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Bryant McDonald

"Call me Bry,"

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a character in “Big Brother 16”, as played by ThePlastic713



Name: Bryant McDonald
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Role: The Dark Horse
Orientation: Homosexual


Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Weight: 165 lbs
Height: 6 feet 2 inches


-Dressing Nicely
-Spanish Food
-Ripped Jeans
-Being "bottom bitch"
-Greek Food
-Running his hand through his hair
-Biting his lip
Alliance: N/A (will update)
Personality: He's a cocky, sarcastic ass with a great attitude toward life and a good sense of humor. He's easy to get along with, and easy to hate, too. He's found that he's one of those people who you either hate to love, or love to hate.
Skills/Job: He's a good talker, and a good liar. He just got out of law school, and he works for his fathers law firm. He wants to open his own firm, which is why he needs to win Big Brother.
Family: Just his dad, who is also a homosexual.
History: His father had a surrogate mom, and he was raised with a single father and his fathers string of boyfriends. He graduated high school at 15, and has been out of law school since he was 21. He's a legal genius.


FACE CLAIM: Andrew Garfield

So begins...

Bryant McDonald's Story

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Bryant McDonald


Bry yawned, cracking his neck as he looked out the window of the car he was being driven in. It was black, with dark tinted windows, and he smiled as he looked at the scenery. It was beautiful, but he knew he was going to be in a tough situation coming up. Yeah, he was tired. Yeah, his back hurt from sleeping on the plane, but the flight from London to New York, then to California was worth it if he won the $500,000.

The young man laughed, his laugh even having a slight British twinge to it. He had sent in an audition tape, but he doubted he'd make it, being from the UK. However, he'd been contacted by the show and invited to it. A gay British man on Big Brother 16...Bry was fairly pleased with himself for making it onto the show.

The car stopped, and the driver helped Bryant get his things out of the car. With his luggage in hand, he entered the Big Brother house. He was the first to arrive, so he immediately went to the bedrooms to choose a bed. Bry knew how it went. There was half minus 3 the amount of beds necessary because of the Have Not's and wanting to force showmances. Bry laughed again, doubting he'd be a part of any showmances...unless there was another gay man on the show.

As he started to unpack his things into one of the dressers, Bryant took a moment to look around. He wasn't sure if he was a Have Not or not yet, but he was going to be certain that he claimed an area for himself. If he wanted to get far in the competition, he was going to have to claim what was his fast. He returned to the foyer, finding cups of champagne poured for the other houseguests and himself, and took one. "Cheers," he said to no one as he took a sip and a seat.

Millie Gregory


Millie pushed her hair behind her ear as she waited outside the bus station for the car that was supposed to be picking her up. She'd declined the offer of a plane, as she was terrified of heights and flying, and taken a bus instead. The car pulled up and, without hesitation, Millie climbed in the back seat. She had four old fashioned suitcases with her, and they held everything that she would need for the time being.

Millie looked up at the sky from the opened window, where her hair flew and her eyes stung. The sky was the same as the one in Chicago, only clearer and more blue. She missed her home already. She missed her cat, her apartment, her annoying Armenian neighbors who were always trying to get her to marry their oldest son...Millie laughed at the memory of them. They were kind to her, and she hoped they would take care of her precious Princess Kitty.

Millie recalled that she would have to give part of her winnings to them if she won, as they were the ones who had gotten in touch with her parents and made the audition video. Yeah, she owed them. They had made sure that Millie made the cut, in a way. In many ways, they were a second family to her. Millie remembered them asking about her job and recording her, saying they "wanted to remember her when she was famous". Rolling her eyes, Millie realized how ridiculous that had been.

The car pulled up to the mansion, and Millie inhaled sharply. This would be her home until others decided that she would leave. Millie knew she wouldn't be a threat to anyone. She wasn't skinny and gorgeous, and she didn't have a hidden agenda. She was really just there to win the money. She knew even that could get her in trouble, but she tried not to think about it as she exited the car and took her luggage in her hands and under her arms. She hoped she'd be the only one there, but when she opened the door, she was disappointed to see someone already there.

Making a split second decision to ignore him and find a place for her things, Millie ascended the stairs and put her luggage on the bed. She sat with a heavy sigh. Millie decided that she would wait until she heard someone else before she went back downstairs.

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#, as written by kyrax17
Matthew Vanderbilt


Matthew glanced out the window of the Big Brother 16 car every so often. The windows were tinted and he could barely see through them so he rolled the window down for some fresh air. He was happy for sure. He couldn't believe that he had actually made it onto the show. Who was he kidding? Of course he believed it. It was his good looks and his charm that got him a spot on the show, he was sure of it. He was also very sure that he was going to win, and he already had a game plan.

