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a character in “Birthstone Spirits: The Great Escape”, originally authored by birthstone_spirits, as played by RolePlayGateway


/Lost soul, unresolved problems, and a fistful of hate./

The Cyclopean
|Destructive|Blood thirsty|Irrational|Soulless|Ferocious|Aggressive|Consciousless|Heightened Senses|Night-walker|Flesh-ripper|Hive-Minded|

Age: Lifespan Unknown
Nation: Found throughout Aires
Height: 9~11ft
Eyes: none
Hair: none

*Blue blooded
*Skeletal frame
*Reptilian tri-toed feet
*Long sharp teeth with dramatic curves
*Dark flesh: Black-Blue, Black-Purple
*Dramatically elongated heads
*Long scaly tails or no tails at all.

Unknown to earth— the cyclopean have been in Aires since the beginning of time and many ancient anecdotes about them are found in Arian Literature. As of now, the Arians have found ways to push the cyclopean away from their villages and travel routes using superstitious rituals utilizing sages and salts.

Often times, trappers are hired to clear cyclopean out of uncolonized forests for the purpose of city planning and expansion.

The origin of cyclopean is debatable. Shamans claim that they are the results of tortured human souls that were not put to rest properly, while members of the church claim that the cyclopean could not have come from the human because of their belief is that the human is inherently good. They believe that the cyclopean could have only been the product of Oblivion’s own imagination.

Most cyclopean look the same, however there are some special cyclopean that can take the form of a human, and imitate human emotion. These types are particularly dangerous and spark paranoia in the extremely religious parts of Aires. This paranoia is the cause of many demon hunts and the false execution of many misunderstood persons.

From a fortress of solitude,

and a dominion of malevolence,

the cyclopean rose like some hellish miracle

from the pit of the evil king’s heart.

So begins...

Cyclopean's Story

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The ominous tree creaking grew louder. It was rather unsettling to see a large oak leaning forward as if to tell a secret.
“I think it’s going to fall,” the blonde muttered under her breath, though not too loudly. Who was she to warn them? In their eyes she found uneasy sentiments towards her, though she couldn’t distinguish their fear from their confusion. This park of what seemed to be overly-sheltered Airians wasn’t the place for her. In fact, she considered a select few to be a little loony. So without much commotion, she continued her walk in the opposite direction of the tree’s path.
But, no, she felt bad. They could have thought she was a crazy dirt bag, but even those judgments weren’t harmful enough to make Tallyho content with watching them get injured by a reasonably large tree. With a decent amount of time in her favor, she posed her first warning.

“I would move if I were you,” she called as she pivoted into a turn and began to walk back towards them, “the tree is falling.”

She only hoped that they respected her enough as a human to take her advice. The tree continued tipping—roots ripped from the soil—until it barreled to the ground. Tallyho, eager to see the damage, made her way over to the plot in which the tree had once been planted.

“Such sloppy city planning,” she hummed as she stood over the plot with her delicate finger tapping against her chin. She took a single step back, turned her head, and offered an even gaze to the others. Long waves of leaf-laden locks swept and looped across her neck, her eyes seemed livelier when paired with the slight smirk that beckoned for some sort of concurrence—for someone to second her comment. It was clear that she thought she was being a little clever but, of course, what little mirth she had died when she figured that none of them would give her conversation the time of day. Instead, they’d call am-bull-lances and perform facial exercises to perfect their “judgmental” expressions.
Unamused, she looked to the plot again.

Then her eyes re-widened, brow furrowed, soft pink lips pursed into a frown.

As she watched a skeletal hand emerge from the plot, she let out a dissatisfied grunt. Really? How could a city be so sheltered when they couldn’t even spare the time to purify the area? She began to surf through vaguely memorized school lessons.
“How do you deal with this again?” she thought to herself as she took a few small steps back—putting some distance between her and the plot. She made sure not to move too far though—if those people couldn’t handle someone falling out of a tree, they definitely couldn’t handle that issue.
Was she supposed to go for the head? No, groin—throat—heart? Wait.
She never had to deal with this hands-on before. She witnessed tavern brawlers do it a few times, but it was always in the dead of night, and all of them were drunk so they threw their fists and knives at whatever living (or nonliving) thing sat in front of them which was, in a lot cases, each other.

She had to think faster. The hand—the thin, black, reptilian hand, twisted its way to the surface—rose with an ominous consistency—it’s darkness overshadowed the blackest of soils. She began to pat herself down in search of a knife.
And, of course she didn’t have one, but it was worth a try. Unsure of what to do next, Tallyho served her final warning.

“If I were you, I’d just go away now,” she said. She really hated herself right now; she could have just fled when she first noticed that something was wrong. Those people seemed smart enough to run away on their own terms, but something in her gut told her to stay.

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#, as written by Linnea
Autumn frowned. This girl had fallen out of a tree and didn't want an ambulance? What was she, a druggie? Alcoholics she could handle. Drugs she could not. How would she even help someone who was stoned? She imagined it wouldn't be like bringing Emily to bed with a glass of water after she hit the booze.

As the girl stepped on a pine cone, Autumn winced. Yeah, she was definitely stoned. The situation was starting to make Autumn a bit uncomfortable. Sure, she had been to parties with alcohol. Drugs, however, were never present. Just the thought of them freaked her out. What if the girl started yelling at traffic or worse, attacking others? Autumn wasn't quite sure of the effect drugs had on people, but she was certain they weren't good.

Honestly, this whole day was just weird. A girl falling out of a tree, a young man bumping into another and presumably ready to start a fight, it was all just too much. Autumn backed away, not willing to deal with whatever nonsense was going on. Maybe this was the norm for New York, but not for her. She pondered going back to the hotel. Though, she could get some shopping done.

The other blonde gazed at a tree, leaving Autumn feeling more uncomfortable with each passing second. She bit her lip, hand covering her purse. She felt a little bad for fearing for her safety, but one could never be too careful.

She turned, noticing a girl who had fallen to her knees. "Hey, are you okay?" She asked, feeling a slight sense of deja vu. Oh yeah, she had asked that earlier to the tree girl. Great, now this girl was looking at the tree, too. Autumn gave it a glance, just to see if there really was anything going on there. As far as she could see, there was nothing there. What was this, a mass hallucination? Though, if only two people saw it one could hardly call it mass.

The blonde extended her hand to help the girl up. She could only hope that this one wasn't on anything. From the looks of it, she seemed safe. "Here, let me help you up." The act was short lived, however, as she heard a creaking sound from nearby. She turned her head, eyes widening as the tree leaned forward with an unsettling groan. Quickly, she tried to find an explanation. Root rot maybe? That sounded plausible. She gulped, forgetting about the girl on the ground for a moment.

Autumn was well aware that the tree was falling. She didn't need anyone to tell her that it was. This didn't mean she didn't appreciate someone telling her, though. She glanced back at the fallen girl. "Come on, grab my hand." The roots flung upwards, reaching towards the sky. Not waiting to hear the girl's response, she made a grab at her and tried to get them both out of harms way. She herself was fine, but she wasn't sure if the girl she had tried to help had made it. She could only hope.

