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Sir Roberts and Princess Lily

Big Daddy, wannabe knight

0 · 254 views · located in Rapture and Columbia

a character in “Bioshock: Rapture and Columbia”, as played by Protagonist


-Name: Sir Roberts (AKA, "Bob") and Lily

-Age: 40 and 7

-Faction: None

-Race: Big Daddy/Little Sister pair


-Plasmids/Vigors: None

-Weapons: Drill (Which he thinks is a sword)

-Tonics: Drill Vampire, Ice Storm

-History: Robert was a construction worker nearly killed in a demolitions accident. Because he was going to die anywhos, The Rapture Family had him turned into a Big Daddy without his permission. As part of an experiment, they decided to see what would happen if they gave a big daddy similar mental conditioning to the little sisters. The result is that Sir Roberts and Princess Lily are mutually deluded into thinking that they're in some fairy tale palace. Their hobbies include tea parties and hopscotch.

So begins...

Sir Roberts and Princess Lily's Story


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Journal of Juliette Devereaux;

Today I awoke to the smell of blueberry pancakes filling Dad’s workshop. Which if you knew my family wasn’t a very good sign, you see mom only really cooks anything with blueberries when she’s depressed so I had a hunch something had happened to make her feel a little of. I got up out of my cot and walked to the small hot plate mom had been using since we moved down here a few months ago. Before we took up residence in the workshop Mom and Dad had a nice apartment on a higher level, but when a splicer broke in and nearly got dad with his fly down, we all thought living in a room with sound proof walls and a much stronger door was far safer than any “luxury” apartment. If you can call a one room no bath “luxury”.
Anyway! I got up and tied my hair back into a bun before walking over to my parents whom were sitting the table. Dad was reading the paper and mom was cooking as stated previously. I sat down hesitantly as mom set down a letter addressed to me right in front of me. No doubt this is what was upsetting her.

I opened up the letter to read it; all some legal jargon about a Bathysphere that someone wanted me to find. Not a really big deal, at least not to me Dad did jobs like this all the time and it wasn’t a surprised they’d call me one day to pick up the ones he declined.

“What do you think Dad?” I asked. “You’ve no doubt had time to look over this as well.”

“It pays well, and they’ve already done the hard part for you Juliette. Only thing left is the HARD part.” He spoke. I never really understood Dad’s source of logic but I suppose that’s for the best.

“It sounds pretty square to me, and lord knows we need the money.” I said.

“We don’t need anything.” Mom spoke as she placed a big helping of pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, and some sort of fish in front of me. “We are doing fine, right now.”

“But still Andrew Ryan’s Bathysphere got to say that’s a pretty tempting offer.” I said before stuffing my face. After breakfast I headed out to Neptune’s Bounty to find this old tube, telling my parents I’d be fine and it wouldn’t take more than a few days. Dad made sure I took his hand cannon with me for protection but I hope I never have to use it.

When I got down here, I climbed into a vent and started my search for that ol' Bathysphere.


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The Spider splicer held in her hands two hooks. She looked at the pneumo lines, and then at her hands, and then back to the pneumo. She ran up and used them to quickly latch onto the lines. Speeding ahead, she saw a Big Daddy with a little sister on her shoulders. Oh, how she wanted ADAM...Still, she decided not to bother them. She still valued her life a little. She saw a Juliette down there, but ignored her. She saw two people in police uniforms. But not like Rapture's police; not even close. Highly suspicious. Plus, they were getting close to her 'home' or rather, her dwelling built out of cardboard. She landed in front of them and raised her hooks. She speaks with an eery voice. "Who dares to come to my-"

One of the two columbian police officers fire their sawed-off shotguns at her. She...doesn't take it well. She screams and runs towards them. However, she dies before she can get within the distance to rip their throats out. Their gunshots can be heard only faintly from Juliet's position, and unfortunately, gunshots are common in Rapture.

One officer says "Did you really have to do that?"
The second says "Hell yeah, I did. Do you think she was gonna want to give us a hug?"

After a little while, Juliette will come to a fork in the road. Maybe she should try to visit the Wharf to see if the bathysphere got trapped in a fishing net. Or, maybe she should check closer to the smuggler's den in the freezer. Perhaps it was used for smuggling purposes?

The setting changes from Rapture to Rapture and Columbia

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"Sir Roberts" and "Princess Lily" were playing hopscotch on the ground. The Hopscotch board is drawn with some reddish material...
Hopefully, it's red paint.
Lily tosses a spent brass casing onto the board. She skips gracefully across the board and then says "Now you try, Mr. Bubbles!"
Sir B. looked at the board. Unsure.
Lily said "Please!?"
Sir B. took a few steps back, but then he finally made the jump. He landed poorly, however: His body is simply too bulky and cumbersome to hop on one foot. And for that matter, his boots were almost as big as the square. He ended up touching the lines. His lights grew slightly orange. He would never understand why Lily would keep trying to get him to play this game!
That's when he saw a spider splicer move on by. He raised his 'sword' a little, but it passed him by and went to the Wharf. He turned back to Lily.

After a little while Sir B. hears something. Sinclair Solutions had screwed with his brain quite a bit, but he still had enough sense to understand gunshots.

Lily shouted "ADAM!" and began to head towards the Wharf. Sir Roberts grabbed her by the head with his left hand, preventing her from going anywhere.

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Juliette Devereaux Journal Entry Two:

“The vents aren’t the more comfortable way to travel at least not for me but it’s a hell of a lot safer than the ground. I guess Splicers aren’t fond of them and Big Daddies are WAY too big to fit though. I decided to head towards the Warf when coming to a fork, since it made a pretty good lick of sense that the bathysphere caught in a net or something, but if I’m wrong I’ll circle back to Smuggler’s Den.

I kept moving not knowing how long I had been moving till I saw a grate and peeked though, where I saw a Big Daddy and Little sister playing strangely Hopscotch. Guess everyone needs a brake once and a while. I kept moving heading towards a gunshot in the distance, not something I usually look to do but today was an exception to all the rules I guess.

I started to feel the Vent buckle from under me, “uh oh” I gasped and started to head faster though the vent, maybe it wasn’t such a good Idea to head this way. ‘Crash’ the vent fell from behind me, I hesitantly looked behind me to see the thing fallen to the floor. ‘Jimmy Cricket, now I got to fix that later.’ Suddenly I felt myself falling and heading straight for the floor and dumpster filled with errr… garbage.

‘squish’ I landed on the top, ‘Pixie dust!’ I cursed, and lifted my head up only to set it back down a moment later. ‘Harder than I thought’ I thought to myself.”