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Shinichi Fujimoto

SHSL Translator, student of Hope's Peak Academy

0 · 248 views · located in Danganronpa Universe

a character in “BigSmiles, ClassTrials, and TheMonokumaFiles”, as played by The hazel-eyed bookworm



Full Name: - First, then last - Shinichi Fujimoto

Gender: Male

Age: - 15

Nationality: - Japanese

SHSL: Translator

Sexuality: Pansexual

- Appearance -

Hair Color/Style: - Wavy shoulder length chocolate hair

Eye Color & Facial Description: - He has a thin face, with doe-shaped forest green eyes. Has a mole under his left eye. Has a pair of black rimmed glasses

Skin Tone & Body Description: - He's rather pale and lithe, with not much physical strength

Height & Weight: - 4,9 feet and 40 kgs weight

Everyday Clothing: - He usually wears a dark green jacket with grey swirls as decoration. Underneath it there's a striped blue and white shirt and has a silver pendant hanging from his neck. He wears loose jeans and brown shoes.

Sleepwear: Grey pajamas

Swimwear: Dark red shorts

- Personal Information -

Personality: - He isn't the type to talk much. He's the kind of person who gets easily flustered with a compliment. He doesn't have a lot of self-esteem. He really likes to read and write in his free time, though he isn't averse per see to company. He's kind to those who have been kind to him, and if he knows you enough he goes out of his way to make sure you are content. He's not exactly good at maths, or anything involving numbers, or physical activity for that matter. He can be quite the grammar Nazi, which considering his talent isn't surprising. When he's angered he can be the two extremes of hot and cold. He can either start yelling at you and look about ready to pounce on you, or simply restrain himself and talk with a frosty tone. He isn't the type of guy to ask for anything even though he needs it. He tends to space out when bored. He can be morbid around certain subjects such as death, and can get philosophical about it. When talking about something that interests him he can become quite the chatterbox. When talking to someone he doesn't know he's very formal, which changes if you get to know him. He doesn't like loud places. He can be very picky with his food. He tends to stutter when nervous. He doesn't know much about flirting. He hates people with a superiority complex with a burning passion. He has a long fuse, so to speak. But of course when he explodes, he explodes. He doesn't like that people make fun about his height. Prefers to confuse people rather than physical fights. He likes to deceive by intonations and wordplay, puns if you may.

An Example of Dialogue: "Greeting, I am the SHSL Translator. Strange title, I know. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Greatest Fear(s): Having no one to rely on

Hobbies: Writing, reading, shoujo manga

Likes: quiet people, the color blue, books

Dislikes: people with poor grammar, loud noises, not knowing what to do in a situation

Friendships: - Someone who would respect his boundaries and not push him into socializing

Enemies: - Loud, foul-mouthed people who believe they're better than everyone else

Romance: - Yes

Background: He has always lived with his mother in an apartment in Japan. Since he was little he was always interested in other cultures, more specifically their languages. He started going to classes on every language he came across, studying until he got a general idea and then complementing it with watching movies and reading books about whichever language he was interested in. His mother didn't may him much mind, as she was always with a new boyfriend any other week. A few weeks before he turned 15,his mother gave birth to his little brother Hisan. Despite taking care of the baby as much as he could, he tried to get a babysitter so he could rest for a while. A few months later, he talked to Mrs. Tezuka, the babysitter, about his translating hobbie. A few days later, the letter to Hope's Peak came.

Important People: - Hisan, his little brother, is pretty much his significance of existence.
Hanako Tezuka, a middle aged woman, he is forever grateful for her help on taking care of his brother

Secret(s): His family is pretty much broke.

- Reactions -

Grave Reaction: -How will your character react to waking up in an open grave with no memories? - Well, as any normal person would, he would shoot out and panic

Killing Game Reaction: - How will your character react to learning they are a part of a killing game and can't leave unless they commit murder?- Denial at first, then trying to do what he can to not become a victim.

Corpse Reaction: - How will your character react when they stumble across the corpse of a fellow student? What if it was a friend? Or their lover?- He would freak out, and vow to catch their murderer.

Murderer Reaction: - How will your character react when the true murderer is revealed? What if their friend was the killer? What if it was their own lover?- It would depend of the killer's motive and their relationship with him. If he didn't know them that well, he would feel like justice has been served. If he did know them, it would be deny deny deny.

Execution Reaction: - How will your character react when watching a fellow student get executed? What if their friend was being killed? What about their lover? - and cue the waterworka and emotional trauma

Self-Corruption: - How will your character act after they themselves have killed? How will they act if they are discovered? How will they act once they realize they are gonna be executed? - He will probably be jittery, not looking at anyone in the eye lest he breaks down. If he's discovered he'll probably say that he has to go home to his brother. If he realizes he's gonna be executed hell probably go near catatonic with shock

- Misc Info -

Investigation Role: -What will your character be doing during investigation times? - Hell probably be investigating the others and his testimonies

Trial Role: - What will they be doing during the trials? - Hell try to analyze everything so there's no doubt who did it

Motive's: - What would push your character to kill another?- If his brother is threatened all bets are off

Execution: - Give an example of how your characters execution would most likely go. Make sure it goes along with their talent and isn't too over the top. - could you please help me with that?

So begins...

Shinichi Fujimoto's Story