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Katherine Klein

I used to hate them, but now I miss them

0 · 430 views · located in New York

a character in “Beyond the Veil”, as played by mermaidlegend




Full Name

Katherine Nicole Klein


Katherine, Kathy, Katie, Nicole


Owner of the Murder House, Was a high school teacher

Dead or Alive?


Birthday (and Deathday if applicable)

Birthday: 1970 August 12
Deathdate:2005 July 27




Condo 1 First floor




170 cm



"I will never leave my family"



Katherine very adventurous always trying to to explore new aspect of the world. However, she still realizes the importance of good manner when meeting people. One thing she had always been angry and emotional about before her death was how her family had kept her away from exploring the world, but after her death she misses her family deeply and tries her best to treat them well.



+French/Vintage Films
+Coffee and Tea
+Sports (Horseback riding, golf)
+Classical Music
+Family Dinners
-Bad Manners
-Messy Hair
-Memories of her Death
-Being Ignored
-Foolish Mistake



X Losing her family
X Being forgotten by everyone
X Being misunderstood
X Not being able to do anything for the family
* Her Family
* Love
* Cares too much
* The temptation from the world outside



  • Really artistic and good at painting
  • Has a great stamina and really good at sports
  • Has great organizational skills from having to organize parties in the past
  • Really romantic

"I once said I hated family because they constrain me from the world, but now I know why I love this family"


Katherine grew up in a strong business family. The family's history is traced all the way back to the early 1900s, so there is a lot of rules for her as she grows up. She was strictly taught to behave, but young Katherine was rebellious, she wanted to explore the world and see a different aspect of it. She didn't not join the family business but instead became an high school teacher at the school Harvey works at. They fell deeply in love and got married. However, their marriage had caused her family to turn on her and throw her out. Together they moved into the Murder house. She ended giving birth to a son, Jonathan, but then she died 8 years later. During these past 8 years, she remained in the house and hoped to protect her family.

FaceClaim || Nicole Kidman

So begins...

Katherine Klein's Story


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Harvey stood before the display of liquor with an expression of concern plastered on his countenance. The cart beside him stood piled him with enough food and drink for an army or, in his case, a house full of mooching ghosts. That was a rude way to put it, he knew, but Harvey couldn't help but grow angry every time they sent him out here. The cashiers would shoot glances at him every time, for they knew his face and had it memorized. Perhaps they though he was running a cult of some sort and was supplying his followers with sustenance. Instead, he was trying to ease the burden of the eternal entrapment his fellow borders were cursed with. They all knew ghosts had no need for food, but they still asked for it. Perhaps it eased the pain of never leaving the "afterlife". Harvey knew not the reason, nor did he wish to know. As long as they were happy, he was happy. He had made a promise when he inherited the house and he refused to break it.
Donning a thick, parka-like jacket and a scarf, Harvey looked down at the many bottles of liquor. Get me some giggle water, Jamie had demanded. What a stupid slang term, Harvey had thought. He'd never strayed toward strong liquor himself, but he had cigarettes and caffeine to make up for that. He also, of course, had his wine. At least he drank that in moderation. Now, as he looked down at the rack of whiskey bottles, he couldn't remember which brand the boozer had requested. There were Kentucky bourbons and Tennessee whiskeys and corn whiskeys and rye whiskeys and blended was enough to drive a man insane. Then again, Harvey already knew he wasn't quite sane anymore. How was one capable of retaining sanity when their only friends were ghosts?

With desperation taking over, Harvey sudden grabbed for a bottle of Jack Daniels and tossed it into the cart. It was a popular whiskey, right? As he moved through the store toward the check out counter, he absentmindedly lit himself a cigarette and held it up to his lips. Oh yes, he would also have to stock up on packs of cigarettes. Thredson blew through a pack a day most times. Still without thinking, he loaded his pile of findings on to the conveyor belt. It wasn't until the cashier spoke to him that he blinked his eyes back into focus.

"Sir, there's no smoking allowed it here," she said, eyes narrowing at him as she jerked a thumb toward the sign he knew so well depicting a crudely drawn cigarette surrounded by a circle and then bisected by a red slash. Yes, he knew there was no smoking allowed.

"Right...sorry," he said slowly, removing the still-smoking death stick from his mouth. He glanced around for an ashtray, but found nothing. Instead, he discretely dropped the cigarette o the tile floor and crushed it with his heel, hoping the woman behind the counter didn't notice. She did, but didn't bother to complain. Harvey was, after all, one of the best customers they had. Every week his total spending easily exceeded $200. After the acne-ridden boy bagged Harvey's groceries, he pushed his cart out into the light downfall of snow.

It was December 15th, ten days from Christmas in New York and, well, across the world. Christmas shopping was over, thank God, but he still could not shake the stress he felt. Years ago, he and Katherine had gone shopping together for everything. He was alone now and had to do the shopping for the both of them. Harvey closed the back door of his silver Honda Pilot after strategically piling the grocery bags. Situated, he climbed into the front seat and shoved his key sloppily into the ignition, scratching the plastic around it and adding another white line to the many that had accumulated since he bought the car. He wasn't usually clumsy; he just wasn't too coordinated when his mind dwelt on other things. As he drove toward the dreaded Murder House, Harvey lit up another cigarette and puffed from it slowly. He should have kicked this habit. Hell, he'd kicked it when he started dating Katherine. But, the overwhelming stress had fueled the retrogression into a vulnerable.

