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Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!


Never Read A Shazam! Comic? No Problem! Welcome to Fawcett City, home of The World's Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel, and his Shazam Squadron!

877 readers have visited Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam! since JayZeroSnake created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


Billy Batson. He used to be a downtrodden young man. He was a boy separated from his family, his parents lost to him by the clutches of death. He became a homeless boy, living in an abandoned apartment and just barely scrounging together enough to eat by selling newspapers on a street corner. Until the day that he found himself entering the subway in order to get home, and stumbling across a train-car of a strange design, colored red and gold. Moving at the speed of light, the vessel transported him to the Rock Of Eternity, where he met the almighty Wizard, Shazam. The Wizard has existed for thousands of years, fighting against evil in its forms as the Seven Deadly Enemies of man, such as Pride, Envy, or Greed, the Seven given their own statues and flames. The Flames grow stronger if the Sin grows stronger in the universe.

As such, The wizard has decided on his newest champion: Billy himself! Why? Because Billy, even in the face of poverty and unhappiness, never strayed to acts of evil, and held a kind of child-like innocence that gave a whole other view of the world than that of an ordinary man being quick to judge, and see through a grim set of eyes.

But Billy alone could not uphold good as a mere boy. So, The wizard gave him a great power. A Power comprised of great figures in history each lending an amazing ability.

Solomon, For Wisdom
Hercules, For Strength
Atlas, For Stamina
Zeus, For Power
Achilles, For Courage And Invincibility
Mercury, For Speed

And altogether, When Billy Batson Utters the Magic Word…


A bolt of Mystic Lightning strikes him, and transforms him into the almighty hero: Captain Marvel!



Fast Forward to the present Day. Billy Batson is one of the youngest news reporters in history, working for the WHIZ news station as a cub reporter. He has made his name known to the world as Captain Marvel, protector of Fawcett City, and defeated many foes, such as IBAC the Terrifying, Doctor Sivana, and his greatest foe, Black Adam, the former champion of the Wizard who had turned evil, drawing his powers from various egyptian figures of history.

But Captain Marvel has been given a new warning: A warning from a new, unknown enemy known as 'Mister Mind.' A threat that he, with his glorious intellect, has summoned all of Captain Marvel's greatest foes into one alliance: The Monster Society Of Evil. Billy has now been overwhelmed by the great odds ahead of him, and now, his good friend, Talky Tawny, an Ifrit who can change between a human form, and into an animal (In Tawny's case, a cat, or his favorite, a tiger), has informed him he now has the ability to share the power of the word with others. However, due to this, so can Black Adam, who has taken on an apprentice, and behind Mister Mind's back, is attempting to share his magic with others in the name of evil!

And these others, with Billy, would come to be known as the Shazam! Squadron, whom Talky Tawny has handpicked from all over Fawcett City. With the aid of his new friends, The group must master the magic, and combat the Monster Society, before it can begin world domination!


Main Roles: Each character besides Billy Batson will be allowed to master one of the six abilities given by the magic word (Ex. Speed, or wisdom) when in Marvel Form.

1) Billy Batson / Captain Marvel (JayZeroSnake)

2) -Boy- / -Whatever name you want that includes 'Marvel' in it. If its a rank, keep it underneath captain-

3) -Girl- / -Whatever name you want that includes 'Marvel' in it. If its a rank, keep it underneath captain-

4) -Girl- / -Whatever name you want that includes 'Marvel' in it. If its a rank, keep it underneath captain-

5) Black Adam's Apprentice, and second member of the new 'Black Adam' Family.


Girls' Version of the Magic Word: The Magic word gives a whole other set of powers to females!…

Selena, for grace
Hippolyta, for strength
Artemis, for skill
Zephyrus, for fleetness (AKA flight),
Aphrodite, for beauty
Minerva, for wisdom.

Black Adam's Version: Black Adam draws his power from Egyptian historical figures, and shares the same power with those that are apart of 'The Black Adam Family.'

Shu, For Stamina
Heru, For Swiftness
Amon, For Strength
Zehuti, For Wisdom
Aton, For Power
Mehen, For Courage


Age: (The Five characters when in normal form, are generally under 18. They go over 18 though when they use the magic word to transform into Marvels/Black Adam Family).
Personality: (Mention any major changes when switching between normal form and Marvel/Black Adam Form).
Appearance: (Both regular, and in Marvel/Black Adam form)


Skills/Abilities: (What do you know, or can do WITHOUT Shazam's magic?)

Powers: (Basically, you use the Above mentioned Acronyms of SHAZAM, the original, girls' version, or Black Adam's. Each draws different, yet similar powers from the historical figures named in the acronym.)

Fun Facts:
Theme Song:

Toggle Rules

1. No Godmodding.

2. Do Not Grim-Darkify the story, please. This roleplay is capable of being serious while maintaining a light-hearted tone.

3. Never Read the Comics? No problem! There isn't much to know, and its easy to understand as we go along!

4. Post the magic word in your character sheet to show you read the rules!


Tis all for now.

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Most recent OOC posts in Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

Re: Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

What do you mean? Billy Batson essentially shares the magic word, making it so that the others who utter it also gain the ability to use it.

Of course, dreams about meeting the historical figures described in the Shazam acronym or the Wizard himself before meeting Billy are nice additions.

Re: Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

I'm interested, but I'm kinda confused about how to apply the "power" so I'd rather wait to see a accepted character sheet

Re: Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

You didn't have to read the comics: You just had to read the introduction. Its there.

I just figured if I said he shared the 'power of the magic word' It'd generally be saying he shared his exact superpowers and method of change with the others. Which was stupid of me...

It also doubles as a concept for Green Lantern, actually. :P Also, I'm gonna assume Luna has a light blue version of this outfit, the 'Marvel Family' Uniform: ... marvel.jpg

Re: Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

Oh okay okay- I haven't read the comics so let me go think of other ways. Didn't fully understand the part where Billy would share the power- so lemme edit that.

Yeah cool idea about the crutches :)

Re: Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

Okay, I'm not really getting all this stuff about her having a magic roman drink, And gaining the powers when she doesn't say the entire Magic word (That's the only way it seems to work. You either say Shazam! altogether, or you get nothing) and how she gains her powers from an entirely different source when I said Billy Batson would share his power with the others. She would only be a Marvel in name, and would have nothing to do with the others.

She can still have dreams about meeting the historical figures listed in the Shazam Acronym though, that's fine.

Fun idea: you could say her crutches turn into the bow and arrow she uses as Luna Marvel. The crutches could become this pure energy type thing with near infinite magic arrows and all that strike targets like lightning bolts. :D but you have to also have her use her other powers, as not to spam ranged attacks and be the strongest one there.

Re: Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

Sure no problem, I'm not sure how you want it so I just filled it up.

Re: Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

I'd rather see a sheet first, thanks. :P

Re: Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

hmmm looks cool- reserve me a girl marvel :)

Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam!

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