Her fearful eyes locked with the other blonde's for a moment. Was she enjoying this? She looked away, back to the fallen tree. This was crazy. This was just too crazy. Autumn shook her head, ready to just leave. She would much rather be at the hotel than in this mess. It was the hand that stopped her from walking away. She felt her heart sink. Trembling, she stood in place. Try as she might, she just couldn't will her legs to move. They twitched occasionally, as if they were teasing her. She heard the tree girl speak, though her voice seemed much farther away than it actually was. "I'm trying to run." Autumn squeaked out a reply. "I really am. I just can't seem to move." With all her willpower, she managed to step back by about two feet.

The setting changes from New York, Central Park to Aires


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“Engineering, huh? Sounds pretty intense, I don’t blame you.” Skylar did well enough in school but science was definitely not her forte. She didn’t know how her brother had survived med school (oh wait, yes she did- he was the one lucky enough to get the brains in the family).

She couldn’t help but grin at his definition of a communications major, shaking her head. “In a way, I guess so. I take a lot of public speaking and writing classes. Ultimately I want to work in public relations for a company- so basically covering the company’s ass whenever something scandalous happens and keeping the customers happy.”

Before she could open her mouth to answer his next question there was a startling crack followed by a loud crashing noise as the tree across the path fell. Startled, a soft yelp escaping her throat, as she tried not to fall off the bench.

“You know, it was great talking to you but I think I’m going to go.” Skylar said, shoving her book into her messenger bag. Trees didn’t just suddenly fall over and she wasn’t about to stick around in case it happened again.

As she stood up to leave she saw something that made her stop dead in her tracks- a black skeletal hand slowly emerging from the spot where the tree had once stood.

“Please tell me you see that too.” She whispered, unable to move or even drag her eyes away from the sight. It was at that moment that she felt a burning sensation coming from her neck, the pain sudden and stinging. Her hand flew to her neck to find the source of the pain, fingers recoiling as they brushed against the silver pendant her parents had given to her for her Sweet 16. “What’s happening?”


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Yuki looked on and the commotion and was starting to get bored again. The blonde damsel was leaving the scene and one of the first responders left for another girl to disturb the peace of reading a book. Typical flirt… he thought, rolling his eyes. Is there anything else to look at? I thought there would be some exciting shit going on!

Suddenly a girl fell to her knees, feeling pain on her neck. Yuki tried to focus on the girl to see the cause of pain, but can only see a necklace that she flinched from when trying to touch it. Afterwards, he felt an icy searing pain on his wrist where his bracelet was and immediately dropped down, losing his grip on the camera. It was as though his wrist was being encased in ice. Although it was an icy kind of pain there was a similar sensation of burning, as though it was a cold fire burning his skin. “Arggh!” Yuki grunted. “What the heck is this pain?”

Hearing a cracking noise coming from the tree made Yuki scramble to pack up the tripod and his camera before he missed another big excitement. He slipped his fingers zipping up his large black bag carrying the tripod and his other supplies before recording the fall of the great tree. He ran away from its direction but tried his best to position the camera towards it. His hands shook and he fell back from the impact of the tree, right next to the flirt, the reading girl, and the other silent guy next to them. Looking into the camera once more, Yuki noticed something peculiar. He focused his lens onto the strange object and beheld the sight of a skeletal hand coming out of the ground. He shook his head thinking his camera was busted from the fall and looked around. His own eyes can see the hand and it seemed the girl near him saw it as well since her eyes were fixated at it. He turned to the reading girl and focused the camera on her face, not really knowing what else to do but to get witnesses for the strange phenomena.

“Looks like thriller is on the loose girl. What’s your name and how do you make of this pre-apocalypse situation?”


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Initially, Harper thought the tree falling, though odd, might have been the fault of the SoHo Bohemian chick. For whatever reason...he supposed that would make her more of a tree-murderer then...well, actually, those roots still looked intact and hoLY SHIT WHAT WAS THAT?!

"Oh, I see that," Harper answered, already moving away, "And that is my cue to investigating shenanigans for this white boy, no sir."

Without waiting for a response, he turned around, nearly bumping into some weird Asian with a camera, ducked around and started running, ignoring the paths. He did wonder briefly if maybe he should have grabbed the girl's hand and taken her with him, but he dismissed the thought. She was in college. Studying communications. It shouldn't take her that long to realize she'd need to hightail it out of there. And if she didn't manage to escape whatever was connected to that scary looking black claw hand thing...well, at least she'd never find out he had lied about City College.

Something hot flared around the v of his collarbone. Instinctively he reached towards it, and immediately his fingers seared with heat, causing him to shout out loud. He barely managed to pull his fingers away when something dull bounced off the side of his head. Disoriented and dealing with two different pains, his feet forgot how to move properly and he fell over. When his brain started working again he realized he had interrupted a game of frisbee.

"Punks!" he shouted as he got back to his feet, rubbing his head where the disk had hit him, fingers still sore, "Watch what you're doing!"

"You're the one who ran in the middle of us!" one of the players yelled back, the other player retrieving the frisbee, "What, the rest of central park ain't enough room for you to run around? You have to run directly in between us? Idiot!"

"What, you've got this one area specifically reserved for you two?" Harper shot back, voice pitching in volume, "I don't see any names on this grass! I can run wherever the hell I want here and right now I decided I wanted to run through here!" Harper flicked the bird at both of them, "Frickin' Morons!"

"What you say? WHAT you say?!"

"You heard me, dipshits!"

The tempers flared and voices escalated, and as the three men yelled at each other, Harper momentarily forgot what he was running from again.

The setting changes from Aires to New York, Central Park

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And just as quickly as he’d appeared, the boy Skylar had been talking to was gone, not even bothering to make sure that she was alright. Jerk.

She frowned, brows furrowed in frustration. She was mad not just at him but at herself for enjoying the attention so much.
Skylar was snapped out of her thoughts by another new voice, this one belonging to an Asian with a camera. What was with all these people talking to her today?

“What’s it to you?!” She snapped back in response, not in the mood to be interrogated about the freaky tree incident. “Not so close, buddy.”

The setting changes from New York, Central Park to Aires


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It was only a few seconds ago when the cyclopean was only a hand out, and Tallyho was admittedly frightened when it was nearly out of the hole. She increased her distance by a great amount, picking up pinecones as she moved back.

Luckily for her—and technically everyone else—the creature clawed itself out of the ground facing the opposite direction and had no clue about the humans behind it. Tallyho took that opportunity to perch behind the fallen tree as she cradled pinecones in her dress.

She made silent gestures towards the others, shooing them away. Her plan was to lead it away from the group until she ran into a really good trapper. Hell, if this town couldn’t even purify their land, did they even believe in trappers?

What a bunch of naturalist hippies.

The creature, for the most part free, knelt over and it yanked its spindly feet from the soil. It was about nine feet tall—much taller than a considerably tall man—and its teeth cracked and clicked as it adjusted its jaw.

Tallyho rolled her eyes. She hated the way they looked—their mocking grin and large, protruding heads.

She kept herself focused, but struggled to find a time to lead it away. Were her legs ready? She felt them falling asleep.

She decided to count backwards from ten.


She wondered if there were any fools still hanging around. She told them to run, she warned them.


