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Macheath Mariano

"Hope isn't simply a virtue. It's a weapon, and it is OUR weapon."

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a character in “Beyond The Sea”, as played by lizardheartstring



{"The great chain of culture, the one constructed of 'justice' that safeguards societal structure, is only as strong as its weakest link.”}

|{Full Name}|
Macheath Mariano

Mack. Mr. Mack, Father Mack...whatever you prefer.

60 on the dot.


Heterosexual, although he's had to give up his orientation for his occupation.

Priest of the Sanctuary



A tall man with a figure as slender as a toothpick, Mack is a withered, aged soul with the skin color of a decaying autumn leaf. Still, his charm is about as youthful and fresh as his warm brown eyes; always inviting and calm. Although they do tend to grow intense at times, especially when he's in the middle of a furious speech. His frizzy hair, kissed with grey pigment, seems to stand at the very top of his head like a crown. His smile, wide and slightly coffee-stained, is undoubtedly his most spellbinding feature. Macheath uses his smile to gain friends and followers like a valuable weapon, and without it, he wouldn't be where he is now. His hands are rather large, and often tremble while he speaks in the deepest voice any Atlantian has ever heard. His voice is of a low register, true, but alas, it is quite enthralling to the average ear, and can force anyone to pay attention. When he's dressed formally in a sharp suit, he looks like a polished lord that nobody would have the guts to cross, but when outfitted in his ceremonial Orphic garbs, complete with a sage-green tunic and matching turban to go atop his head, he looks like a magician tied together with the spell of charisma. A type of charisma that magically, almost anyone can trust.

As most Orphics in his profession, Mack attains the power of prophecy. An ability that readily connects to the divine and supernatural, he is able to see small glimpses of the future, and recite predictions that are "given to him by the gods above." Mack's powers can't be switched on and off like a lightswitch. His sight appears at the most random and unexpected of times. Also, there are usually large gaps of time inbetween each of his predictions. While most Orphics are able to use their powers every day, he has to wait weeks, months, even years until his powers flash on again. So, naturally, when Mack has made a new forecast of what may be coming in the future, everyone in Atlantis is sure as hell to know about it.

{His brothers and sisters in spirit || Generosity || Charity || Good virtues || Love || Compassion || Crossword puzzles || Tea || Fish || Children || Singing || Chewing gum || Postcards and letters || Fedora hats || Smiles, joyful memories and laughter }

{Alterists || Miracle Pills || Miracle Weeds always getting smuggled from his garden || The surface world, whatever it may look like up there || Science || Idiots || Weakness }

|{Hobbies || Talents}|
When he's not busy giving his one-of-a-kind sermons, Mack can usually be found solving crossword puzzles or sudoku. If making tea were a hobby, Mack would be qualified enough to start a class. He knows how to make all kinds of tea in hundreds of ways, and is always looking for new flavors. He's very good at giving advice. Macheath is first and foremost a problem solver, and knows how to untangle even the most complicated of relationship knots. Also, for some odd reason, he knows how to handle a knife well.

|{Fears || Weaknesses}|
Macheath Mariano has always had a soft spot for children. He melts at the sight of them, and is afraid to scold them even when he knows that they are doing something wrong. On a practical level, it's evident that Mack isn't as youthful as he used to be. Although he has no trouble walking, running, or climbing, he has lost much of the muscle he used to have in his youth, therefore, he is susceptible to damage by brute force. He fears chaos, all chaos. More specifically, he fears the chaos he cannot control.

He advocates love for all people, but Mack is a hypocrite. He is very prejudiced towards Alterists, believing that there was a reason why the Orphics were unable to give them powers long ago. He believes it was because the gods did not want it, because they knew of the consequences giving them powers would bring on the city. Consequently, Macheath has been indiscreetly working with radical Orphics, and was even partly involved in the assassination of the Atlantian leader.