"It's not that big as it is on television." He mumbled under his breath as he looked out the window of his car, which also dissatisfied him. It took a lot to please him, he was a man that criticized any and everything. As he stepped out of the vehicle, expecting for someone to get his things, he realized that he was now on his own. Just the way he liked it. Though he would have to get used to not having someone wait on him hand and foot. He was used to having maids and room service, this would be different. Certainly an experience to remember and learn from.

He got his three suitcases from the back of the car and made his way into the Big Brother house. Once he had his suitcases and himself inside the door he looked around. The house wasn't very big on the outside, but he had to admit that it was nice. It had definitely been upgraded from the past season. He wouldn't focus too much on the house though. What he really wanted right now was to get to know his housemates, if they had even arrived yet.

"Anyone around?" He called out as he made his way a bit further into the house. He spotted an attractive young male and smiled. "Hello. My name is Matt. I'll join you." He said as he reached his hand out to shake the other gentleman's hand. He still had that same charming smile on his lips as he took a seat. He would play nice guy for now, until someone got onto his bad side. He took a glass of champagne for himself and took a sip.

Amber Knight


Amber had been more than overly excited when she heard the news that she was accepted to be a player in Big Brother. It had been her dream for so long. She hurriedly packed her things, got on a plane, and somehow she was here. She stood in awe as she looked at the house before her. It was much bigger than it seemed on tv. She made two trips as she had to bring all of her four suitcases inside. She hadn't packed light, she was a girl who owned a lot of clothes and she liked to accessorize, not that she would need to while living in the house.

She had instant memories of moving into her first house with her husband and two kids. She missed her children already. She knew that they were her main reason for being here. She sometimes would get emotional just at the thought of them so she pushed it to the back of her mind as she walked through the door. If the outside of the house was big and beautiful, she didn't know how to describe the inside. It had to be ten times as big.

Upon entering the house, she heard a male's voice and for some reason she began to get excited. She was happy to not have to be the first one to arrive. She hated the anticipation of waiting. Though she passed by the two men by the couch, saying hello to the two of them. She was uninterested by the looks of them. She wanted to find her room. She quickly went to find herself a room, making another two trips once she found the perfect room. She put two of her suitcases on the floor and the other two on the bed. There was someone's things on the other bed inside the room but it was empty. She went back out to the others and saw a brunette girl sitting out there. "Hi. I'm Amber." She said suddenly hugging the girl. "Sorry, I'm a hugger." She said enthusiastically, letting go of her.

She wanted to get to the know the girl. Have a quick chat, before anyone else came in. She could tell just by looking at the girl that she was a definite floater. Her body language said it all. She also knew that it was good to try and make friends and tight connections early on in the game. She didn't know if she and the girl would ever get along outside of the house by the looks of her. She didn't seem like the type of person who she would be cool with. But she would give it a try.

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#, as written by kyrax17
Amber Knight

Amber smiled when Millie hugged her back. "Nice to meet you, Millie." She said politely. She looked the girl up and down, quickly noticing her shyness. She kept the same friendly smile on her lips. "I love your shoes. May have to borrow them sometime." She joked. She raised an eyebrow at the mention of the amount of luggage she had brought along with her. It was true that she may have over-packed a little, but she loved her clothes. "Thanks!" She said enthusiastically, playing along with her tone. Amber was, however, taken aback a bit by her sudden change in attitude. Maybe Millie wasn't so socially awkward after all. She seemed to want to go and be around the other house guests.

Amber looked down at their now locked arms with widened eyes, but softened her expression a second later. She put a smile on her face and nodded. She did wonder where all of the other house mates were. "Oh yes. Let's go." She said happily. She began walking down, arm-in-arm with Millie. She glanced over the side of the staircase and noticed that there were a few guys downstairs who seemed to be having a heated conversation. She smirked as she realized that there was some drama occurring, that had always been her favorite part of watching the show. She felt a bit self-conscious at the thought that a bunch of cameras were on her and that millions of people would see. But she pushed it out of her mind as they made it to the bottom of the stairs.

Matthew Vanderbilt

Matthew was a smart man. He knew when someone didn't like his presence. He resisted the urge to made a snarky remark. He didn't understand why the young man was so repulsed by the sight of him. He saw him cringe and he rolled his eyes. "I don't know what your problem is. But smiling helps, especially when there's a game to win." He said patting the lads shoulder. Then he tossed back the remainder of his champagne and set the empty glass down. He began to walk out of the room and then he heard voices and saw two lovely girls coming down. "Well hello there. Have you two been hiding?" He asked. "I'm Matthew. Nice to meet the both of you." He said as they both came down.