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Lillian Woodward

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."

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a character in “Beyond the Veil”, as played by Calvazara




Full Name

Lillian Jane Woodward


More often than not she is referred to as Lilly, sometimes even Lil.


Before her death Lilly had dreams of becoming an actress, she even had a few appearances in some films. However when things went south she took any job she could get her hands on to help support her child

Dead or Alive?


Birthday (and Deathday if applicable)

Born: 22nd December 1900 || Died: 31st October 1926




Give the room number and floor or, if they do not have a room, state "none"




Five-Foot, Six-Inches


One Hundred, Nineteen Pounds

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”



A frequent thought, others often have after meet Lilly is how someone so young and gorgeous could be so incredibly sad. It wasn't always this case, she was once the life and soul of a party, her dazzling smile and cheery attitude could truly brighten up anyone's day. In her early twenties, Lilly had a lust for life which was unmatched, she wanted to see and do everything and nothing was a challenge too far, she truly believed that the world was her oyster. Perhaps she began to change after she met Jamie, it was then she stopped focusing on what she wanted to do and began to turn her every intention onto him, although she would argue she was happy and even at this time, it was seldom that a smile was not present on her facade.

After his death, Lilly spiraled downwards, her smile was less frequent and she cried day and night, the pain almost consumed her, almost turning her bitter, alas it was the small baby within her which saved Lillian from herself. Motherhood changed her once again, for the better most would say. Having always been a slightly vain person, her outlook on beauty changed after JJ was born, she cared less for trivial things and more for the important thing in life, such as family. She had always been a kind soul, if not a little selfish from time to time, but what young woman wasn't? Her desire for stardom wavered during these years, instead thinking about the success her son could achieve rather than herself. Some may have called her naive, perhaps a little to trusting and all that would have been true, she had given her heart to a married man and she had deeply believed he had loved her back, she still does.

JJ's death brought around the final change within Lillian. His death broke her in two, shattering all her hope and dreams and brought a unbearable sadness over her. She fell into a deep depression, something she never did get over, something that drove her to suicide. Now, although she tries to hide her despair of not finding JJ on the other side with her and Jamie, the sadness very much shows in her crystal blue hue, which once shone so brightly with happiness. Although she tries to hold onto some happiness, bitterness is ravaging her body almost consuming her, her only hope comes from Jamie, in the hope that he will one day cross over with her, so they can join their son in eternity.

To others in the house, Lillian comes across as friendly and generous, especially to the children, her smile is welcoming and she always is willing to listen to your problems. Many fail to see that she is in fact a broken woman, however her heart clenching sobs can be heard echoing around the house some evenings, most wonder who it is, very few realise it is Lillian Woodward. There are some times when her frustrations can get the better of her and it is not uncommon for her to fly into a blind rage, during which the only person who can calm her down in Jamie.



+ Music
+ Singing
+ Children
+ Flowers
+ Being outside
+ Alcohol
+ Being surrounded by people
+ Parties
+ Smoking
+ Jamie Rhodes
- Being alone
- Darkness
- Firearms
- Loud noises
- Change
- Claire Rhodes
- Remembering her suicide, this happens when she’s alone.
- Crying children
- Cats
- Arguments



X Jamie reconciling with his wife, Clair.
X Never being reunited with her son and being trapped within the house.
X The thought of being alone forever.
X Never being loved.
* Jaime.
* Lilly suffers from depression, even in death.
* Too trusting and naive.
* Moving on with the times and her life.



Lillian has a beautiful voice, she sings whenever she can and her tunes can be heard around the house. She also has quite a savvy mind, she is not a typical ‘dumb blonde’ especially when it comes to worldly knowledge, she’s always managed to land on her feet.

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too big of a burden to bear.”



Lillian Woodward was born in the Winter of 1900, on the brink of a revolution that would sweep across the world. The daughter of a school teacher and a nurse, Lilly did not exactly grow up in the wealthiest of households, but it was a comfortable one none-the-less. Her parents were doting people who loved their children deeply and gave them stable and loving environment to flourish in. Growing up Lilly was close to her brother, Johnny as well as with her younger sister, Susan.

