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Lunaria Cross

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a character in “Bindings, Curses, and Other Matters”, as played by PuffyXxSprinkles




Moon-like Flower
I’m not here on this earth to play, to dream, or to drift. I have hard work to do, and God forbid I leave with unfinished business.


Black Veil Brides || Wake Up
Justin Timberlake || Mirrors
Rag'n'Bone Man || Human
Avril Lavigne || How Does It Feel
Stephen || Crossfire
Heart’s Cry || Stay Alive


Even if the sun doesn’t shine tomorrow, we’ll survive.

[ Luna | Miss Cross ]

[ Eighteen ]

[ Female ]

[ Human ]

[ The Female Templar ]

Face Claim
[ Ririchiyo Shirakiin | Inu x Boku ]


We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.

Hair Color
[ Black ]

Eye Color
[ Purple ]

Skin Tone
[ Fair ]

[ 5'6" ]

[ 120 lbs ]


I am doing my best and that's enough.

Potential Interest
None at the current moment: Romance is not something she particularly plans to put in her schedule. Sure she thinks about it, but It’s more so in the back of her mind.


    Reaping || Her weapon of choice is a scythe with a blade made of carbon steel alloy coated in a thin layer of silver and she’s not afraid to use it. She also knows how to use a variety of other weapons.
    110% || When it comes to anything, Luna gives it her all. The one thing she’ll never be is a slacker.
    Memory || Almost photographic, her memory is sharper than the scythe she wields.


Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.

    Although she loves animals, Lunaria is a terrible pet-owner. She’s had to replace Goldie (She’s not very creative with names) more times than what should be allowed. Right now she’s on Goldie XLVIII.

    Poker Face || Luna lacks facial expression a majority of the time.
    Nails || When she feels anxious about something she often resorts to cope with it by biting her nails.
    Picky || She’s a finicky person when it comes to most things. The best example is that she’s extremely choosy when it comes to food and what she’ll wear.

    Reading || Whenever she can, Lunaria will have her nose in the spine of a book. She loves to read and can’t seem to get enough of it.
    Apples || All time favorite food and 50% of her diet. She specifically prefers Honeycrisp and Gala apples over all other types.
    Animals || Unfortunately, Lunaria has a soft spot for animals. She would just love to have a pet bunny or a cat, maybe both, but due to allergies she settles for a goldfish that sits in a bowl beside her bed.

    Starch || Luna is completely repulsed by most carbohydrates. This includes bread, rice, potatoes, cake, crackers, cookies, etc.
    Dishonesty || As a brutally honest person she naturally can't stand it when people lie.
    Swimming || She cannot swim and has no interest in doing so; never even thought to learn.

    Agility || She’s like a rabbit, a fast runner who’s very light on her feet… making it a near impossible task to catch her.
    Fearless || Other than small spaces, Lunaria is unmoved by everything else
    Persistence || If she has a will she will find a way and she would much rather try and fail then fail to try.

    Strength || Physically, Lunaria isn’t very strong. Without a weapon she is typically defenseless in a fight, however, she will still put up one no matter who or what the enemy is.
    Animals || She has a pet allergy. This causes her to have symptoms similar to that of hay fever when she’s near most animals; sneezing, runny nose, and red, watery, and itchy eyes.
    Claustrophobia || When she was little she played a game of hide-and-seek with her friends and she hid in a tiny closet that accidentally locked behind her. Hours passed, she waited and waited, but no one came. That's when she realized that she was locked in. Lunaria cried and screamed for someone to get her out, but it wasn't until the next day that people realized she was missing and found her weeping in the closet. This event has left Luna completely traumatized.


I’m not rude, I’m honest. I just speak what’s on my mind, even if most can’t handle the truth.

Resilient | Stubborn | Brave | Blunt

Lunaria does not care what other people think about her, but under her thick skin she’s her own worst enemy. Hard on herself for even the smallest mistakes, but she never gives up on herself or anyone or anything she believes in. Someone who is never going to quit until she is victorious or lets out her final breath. She’s a fighter, a leader, and relies on only herself to get things done. On top of that, she’s a hard worker, headstrong, fearless, and frank. If there’s anything Luna has on her mind you better believe she wouldn’t hesitate to say it.

