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Ronnie Adkins

We got any beer in this here house?

0 · 522 views · located in Big Brother Mansion

a character in “Big Brother 16”, as played by jackrules158


Name: Ronald “Ronnie”Adkins
My friends call me Ronnie and every one’s my friends
Age: 30

Birthdate: 15th February 1983
Job: I own a bar in my small town

BornIn: New Orleans, Lousiana
Mardi Gras my favourite time of year yee haw!
Lives In: Downtown, Nawlins
Born and raised in Nawlins its my home and I love it
Personality: Ronnie is a very outspoken redneck, he loves doing things wild and crazy, he loves fishing, and going out and getting his truck dirty. He is very friendly and loves to party hell he’ll buy the beer. He very much cares and loves his wife of ten years and their two kids.
Let’s get this party started wooohoo
Reason for being on Big Brother: Remodel the bar and buy a better place for his family
I want a better place for the wife and kids ya know they deserve the best and I sure as hell can’t give them that right now
Alliances?: Unknown/To be announced
I’m hoping to align my self with any other fellow country boy or girl

So begins...

Ronnie Adkins's Story

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Millie Gregory

Millie was shocked by the hug, but she managed an awkward one armed hug back. "Umm...hi. I'm Millie," She said shyly, rocking back and forth on her heels. Millie was suddenly thinking this wasn't a good idea, what with her social awkwardness and anxiety. She sighed, looking at her luggage. "Lots of stuff you have there, Amber," She mused, looking at her luggage. "Mine doesn't hold that much, though it looks like I've brought a lot of stuff,"

Millie heard people coming into the house, and she looked at Amber. What the hell she thought to herself I might as well make friends! The girl hooked arms with the blonde. "Shall we go introduce ourselves, Amber?" Millie asked, flashing her most confidant smile.

Bryant McDonald

Bry looked at the guy who had come in and shrugged his shoulders. He wasn't bad looking, but Bry looked at him as an enemy. He didn't like when attractive guys threatened his own good looks and charm. When Bry heard the southern drawl of another man, he cringed. ugh...