The onyx beast let out a piercing screech. It wasn’t too deep or too high, but somewhere in the middle and rather uneven. Almost like its voice box danced on the ridges of ripped paper and the threads of torn cloth—just like a freaking prepubescent boy—Tallyho hated those.


Its mossy teeth clicked once more, and its knees cracked as it shifted its weight—a well-deserved stretching session from being tightly enclosed in the ground for so long.


The pitch of its screech grew higher—a siren—as it bashed a clawed fist into the ground, barely missing its own foul toes. Oh, the heinousness!


The monster—a sensitive creature—could feel the fear of humankind knocking against his back like an unknown visitor in the night. Tallyho, coming to terms with the fact that some of the people probably didn’t listen to her and were still standing there, had to prepare herself.

“…Ah, shh—, 1.”

Tallyho, deciding that she didn’t need what might have been the last few seconds of her life, jumped into action. She shot up from behind the tree and yanked the first pinecone from her foliage arsenal before chucking it.

“Cyclopean! I hear you like a chase? Come on, boy. Come here,” she jeered condescendingly. The cyclopean, enraged by being hit by a projectile turned to her and unleased one of its signature high pitched screeches.

Tallyho threw another pinecone to secure herself as a target. When it began it’s lunge, she immediately dropped her pinecones, yanked a sizable branch off of the tree, then made a mad, clumsy dash in the other direction, plowing past any people who chose to stick around.

She wasn’t worried about them. Cyclopean were stupid—they preferred moving targets—and oh great, something she remembered from school.

“Now how do I kill it?”

She ran for a little while when she realized that she sorely underestimated her task. There she was making a fool of herself again, breathless by the time she passed the big-mouthed yodeling guy from earlier. Her knees grew weak, but the cyclopean was still on her trail.

“Don’t you people have any trappers,” she heaved as she threw her head back in exasperation. The breeze from running consumed her swan-like neck. The cold was stabbing her joints.

She barreled into one of the benches, nearly planting her face into a seat before throwing herself away and stumbling into the grass a wheezing mess.

She heard the cling of metal and looked up to see it lodged in the bench she crashed into moments before—twisting and welting its contours into the metal and by consequence, getting its head wedged in between the bench’s back and seat. But it didn’t look like it would take long for it to pry itself free. The bolts at the bottom of the bench were breaking. Tallyho, having had her heroic deed of the day sizzle out in vain, having knees blushed from tumbling and a face red from panting like a dog in an Ira desert, remained in the grass, no longer motivated to avoid the fact that somebody, or everybody, was going to be its dinner.


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As it turned out, Dorian was far from the only person in New York concerned however mildly with someone else's well-being. He watched in growing discomfort as others began to swarm around the girl in her bed of leaves(well, as much swarming as three people could do, anyways), attracted to the incident like flies to honey. The first was a boy who slipped by Dorian without so much as a glance, instantly crowding the girl, checking her over with an inexperienced eye. Even before he opened his mouth, all uncertain words and a distinctly Southern accent, Dorian had him pegged as a tourist from his flannel shirt to the fact that he was willingly invading the space of someone who had not only managed to climb one of Central Park's tall trees, but also to fall without so much as a scratch. The next person- a girl this time dressed all in dark clothes- arrived just as suddenly, hovering slightly away, but still asking the same question that had already been asked, offering help. Another tourist. Dorian was getting good at this guessing game. The last one was certainly the most welcome because, despite his apparent tendency to narrate whatever he saw, he was taking care of the scene with the same disinterest mixed with practicality that Dorian could appreciate.

But the girl was fine enough for all of their concern(however mild that may have been on Dorian's own part), climbing unsteadily to her feet and staring them down with a hazy gaze and a strangled out thank you that spoke wonders of just how disoriented she was. With an ambulance being called and two other people willingly answering her questions, Dorian prepared to slip off, his role in this little scene hopefully done. Going to Central Park, he decided as he began to step away, wasn't always the best idea. Who knew what sort of strange characters you'd end up meeting? Like the strange character who promptly barreled into Dorian. As Dorian let out an "oof" at the impact, stumbling back a few steps, his mind couldn't help but half-heartedly add, 'this would never have happened if you'd just stayed home today.'

Dorian's accidental assailant went sprawling on the grass, somehow more stunned by the impact than Dorian himself but only for a moment before hopping to his feet, dropping a dirt-encrusted bag, and putting up his dukes like Dorian had been the one to carelessly throw himself into him instead of the reverse. Dorian was unamused, uninterested, and, above all, unimpressed. The two were like opposites, Dorian towering over the wannabe fighter by almost a foot, even with the other boy standing after his little fall. His face was a mess, a black eye and a split lip visible under his ratty blue baseball cap, so obviously this wasn't a one time "let's fight people" occurrence, a far cry from Dorian's own neat and calm appearance.

"Excuse you," Dorian deadpanned, staring down at the boy critically. It wasn't meant to look particularly mean or threatening, but Dorian was cursed with features that made nearly everything look intimidating regardless of his own intentions. Also, yes, he was mildly pissed off. There was a moments pause, the other boy still staring at him fiercely.

"Look, what do you-" the demand died mid sentence because, as it turned out, Dorian had bigger problems than a slightly insane guy with a thing for starting fights. That would be bigger problems both literally and figuratively in the form of a tree being uprooted. This was weird, even for New York. Also dangerous, again, even for New York as the large tree went careening downwards at a remarkable speed right towards the other guy. Dorian had a choice then, a choice to either run away, like a normal person, or to put himself willingly in danger for a person he didn't know nor care about. It only took him a split second to decide.

Dorian tackled the other boy to the ground, pushing both of them out of the tree's descent and rolling in the grass and out of harms way. But Dorian didn't have time to worry about grass stains, however, because no sooner did he look up from his position sprawled above the other boy than something happened that he couldn't quite explain. Someone- no, something- was crawling out of the dirt, all skeletal claws and exaggerated proportions, reptilian skin and fangs, not teeth, fangs. It was like something that had stepped out of a horror story, a sci-fi monster from another world that couldn't possibly exist by any stretch of the imagination. But it did- it did exist, it was there right in front of him. And, perhaps the most disturbing thing was that the girl- the stoner or crazy or whatever she was was leading it away, trapping it somehow. This couldn't be real, it shouldn't be real, but the noise, the smell, the strange, warm sensation on his wrist where his bracelet was- all of the evidence pointed to this scene not being a figment of his nightmares, but to an even more horrific reality.


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Preoccupied by the pain on her neck, Aria didn't pay attention to anything happening around her. She vaguely heard a voice asking her if she was alright, but the burning and the vibrating tree were all she could think about. There was something oddly calm about the minuscule movements the tree made. The young woman tried again. "Here, let me help you up," she said."Come on, grab my hand." Before Aria could react, bad things started to happen. She didn't hear the peculiar blonde girl warn them to step back. She didn't the the moaning of the tree as it uprooted itself and began to fall.

Luckily, the kind stranger ditched all efforts to politely help her up and instead grabbed her and ran. This pulled Aria onto her feet, and snapped her back to reality. It was a close call, but the two made it out of harms way. It took a split second for Her to recollect herself. She immediately turned to the one who helped her and smiled gratefully. "Thank you so much, you pretty much just saved my life."