Until she is certain that she can trust someone, Lunaria is not always so friendly. Naturally, she’s not antisocial, but because of a couple events in her past she always has to have her guard up no matter what. To those who prove that they’re worthy of her friendship, she’ll show a softer side most people don’t get to see. Although she tends to keep a straight face and a don’t care kind of attitude, she always tries to be a good person and do the right thing.


Fall seven times, stand up eight.

Lunaria wasn’t born into the Order, rather it was fate that brought her into the arms of a Templar named, Elric Cross. Elric is a high-ranking individual within the Order and the man she calls her father. Lunaria doesn’t know who her real parents are, if they’re alive, dead, or what, but she is eternally grateful to have been saved.

Standing in front of an abandoned house in the middle of the woods, that’s where Lunaria’s story begins. The wind whistled through the trees and trembled the creaky floor boards. A particular witch that Elric and his unit had been chasing for months was finally cornered. She had kidnapped Lunaria, who was only a baby no more than a month old. So now that the Templars had the grand opportunity, the witch was killed and the child was taken under the wing of the Order. So from the start, Lunaria was destined to live a life far from normal. Early on, it was ingrained into her as to what role she would play in this secret society. As a Templar she would slay evil and rid the world of their darkness just like what her father and his men did for her. For most of her life she has been working up to where she is now. Training day in and day out, but nothing could have ever prepared her for when she would come to find out that she had been bound to a demon. Asmodeus, the Demon Prince of the Circle of Lust.

Luna can’t kill him because if he dies so does she, and obviously, she can’t tell the other templars because they’d simply execute her for treachery. There’s hardly anything she can to do to reverse the curse. So even if her fate is locked and the key is thrown into the ocean, all she really wants to know is the truth. Why is Lunaria Cross, an ordinary Templar, bound to Asmodeus? Are the beings the Order is trying to eradicate really all bad, and how many more secrets will be uncovered?


Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth.

So begins...

Lunaria Cross's Story

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An investigation was underway. It was like some of the usual orders they received from the higher ups. When it came to missions, it was commonplace to have little information to go by, however, in general there was not a single thing that struck Lunaria with any worry. Perhaps it was her condition or just her character, but either way the unknown was not something she faced cowardly. She was skilled and confident in not only herself, but the only other Templar who came to accompany her. A young man she trusted with her life and had known since childhood. A guy who always had a gun locked, loaded, and ready to fire silver bullets. Lunaria connected her gaze and nodded her head to signify readiness for whatever came next.

They enter the warehouse and before her eyes even glanced upon the figures standing ahead, it was as though a fuzzy wave of electricity surged through her skin only to ricochet off her bones. With pulsing veins, blood throughout her body rushed, her heart wobbled within her chest, her head began to hurt, and her stomach curled into knots. Pupils dilated, her brain would feel like it turned itself off. Those mortal eyes couldn’t see the magical aura floating around, but the intense feeling among them all was noticeable. Something she felt before from previous encounters with witches and the like, yet this feeling in particular was something that she had never experienced. It was much stronger. Unbeknownst to her, a powerful spell quickly locked itself inside like a letter being shut and sealed neatly into an envelope.

After that second it was all over. Regaining stance and gripping tightly onto the snath of her scythe, Lunaria prepared herself to fight. What that sudden sickly feeling was, she didn’t know - it was so out of the blue. In the moment there was no time to think.

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#, as written by CutUp
It was quiet, and quiet was never a good sign. Jimmy, and Lunaria were sent by the higher ups to investigate a supposed gathering of witches, but now that they were on site he had his doubts about that. But the Templars wouldn't send them here if there wasn't something worth investigating. They entered the warehouse through the back entrance, a more preferable option than going through the front door, there was too many unknowns for a frontal assault, and besides, the element of surprise was any hunter's best friend, no matter what the prey is.

The warehouse was almost completely empty, save for two other people. Jimmy hid around a corner, watching them carefully, and noted the spellwork on the ground, definitely not human. He could almost feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand as he watched the pair, something wasn't right. He glanced over at Lunaria, and saw that something about her. Though whatever it was it seemed it was over as quickly as it started.

