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Oliver Thredson

"A little compassion would go a long way."

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a character in “Beyond the Veil”, originally authored by Scarlet Loup, as played by RolePlayGateway






Full Name

Oliver Thredson


Due to the fact that Oliver Thredson is a name every horror-junkie knows, he goes under the name Oliver Johnson. He's gotten used to shrugging off questions related to his past. In fact, he's made up the story that his parents were obsessed with horror movies and named him after Oliver Thredson. As for actual nicknames, he's been affectionately called Ollie once or twice, but he professionally goes by Oliver.



Dead or Alive?


Birthday (and Deathday if applicable)

June 23, 1934 - August 15th, 1969




Condo 4, 2nd Floor




Six feet, one inch


One hundred seventy-two pounds

"A mother's touch. Skin to skin contact. That's what I was craving, that's what I was missing. My whole life. But she smelled of formaldehyde. And her skin, even after I removed it, was cold. And stiff."



Where does one begin with Oliver? He's a complex man with layers. Once, he was distant and reclusive but, perhaps his training in psychiatry allowed him to blossom and step out of his comfort zone. While he is not liked by every resident of the Murder House, he certainly knows them all and knows their strengths and flaws. He likes control, too, and feel uncomfortable when someone else holds the upper hand in anything whether it be a conversation, academics, or just life in general. Oliver lived his life int he shade of others and he refuses to do the same in his afterlife. He can be manipulative at times, using lies and sweet-talking to his advantage. It gets to the point where his lying can become compulsive and uncontrolled. Yet, he knows his limits and when it's appropriate to speak the truth instead. He knows that trust it what builds a relationship and, in such cases, avoids as much lying as possible.

Beneath this exterior, though, he's a man who never had the childhood he deserved. He was unloved and unwanted throughout his life and still craves the attention a mother should have provided for him in his youth. He has tried to achieve this through the flesh he's taken from corpses, but it is not the same and he knows it. He craves the flesh of a living person, someone who will care for him, comfort him, love him. In truth, he is a child in a man's body. He is intelligent, of course, and he is mature, but he still has the same desires as a child does. He still wishes for a woman's touch and would go to any length to achieve it.



+ Being shown affection
+ Having control in a situation
+ Being surrounded by others
+ Horror novels
+ Studying the human mind
+ Physical contact
+ Forests
+ Fire
+ Grilled cheese sandwiches
+ Cocktails
- Guns
- Sarcasm, especially aimed at him
- The complexity of modern technology
- Big, open spaces
- Being alone
- Being made fun of or mocked
- Ignorance
- Major changes
- Stains, since they are what incriminated him
- Ray Cunningham, since the man seems to dislike him



X Rejection
X His past coming back to haunt him
X Being alone or abandoned
X Agoraphobia-- fear of open spaces
* Lies to achieve what he wants
* Possessive
* Childish
* Hot-headed



  • Very intelligent
  • Works well with a knife
  • His experience as a psychiatrist allows him to, more or less, psychoanalyze someone
  • Usually able to talk people into doing things
  • Can sew well given his experience with medical school and sewing human flesh together

"I'm clearly insane!"



They say there is nothing like a mother's touch, that it can solve any problem. Perhaps that was Oliver's problem; he never had a mother. On Independence Day, 1936, a child of about two years old was dropped off at a New Jersey orphanage with a blanket, a worn stuffed bear, and a quickly written note. His name was Oliver, it said, and for a multitude of reasons, his mother was unable to care for him.

It was a loveless existence. The agents who worked the orphanage had no time to coddle the youngsters or show them the affection and care a mother would. And, on top of this, Oliver was simply different. He knew he was more intelligent than those who made up the ranks of "The System", as he put it. They were all mentally weaker but, alas, physically stronger. His visage was, more than once a week, caught on the fist of one of the many bullies who had grown tired of the younger boy's meddling. Bruises came and went, but the emotional pain stayed with him, built within him, until he just snapped one day. He fought back, or he tried to, but there was no way the runt of the orphanage was going to win, even he knew that. Once they knew he'd fight back, the tormentors simply resorted to verbal abuse and Oliver shrunk away, ashamed he had resorted to violence.

Skip to 1957, his second year of med school, and Oliver was still the outcast. He had a brilliant mind, but he knew he was different. But, he was so close to becoming a psychiatrist and, hopefully, understanding why he was so different. Little did he know his life would change entirely during one anatomy lab with a female cadaver. She was beautiful to him. And, oddly, familiar. In this woman, he saw his mother, the woman who had abandoned him as a child. That night, with the memory of the cadaver emblazoned in his mind, he returned to the lab in secret. Perhaps the touch of the corpse that looked like his mother years ago would make him...normal. Embracing the cadaver, though, had no such effect. She was cold, clammy, and stunk of formaldehyde. But, now he knew what he wanted. He wanted a woman's touch.