Aria turned to the collapsed tree and looked at it quizzically. Why had it fallen so suddenly? It's roots were intact, and it wasn't cut in anyway. How weird. "Well, I'm stumped. I can't figure out why that tree fell." As soon as those words left her mouth, she mentally kicked herself. A stupid pun wasn't exactly what this situation needed. The peculiar girl said something about sloppy city planning, as if she were joking. Well, at least Aria wasn't the only one. That girl was amused by the hole, and surveyed the damage.

Aria decided to inch closer to the hole as well, to see what was so interesting about it. For one thing, there was a lot of dirt. Other than that, there wasn't anything really exciting about it. Aria took a step back again, ending up back in her position next to her savior.

That was when she saw it. It wasn't anything at first, just seemed like a tendril of black smoke inching out of the pit. As it came clearer into view, she could tell it was a hand. A wretched clawed hand making its way out from god knows where. It was reaching up to the sky, as if a demon was breaking out from the pits of hell. Instinctively, Aria reached for the thing closest to her she could use as a weapon -- a tree branch. It was splintered and jagged from being torn off the tree, but it would have to do. "I'm trying to run." Autumn squeaked out. "I really am. I just can't seem to move." By now, the monster's torso had made its way up, and Aria shuddered. It was a grotesque thing, obsidian black in color and terrifying. It was like nothing she had ever seen before. The curly haired blonde girl got its attention by throwing pinecones, and ran. The monster emitted a shriek so horrifying, it frightened her to her core. It raced after her the girl after she threw more pinecones and started tainting it. Aria leaned into the girl next to her and pushed her out of the way as the monster cut a path to its victim.

Aria turned around in time to see the monster get lodged in a park bench. It was aggressively jerking around trying to break itself out of its very temporary shackles. The poor girl was collapsed in the grass, panting for air. She knew she had to help in some way. "Oh why did this have to be the day I decided to come to the park?" she thought as she scooped up another branch in her left hand and ran towards the beast. She felt a teensy bit better having two branches in her hand. Without thinking too much about it, she came up behind the monster and swung a branch as hard as she could, hitting it square in the back.

The setting changes from Aires to New York, Central Park

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The much taller black-haired person, a young man actually, glared at him and Kyle responded by bearing down in his defensive stance. Yes, this guy was nearly a foot taller than him, but Kyle wouldn't back down. He was never intimidated by folks being taller than him. The guy didn't hit him yet, but he was talking in a tone, the blond didn't like and then frammit! The bigger guy tackled him suddenly. Kyle punched out at the guy's face and shoulder. He didn't want to kill anyone, but he wanted this guy off! If his hand connected at the face, the other guy would probably have a bloody nose.

Because he was so much shorter, he didn't see what was happening behind the black-haired fellow, but he heard a lot of unpleasant noise. Creaking and shouting and UGH! an absolutely horrid screech! "Get off me!" he protested to the guy pinning him down and opened his fists to push that weight off. To top off this horrible scene, there was sudden pain in his right ear that doubled the headache from that awful screeching.

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An unearthly shriek interrupted Harper's heated argument, and as he turned back to see, a blur of white flashed a few yards in front of him, followed closely by a larger blur of black. He thought he heard a question thrown into the air, but the next sound he could comprehend was a metallic clang. Blinking, he saw that the giant...thing...had lodged itself into one of the park benches. But not for long, it didn't seem...

A girl suddenly ran up and hit the thing with a branch. The monster squealed in response, thrashing to be rid of the park bench.

"I think she's got the right idea," Harper heard one of the frisbee players say.

"She's just making it madder," Harper retorted. Suddenly he felt a slight gust brush past his ear, and a blur of orange whizzed through the air. It took Harper a couple seconds to register that one of the other two had thrown the frisbee, which now smacked the beast on the side of its throat before bouncing off. A loud screech was the end result, followed by even more thrashing and pulling against the weight of the bolted down park bench.

"Why the hell did you do that??" Harper shouted at the guy who had thrown the disc, "This thing looks like it came out of Alien! What makes you think a frisbee--"

"Well, I just thought--"

A dry grating sound prevented from Harper hearing what the stupid guy thought, and a glance showed that the thing had freed itself, and its head turned towards them.

"RUN!" all three of them screamed, but Harper realized quickly from the earthshaking stomps that the beast was following after them.

"Split up!" Harper shouted at the other two, hoping at least one of them would distract the monster from him. They must have been thinking the same (at least for themselves), and they both veered off in opposite directions. Harper himself stayed straight, heading for the road.

His luck didn't hold, as the heavy footsteps kept following after him. "Shit," he muttered to himself breathlessly. The monster sounded closer...he could hear its breathing. If he reached the road, a car could hit the creature, but that was only if he reached it...a probability that was quickly dwindling.

Changing gears, Harper turned sharply to his left, towards the lake. Sprinting as hard as he could manage, he charged towards the water front. Only a few seconds away he pulled off his jacket (a bitch to swim in) and flung it behind him, willing to risk its sentimental value if it distracted the stupid...whateveritwas, and launched himself off the gravel, shallow-diving into the frigid water. Years of swimming in the Boston Harbor, even in the winter, had given him somewhat of an immunity to the shock of cold water, and he desperately pulled himself underwater away from the shore, sticking to the bottom of the lake for as long as his lungs could hold.

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Yuki was thrown aback by the audacity of the girl. He had to shift focus on his camera back a bit before her sassy face took up the whole screen.

"Oh excuse me if you don't enjoy the limelight!" Yuki yelled back. “Or maybe you don’t like being in Sci-fi! Maybe you like being in pornos with random guys on the street! Well I ain’t making that kind of stuff so forget you girl!”

Rather than deal with someone that doesn’t want him filming at the moment, Yuki would rather use his camera to film something that wouldn’t care less about whether he’s watching them or not. After "flirt who can possibly star in the girl's porno" bumped him and ran off somewhere, some strange creature clawed out of the ground. That crazy no shoes girl was back and Yuki was catching her every move. She was hiding behind a tree with something in her dress, eyeing the monster carefully and making shooing gestures at anyone that was standing near the area.

Yuki caught the whole scene in his camera: the petrifying screech of the monster, the pinecone throwing, the chase, and the bench warming—or rather bench smashing—by the monster and its victim. He had to run here and there to keep up and take a good shot without attracting the monster. The blonde victim rolled onto the grass but the monster was lodged into the bench, with the metal screeching and the wood creaking as the monster struggled for a way out of its prison. Suddenly a girl charged toward the monster, branch in hand, and wacked the monster with as much force as she could!

“Damn girl!” Yuki shouted amazed by the girl’s bravery. “You stupid if you think a branch is gonna kill that thang!” Still he had to admit it was some stupid courage the girl had. He was the one just filming the whole thing as if he was the newscaster for Central Park. Suddenly, that thought gave him an idea. THIS would be the project! It was something unnatural! Aliens? Or something else. But whatever! This might be his ticket to his Journalism study abroad! Yuki had to get more information about what was going on, but in order to do that, he had to figure out what that thing was and well…it probably has to die first of all. Then it occurred to him. That blonde chick that was playing the victim was calling out to it…calling it something. Cyclopathia? Cyclops? Cyclosomething? That chick has the answers!

