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Bioshock: 1979

Bioshock: 1979


We all know the fall of Rapture, of how it went to ruin. But what if...what if it didn't? At least, what if things did not go as badly as they did?

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We all know of the fall of Rapture. It started with Adam, and then Fontaine and Ryan, Atlas and Lamb. All of these factors, all spiraling outward. There was always going to be tension between Ryan and Fontaine, that was certain. But Adam accelerated things, Plasmids and Gene Tonics accelerated them too but the main problem from the start was Adam. Its addictiveness, the degeneration. All of it came from those damned slugs and the miracle drug that was paid for in horror.

But what if, early on someone managed to find a way to fix Adam sickness? Or at least, found a way to avoid it? What if that was what happened in this timeline? When Adam was discovered, and after Adam sickness was discovered, they found a way to fix, or at least reduce, the problem. Of course, it was not a universal fix and today, Splicers are still a threat to Rapture. For you see, what they did was find a way to use Adam, or at least a limited amount of it, to modify oneself. If one went over the limit they should, which unfortunately there were plenty of idiots and people who got addicted to the power who did, then they would eventually become what was known as Splicers. But it meant that there were still people who could use Plasmids without worry, and Tonics were even easier. A person who could not splice a single Plasmid could have a Tonic.

Anyways, thanks to that Rapture did not become the wretched city that was seen through the eyes of Jack, Subject Delta, Brigid Tenenbaum, Subject Sigma, and others. Instead, the city still has its troubles though, as there were some who ended up splicing too far and Splicers still became an issue, as well as other problematic issues rising. The city was still falling into chaos, and certainly the lack of morals from a number of people did not help, but ultimately the city today remains semi functioning. It has still declined, but because in this timeline the Adam issue was the point where not everyone who used Adam became a was able to not fall so far.

But again, the city is still in chaos. So the question is...what role will you play in the coming events, as a new wave of chaos threatens to overrun the city?

Here are some notes:

-Ryan did not die to Jack. Fontaine was "killed" in a firey shootout, and now Atlas runs a major criminal/rebel organization against him from the shadows.

-Lamb's Religious Faction is in existence. She was detained in Persephone, but also broke out and then took control before going into hiding. Between her and Atlas, there is a constant war for Adam.

-Tenenbaum is still in the city, but is also working from the shadows as her work to free the little sisters is against the plans of Ryan and Lamb, and also takes Adam way from Fontaine.

-Suchong still gets drilled in by a Big Daddy.

-Gil Alexander is currently in charge of Fontaine Futuristics, and is not a member of Lamb's cult. He runs it honestly, though it has become a competer against Ryan Industries.

-Cohen is still a crazy, sadistic artist whose muse still has a very short attention span. Although he maintains himself in civilized gatherings and in public...well, no one really wants to ask the questions everyone has in mind or hears about.

-With exception of anything that contradicts this timeline's story, all content and audio logs from Bioshock, Bioshock 2, AND Minerva's Den would be considered cannon, such as the Security Methods, the Thinker, and various Plasmids and Tonics would also be there. However, I am not against inventing new ones. But remember, you cant go overboard on powers. And no pulling a protagonist and carrying like, eight different weapons either.

-Little Sisters and Big Daddies are still in existence, but the issue has been brought up a few times. However, supposedly there are some that develop their own Big Daddies...and others are moving in the darkness to collect Adam their own ways.

-Even though over half the population is still human, there always seems to be a dangerously large number of Splicers. This is still a source of mystery to this day.

-Old Areas of Rapture can be used and referenced (though perhaps some with care), but new ones are also appreciated. While not necessary, please keep in mind to try and describe them in detail please.

-Diane McClintock did become Ryan's Wife, and they had a son oddly enough named Jack. Jack is currently twenty years old and just about to take control of Ryan Industries as his father is pretty much retiring soon, if not essentially already.

-Immoral experiments and such are still going on to this day. Rapture was funded on such ideals, after all.

-Big Sisters are NOT a thing, as the Little Sisters get snatched by someone...usually Tenenbaum...before they can get that old. However, in exchange, former Little Sisters that grow up may experience the ability to use the traces of Plasmids in their bodies with no risk at all.

-At some point, Little Brothers also became a thing. Because Sexism is bad.

-Spitfire is now a popular game in Rapture, and other games have also been developed thanks to the Thinker.

-Minerva's Den is still functioning and flourishing. Charles Milton Porter still runs it, though Wahl is ever trying to take control and often gains access to certain systems to try and cause mayhem for Porter. Still, Rapture keeps functioning.

-Rapture is being expanded and built outward constantly as the population has increased throughout the decades.

"...Audio Log Recovery Complete. Initiating playback".

"...Oh god...oh god...(garbled noises, as well as gunshots and something getting smashed)...everyone, anyone, whoever hears this listen! We are all screwed! Its get away! Get away from me! Noooo...!"

Character Sheet Suggestion:



Age: (Appearance/Actual if relevant)


Plasmids and Explanations:

Tonics and Explanations:

Before Rapture: (If Applicable, given that Rapture has been around for about 40 years now its entirely possible for your character to not have a "Before Rapture").

Life in Rapture:

Opinions on the Ideology of Ryan, Fontaine, Atlas, Lamb, and Other Notable Characters:

Least Favorite Splicer:

Weapons and Training: (Unless for some reason you are that huge, or a Big Daddy for whatever reason, no Big Daddy Weapons like that Machine Gun or the Rivet Gun or the Drill)

Other Tools and Equipment:

Other Skills:

Where in Rapture do you live?:

Opinions on Adam:

Personality Notes:



Opinions on Big Daddies:


Toggle Rules

Play nice with others.

Have fun.

Be creative.

Be adventurous.

Remember that I AM THE LAW!!! (please remember to use the right voice when reading that)

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Character Portrait: David Turner
Character Portrait: Lyle Parson


Character Portrait: Lyle Parson
Lyle Parson

Don't judge a book by its cover. An all around Problem Solver kind of person, he deals in a wide variety of odd jobs and such. But he also doesn't really trust anyone because of his past.

Character Portrait: David Turner
David Turner

Rapture Engineer, someone who tries to keep everything working.


Character Portrait: David Turner
David Turner

Rapture Engineer, someone who tries to keep everything working.

Character Portrait: Lyle Parson
Lyle Parson

Don't judge a book by its cover. An all around Problem Solver kind of person, he deals in a wide variety of odd jobs and such. But he also doesn't really trust anyone because of his past.

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Character Portrait: David Turner
David Turner

Rapture Engineer, someone who tries to keep everything working.

Character Portrait: Lyle Parson
Lyle Parson

Don't judge a book by its cover. An all around Problem Solver kind of person, he deals in a wide variety of odd jobs and such. But he also doesn't really trust anyone because of his past.

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