With golden locks and a dazzling smile, from the first time she could talk, Lillian had a knack of charming people. Whether it by the flutter of her dark lashes, the sparkle of her crystal blue eyes or even the sweet honey-warm harmonies of her silky voice, if there’s something she wanted from you, you would have to have a will of steel not to relent to her wishes. At school, she wasn’t exactly a practical student, Lilly had already convinced herself that she was going to be a silver screen starlet and school was just to satisfy her father’s wishes. When WW1 started, Lil was too young for it too really affect it, her father’s heart condition kept him from enlisting and her brother was still too young to enlist, however she did lose a Uncle in the fighting.

The ending of the war coincided with her leaving high school, it was then she expressed her wishes to move to New York, something which her parents agreed to on the condition that she stayed with her recently widowed Aunt. New York amazed Lilly from the moment she stepped off the train, the bright lights and intoxicating sound of the new jazz age, was enough to shake her small country-girl exterior and awaken a spirit she seldom new existed. Being a beautiful woman, she was able to exploit this for a few modelling jobs, even a few acting spots on the silver screen, it would seem life was giving her everything she had ever wanted and more, little did she know a curve ball was waiting just around the corner.

I speak of course about, Jaime Rhodes, a wealthy tycoon she met at a party one evening. At first their relationship was platonic, Lilly finding the handsome man, witty and charming, they became fast friends. Although their relationship did not stay platonic for long, soon she became his lover, though she didn’t mind for she had already fallen head over heels for the man. On Halloween night of 1922, her world came crashing to the ground. Jamie was supposed to take her out that, to a fancy restaurant in Manhattan, she waited all night and it wasn’t until the following day she learn his fate. He had been killed by his wife before she had turned gun on herself. Lillian went into a deep depression after his death, shutting herself away from the world, however a few weeks later she learnt she was pregnant with Jamie’s child. The news scared her to begin with, she even considered getting an abortion, she couldn’t do that; she couldn’t rid herself of Jamie’s child.

When her Aunt found out, she was quick to kick her niece to the streets, luckily she had a friend who offered her a place to stay and there was no way Lil could return home to face her parents. It was a difficult time, raising a child during the depression and Lily took any job she could to make sure her child never went hungry, even if it meant she did. She named her son James, after his father, affectionately giving him the moniker, JJ and although she still mourned the death of her lost lover, Lily took solace in her son.

In the late summer of 1926, her life took another dramatic and heart aching turn, her son died from the influenza. Lillian was distraught from his death, she began drinking gin, daily and doing less than reputable things, that was until her grief got the better of her. On Halloween night 1926, Lillian awoke frantic from a dream, in which she saw Jamie and their son happily playing on the lawn of that beautiful Victorian style home Jamie had built, they were waiting for her. Without thought, she dressed and raced the old home of her lover, somehow finding a way inside and too his office where she tied a silk scarf around her neck, tied it around a ceiling beam and stepped off the chair…she was ready to begin eternity with them both.

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So begins...

Lillian Woodward's Story


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The backyard of his house was wonderful this time of year. Well, technically, it was Claire's home, for he had built it as a gift to her. But, they were both trapped here in this hellhole, so it was his home just as much as it was hers. White flakes dusted the aged patio furniture and the ornate stone walkway that circled from the front of the house to the back. Jamie still remembered when it had been placed years and years before. His non-beating heart felt as if it were being torn from his body when the modern machines rolled across the grass to dig up the lawn. This was his masterpiece, and it was trashed by the new occupants. Jamie hadn't mourned for a second when the father fell down the stairs the winter after building the patio and died.

Sprawled across the ebony chaise in the living room, Jamie let out a slow, dejected sigh. His lanky right arm draped down on to the floor where he swirled a tumbler of scotch and soda slowly in a clockwise rotation. He had been this way for an hour or so. At least, that was what he thought. Time dragged along sloth-like nowadays. What was the purpose of waking up anymore, really? In a painfully slow manner, Jamie raised the glass to his lips and sipped it slowly. He was usually quite melodramatic when hungover, or rather, he was melodramatic when he believed he was hungover. He hadn't suffered a hangover in ages.

