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Yagi of the Sun

If you find that you cannot move away from something special, you have probably died.

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a character in “Birthstone Spirits: The Great Escape”, as played by birthstone_spirits


/If you find that you cannot move away from something special, you have probably died./
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Yagi of the Sun
|Free Spirited|Spontaneous|Motivated by emotion|Generous|Trusting|Sunchild|

Age: "Old enough."
Nation: Solace
Height: 5'5
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
*Sings. All. of. the time.
*Loves Young People
*Has a short attention span
*Does inappropriate, but retrospectively hilarious things on impulse.

"Yagi" is not this woman's real name but like her predecessors she agreed to be referred to as such when she was given the responsibility of becoming the matriarch of the sun people. Yagi describes herself as a young, foxy, 20 something trapped in an old woman's body and she often feels that while her body aged rapidly, her mind stayed in the same place. She is loved by the Sun People and will do anything to make sure that every member of the caravan is healthy and happy.

Despite her carefree persona she is very serious when it comes to the plight of her people. She doesn't take kindly to oppressive government officials and while she won't initiate a physical fight because of the Sun People's code of pacifism, she will certainly put up quite a verbal battle.

So begins...

Yagi of the Sun's Story


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Character Portrait: Kyle Keaton Character Portrait: Tallyho Abel Character Portrait: Falke der Herrscher Character Portrait: Yagi of the Sun
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Falke was relieved that Kyle seemed to get control of himself, just in time as the congregation of sun people surrounding and embracing Tallyho slowly but surely parted away into a path carved for the Yagi. Tallyho had never let much on about her people (or the Yagi for that matter), and save for the knowledge of original lyrical song she’d learned from Lillian and dance she’d shared with him a month or so on that boat rolling over the sea o’ so long ago it seemed. He had never asked or considered pushing frankly with his abilities for more. If the time came whenever, if ever, she had, Falke would have listened as it came, no more, no less.

But now… Connected as they were through his gift, he could feel Tallyho’s swelling emotions and swirling thoughts of the public figure of the her community and caravans’ structure, and Falke understood better who this Yagi was to her and the sun people at large. An older woman, with a slight, made frail by age only, frame, glowing, golden-white haired; but of a strong attitude and solid movement, she was chosen leadership. Someone so big and beyond everything seemingly, but homely enough and deeply involved in the betterment of her people at hand.

”We will celebrate, Come to me my children.”

Falke heard dimly over surge of the crowd’s sudden emotional excitement pressing against his temples, even over the natural awe that seemed to felt my all, of Tallyho, a literal month warrior, coming to visit. And quickly realized as Kyle started forward and the abrupt pathway through the crowd opening in front of them, the Yagi had called. They came.

Her kisses at both of his cheeks were soft, cold, and burned. Falke had no control over the flashes of memories that wasn’t his own hitting him hard, at the Yagi’s light touch of reverence and welcome. But at the very least, had hidden well from obvious sight and uneasily blocked from Tallyho’s own mind, so he hoped, the aching surge of homesickness in his core – that the sensation brought of his own, older, mother a long, long away.

As they waited for a celebration tent to be set up, last minute alcohol choices, and songs’ and dances to be decided – to celebrate Tallyho, who more than deserved their attention. They were invited to Yagi’s tent, to sit in calm, comfortable but meditative silence.

During the rest of the night, Falke had enough presence of mind to avoid the few bottles of alcohol circulating the party, or hand it onto to the next person if it had come to him. His mind was already drunk enough from being there, but felt more natural (than parties they’d attended recently with TRK), enough that he seemed to have found a peace with the mental audio going on around him – and not once did a pale flush, or pained wince, find a spot on his face, regarding his abilities. And with the prospect of the long walk back tonight to the castle proper, after far too many dances after they’d realized he surprisingly knew some of their dances (thanks to Tallyho’s flower-child esque dragging him around months before), his leg was a little beyond sore. Drinking, wouldn’t have been a bright thing to do at all given the exhaustion he currently felt.

"Your hair is pretty. Why do you cover it up?"

Kyle on the other hand, was drunk from the sun people’s festivities. Granted the other warrior was a rather happy drunk, and he was always one for asking too many questions. But all the same still drunk, as the lack of tact was apparent in the wording of his questions; and more so, as he reached forward to Tallyho, twirling a flower he’d just plucked from a nearby wall into her golden curls. Falke spared her a silent, but meaningful glance, which bluntly said she didn’t need to explain it now if she didn’t want to. One, it wasn’t certain Kyle would even really remember it or not (it wasn’t that he was that drunk, but 50-50 shot here one could only assume); and next, after years of having his clothes – specifically well-worn shirts, most of the time – stolen by her to wrap or hide her hair up, whenever the need arose to get into a more public place than even the walls within the Academy had offered, he had let it occur without ever asking for a reason why.