For years, he would ignore his temptations. He graduated medical school and moved on to his residency. In 1960, the film "Psycho" debuted, and it planted the seed for an idea Oliver would not work upon for years to come. By 1964, Oliver's residency had ended and he helped run the practice of an older man in his home which was, coincidentally, the "Murder House." The old man had no one to leave him home to so, when he died off property in a car crash, the property and the practice fell into Oliver's hands.

With a large, empty home and a practice to run, Oliver found himself pushing people away more and more. He had neighbors and friends, but he was slowly pushing them all away. Except for one. His first kill was a young woman named Emma who worked at his dentist's as a receptionist. He kidnapped her and held her in the basement of his house for days, chained to the floor. She seemed motherly to him and her skin was the skin of a mother: soft, warm. But she didn't last long. He killed her and skinned her after a week of holding her in captivity, afraid her screams would alert neighbors. He decided to soundproof the basement.

And so it continued for the next five years. In the end, he would kill ten women before the police showed up at his house one night and blew his brains out. It was a dramatic end for him but, of course, it did not really end there. Oliver continued to live in the house, of course, wandering town occasionally after word of his heinous crimes died down. He would watch as the new occupants came and went or, like Ray Cunningham or Irene Echevaria, stayed. Again, his life was lonely...until recently. He grew smitten with the motherly Sara Jolivette as soon as she moved in. His advances are casual, for now, but how long will he be able to keep himself from doing anything too dramatic?

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So begins...

Oliver Thredson's Story


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The condo of Oliver Thredson was not much, but it sufficed as both an office for his patients and a living quarters. It wasn't too professional in appearance, but that certainly didn't affect the amount of patients he saw. Then again, he was perhaps the only psychiatrist who didn't request an arm and a leg to pay for appointments. He had no need for money, really, except for cigarettes and drinks. In the second bedroom of his condo, which had been made into his office, Thredson sat with one leg crossed over the other. With the back of his pen, Oliver pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose to prevent them from falling further.

"Well, Mrs. Walter," he began, looking to the woman who anxiously tapped her foot against the arm of the black leather chaise she lounged on. "I'm going to put you on five milligrams of diazepam three times a day, alright?" He closed the file on his lap and flashed the woman a smile as he removed his glasses. Suddenly, the young woman stood up and looked at him with a worried look.

"Please, don't put me on meds, Dr. Johnson," she begged, tears suddenly springing to her eyes. Oliver almost didn't recognize his fake name. Oliver frowned subtly and stood up before he moved across the room toward her slowly. He took her left hand gently between his own two and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"It's the best treatment for you, I promise," he said softly, giving her a reassuring smile. Her skin felt so soft. The woman looked up at him slowly, nodding warily. Soft like a mother's touch.

"You're a good man, Dr. J-" she began. A shout from downstairs cut her off.

"NO! YOU CAN'T!" Thredson looked quickly toward the door out of habit. It was a boy's scream and there was only one boy of that age in the house. It must have been Sara's brother. He briefly wondered what it was that the boy was yelling about. His thoughts, however, were broken by a gentle touch on the arm from his patient.
Image"Are you alright?" she asked softly, brow furrowed with concern. Oliver looked back quickly and gave a brief smile and a nod.

"Of course," he lied. "I'll walk you out?" As they walked down the stairs, Oliver scrawled out a prescription for the woman. He stopped just at the front door of the building and handed her the piece of paper. "You take care now, Mrs. Walter." He started to step back from the door, but she extemporaneously flung herself at him, embracing him.

"Thank much," she said. Though he'd been evaluating the woman for a few weeks now, it still would have seemed odd to most for a patient to fly into the arms of their psychiatrist. Oliver had no qualms, of course, for he could imagine, if just for a few heartbeats, that this woman was a mother to him. He hugged her back until he felt she would grow uncomfortably.

"My pleasure, ma'am," he replied as she walked down the front yard. Once the door had closed, Oliver removed the pack of cigarettes from his trousers' pocket and lit one before placing it between his lips.
Sara and her brother still stood in the hallway, speaking to each other in much softer tones than before. He wondered briefly what the conflict had been...then, he noticed the poor boy's eye. Internally, and partially externally, Oliver flinched. Memories of past torment flashed before him. Years in the school yard, singled out and made fun of until he thought he would surely curl up and die.

Taking sudden pity on the boy, he felt urged to walk over and speak with him. But, of course, that wasn't his only reason for doing so. It was odd, he knew, but he'd had his eyes on Sara for a while, most likely because of how motherly she was toward her younger brother. Removing the cigarette from his mouth, Thredson walked over slowly and flashed a quick smile.