The pounding in his head threatened to burst his skull. With a loud grunt, Jamie sat himself up and pulled his knees to his chest. For a few seconds, the tycoon shoved his head between his knees to try and shelter his sensitive eyes from the sunlight. But he'd caught a glimpse of the snow laying in a thin layer on the yard outside and quickly looked up, all thoughts of a hangover gone. Like a child, Jamie draped his arms over the back of the chaise and rested his chin on his hands as he longingly looked outside. New York City would be beautiful with this snowfall. Well, the New York he remembered. A reminiscent smile crossed his lips, lingered for a little, and then faded. No use in crying over spilt milk, right? That was his father's mantra and it had been burned into Jamie's mind since he was a boy.

"Claire!" he suddenly shouted, not even sure if his wife was still in their condo. "I'm going out!" Why was he even saying it? It wasn't like she cared where he went, or when he went out. Besides, he couldn't really go any further than half a block or so. With his glass of scotch and soda in hand, Jamie stood and exited the condo. Slowly, he closed the door behind himself. She most likely would not believe him. He rarely even set foot on the other floors of the "Murder House". He hated that name. Murder House. It was a vulgar name for a place he loved so dearly. Sure, it had been the location of its fair share of deaths, but it made all of the occupants, even him, sound like morbid serial killers. It was certainly not the impression he wanted to leave on the world.

Walking softly, Jamie crossed the hall and rapped his knuckles against the door of the opposite condo. "Lil?" he called softly, turning his back to her door to watch in case Claire came out after him. "You in there...?"


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Lillian hummed lightly to velvety tones which played through her phonograph; her heart breaking with every note played, but through such mediums was Lillian’s way of hurting herself. She couldn’t do it physically for she was already dead, but she could still destroy herself emotionally and that was something she did on a daily basis. Her condo was dark that morning, the heavy velvet drapes drawn across the large bay windows, not allowing even the slightest bit of sunshine to break through and that was how she wanted it. Lillian wanted the darkness, in fact she craved it.

She hadn’t always been like this, there had been a time when the young, vivacious, beautiful, Lillian Woodward was the life and soul of every party, her smile could cheer even the darkest of souls and yet that version seemed nothing more than a distant memory now. Back then she had been naive, foolish even; she believed she could have had the world had she desired it and for a long time the world was in fact her oyster. She had dreamed of being an actress, seeing her face upon the big screen and marrying her leading man-it’s quite funny how life seems to have a way of kicking your dreams to the curb. The desolation of her dreams had begun with a chance meeting with New York Tycoon, Jamie Rhodes and from then on in things had begun to spiral. Love had a funny way of changing a woman, after a few months of seeing the man Lillian had been prepared to give up everything to be with him, but of course the man she loved had a wife and so instead she settled on being his mistress. It was all so warped, she had listened to Jamie day in and out complain about his wife, believing with each day that past he would leave the woman soon, so that they could be together truly just as they were suppose to-but that wasn’t to happen.

The next part was still too much for Lillian to think about and even now, in death, it still saddened her to know that her love had been murdered. Their reunion in the afterlife after had been bittersweet, why, you may ask? Little James Junior had been the reason, or JJ as Lillian had affectionately named him upon his birth- her and Jamie’s son, the only light in her life for years after Jamie’s death. He had been her world and even though they did not have much, they had each other and a love eternal, but after her child died, Lillian lost everything, her joy, her light…her hope. There was nothing left for her after that and with a silk scarf she had hung herself in what had been Jamie’s office- it was a melodramatic cliché, but a cliché none-the-less.

Sitting at her beautiful mahogany dressing table, Lillian rubbed the faint red lines around her pale neck, which served as a constant reminder of cowardly escape. Often she hid the marks with scarves or various necklaces, but they were always present, always haunting her. Hearing a knocking at her front door, Lillian froze for a moment wondering who it could be, usually the children of the so-called ‘murder house’ came knocking, however she had not been expecting them today. Familiar masculine tones floated over the sound of the melodies, indicating that Jamie was the man in question. Rising from the padded stool, Lillian grabbed her silk robe from her bed, slipping it on before leaving the confides of her bedroom.

As she pulled back the door she quirked her eyebrow slightly, “Of course I am in. Where else could I possibly go?” She taunted slightly, some jest coming through in her voice, “come in handsome, before the missus see’s you.”