Wisdom is Macheath Mariano's ego, while sheer cleverness and stark cunning run deep throughout his ancient veins. As he's said countless times before, there's two sides to every man's coin, and he himself is no exception.

Most Atlantians know him as an inspirer, a man brave enough to smile throughout the darkest, most trying times of life. A caring individual towards those who attend his ceremonies in the Sanctuary, he's known for both his big heart and mouth. Mack understands anything emotional - from the complications of adult life to the blissfulness of childhood. His sermons and speeches are by far the best. Clearly, the man has a way with words and can connect with almost anybody. He can lead a horse to water and probably make it drink it. He is paid to be a motivational speaker, after all, and needs to have that gift of persuasion in order to change people's lives for the better.

But it's that same persuasion that seems to cause mischief all over the city. When he's not in his priestly garbs and turban, Mack is quiet, calculating, and openly shrewd. He uses information for himself, not for others. With well-thought-out plans and an ability to read people like a book, he has the strength to take complete control of a situation, whether that be in a sermon, or in a warehouse with uneducated criminals the night before the Atlantian leader's assassination. People underestimate him because of his old age and status, but alas, he's not nearly as weak as others think. He's not nearly as wise as others think. He's not nearly as moraled as others think...

And of course, he's not nearly as uncritical as others think...
Especially when it comes to Alterists.


Born in Atlantis in a time long ago to an unknown father and mother, Macheath, then an unnamed boy, started in the lowest place any city-dweller could get: the orphanage. Raised in a radical upbringing with little freedom compared to other children with actual families, he learned to survive in poor, stingy conditions. He was a master at the art of knife play, astonishing the other orphans with his throwing skills while frightening the director and consequently forcing him to go every other day without supper. A temper and attitude used to retort upon his constant punishment, the lonely kids nicknamed him Macheath, just like the protagonist of the famous Threepenny Opera song, "The Ballad of Mack The Knife". He accepted his new moniker in delight. After all, it was a name others could fear him by.

When he was a young teen, Mack was adopted by a loving Orphic family. They weren't rich, but they were religious and kind in every way he had never known, and the boy quickly learned what it was like to be accepted, hastily shedding his tough, ruffian persona. Finally gaining an education and enjoying his time at school, Mack started to have feelings for his beautiful adoptive sister. The more he waited to tell her how he felt, the more his feelings turned into obsession. When he finally let go of his secret admiration in the form of a poetic letter, he was met with disappointment. She cried, crowing that she only saw him as the little brother he was, and nothing more. But she loved him, and he knew that. But of course, he didn't know what kind of love his sister felt for him. So when she started dating the school's infamous rogue, he challenged him to a fight for her hand. He got beat up and kicked to the curb like the small little schoolboy he was.

But what Mack lacked in muscle, he made up for in memory. He graduated at the top of his class, gaining a plethora of scholarships to dozens of prestigious universities. He studied theology, and became an Orphic priest. Although he didn't have the influence of a politician, he had a huge following and a moral cause, and so he gained power in other unexpected ways. He never forgot where he came from, using Orphic teachings as strength and motivation. Maybe he didn't use them in the right way, as they caused him to grow a disliking for the Alterists, particularly the one that pulverized him when he was a teen, but by using him, he became more engaged with the audience that visited him in the Sanctuary every week.

When the war started brewing and Miracle Weed slowly disappeared from the harmonious garden where he worked, Mack accepted to indiscreetly help the radical Orphics in their cause to take the city away from the Miracle Pill-addicted Alterists. His first task was to assist the criminals in starting riots and rallies unexpectedly. He succeeded tremendously, helping the two groups in the city grow suspicious of one another. When he heard that assassins were planning to slay Atlantis's leader, it was just the icing on the fucking cake. Especially since the leader was his stepbrother - the same infamous rogue from school that his sister was now married to. He outwardly expressed his ideas and plans in a warehouse the night before the attempt, and the day it came, the assassination was a huge success. Although it came with a cost: Macheath's sister was killed in the attack.