Suddenly a disk came flying toward the monster's throat! Yuki looked in the direction it came from and sighed in disbelief. "Okay I thought the girl was stupid...but she's smarter than those guys who think they can kill it with that weak flying saucer." He had to turn his camera when the monster started chasing the guys, causing one of them to take off his jacket and dive into the lake. "*insert screaming girls because some dude took off his jacket and ran off to the lake.* Okay this is getting stupid. I better get to that chick.."

Yuki hurried over to the blonde girl catching her breath with the camera focused on her. He was wondering whether he should take out his notepad, but he’d rather film the girl if he was going to get some proof of witness.

“Hey you, I know you got something to do with this. What’d you call that thing? Cyclopath or something? You better start explainin!" Yuki asserted, camera all focused on the girl ignoring the fact that she might have been injured.

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Gwen had never experienced a hallucination before. How was it that saying went? You're not crazy if you think you might be. While Gwen certainly categorized the events unfolding before her eyes as unreal, she was slightly put off by how realistic it seemed. Was it possible that one could be conscious of their insanity and yet be unable to control their distorted perception of reality? What was happening? The shudder of the earth as the tree hit the ground, the hideous sight that emerged from the dead space beneath, and the unearthly sounds that rang through the air; she didn't know how to make sense of it. If it was a hallucination and she acted, would she end up being one of those schizophrenic murderers, doomed to spend her life institutionalized and drugged? Or would failure to act result in her getting hurt?

What were the others doing around her? Erupting into chaos, apparently. Falling, running, descending into a mess of noise and movement impossible to follow. How could everyone react so confidently? That is, assuming that these people were actually there and not delusions. Though, they all had the right idea. Running was the most logical course of action, especially in Gwen's situation. She wouldn't put anyone in danger by doing so. It seemed, however, that not everyone had the same idea.

Gwen watched as the creature chased a thin, barefoot woman in roughly Gwen's direction. She and the others on a nearby bench scattered; Gwen herself dove out of the way as the creature impacted with the previously occupied bench. Even through the pain of hitting the ground and the sound of twisting metal from the collision, Gwen imagined herself, a lonely, broken body throwing itself to the ground in the middle of a quiet scene in Central Park. She should run--or at least walk away quickly. It was time to leave.

She stood just in time to see some kid throw a Frisbee at the creature. Really, again? This wasn't a movie. Life didn't work like a story. Heroics weren't always all they were chalked up to be. Heroics didn't make you a hero; they got you killed. She watched as the Frisbee thrower immediately regretted his decision and ran away in a panic, which in Gwen's mind was the appropriate reaction. But her stomach immediately dropped as the three in the vicinity of the Frisbee thrower split up, and the creature began to chase the wrong person. This was what was wrong with heroics. It wasn't even that it killed the wannabe "hero;" others suffered for the stupidity of their actions, and to Gwen there was no worse offense. She had to help that kid.

She wasn't as fast as either the monster or the young man it chased. The distance between her and the two seemed to close at an unbearably slow rate, as though the world was in slow motion. And yet, it seemed to take no time at all until she was dangerously close. She slid to a stop as the creature splashed in the shallow water, apparently confused if its body language was at all similar to the animals she knew. She didn't get any closer; she didn't need to be that near.

She reached her right hand into the neckline of her sweater and down to her left shoulder. It clasped metal, and she withdrew a small dagger, only a few inches in length. Both she and her weapon were enormously outsized by their opponent, yet before she knew it her arm was drawing back and preparing to throw. Remember what you were taught. The thought flashed briefly through her mind, but she couldn't think, there was no time. Driven by muscle memory alone, the small piece of metal flashed through the air and toward the monster.

It hit the creature directly in the back of its deformed skull. Gwen experienced a moment of victory as she witnessed its trajectory playing out exactly where she aimed it. She was treated to an unpleasant surprise when it merely bounced off the skull and flew directly into the lake. She took a step back. Shit. Who was the idiot now? Another step. The creature turned slightly. Fuck. What was it she had just been thinking about heroics? Gwen turned and ran, more or less back in the direction she came. Better late than never. Actually that wasn't true. Late was getting her killed. She heard the heavy footfalls now gaining on her. She had a head start, but as she had already discovered, she was no match for the monster's speed. And Gwen had no escape plan.

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#, as written by Linnea
"Yeah... no problem." Somehow, Autumn managed to respond to the girl she had saved. This in itself was a great feat, considering she found it impossible to move. She was just fortunate that the beast wasn't facing her. Now was her chance. She could run. She could get out of here. If only her feet would cooperate.

Gathering courage, she managed to take a few more steps back. She slowly backed away, eyes locked on the monster. For a moment, she thought she would manage to escape. This thought was quickly dispelled as the beast screeched and slammed a fist against the ground, sending a shiver up Autumn's back.

Her entire body, save the skin where her ice cold necklace touched, felt numb. It was if she was weighed down, incapable of doing anything but stare and prepare herself for her death. Then came her savoir, the blonde from the tree. She lobbed pinecones at the monster fearlessly, taunting it and then picking up a branch. The girl seemed to know what she was doing, much to Autumn's relief. This was only momentary, however, as Autumn realized that the girl was tiring.

The beast flung itself into the metal bench, providing a moment for anyone to either run or attack. Autumn chose to run. At least, she would if her legs would listen to her.

Her chance was soon ruined as the beast freed itself. The Frisbee was a valiant effort, though proved fruitless. As did the dagger. At this point, Autumn was fairly sure she was going to die.

The setting changes from New York, Central Park to Aires


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If Dorian had expected a pleasant response for tackling someone out of the way of a falling tree, he would have been sorely disappointed, emphasis on the sorely, by the other boy's reaction. He swore, rolling off his assailant and staggering to his feet in one less than fluid movement, right hand clasped over his nose to stem the flow of gushing blood. Drops of crimson already decorated the green grass beneath his feet, painting dead leaves in a macabre fashion. It was only the most pressing injury because, damn, the other boy could pack a punch, even when flailing wildly as he had been. The teen didn't have time to nurse his wounds, however, because there was something that needed his attention more than a possibly broken nose. Monsters, apparently, had that impact on people by making their everyday problems seem minuscule in comparison because, yes, his father not showing up for dinner was upsetting, but not more so than, say, some sort of Eldritch abomination killing him.

The scene had continued to play out when Dorian had been more preoccupied with his own issues. People were scattering to the wind, doing the normal thing, the smart thing in running away, taking off in all directions to save themselves. Others were not, and he wasn't even sure why he was surprised. There was a boy waving a camera around in such a way that reminded Dorian of a mix between an insane paparazzo and those found footage mockumentaries. He was with two of the girls left- the tree girl who, as it turned out, was probably less insane than the rest of them for staying if only because she apparently knew what was going on, and another. Others dotted around the park, either frozen with fear or grasping clumsily for weapons, and there was a dog barking somewhere, but Dorian's attention remained fixated on the immediate problem.

