Gladiues Wolfe

A young, merc and cyborg, fighting for the innocent....

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a character in “Bioshock: Rapture and Columbia”, as played by Hellbreaker


Name:Gladius "Skywolf" Wolfe
-Location: Columbia
-Race: Cyborg
-Appearance:Slender but wiry,this young merc has a multitude of scars over his body.He has spiky, dark hair, with golden amber eyes.He also has a mechanical arm with a hidden grapnel spike launcher.Arm also contains multiple spikes, allowing him to reload, if need be.He wears a sleeveless, hooded shirt, modified with metal plates.He also wears heavy duty, extra durable pants, and armored boots.
-Plasmids/Vigors: Electro Bolt,Undertow
-Weapons:A kopis style machete, and his grapnel spike.The grapnel spike can be used in a variety of ways.Dius can use it as a peircing dagger, or with the chain attached, he can use to trap enemies, or kill them from a distance.Hooks pop out from the spike at when he presses a button on his arm, allowing him to grapple rails, or hook enemies.
-Tonics/Gear: Deadly Lungers, Shock Jacket, Fleet Feet
-History:He was born to a theif and a merc. Considering his parent's relative occupations, he was soon a orphan. Fortunatley,he was adopted by one of his father's comrades, and raised a merc. Since then, he's worked for hire, even when his foster father dissappeared one day,but he's starting to get tired of fighting without some higher purpose, and is also tired of seeing innocents suffer......

So begins...

Gladiues Wolfe's Story