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A little sister, don't judge her by her weakness and her need for protection from Big Sister Yena. She has a secret that only she is aware of and it's a secret that could result in her death if the wrong person found out about it.

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a character in “Bioshock: Rapture Drowning”, as played by teegaroo



Something weird happened when Hope was cured, the man who cured her had to leave before the process was completed and Hope was left half little sister half human. Her eyes still glowed an ugly yellow, her skin was still a shade of sea foam green and she still looked like a monster. She had seen a cured little sister once before and she knew that this wasn't how she was supposed to look. Her eyes we're supposed to have white in them, her skin should of been a milky white, her cheeks pink like roses and just her in general was supposed to be well...a little girl. Hope only reaches a height of 4 ft and is extremely skinny. She looks like some sort of green skeleton. Hope always wears a purple pin stripe dress, with a white apron, white collar and 4 white buttons. Her dress has gotten a few rips from the years she has spent in rapture. Blood is splattered across her dress and mud covers the bottom of it. Hopes hair is brown, greasy and stringy. She wears it up in a ponytail with a white ribbon around it. Hope never wears shoes, she prefers bare feet.

(Picture on left is how she looks now. Picture on right is how she looks if she ever gets fully cured)


Hope has a hard life, she has to deal with something that has never happened before in Rapture. She has the feelings, mind and thoughts of a normal girl but she must act like a little sister in order to protect herself from others. Even Hopes real personality is odd, since she has never been around children she doesn't know how they act. She's only seen violence and terror and therefore thinks that everyone is a monster. Hope loves to think, it's her favourite part about being half cured, she likes to just sit and let thoughts run through her head. Which is why she doesn't talk much. Hope doesn't like violence. She thinks that it is crazy to fight to solve a problem especially when it can end in death. She's seen to many of her sisters murdered by greedy splicers. So when the time comes to fight she's one to run. If the time comes when it's either fight or die she is willing to protect herself...but then again that's why she has her Big Sister Yen isn't it? The worts part for Hope of becoming half human was that Rapture no longer looked beautiful. She had always seen the true rapture whens hew as scared or when she was collecting but at least after it would go back to a beautiful place with angels and statues. But now all she sees is ugliness. She doesn't like extracting Adam because she now knows that it's not really an angel and is instead a dead body. So at times she might seem to act a little odd when she has to extract Adam.


A needle used for extracting Adam from the dead bodies of splicers, otherwise known as "Angels." Needle is made out of a hose handle, a needle and a baby bottle.



Hope has been in Rapture for a while now. In fact she has been in Rapture so long that she has forgotten how long it has been. A while ago a man came to Hope, he grabbed ahold of her and something happened. She began to feel something growing inside of her, it was warm and it started to run through her. Then she heard a loud bang and it all ended. The man fell to the ground and Hope ran. She ran until she couldn't anymore and when she looked at herself she noticed that she was still a monster but something was different. She could think. She could actually think for herself. She could feel. She felt sad for the man because he knew he was dad but she was overjoyed that she was...well no longer a full monster.

Things changed after that. Hope knew that she couldn't just act like she was normal she would still have to pretend to be a little sister. If anyone found out that she was half who knows what they would do with her. Like a little sister Hope didn't age she stayed 9 years old and still looks the same as she did when she first came to rapture. Things were starting to get dangerous though and Hope was having trouble protecting herself. Mr.Bubbles was dead and she couldn't find another one who didn't already have a little sister. So she stayed in hiding. Only coming out to gather Adam and to get some food. Other then that she remained in the dark, broken buildings of Rapture. That is until Yen came. Yen was a new big sister in Rapture so Hope knew that she wouldn't know a lot about little sisters and she probably wouldn't see the difference between her and a normal little sister. Hope agreed to be Yens little sister. Hope now sits on Yens back and gathers Adam just like all other little sisters do. The only hard part is thats she is aware of what is going on and she knows that something has to be done.

So begins...

Hope's Story