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Irene Echevaria

"No amount of sleep could cure the tiredness I felt."

0 · 384 views · located in New York

a character in “Beyond the Veil”, as played by Sylvianna




Full Name

Irene Echevaria


Irie (Eye*Re [as in Reed])


Before death: High school student.
After death: Online writer/Advice blogger

Dead or Alive?


Birthday (and Deathday if applicable)

Born March 27, 1978
Died December 11, 1995




Condo 2, 3rd floor
But usually wanders around with a laptop






130 pounds.

"Sometimes I don't want to hear at all. Become blind to the world and ignorant of life.



Irene was that one girl in the back of the classroom, arms closed, sarcastic and almost resentful. She was bitter and isolated herself. She felt as if nobody could become her friend for the simple reason that she knew herself better than anyone else could-- or so she thought. In her spare time, she would find herself reading and absorbing herself into the world of literature. Then at other times, she found herself singing. People pictured her as screamo and hard rock, but Irene was secretly a love song singer and preferred jazz. It was only until she died when her personality changed a bit. She became very intensive to listening to other people's problems, and found she liked when people depended on her. It soon became something she strives for, since she had all the time in the world...but a part of her still contains the spite in her. (Kind of bipolar)



+Red Roses
+Solitude (but yearns company)
+Helping people out
-Boring, Monotonous people
-People taking her things
-Being bossed around
-Depression of others
-Destruction of books



X Being misunderstood
X Her old self
X Never actually being in love
X Forgetting the few beautiful things outside.
* Sleeping
* Cute things
* Jokes of death
* Love



She has a very classy-like singing voice. A great listener. When provoked, she tries to mess with people mentally.

"If I can't be happy, I'll just survive on other's happiness..."



Her father was a drunk, and her mother usually was out working and did almost nothing about his intoxication, Irene would lock herself in her room and read on quiet days. On more rowdy days, she'd listen to jazz and sing. The calm and swing-like rhythm of jazz calmed her down, and she always thought it was amazing to have such a seductive and deep tone to singing, unlike the songs they played now-a-days.

It was only until highschool that Irene was starting to slowly, then completely break. Reading most of her time, she was an intellectual girl. But with all that reading, comes high expectations of life. Socially, the reason why she was bitter was because the books she grew up to always portrayed near-perfect people. She looked around. She found idiots and human beings with no where to go. This increased her bitterness, and she started to falter on her grades, then altogether, she began to forget all her studies.

Coming home was never a dodge situation anymore. Her family had recently moved to a new condo, but it seemed like with the new place, her Dad started to become more of a violent drunk. Her mother was aging, and dropped one of her jobs and stayed home more often. Interaction between the two was never pretty. Because it was never pretty, every time she walked into her raging "home", their rage began to direct towards her. Suddenly it was "Irene, your grades!" This. "Irene, why do you never talk to me!" That.

Thrown into a frenzy of trying to start caring for grades, she studied last minute, she tried socializing, she tried to change. But in the end, it only brought her to becoming psychotic. Irene, hysteric, but in a calm demeanor, decided to take a bath. She filled the tub with steaming water, added milk and honey, bought her favorite flowers, decorated the top of the water with red rose petals, and set candles around. She found herself constantly on the verge of anxiety attacks, and forever felt a slight shake in her body. Settling into the water, she laid back and observed the knife in her hand. With great fascination she stained the water ruby.

In the afterlife, Irene had tons of time to think things over. She was angered by what she did, but mostly her parents. For ignoring her then bashed her with their feelings/thoughts, then acted all sentimental afterward. Irie watched for days their behaviors, how her parents now were apologizing to each other, crying, stopping his every day drinking, actually spending time with each other. She hated it. But inside her, she melted into a pile of wanting, thinking how unfair it all was. Soon, they left. Irene was residing in the room she died in and suffered. Here she started to take advantage of her afterlife and decided that maybe it WAS time for change, thus becoming an online writer and advice blogger.

Of course she could never get rid of the previous Irene. The one who tried and ended up hysterical. After socializing quite a bit, she found that the other her was triggered a little easy. She could go from her calmer side, to thinking of ways to make them suffer silently. It happened often, and she also found she couldn't repress it.

Another thing she found was that she yearned for the warmth of adoration she grew up without. In certain situations, she'd get angry while listening to other's problems and dish out some nasty advice, which worked, but not in the way she'd like it to. Ironically, it was also her weakness. Fear from never getting to experience it, weak because it was unfamiliar to her. Even so, she tries to keep both her and herself communicating through internet. When she feels it's safe to go out without her rage coming out, she actually tries to socialize, eventually finding company in a certain boy..

FaceClaim || Elizabeth Gillies

So begins...

Irene Echevaria's Story


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Irene snorted as she sat in what she thought was some sort of a lobby, and shook her head. Her dark hair ruffled, shifting in place. Her advice blog always had some crazy crap posted, and it never failed to make her laugh at their plight. Or just problem, since plight is way too advanced for their situation.

After typing up a reply on how she was sympathetic, and the best way to go around without ruining their situation even more, she switched out windows to her story she was currently writing. Now she wasn't the best writer, but as many comments on her story was, she had managed to somehow get what now-a-days call, "the feels" into her writing.

She always felt too immersed in her own little world, with her own little secret. It wasn't like she had committed suicide, and is now a ghost among the human world, no, she was sitting like she still was one. And the funny thing to her was that she chose to present herself (after days of figuring out what the heck this after-life thing was), and no one still really acknowledged her. 'Jerks, the lot of them!' she would always think. Not that it made a difference, but it was definitely something rather than letting her angsty-self come out and possibly murder the whole building. People and material items.