The monster, unbidden, had broken free of the bench that had seemed like such a good trap only minutes before when the metal had twisted forcefully around the creature, pinning it within. Now it was continuing its rampage, but it had a target now, or, rather, the predator now had the perfect prey. Dorian hadn't seen what led up to the fixation the monster had on the girl, but it made a sort of horrific sense. She wasn't in the best shape- that much was obvious even from a distance, too frail, almost sickly looking- and her pace was slowing with each step, or perhaps the monster was just increasing speed. Easy prey. It was looming over her now, and, for the second time that day, Dorian was faced with a choice. He exhaled, pulling a now blood-stained hand away from his nose and groping in his pockets. Keys, phone, wallet… there. He found what he wanted- a pocketknife, another gift from his father. It wasn't incredibly large and certainly wasn't meant to cause harm, especially since he primarily used it to snip off loose threads on clothes, but it was large enough and definitely sharp. He clasped it in his hand, unfolding the blade. Choice made. He apparently didn't have a good track record for making choices today.

Dorian ran then, each step punctuated by a pulsating warmth emanating from his bracelet that he didn't have time to worry about, gradually picking up speed as he sprinted into death's grip with only a hope, a prayer, and a knife on his side. The monster was even bigger up close making even Dorian feel small in its shadow, but he couldn't worry about that now. Now he could only worry about his aim, as he stumbled into the monster's path, dug his feet into the ground, and, with a shout and in one swooping motion, buried his knife into the creature's chest. It went in surprisingly smoothly, and he could see blue blood oozing from the wound, intermingling his his own red covered hands. He looked positively feral then, blood staining his face, knife buried to the hilt in the monster, teeth gritted with the effort of twisting it and digging it in deeper. This was not how he expected his day to go.


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Tallyho was growing rather exhausted by the wild goose chase, and she was a little disturbed by a tall man who insisted on putting a foreign object in her face. What was that, anyway?
Though a little rough-looking, a black haired girl tried to stab the cyclopean, she failed. But the soulless one, oh she knew he meant business from the moment she opened her eyes and saw his orbs of eternal disapproval staring into her effortlessly. She wasn’t too surprised that he was the one to kill it off. He was mostly out of the way, silent and, it was the quiet ones that were the most dangerous. He stabbed it in the right place too, the cyclopean screeched and quivered, black liquid began to overflow from his wound. It must have been the luckiest stab in the world, too. It had to be.
It scattered—the thing that once terrified them all took the form of a pile of onyx shards in the wilting grass.

Tallyho had seen cyclopean parish before, so it wasn’t like its way death was particularly foreign to her. But in a way, the death of this cyclopean felt less like the death of a cockroach, and more like a surreal awakening. Her stomach seemed to turn, and she felt the air grow colder. It was then that she knew that her life would change significantly.
Tallyho grunted, rising to her feet like a newborn deer taking her first steps.
“You’re still alive, Tallyho. You did well,” she huffed as she placed a hand on her collarbone and caressed her necklace.

It was searing hot—a brilliant glint of purple. She let out another yelp, blind and in pain.
“Damn necklace,” she huffed violently under her breath. She fumbled with its chain, desperate to finally release herself from it. But it wouldn’t open. She tried pulling it over her head, but instead the thin, sliver chain dug under her jaw. Head too big. Frustration. Hopelessness.
She looked up at the sky, and saw that it was white, and that the clouds were being eaten by its blankness. She frowned.
The high towers were disappearing from roof to base as the whiteness was slowly consumed the city from above. She looked past the trees and buildings, towards the horizon. The white barrier was consuming the city from all sides.
She glanced at the others, and then her surroundings again. The white wall made it to the tree that had fallen, slowly closing in on the group like a shrinking box.
Tallyho squinted, but soon resorted to covering her eyes when she was sure that she was—like the fallen tree—consumed by the white wall too.
It was like experiencing death while still being very alive. She couldn’t really say how she got from point A to point B. One minute she was opening her eyes again; curious about what she would see in the white of her surroundings. She blinked, and then she stood in darkness.

Complete and utter darkness with single glimmer of golden light the distance straight ahead. She did not dare to move.
There was no way that this was happening. She either had to be dead, or at the bottom of a valley of poppies, far fallen in a floral coma.
Then a path of little white dots lit up before her and chilling the soles of her feet. They looked like stars—and yes they were—flattened into a pathway leading to the light. Beneath the path of stars was the illusion of a troubled sea that wavered in a storm. She looked above and there was blackness, but against this darkness slid two paths of flying birds that zipped in opposite directions. The image of white underbellies moving eternally and consistently above. Their bellies were soft and round and their gentle coos rang throughout the space. One path flew forward, disappearing into the golden light and the other path zipped behind her. She turned around to see a wide gaping vortex of blue and black. The birds flying towards her made nose dives above her head and sunk into its tunnel. She had another look around and realized that the eleven teens from the odd park were there too, idle just as she was.

She was sure that they were going to be confused and ask questions, but this time she was in the same ignorant boat as they were.

“Welcome to the Core.”

Tallyho’s eyes darted back and forth. It seemed as though the stars on the path before her lit up even brighter. The voice was a gentle soprano full of knowledge and grace. It was in the way the voice wavered, how precise the lady-vocals were with language.
“The pathway before you is a dimensional bridge. It foreshortens the universe so that one may travel between the two existing worlds. One being familiar to most of you—planet earth. The other is called Aires.”
There was a pause. Tallyho felt pretty bad not knowing much about the Earth place mentioned.
“Most beings are not able to enter the core. Only those with special purposes are allowed to successfully travel between the two realities. And the twelve of you are undoubtedly special beings.

Since the beginning of time there has always been a special discourse between the humans and—the creature that you experienced back on earth—the cyclopean. However, these disputes have only been confined to Aires. But because of the race’s growth in power, they are infiltrating earth at increasing rates.
So why are you here?
Well, first I’d like to begin by telling you a legend.
It began long ago, when a powerful evil began to encompass the land. Oblivion, the king of the Cyclopean, took over the entirety of Aires, murdering all who opposed him.
And as a result, I created twelve stones and infused their powers into a group of mortals who possessed the ability to manipulate the elements by wearing their respective jewels.
You may recognize these warriors as the months of the year.
The people of Aires called them the month warriors—saviors who would vanquish all chaos—demi gods of a sort.
They purified the land, but in the final battle Oblivion mysteriously vanished, and soon the confused warriors were consumed by their gems. Some way or another, the gems found their way to you twelve, and after much searching, they have finally found the right mortals to harness the powers they contain.
It is your destiny to suppress the rise of the cyclopean, for the fate of two words hangs on your shoulders.
So here you are with two paths before you,” the voice hummed.
“You can turn around now, and go back into the blue portal from which you came. Go back to earth, and accept the fact that you are turning your back on the two races of human and that you will only be able to wait hopelessly for the cyclopean to inevitably enter your realm. Or you can walk forward towards the golden portal. Where you will enter Aires and make the commitment of being Month Warriors, and actually make an active attempt to suppress the problem before it spreads.
But just remember. It’s all or nothing. Eleven heroes cannot do the work of twelve.”