Time flew as he drove home. Harvey even sat in the car for a minute or two before he realized he was home. It was a relative term. The only reason it actually felt anything like home was because Katherine was there. Otherwise, the house was foreboding and unwelcoming, but it felt that way even with Katherine there.

With his arms full of bags, Harvey started up the stairs into the old, Victorian-style home. Harvey shakily moved a hand out from beneath the bags and started to turn the knob of the door. He was met with resistance and snarled a curse as he realized it was still locked. A minute later, he was inside and walking down the hallway to his own condo inside the house. Again, he was forced to stop and unlock the door before entering. Balancing the bags precariously, he pushed the door open with his back and entered the flat.

"Katherine? I'm back!" he shouted, moving toward the kitchen with his bags. Harvey knew not if she was in the condo right now but, hopefully, she'd heard him yelling from wherever she was.


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Rexanne sat in front of her computer browsing through ebay hoping to buy a new dress, but clearly she didn't need one. She hasn't need anything from the internet since the 1960s....well that is if they existed back then. In the beginning, she had no idea what this thing was but clearly now she does and could basically do anything on it, besides hacking the national security system, surely no one can do that.

However, after a while of staring at the screen her eyes have gotten tired, and she decided to close her eyes for a while. she was awake suddenly by a shout
"Caleb, that was rude, apologize to the man, he was only asking for your sake."

Poking her head out of the door she saw Sara and her brother, Caleb the two newly moved in neighbors talking with Oliver Thredson. Oh yes...that man, the man that killed her and skinned her. Surely the fact that he is talking to a young lady like Sara is because she is his "type", but at least Caleb has some senses about what need to be done. As thoughts her past, floated through her mind, she froze.

If it weren't for Oliver, she might not have been dead, he betrayed her love, he betrayed her trust. He destroyed it like it was some trash ready to be used and then tossed away into the bin. But stupidly she loved him, she fell for him, that charming face would have been any girls dream.

When she finally gain her conscious back the conversation has already concluded with.
"Would you and Caleb like to come to my apartment for dinner one night?"

Surely, anybody would say yes, after all it's not like Oliver looks anything like someone that will murder anyone, in fact he looks like the opposite. However, only someone like Rexanne who is actually been a victim knows his plot, she has to warn them, both Sara and Caleb. They may step in that room alive... but there will be no guarantee that they will walk out at all.


"Katherine? I'm back!"
Harvey's shout came up from down the hall. At that time Katherine was preparing a small dessert for her family. After all, there are several new neighbors that had just moved in, surely she could take sometime and prepare some food for them and ask Johnny to bring it down for them. However, it seem as as if Johnny is not back home yet, she'll just get the baking done. Setting up the timer for the baking time she decided to go listen to classical music, while they waited for the food to finish baking.

Turning on the Holberg Suite CD that Harvey brought her for her birthday, she listened as the vibrant sounds of the violin and the cellos of the orchestra came blasting throughout the house. Looking at the ceiling of the house she realized a spot where the paint had come off. If she was still alive she would go grab someone that can fix it.

However, considering now if they do ask someone to come, they are risking the fact that the outside world might find out about the situation in the murder house. There are at most around 15 people that know the details of the this house... and yeah half are already dead, so yeah pretty much the secret has died with all of them.

When the timer dinged, she quickly moved back into the kitchen to check on the food. The fresh smell of chocolate chip cookies filled the house. I guess it's time to let people see how good of a baker she is, as she moved down the hall towards Sara and Caleb's Condo.


Clara sat on the floor in the middle of her room , dumping shot after shots of beer into her mouth.The curtains were close tight allowing no light into the room. Surely, she doesn't drink at all, neither will she enjoy such darkness, at least not before Dina's death, however things now have changed. Alcohol is now her only escape from reality, darkness has taken over her mind. It's a complete mess.

Thinking back although it was stupid of her to have gotten drunk and had sex with Justin, her best friend Vanessa's boyfriend, but the fact that she can forget all about Dina while she is drinking, makes her want to drink more. Justin, was a pretty interesting guy, who she is surprised that he would end up cheating on Vanessa with her. Not saying he is a ladies man, but surely he has his own plans about when to stay and when to move on.

Surely everyone in school will know by now, how she is a complete slut, but the move to this new place probably is hopefully going to help her adapt and forget. Unfortunately, this cheapest place just so happens to be owned by her classmates, Johnny Klein's father, Harvey Klein. Which means that Johnny could tell people where he is any minute and next thing you know, Vanessa might show up to her front door with a knife, threatening to kill her.

However, considering Johnny is slightly socially awkward, it would be something she take advantage of, using that factor as a reason to believe that he wouldn't tell anyone about her whereabouts. Dumping down one last shot, she realized her head is slightly dizzy, so she lied down on the cold hard ground, pushing her face against the iciness. Yes, she is sad and depressed, and worst of all she is alone.