Jimmy readied his pistol, taking aim at the pair. "I'll lay down suppressing fire while you get in close. Try to draw them away from the door, we need to cut off their exit." He whispered to Lunaria. "Ready when you are."

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Now that the girl’s attention was back on the task at hand, she too took notice of the ground, and from her knowledge she came to the exact same conclusion as Jimmy. What exactly they were dealing with was a mystery soon to be uncovered, but no matter what they were in for, the both of them were set.

Her eyes remained locked on the ominous subjects as her partner whispered to her while aiming his gun. “Got it.” She replied quietly so that only he could hear, “On two…”

“One,” Lunaria’s eyes focused intently on her targets and her mind played her plan out. She took in a gentle breath and hoped this would go off without a hitch.


Luna charged out from behind the corner. Instead of going directly towards the pair, she ran more so towards the side so that she could try to trap in the vermin.

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Pain under control, Baal was slowly getting to her feet as Asmodeus entered. Her face was tight from the effort, but her expression held the fierce determination that had driven her to this plan in the first place. Closing the book, she looked up at the Demon Prince and sighed. Banter had never been her strong suit, though it seemed to please the other demons plenty. Witty commentary and snide remarks was a little beyond her- possibly she hadn't the pride for it.

"Just what is it that you're doing, Bally? What game are you playing?"

"I should think you would have the intelligence to recognise a binding spell when you see one, Asmodeus." Nailed it.

"You know, you could have just asked me to hand over my Circle instead of going to all this trouble. I would have said no, but still."

She looked at him, something akin to hesitation gracing her expression before it fell blank. She knew he was trapped by the spell by this point, until a viable target came within the range she had set, but for all her planning, she hadn't expected a conversation.

"I assure you it's no trouble at all," Baal replied, though the fine sheen of sweat on her forehead suggested otherwise. "I have no intention of giving you a speech. If you wish, I can provide you with the basics."

She shrugged, the book falling from her hands and floating into the backpack she had brought with her. "I'm not unfair after all."

"I'm binding you to a Templar. You die, they die. They die, you die. You get the idea. When the Templars eventually kills one and then both of you-- yes. I will take your Circle. It's been a long time coming and, frankly, I don't feel like you've been making the most of your power. This is simply... A paradigm shift. Replacing staff."

Az's eyes narrowed, the carefree look on his face finally vanishing. He waited for several seconds before answering. Princes waging battles between one another happened all the time, but most were out of sheer boredom, not actual want for more power.

"You know the cost of upsetting the balance of power, of breaking those seals. Besides that, bound to a Templar or not, you expect me to just roll over and die?" He grit his teeth. There had to more going on to this than she let on. "Are you sure you're ready to accept the consequences? I'd say you'd be condemned, but we're already damned, aren't we?"

Baal remained silent while he spoke, keeping her face neutral. Asmodeus was no fool-- she had expected that. She tensed slightly when he spoke of the consequences.  "If you would roll over and die, that would certainly make the process more efficient," she said. "But factoring in a far more... fragile individual seemed necessary under the circumstances."

It looked as though she was about to say more, when a sudden shift in the atmosphere caused her to look up.

"I took the liberty of facilitating the rumour of a coven operating in the area," she explained. "The cavalry is just in time. This is going to hurt, I'm afraid."

As Lunaria came closer, the circle beneath Asmodeus's feet reacted and began to glow. The spell took effect- binding the two together as designed, seared through their bodies and tightened, like an invisible rope curling around them.

A door behind her opened, and though she didn't turn around to see, she knew the Templars had arrived. Too late to turn back now. Though she couldn't hear what they said, she picked up low whispers as the two humans discussed their plans. As Lunaria began to move forward, Baal bent down to pick up her backpack. Then, doing a half turn towards Lunaria, raised her hand and set the entire warehouse on fire. Hoping this would be enough to distract the mortals for now, she turned back to give Asmodeus a curteous nod. She intended to make her escape before the spell released its hold on him-- though Baal was not averse to fighting, she knew better than to underestimate an emotionally distressed Demon Prince.

"Goodbye, Asmodeus. I'm sure we'll see each other again soon."

With that, Baal threw a glance in Lunaria's direction, wanting to catch a glimpse of the other person unwittingly involved in her plan. A small smile played at the edge of her lips as she walked into the flames-- and vanished.