The voice went silent, and the star path grew dull.
Tallyho looked around at the others. So this entire time she wasn’t on Aires?
That meant that those people were…aliens.
She shuddered, and began to regret getting those damned apples. But at least she got to go back to Aires, even if impending doom was on the way.
“I’m going home,” Tallyho said plainly. Her amethyst lit up, and this time it did not burn. She supposed it was some sort of testimony to her joining the cause, or whatever. Though that wasn’t necessarily invested, she wanted to go home.
Without waiting to see if the others would follow, she walked down the star lit path towards the light head high, golden locks rippling in the galaxy dust.


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Harper had broken the surface in time to see something bounce off the monster and splash into the lake. A second later the monster had turned around and was chasing someone else, away from him. He gave an enormous sigh of relief, sinking just a little in the water.

His curiosity piqued about whatever had fallen into the didn't look like a frisbee since the splash was so small. Ducking underwater, a familiar stinging hitting his eyes, Harper swam to the spot where it looked to have landed. Oblivious to whatever was happening above land, he finally found what looked to be the shaft of a knife sticking up from the muddy bottom. Retrieving it, he realized it was indeed the shaft of a knife, with the blade still attached to it. Small, but well-crafted it looked. He hadn't gotten a good look at whoever had thrown it so....finders keepers? Briefly he imagined the look on Sadie's face if she found out he had stolen someone's knife. If she found out...and he hadn't actually stolen it. The person had lost it in the lake...

Lungs reminding him he needed to breathe, he resurfaced. He was wary of returning to the shore, scanning the park. A ways off he saw a black mass fall to the ground, still, before shattering. "Well, good thing that's taken care of," he said outloud, "Stupid aliens should know not to mess with us Earthpeople!" Deciding it was safe to return to land, Harper swam to the shore, his jacket still on the ground, relatively unscathed. Hauling himself out of the water, he shook himself like a wet dog, water from his clothes and locks spraying everywhere. Picking up his jacket and pulling it over his shivering self, he held up the knife he had found and opened his mouth to ask for its owner.

An intense heat interrupted him, blossoming yet again from the same place it had before. With a shout, Harper dropped the knife. This time wrapping his fingers with his wet shirt, he looked down for the source of the pain. He was startled to realize it came from his shark-tooth necklace, and even more surprised to find the exact source was from the pearl ring he had found earlier that day!

"Stupid, cheap piece of plastic," he muttered, struggling to untie the wet cord behind his neck. It took him a few minutes of useless fumbling before he remembered he still had a knife. It was when he turned to relocate it that he finally noticed the whiteness closing in. His eyes widened, and he quickly grabbed the knife before running away from the erasing, panicking. What was this? Some sort of alien thing? Had he stayed in the water too long and not realized it? Was he dying? Was this a trick?

His feet couldn't carry him fast enough, and in an instant white surrounded him entirely...

He hadn't realized he had closed his eyes until he opened them, and was startled by the darkness.

"That's it. I'm definitely dead..." he said out loud. He wasn't even sure how he was standing...looking down, he only saw more darkness. Yet as he kept looking, small pinpricks of light glowed below his damp flipflops, and then spread, creating what looked like a bridge of light. Closer inspection revealed what looked like an ocean, waves rolling not too far below them. When he looked up he noticed the others from the park, standing around and looking just as confused.

A voice started talking, speaking of warriors and gemstones and cyclosomethings. Words that flew over his head until the very end, when she spoke about their "destinies". When she finished speaking, he frowned. Commit to being monthly warriors on the basis of an attempt to suppress those beasts? Not even obliterate or wipe out, but suppress...meaning they'd still be around. And there were supposed to be more of them in this other place?

This had to be a trick. Had to. Some sort of trippy thing, maybe an amusement ride or simulation, where they needed random people's opinions. It was New York after all. It wouldn't surprise him.

What did surprise him was when one of the girls announced she was 'going home' and then walked towards the other world. What was she, crazy?! Squinting, he realized that it was the same girl who had fallen out of a tree, so...yeah, he wasn't surprised anymore.

"Well, I'm going home, too," Harper said loudly, turning back to the blue portal, "Besides, if the only basis for picking us people is because we have a magic birthstone or whatever, I literally just found this ring today, a few hours ago, in a hotel pool, and I'm pretty sure it belonged to someone else, so, uh...yeah. I'm definitely the wrong guy for this. I'm out."


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Once the black-haired guy released him, Kyle could see what was going on. "Damn!" he muttered to himself when he saw that massive alien beast thing and the tree uprooted and lying on the ground not far from him. Apparently the other guy pushed him out of the way, and he freaked out... Another thing the blond ruffian didn't want to tell his father about. His father wasn't a mean or bad guy. Actually his father was the best guy Kyle knew, but that was the problem. Kyle was always in trouble for one thing or another, even when he wasn't trying to be. Punching that guy who got him out of harm's way was another stupid troublemaking thing for the boy to do.

He shook his head. He didn't have time for this! That monster was chasing a dirty and way too thin girl, and before Kyle got himself together, the same guy who saved his butt approached that monster and well, Kyle didn't see what he did, but the monster collapsed into a pile of black stone. The blond shivered at the sight but got himself back together faster than before. As something of compensation, he pulled a white handkerchief from his jacket pocket and jogged over to the other guy.

Rubbing his neck with his free hand, Kyle handed over the handkerchief and said quietly, "Here, clean up a bit." Turning his head away briefly, he continued, "You can tip your head back to slow the bleeding." He paused again and kept rubbing his neck. This was a seriously awkward situation and his day was already bad, but he wasn't a coward and could 'fess up' to his mistakes for the most part. It was easier with strangers than his family though. "I'm sorry for that. I...I wasn't thinkin' right."

While he was still speaking, the pain in his ear elevated and a white fog came over them. He tried to avoid expressing the pain, so the guy wouldn't think he was unwilling to say what he needed to. Temporarily he went deaf and numb, which freaked him out AGAIN, but this time Kyle kept his hands to himself.

When sensation returned, he was on his knees in a weird place that looked like the entire universe and every ocean in the world were crushed together and flattened. This was really freaky! He couldn't hold back a shout of surprise. Topping off this awful day, some lady somewhere said he had to save the worlds of Earth and Aires. What the Heck!? How could some freak like him save anyone? All of his teachers said he was nothing but trouble; actually pretty much everyone thought he was a troublemaker. He sat down and shook his head, protesting this weird lady's words. She couldn't be right, but what if...


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#, as written by rikura
Jason' s smile disappeared as he noticed a freaky hand coming out of the tree after it fell. His eyes widened as, not just a hand, but a whole freaking monster thing emerged from it. Taking a few steps back, Jason surveyed the area, seeing most of the people still here. But what was that idiot girl doing still standing there!?

He watched the scene unfold, and it happened fast. From the girl who'd fallen from tree throwing pinecones at the monster, to being chased by it, to it being stuck in a bench, to that first guy he saw stabbing it with a dangerous look in his eyes.

Jason had unconsciously started to sprint towards them when the monster was towering over the girl, his finger burning with a white searing pain as he moved. "Damn it!" he stopped sprinting, the pain too hot for him to focus, and tried to yank the ring off. It wouldn't budge. It would twist when he twisted it, but it wouldn't move past his knuckle. "W-what the hell is going on!?" And though he saw the guy stab it, he wasn't really focused on it, only on his ring. Until, that is, he saw everything starting to be swallowed by a wall of white. He closed his right hand tight around the fingers on his left and did a 360.