"Is everything okay?" he asked with an innocent curiosity. "I heard a shout from upstairs and thought I'd check in." He glanced only briefly at Caleb before focusing on Sara, smoking cigarette held at his thigh.


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Alice was laying listening to some music she had on a CD while she drew when she heard a muffled yell she looked up and decided to investigate she went to grab her black boots and jacket before opening the door and walking out into the hallway and saw Sara, Caleb, and Oliver in front of Sara's condo she didn't want to bother them so she walked by quickly, slowing only to wave slightly at them and went down stairs, and went under the staircase a few years back she had found a secret cellar type room and she turned it into a fort where she could read and be alone when she was upset she grabbed her book,Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, that she had left in the room and started to read.

Alice liked her book very much, but she couldn't help but think 'I wonder what happened to Caleb's eye I hope it doesn't make Sara worry to much she's to nice and works to hard to be upset..' She pushed the thoughts from her mind and continued reading she was able to lose herself in the book quickly.

'Stan was watching Harry's stunned face with great enjoyment. "This is where we was before you flagged us down, " he said. "Where are we, Ern? Somewhere in Wales?""Ar, " said Ernie. "How come the Muggles don't hear the bus?" said Harry. "Them!" said Stan contemptuously. "Don' listen properly, do they? Don' look properly either. Nevernotice nuffink, they don'. ""Best go wake up Madam Marsh, Stan, " said Ern.'she let the book play out in her mind envisioning it while she read, it was as if her mind could see the book playing on the pages she read on letting the words calm her and take away her worries.

Alice finished off her chapter and set down her book and thought 'Well thats enough reading for now I think I'll go sit outside and enjoy the snow.'she put her jacket on and went to sit on the porch taking snow from the sides and started making a small snowman.


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Sara sighed and frowned, trying to keep her temper, she hugged Caleb to her, kissing the top of his head, " Youhave to tell me when these things happen hon... You can't just let these bullies give you hell and expect me to just stand by." she murmured quietly, kneeling in front of him so that she was eye-level with him, holding him by his shoulders gently.Image

By then Caleb was hugging himself to her, trying to hide the small tremors of his body as he cried quietly, before tending at the sound of Oliver's voice. He didn't like Oliver, and the way he looked at his sister, like he was going to eat her, it made him feel uncomfortable, like he had to protect her, rather than her protect him. Image

"Everything is fine. You can go back to your room." Caleb said, his voice terse, eyes struggling to keep contact with the grown mans, before Sara stood to full height, pulling Caleb back and slightly behind her, "Caleb, that was rude, apologize to the man, he was only asking for your sake." she admonished with a frown, giving him the dreaded looks of disappointment until he finally broke and looked up at Oliver, "I'm sorry Mr. Johnson..." he said almost begrudgingly, before looking between Sara and the man, "I'm gonna go back to our room." he murmured, getting a nod from Sara as he walked off, "Don't forget to do your homework!" she called after him before turning to Oliver, "I'm sorry about Caleb.. he tends to not warm up to men very quickly after what happened with our parents. But thank you for coming out, I appreciate it." she said, giving a tender smile.


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The spirit buried his free hand in his pocket, the other still casually holding the cigarette. No reason to worry about lung cancer. The boy was the first to notice him, it seemed, for the boy grew tense quickly. Oliver's smile faltered, only for a moment, and then returned in a way that seemed perhaps less genuine. Thredson was no idiot, of course. He saw and, more importantly, he observed Caleb's struggle to hold eye contact. A more insecure, younger Oliver might have faced the same problem, but he was a changed man now. What did one have to fear when they no longer feared death itself?

Thredson looked suddenly to Sara as she spoke. His expression changed drastically, going from a forced smile to what looked like an admiring gaze. What a wonderful mother she made. Seeing her interact with the young boy up close had a much different effect on him than when he'd watched, invisible, from inside their condo. He might have watched her all day, drinking in Sara's appearance, had the boy, identified as Caleb, not spoken then.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson..." the boy said with subtle contempt. Oliver gave a brief smile that just barely seemed good-natured.

"It's quite alright," he replied, winking at Caleb. "No harm, no foul, right?" His gaze followed the boy as he retreated into the condo. Good, he didn't need the accusing eyes of a ten year old boring into him anymore. Once he was gone, Thredson took a slow drag from the cigarette and released the smoke over his shoulder, trying to avoid any reaching Sara. At her apology, Oliver raised a hand and smiled, shaking his head.

