I don't know my last name, I don't have one. But if you don't want to get hurt I suggest you get out of my way and shoot that thing.......

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a character in “Beyond the wall, human, vampire, zombie.”, as played by Evil But Cute


Character name: Natsuki
Character age: Seventeen
Character gender: Female
Characters' sexuality (Likes male, female, or both.): Male
Characters likes: reading, drawing, singing, danging, messing around with her guns, cooking, fruit, learning new ways to fight.
Characters dislikes:People who think their better then everyone. She also hates being treatewd like a tool.
Character ability: She can feel the emotions of others and she has a power over fire and water. She's also very good with technoligy and made the secruity system for different basecamps and parts of the wall itself.
Character race: Human Special members of section 72, Unit four
Character job: Section 72 team captain, unit four classified.
Character bio: Natsuki was created by the same vampire that made the virus, she is one of the final products of their research. Which oringinally was for finding a new food source. Not to cure aids or cancer like some of the cover up stories told. She was trained specially for going beyond the wall and researching the habits of the zombies. Her body can hold up to level thirty contamination after that she has to rest and is under quaratine untill those levels go down. She is very knowlagable of everything around her and is very observant. She also has a younger twin sister she is very protective of that lives on the safe side of the wall. She was always protective of her sister Maria because she had a heart defect so she was always very frail. She can be very protective of friends and she likes to joke around, she likes to scare new members to the team.
Charecter appearence: Image


Natsuki likes to fool around sometimes but for the most part she's calm collected and composed, she barley ever takes unnessesary risks amd she always tries to keep calm even in a fight.


A canvas shoulder bag filled with
A change of clothes
Pistols and ammo. Not just ammo for her gun but for guns she doesn't have as well.
A sword she carries on her back that has a red blade.
Sketch and notebook
Pens and pencils
Food rations.
Among other things her bag seems somewhat endless.

So begins...

Natsuki's Story