James Alexander Hautreeve

James is a man sent from "The Sodom Below" just like Booker DeWitt, except his job is to assassinate Zachary J. Comstock.

0 · 86 views · located in Bioshock Universe, Columbia, Early 1900s

a character in “Bioshock: Revolution”, as played by DendoNeko


Age: 22
Physical description: Long brown hair, green eyes, scrawny frame, 5'10. Wears a trench coat, with a long sleeved shirt underneath. Usually keeps the coat open.
Equipment & Abilities: He has a sniper rifle, and a lever action shotgun to help him out. He also has a Skyhook he picked up from the ground, the hooks still bloody from a previous battle. He has no vigors yet.
Historical Background: He was born inn the city of Chicago, in the U.S.A., 1890. He was raised there, and when he was 18, became a worker in Rapture for a small (Very small) amount of time. He came back to the U.S.A 2 years later, off the coast of Maine, and found a lighthouse. He had to stay there for awhile, because he needed to rest from his rowing. (He had rowed about 5 miles already) He found a odd door, at the top of the lighthouse. Then two people came (Luteces) with a box, and when he opened it, they were gone. It had his shotgun inside, and a note saying "Assassinate Zachary J. Comstock, in the city of Columbia. Then you will be brought back to your home. He thought he could easily get home, until he realized they took the oars from his boat. On the back of the note, were a scroll, a sword, and a key. The sword had "2x" underneath it, along with the key. He remembered the door on the roof, and rang the bells. The sky turned red every time he did, but when it finally opened, all the was inside was: A chair. he thought to himself, what could be so great about a chair?" So he sat in it. That's when it turned into a rocket-zeppilen thing, and took off to Columbia. He has just landed, confused of what just happened,

So begins...

James Alexander Hautreeve's Story