Plugging in her earphones, she went on Pandora and clicked her infamous Etta James station. Almost immediately, her body relaxed as the familiar trumpet rang in her ears, vibrato mixing in her own emotional sound waves.
"At love has come along..."

Irene smiled at the slow jazz, finding herself singing with the lady silently. Getting back to her writing, she focused on flawless typing and smooth thought process. She had always loved the simple invention of "books". They were always her friend, and believe it or not, actually was the source of her intelligence. Now it wasn't the best, but it surely was something. English accompanied with grammar and a thesaurus, was the best combo invention ever.

A slam faintly was heard as she glanced up at the opening door. She didn't notice the little boy there at all, but he didn't look in the greatest shape. Irene felt her emotions well up, anger and sorrow. His appearance reminded her of ...herself and the fact that worthless humans had the audacity to do this to their own kind was nauseating. A youthful woman came in, face all swollen with worry and maybe a bit of exasperation. Irie couldn't really understand what she was saying, as she turned up her music a bit louder, but it was all feeling fest to her. Uninterested anymore, she directed her attention back to her screen and resumed typing. It wasn't long until she heard a small scream (muffled because, music).
"That's unfortunate..."
She whispered to herself. If only they would find her advice blog. Maybe she could put in a little input herself. Nodding in agreement to herself, she paused then shook her head.
Nope. She didn't want to get involved with an emotion bomb like that, especially when she lived in the same building.
Too much of a hassle.


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Rexanne sat in front of her computer browsing through ebay hoping to buy a new dress, but clearly she didn't need one. She hasn't need anything from the internet since the 1960s....well that is if they existed back then. In the beginning, she had no idea what this thing was but clearly now she does and could basically do anything on it, besides hacking the national security system, surely no one can do that.

However, after a while of staring at the screen her eyes have gotten tired, and she decided to close her eyes for a while. she was awake suddenly by a shout
"Caleb, that was rude, apologize to the man, he was only asking for your sake."

Poking her head out of the door she saw Sara and her brother, Caleb the two newly moved in neighbors talking with Oliver Thredson. Oh yes...that man, the man that killed her and skinned her. Surely the fact that he is talking to a young lady like Sara is because she is his "type", but at least Caleb has some senses about what need to be done. As thoughts her past, floated through her mind, she froze.

If it weren't for Oliver, she might not have been dead, he betrayed her love, he betrayed her trust. He destroyed it like it was some trash ready to be used and then tossed away into the bin. But stupidly she loved him, she fell for him, that charming face would have been any girls dream.

When she finally gain her conscious back the conversation has already concluded with.
"Would you and Caleb like to come to my apartment for dinner one night?"

Surely, anybody would say yes, after all it's not like Oliver looks anything like someone that will murder anyone, in fact he looks like the opposite. However, only someone like Rexanne who is actually been a victim knows his plot, she has to warn them, both Sara and Caleb. They may step in that room alive... but there will be no guarantee that they will walk out at all.


"Katherine? I'm back!"
Harvey's shout came up from down the hall. At that time Katherine was preparing a small dessert for her family. After all, there are several new neighbors that had just moved in, surely she could take sometime and prepare some food for them and ask Johnny to bring it down for them. However, it seem as as if Johnny is not back home yet, she'll just get the baking done. Setting up the timer for the baking time she decided to go listen to classical music, while they waited for the food to finish baking.

Turning on the Holberg Suite CD that Harvey brought her for her birthday, she listened as the vibrant sounds of the violin and the cellos of the orchestra came blasting throughout the house. Looking at the ceiling of the house she realized a spot where the paint had come off. If she was still alive she would go grab someone that can fix it.

However, considering now if they do ask someone to come, they are risking the fact that the outside world might find out about the situation in the murder house. There are at most around 15 people that know the details of the this house... and yeah half are already dead, so yeah pretty much the secret has died with all of them.

When the timer dinged, she quickly moved back into the kitchen to check on the food. The fresh smell of chocolate chip cookies filled the house. I guess it's time to let people see how good of a baker she is, as she moved down the hall towards Sara and Caleb's Condo.


Clara sat on the floor in the middle of her room , dumping shot after shots of beer into her mouth.The curtains were close tight allowing no light into the room. Surely, she doesn't drink at all, neither will she enjoy such darkness, at least not before Dina's death, however things now have changed. Alcohol is now her only escape from reality, darkness has taken over her mind. It's a complete mess.

Thinking back although it was stupid of her to have gotten drunk and had sex with Justin, her best friend Vanessa's boyfriend, but the fact that she can forget all about Dina while she is drinking, makes her want to drink more. Justin, was a pretty interesting guy, who she is surprised that he would end up cheating on Vanessa with her. Not saying he is a ladies man, but surely he has his own plans about when to stay and when to move on.

Surely everyone in school will know by now, how she is a complete slut, but the move to this new place probably is hopefully going to help her adapt and forget. Unfortunately, this cheapest place just so happens to be owned by her classmates, Johnny Klein's father, Harvey Klein. Which means that Johnny could tell people where he is any minute and next thing you know, Vanessa might show up to her front door with a knife, threatening to kill her.

However, considering Johnny is slightly socially awkward, it would be something she take advantage of, using that factor as a reason to believe that he wouldn't tell anyone about her whereabouts. Dumping down one last shot, she realized her head is slightly dizzy, so she lied down on the cold hard ground, pushing her face against the iciness. Yes, she is sad and depressed, and worst of all she is alone.