Defender of Rapture, this Big Daddy is part of the Defiant line and was tasked with protecting the city. Now they are missing and gone is the key to raising Rapture.

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a character in “Bioshock: Ascension”, as played by Conquerer_Man



*Note: This is the closest pic I could find to what I had in mind. The equipment and everything else still stands and over rides this picture, which is only here to show the general idea I had for Epsilon. I will eventually find or scan the picture I wanted. He's also more of a blueish color and much large/bulkier*


Being larger than normal Big Daddies and designed to tangle with things like submarines and depth charges, Epsilon is hardly bothered by the small splicers and the like. This gives him an air of aloofness and indifference though that is not always the case. Much like other Big Daddies he does take the stance of β€œDon’t bother me and I won’t bother you"


Epsilon is equipped with two shoulder mounted torpedo tubes as well as a duel machine guns on his arms that are built to be able to fire underwater as well as in the air. Due to this his machine guns don't do as much damage as a normal weapon of the same caliber would. His torpedo tubes don't work outside of the water. His suit is also much more armored and hardened than a normal Big Daddy's.


Much like every other Big Daddy, Epsilon's past before he was transformed into what he is today. The production line of Defiants began soon after the first Alpha series was being used. Much like all other candidates for other Big Daddy lines, those set to become Defiant Big Daddies were often subjected to massive plasmid testing. This is were the similarities end though. Upon completion of the Big Daddy program any regural Big Daddy is bonded with a Little Sister (in the case of the Alpha series) or Little Sisters in general. The Defiants on the other hand were not bonded at all but rather conditioned into resolute soldiers who would follow orders from Andrew Ryan and fight to defend Rapture. They were subjected to treatment that increased their strength, endurance, and brain power (Brain size was increased due to the demands of being able to telepathicly hack a machine from a distance and to allow them to control the torpedo's directly). Eventually a total of thriteen Defiants were created and stationed around (designated Alpha through Nu). Over the years though every single one, with the exception of Epsilon and Beta (killed during the Civil war), has gone missing. It is presumed that they have been reclaimed by the sea or have suffered complications due to their treatments.

Epsilon was the fifth in the Defiant line. Stationed outside of the city, Epsilon spent a majority of his days patrolling the sea floor, on the look out for any threats. This gave him immense time to spend thinking, sharpening his brain (something that the other lines of Big Daddies didn't have the privilege to). This time spent outside also saved his life. During the Civil War of Rapture, Defiants were considered by Atlas and his men to be signs of Ryan's oppression. Able to keep people out, they also could keep people in. A concentrated effort was made by Atlas's men to hunt down and kill the Defiants one at a time. Unbeknown to them though that up to that point nearly half of the Defiants had gone missing. Within a year of the Civil war all but two were unaccounted for. During though the hunts for the Defiants resulted in the successful finding and killing of Beta (second Defiant made).

Epsilon was well aware of why they were hated, the others were as well. Knowing that if he stayed and kept to his duty that he would eventually be killed he decided it best to depart for a period of time. Once the chatter had died down, Epsilon knew that the war between Ryan and Atlas was over and returned to a city filled with chaos and despair. Instead of continuing his watch he felt it was better to again stay away until such a time that he felt it was necessary to take up the mantle of Guardian of Rapture again. This day has yet to come fully. He will return though.

So begins...

Epsilon's Story