino are usually packed, and even on the streets, crowds of socialites are chatting and cheering. Everyone is dressed to the nines, whether they be dancing in the club or just chilling out at home. It's supposed to be a very peaceful, unified day full of fun and excitement. But during these times of segregation, revolution, and change, tradition may not last for too long...