Now, Mack is grieving, but he is driven to destroy Alterist power now more than ever. He believes that if Atlantis is back in the hands of the Orphics like it used to be before the surface-dwellers came in their submarines, he will not only make the city a better place, but he will also avenge his sister.

|{Theme Song}

|{Face Claim}
Morgan Freeman

Character Dialogue || #461B7E

So begins...

Macheath Mariano's Story


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~ January 15th, 8 pm. ~

ImageImage Tonight is a very special night. Perhaps the most special night if you don't count Christmas or New Years. January 15th is Conjoinment Day in Atlantis. That's the day when the surface dwellers first came down into the underwater city, connecting themselves with the seafarers, creating one indivisible population that still resides inside Atlantis's great protection today. Traditionally, the holiday is spent in great celebration. The Cabaret, Pub, and Casino are usually packed, and even on the streets, crowds of socialites are chatting and cheering. Everyone is dressed to the nines, whether they be dancing in the club or just chilling out at home. It's supposed to be a very peaceful, unified day full of fun and excitement. But during these times of segregation, revolution, and change, tradition may not last for too long...


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In only twelve more words, Macheath would finally be able to enjoy his evening.

He cleared his tired throat, lifting both of his trepidating hands high up into the air, the gushing waterfall of the scenic Sanctuary filtering into a turquoise pool close behind him. Like puppets, the congregation of elderly Orphics did the same, bowing their heads while remaining as silent as stones. It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Atlantis's Sanctuary was always like that, with or without people inside.

"Our ceremony has concluded. May you all leave in peace and fulfillment," he boomed, giving the crowd a blessing and a rapturous smile. As he folded his hands behind his tunic-clad back in a military fashion, the pack of people slowly regained their withered breath, laughing and whispering as they exited the tranquil garden. Some men and women stayed behind, greeting their neighbors and loved ones with content. Those people were few, however. Because after all, today was a holiday, and almost everyone had plans with friends and family after the ceremony. Mack was one of those people, but unlike others, his evening was to be spent away from the likes of familiar faces. He would enjoy Conjoinment Day by his lonesome, just how he wanted to. Exactly how he planned to.

"Hello, Father Mack," said a pudgy-faced girl that came up to about Macheath's knees. Her name was Suzy, and she was a curious little thing; always asking questions, always inquiring permission to pick the plethora of flowers that grew in the Sanctuary's green grass. Just like her mother when she had been a child many, many years ago. He beamed down at her, his cheeks blushing red. "Hello, little one. How are you?"

"Oh I'm good," she rambled. Suddenly, three men clad in battered black hoods came crashing through the door. Macheath's smile turned into a stern expression. "What are you doing today? Happy Conjoinment Day, by the way!"

He needed to think of a quick reply so that Suzy would be able to get out of the three men's way. "" he stuttered, "Well, I may go to see my family. Maybe watch the parade passing by through the streets if I have enough time. I hope you have a wonderful Conjoinment Day as well, Suzy. I'll talk to you again soon, my darling."

With that, he glided past her, swiftly approaching the men. His irises grew black and intense. Macheath always had the talent of communicating exactly what he wanted to say to others just through the look of his two hooded eyes, and right now, he was telling these menacing men to keep quiet until everyone had left the Sanctuary. Finally, Suzy and her parents exited through the twin doors. As soon as they did, Macheath locked them, and crossed his arms while leaning against their cool glass surfaces.

"I'm assuming the three of you have come to tell me that the job is done?" he asked in a bellicose voice that didn't sound like his own. Two of them nodded, while the third just scoffed and crossed his arms in a similar fashion.

"Of course the job is done," he said crossly, "We just came to make sure that you've done your share of the deal."

Macheath sighed, "Yes, it's hidden in the back. I've told my garden tenders to take the night off, so I can assure you that everything will run smoothly. As long as everyone else doesn't screw up their tasks, we'll all be having a very happy Conjoinment Day."