"There's no way out of this thing... crap." He closed his eyes as the white closed in and waited. For a second, he felt a very strange shift in the air around him, and the pain from his ring stopped. In fact, everything stopped, and it felt like he was paralyzed and having the air pulled out of him before things snapped back to normal. He opened his eyes slowly to see blackness. "What-" He cut off as lights arranged under him and in front of him, creating a path. He started and looked down, and with a blink of surprise noticed that under the lights it looks like there were churning dark waves. He looked around slowly to see eleven other people there as well, all of them he thought he recognized from the park.

"Okay, what is going on?"

His eyes shot forward as he heard a smooth voice start to speak, almost sounding like it came from every direction. He heard as the voice started to talk about things he wasn't familiar with, and his curiosity caused him to listen, really listen as she mentioned the legend, the birthstones, and the monster thing. What did she call it? He tried saying it out loud in a whisper, "Cyclo... Cyclopean..." And as the voice finished talking, giving them a choice... well, he'd already decided without really thinking about it like he should have.

He heard someone say, "I'm going home," and was surprised to see the girl who he'd before thought was crazy walk towards the other world, and after a second, things clicked in his mind. She wasn't crazy, she must have been from this, this Aires? If everything happening wasn't just some illusion or dream or something... He glanced back at what he assumed would be the way back to Earth, and then looked in front of him to where the girl was walking.

Yeah, there was no way he was changing his mind now. The peridot on his ring started to glow right as that previously annoying guy said, "Well, I'm going home, too," and he started to walk before saying, "Well, I'm in. I'm not sure if any of this is real or just some crappy dream, but I don't think I could walk away even if I wanted to... It feels... right to me." Not that I can actually DO anything...

The setting changes from Aires to New York, Central Park

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#, as written by Linnea
Black blood oozed from the beast like pus from an infected wound. It flowed to the ground, leaving its mark on the earth. Autumn blinked, not sure if she was grateful or disgusted. She let out a slow and tentative breath, as if to test if it was alright. So far, so good. If she could breathe, then perhaps she could walk. Her unsteady steps seemed less difficult than before as she slowly tried to make her way out of the park.

The beast shattered into onyx shards like glass falling from a broken window. It was a pitiful death to be sure. This terrifying creature was left as nothing but a pile of tiny black stones on dead leaves. Autumn didn’t even question how such a thing could happen. She could only think of how it sapped away her fear. There was nothing scary about tiny stones.

Her steps grew steadier as she tried to pass the scene. She was definitely going home. No need to stay around here. She stopped, however, as her necklace pressed harder against her skin. Underneath her coat and sweater, it was supposed to be warm. Instead, it felt like ice. The piercing cold dug into her like knives, forcing her to hug herself tightly to try to ease the pain. She let out a sharp gasp, doubling over as the unnatural chill tormented her. This deathly cold, it went straight to the bone. There was no shivering, only pain.

The world started to fade, white erasing the skyscrapers. Perhaps this was a side effect of the pain. Was she dying? Surely a cold necklace couldn’t kill someone. Through squinted eyes she surveyed her disappearing surroundings. The whiteness was closing in, engulfing the world in emptiness.

She closed her eyes, hoping it would go away. Maybe this was a dream. She would wake up at home in her nice bed, surrounded by stuffed animals and posters of her various interests. Her eyes would fall upon the picture of her and her friends and she would know she was safe. Oh, how she wished this was the case.

The pain left just as quickly as it had arrived, leaving her both relieved and confused. Cautiously, she opened her eyes and stood up. The world was black now, a more discomforting nothingness. Autumn bit her lip. Maybe this wasn’t a dream. Maybe she wasn’t dying. Maybe she was already dead and this was simply her journey.
She looked around. Most of the people from before seemed to be there.

Before her was a golden pillar of light. Heaven perhaps? Autumn had never really given Heaven much thought. She had always believed in regeneration. Would she get in even if she didn’t believe? Had she sinned too much? Was she hellbound? Trying to communicate with the dead wasn’t a sin, was it? She tried to think of the seven deadly sins. Which ones had she committed? Gluttony. That was for sure. She wasn’t a whale, but she was certainly chubby.

Before she could worry any more than that, a path revealed itself. Tiny dots of white light, stars of varying shapes, formed beneath her feet. Beneath them, an ocean in the middle of a storm. Autumn stared at it for a moment, entranced. Perhaps she wasn’t a sinner after all. This was too pretty to be hell. She almost wanted to touch them, just to see if they would respond. Above her, white birds flew in various directions. Her eyes followed one of them as it soared to the vortex behind her. Surely, that had to be hell.

The star path lit up brighter as a voice spoke. “Welcome to The Core.”

She sounded godlike, beautiful and wise. The feeling was inexplicable. It was as if her body simply wouldn’t let her feel anything but whatever this was. It wasn’t quite positive, yet it was nowhere near negative. One could describe it as neutral, but there was too much emotion there for it to be so. Warm perhaps? Trusting?

Autumn listened intently as the woman spoke. At least this wasn’t Heaven or Hell. Though this all sounded outlandish, she didn’t question it. Perhaps this was due to her wanting to believe in such things. Perhaps the voice was simply too convincing. Or, perhaps, she just liked being called special.

A demi god. It sounded nice. In fact, the whole story sounded nice. Gods, powers, stones. There was, of course, the fear of these “Cyclopeans”. But to be revered, to be a god, it sounded wonderful. Frightening, but wonderful. As the story continued, and Autumn finally caught on, she found it a little less positive. Her destiny was really to fight those creatures? How was she expected to fight them? She couldn’t even move when she saw one!

Still, there were people depending on her. If this was real, and she honestly couldn’t think of how anyone could fake this, then she would be dooming millions of people. It was a terrifying, and also a little flattering, thought. She gulped.

Her eyes looked upwards as she thought it over. Assuming this was real, there were two worlds at stake. Hers, and this “Aires”. If she were to go home, she would not only be keeping the rest of the group from fighting but she would also be allowing the worlds to fall to ruin. The Cyclopeans would invade and her world would die. Then again, the military would surely get involved. They would figure out how to kill those things soon enough. But would the war end? On the other hand, if she were to go to Aires, she would become a demi god. She would gain powers and be revered. Of course, she would have to fight the Cyclopeans. Still, superpowers. Finally, she decided to go to Aires. It was better than waiting for her world to burn.

Others started making their choices. The other blonde opted to go home, which appeared to be Aires. Well, that explained how she knew what the Cyclopean was. Others agreed to the terms, saying they would go to Aires. There was one, however, who chose to go home.

“Wait.” Autumn said, walking up to him. “You can’t leave now. You heard what she said, it’s all or nothing. If you go, then none of us can help either world.” She reached for his arm, trying to stop him. “What about the people back home? They’ll die without our help! Are you really willing to risk millions of lives just because you don’t want to do anything? Do you really have no one you want to protect?” She protested, though her voice remained steady.