Jasmin Voight

I don't have to talk to you if it's not nessesary....

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a character in “Beyond the wall, human, vampire, zombie.”, as played by Evil But Cute


Character name: Jasmin Voight
Character age: Seventeen
Character gender: Female
Characters' sexuality (Likes male, female, or both.): Straight
Characters likes: Reading and target practice.
Characters dislikes: Zombies and being bothered when she's busy.
Character ability: She's a normal human.
Character job: Unit two captain.
Character bio: Jasmin isn't all that special, she was raised outside of the wall surviving with her older brother for most of her life. Untill a man and his team found her next to her dying brother. They killed him knowing he would turn and try to kill her, They brought her back to the wall and trained her extensivly to help the cause.
Charecter appearence: Image


Jasmin is a loner and doesn't really like being bothered. She looks depressed sometimes but hides it the best she can.


Two pistols flashlights mounted on both of them.
And a vast array of other guns.

So begins...

Jasmin Voight's Story