"And the weed?" asked the tallest man, his voice raspy and decayed, perhaps due to his overconsumption of alcohol. Mack sighed a second time. "And the weed will be taken care of as soon as you three gentlemen bid me farewell."

They nodded. Macheath held open the two doors for them, and they swiftly made their escape.

"Don't fuck anything up, old man," said the last one through. Macheath just smirked.

"Have I ever?"

As soon as the doors closed, Macheath sprang into action. In a back room far from the waterfall's spring, he hastily threw his ceremonial garbs onto the office table, revealing a sharp black suit that had the faintest scent of rosemary. He bolted out into the garden, darting left and right as he picked sprouts of infamous Miracle Weed - the herb that kept Orphics alive and addicted Alterists insane. For all of its trouble, it really wasn't that much of a plant. Its sage-colored leaves were crisp and cruncy, but not glossy or stand-outish in the slightest. It was what it was - a stupid weed that shouldn't even exist.

He tucked six sprouts of the plant into his suit pockets, while the rest of the patches he left untouched. He then placed a pinstriped fedora over his greying hair and wrapped a wool scarf around his thin neck to keep it warm. He exited the Sanctuary, locked its doors, and made his way out onto the streets.

Normally, when he exited the Sanctuary, Mack worried about the lockpickers that would attempt to break into the sacred place in order to smuggle crates of the Miracle Weed that grew on the garden's premises. But tonight, he smiled in excitement, because for the first time in a long time, he wouldn't have to worry any longer.



In a blue denim jumpsuit and a tawny brown cap that completely hid her wavy chestnut hair, a young woman in her late twenties climbed up a ladder, a bucket handle grasped between her strong fingers. She was about to change the letters of the movie title gracing the front sign of her fabulous cinema, as it was almost closing time. Not that her theater always closed at eight; today was just a very special occasion.

While she threw the letters of "Two Worlds Collide" onto the ground, Edith thought about how she would be spending Conjoinment Day. Normally, she would be enjoying a glass of wine at her parents' house with their charismatic friends, but now that her whole family had been wiped out, she had absolutely nothing on her agenda. Nothing except for a lousy interview that she had to attend for an Atlantian magazine called Women Workers Weekly. It was one of those feminist journals for fifty-or-something-year-old women that showcased many independent ladies in the city and how they made a living. The reporter, Agatha, had called Edith last week, and the young girl had reluctantly scheduled the interview at the cabaret, where Agatha had promised to treat her while she asked a multitude of questions. Of course, Agatha had called her by her infamous fake name, Sally O'Leary, the name that kept Edith's identity and dignity a secret.

The words on the marquee had now changed to "The Amazing Mr. X", the film that would be playing on the small movie palace's screen starting tomorrow morning. Von Kessler hastily slid down the ladder, and entered inside her establishment.

When she sauntered inside the auditorium, she could still hear sounds of the movie currently playing in the theater. Two Worlds Collide was an old film made during the 1940's. It was a drama documenting the encounter of the Germans and the Atlantians as they joined together for the first time. Edith didn't really have a choice in showing anything else on this day every year. Especially this year. It was as though the government was so desperate for tranquility between the Alterists and Orphics, that they were pathetically using the same old black and white motion picture as propaganda to advocate peace.

In her apartment upstairs, Edith quickly got changed into her mother's old red frock, putting on some fishnet stockings and classy black pumps to go with it. She fixed up the elegant bun pinned to the back of her head, and coated her eyes and lips with mascara and red gloss. She was stunning, just like a classic movie star. Although, she was far from the most extravagantly dressed woman in Atlantis. Through her window, she could see some women walk casually down the street, draped in what appeared to be expensive full-length ball gowns. She scoffed at them. Never in a million years could she picture herself wearing such boisterous pieces of clothing.

Grabbing a tiny black handbag, Edith charged out of the cinema, her eyes glued to the ground. She glanced to her side, watching numerous multicolored fish swim gleefully through the ocean waters, just outside of the giant glass walls that kept the other civilians alive and supplied with oxygen.