"Really, there's no need to apologize," he said genuinely, smiling back at her with a soft laugh. "Boys will be boys, no? Besides, I acted the same way around my parents." He wished he could tell the truth, tell her that he was also an orphan, but that would contradict with his perfected fake back story, and Oliver certainly couldn't have that. His smile faltered briefly, and he looked at Sara with slight pity. "How has he been handling things, Sara? It's not easy for kids to adjust, we both know that." He took another drag from the cigarette and held it at his side again. "I'm not a child psychiatrist, but I would be willing to talk with him a bit for you. Free of charge, on one condition." How long had he been rehearsing this? Too long, to be honest. "Would you and Caleb like to come to my apartment for dinner one night?" His smile returned, as genuine as humanly possible. "It seems the only true way to welcome you two to the building, really."


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Rexanne sat in front of her computer browsing through ebay hoping to buy a new dress, but clearly she didn't need one. She hasn't need anything from the internet since the 1960s....well that is if they existed back then. In the beginning, she had no idea what this thing was but clearly now she does and could basically do anything on it, besides hacking the national security system, surely no one can do that.

However, after a while of staring at the screen her eyes have gotten tired, and she decided to close her eyes for a while. she was awake suddenly by a shout
"Caleb, that was rude, apologize to the man, he was only asking for your sake."

Poking her head out of the door she saw Sara and her brother, Caleb the two newly moved in neighbors talking with Oliver Thredson. Oh yes...that man, the man that killed her and skinned her. Surely the fact that he is talking to a young lady like Sara is because she is his "type", but at least Caleb has some senses about what need to be done. As thoughts her past, floated through her mind, she froze.

If it weren't for Oliver, she might not have been dead, he betrayed her love, he betrayed her trust. He destroyed it like it was some trash ready to be used and then tossed away into the bin. But stupidly she loved him, she fell for him, that charming face would have been any girls dream.

When she finally gain her conscious back the conversation has already concluded with.
"Would you and Caleb like to come to my apartment for dinner one night?"

Surely, anybody would say yes, after all it's not like Oliver looks anything like someone that will murder anyone, in fact he looks like the opposite. However, only someone like Rexanne who is actually been a victim knows his plot, she has to warn them, both Sara and Caleb. They may step in that room alive... but there will be no guarantee that they will walk out at all.


"Katherine? I'm back!"
Harvey's shout came up from down the hall. At that time Katherine was preparing a small dessert for her family. After all, there are several new neighbors that had just moved in, surely she could take sometime and prepare some food for them and ask Johnny to bring it down for them. However, it seem as as if Johnny is not back home yet, she'll just get the baking done. Setting up the timer for the baking time she decided to go listen to classical music, while they waited for the food to finish baking.

Turning on the Holberg Suite CD that Harvey brought her for her birthday, she listened as the vibrant sounds of the violin and the cellos of the orchestra came blasting throughout the house. Looking at the ceiling of the house she realized a spot where the paint had come off. If she was still alive she would go grab someone that can fix it.

However, considering now if they do ask someone to come, they are risking the fact that the outside world might find out about the situation in the murder house. There are at most around 15 people that know the details of the this house... and yeah half are already dead, so yeah pretty much the secret has died with all of them.

When the timer dinged, she quickly moved back into the kitchen to check on the food. The fresh smell of chocolate chip cookies filled the house. I guess it's time to let people see how good of a baker she is, as she moved down the hall towards Sara and Caleb's Condo.


Clara sat on the floor in the middle of her room , dumping shot after shots of beer into her mouth.The curtains were close tight allowing no light into the room. Surely, she doesn't drink at all, neither will she enjoy such darkness, at least not before Dina's death, however things now have changed. Alcohol is now her only escape from reality, darkness has taken over her mind. It's a complete mess.

Thinking back although it was stupid of her to have gotten drunk and had sex with Justin, her best friend Vanessa's boyfriend, but the fact that she can forget all about Dina while she is drinking, makes her want to drink more. Justin, was a pretty interesting guy, who she is surprised that he would end up cheating on Vanessa with her. Not saying he is a ladies man, but surely he has his own plans about when to stay and when to move on.

Surely everyone in school will know by now, how she is a complete slut, but the move to this new place probably is hopefully going to help her adapt and forget. Unfortunately, this cheapest place just so happens to be owned by her classmates, Johnny Klein's father, Harvey Klein. Which means that Johnny could tell people where he is any minute and next thing you know, Vanessa might show up to her front door with a knife, threatening to kill her.

However, considering Johnny is slightly socially awkward, it would be something she take advantage of, using that factor as a reason to believe that he wouldn't tell anyone about her whereabouts. Dumping down one last shot, she realized her head is slightly dizzy, so she lied down on the cold hard ground, pushing her face against the iciness. Yes, she is sad and depressed, and worst of all she is alone.