Crisscrossing many street corners and climbing up many flights of stairs, Edith leaned her back against the cabaret's exterior, waiting for Agatha to arrive in all of her journalist glory. She waited five minutes, then twenty minutes. Thirty minutes later, and Edith had grown tired, a cigarette dangling between her abnormally large lips.

"Schiesse!" she cursed under her breath. Either this woman had forgotten about their date, or she was running so late, that even a turtle would have reached where Von Kessler was standing faster than her. Edith groaned. She had gotten all dressed up for absolutely nothing. So much for supporting the cause of independent women workers.

Either she'd reluctantly have to make an appearance inside the cabaret, spending the money she had saved up for Agatha, or return back to her apartment, where she'd spend the night in remorse. The choice, in all honesty, wasn't really that easy to make.


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Andreus left the Ceremony with a smile on his face. No matter the situation, the Sanctuary always succeeded in making him feel at peace. It had been a lovely ceremony, as always, and now it was his job to rally the children home. This of course was like herding cats, so he scanned the crowed of Orphics leaving the Sanctuary on his tip-toes, searching for the seven orphans who had come along with him.

"Four of us here," A voice said to his right, and he turned to face the second oldest of the crew. At seventeen, Amara was tall and lanky, almost as tall as Dreus himself. Next to the teen was Lee, who was fifteen and stubborn, his arms crossed over his chest, scowling, as usual. The two next to him were twins, and at seven years old, Karissa and Noah were inseparable. The two were holding each other's and Amara's hands, to stay with the group and not run off.

"Great, have any of you seen Lincoln or Matteo?" he directed the question mainly to Amara, who nodded her head.

"Yeah, they're going to the Delis house for lunch," she said, smiling softly at the look on Andreus' face. "Don't worry, they were invited, you know how they're friends with the Delis kids." Andreus nodded at thins and took another look around the emptying Sanctuary for the last and youngest of the orphans, Lila, who was five and more curious that ever. He caught a glimpse of her fiery red hair near the waterfall, leaning precariously over the edge to look into the pool.

"Lila!" He shouted, rushing over to the girl and sweeping her into his arms just as she began to fall into the water. He exhaled and adjusted the small girl in his arms. "Don't do that, you could have gotten hurt, μικρέ." The little girl nodded silently and looked at the ground, ashamed. He kissed her forehead and she giggled as they returned to the rest of the children.

"That's everyone, the rest are at home," Amara said, and began to lead them out. Andreus took the lead as soon as they made it out into public, Lila still on his hip. "There's a lot of people out, so stay close to me," he said, weaving through the crowds who were lined up and waiting for the parade. He saw several familiar faces along the way, and smiled at them, but his job was to get his kids home and then head to work, after all, the museum would be a popular place today. They reached the house after around fifteen minutes of weaving through the crowds, and were greeted by some of the other children at the door. Dreus set Lila down and she ran off after kissing him on the cheek.

Andreus checked to make sure everything was in order and made sure that if anyone decided to go to the parade they would use the buddy system, and after kissing Cleo on the cheek as she lay in bed and making sure Amara could handle things, he left, swinging his suit jacket over his shoulder and putting his hand in his pocket. It wasn't often that he got to dress up, so he decided to make the best out of it and had shaved and worn his best clothes. Meandering down the street for a while, he stopped only to let others pass, and made it to the museum on time for once, heading straight to the employee room and putting his jacket back on.

He stepped out into the public galleries now, ready to meet and greet families and give them backgrounds on the pieces that were currently on display. His smile widened, this was his favorite part of the day, for sure. With a wave he greeted Charis who seemed to be absorbed by one of the exhibits.

It's going to be a busy day," he called out as he walked towards her, feeling that she was happy yet apprehensive, and came to a stop beside her and gazing at the shipwreck that towered in front of them. "I can't wait."