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Jacob Michael Trenton

They say not to fear death, but have they ever faced him?

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a character in “Bitten | The Rivalry Reborn”, as played by deathrisesagain


"They say not to fear death, but have they ever faced him?"

Jacob Michael Trenton

Jt. Jacob didn't always like the name Jt, infact it drove him insane when he was called it. After a while, it began to grow onto him. Now, after the death of his pack, he doesn't know if he'll ever go back to the nickname.

Real: 16 and he looks it


Omega (a lone wolf)

Jacob, like most werewolves, has the ability to partially transform, as well as being immune to sickness and certain poisons. He greatest ability that he has gained is the ability to mask his scent and smell, so that it is nearly impossible for anyone or anything to track him.

Jacob gets his strength mostly from anger. When he sees someone he cares about get hurt, he gets angry, and sometimes out of control. He does have to overcome his fears before he's able to get angry.

Jacob's fears are what holds him back. He's affraid of failing, no matter what it is.


Jacob stands a mere five foot five inches tall, and weighs no more then one hundred twenty pounds. He has blue eyes that tells a story of tragedy and innocence, and short light brown hair, which tends to be messy. He has a single scar about an inch long on the joint of his right shoulder. The scar is from where he was hit with an arrow. He also has a burn mark on his right arm, that looks like a bird feather. This is the mark of his pack, the Eagle Heights Pack. Jacob does have the body of a runner, and looks to be in great shape. He is stronger then he looks, but rarely uses his strength out of fear.

|Wolf Form Description|
Image Jacob's wolf form is of a black wolf, with orange eyes. His pack was able to adapt to their surroundings, needing the darker colour inorder to hunt properly, though none of them were as dark as Jacob. His size is a little bit larger then a regular werewolf, but not as large as an alpha wolf.

Jacob is very shy and timid when you first meet him. Once you get to know him, he can be very friendly and outgoing, but only around those he trusts. It takes a lot and a long time for him to trust someone, but once he does, he'll open up. Jacob also lacks self-esteam, self-confidence, and his courage has been broken.

~ Soccer
~ Steak
~ Watching the night sky
~ Fishing
~ Swimming
~ Horror Movies

~ Hunters
~ Tomatos
~ Snakes
~ Mice
~ Spinache

~ Death
~ Failing
~ Getting close to someone again

~ Cooking, especially stews, steaks, fish and hogs.
~ Some martial arts (slef taught)
~ Sketching


Jacob was born to a decently sized pack. His pack was about 23 strong, but not all werewolves. Some of the members of his pack were humans that did not inherit the wolf trait. Jacob was born the youngest and last member to have the wolf trait. Everyone worked hard to make sure that Jacob was taken care of and taught well. They saw something in him that they believed would gain him alpha status. Though he was trained hard and long, there was always time for him to goof off and have fun. They lived near a waterfall and river so he loved swimming and fishing. Jacob was first called Jt when he was 4 years old, by his grandfather, and alpha. He hated the name, but after a while with everyone calling him it, he had grown used to it.
Jacob thought everything was great and was taught a lot. Life was grand until the night of his 11th birthday. While enjoying the night and eating a freshly killed hog, a group of hunters moved in and the slaughter began. The attack came from all sides and in the middle of the chaos, it was Jacob's older brother that got to him and hid him from the hunters, but died shortly after. The hunters searched the area the rest of the night, and decided that they all were dead, had left. Jacob waited two days before coming out, that was when he saw every member of his pack was killed. Jacob was scared and thus started his lonesomeness, as well as him starting to shut down from everyone. It was about two years later, when he was hunting a rabbit, that he was ambushed by two hunters. Though he got away, he was hurt when an arrow had hit him in the right shoulder. He got sick shortly after, but remember that his grandfather taught him a trick to getting well, by using herbs. Jacob travelled alone, avoiding anyone and everything that he could. Five years later, Jacob arrived in Rose City. He tried to lay low, but was worried that he would be found and killed.


So begins...

Jacob Michael Trenton's Story


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Anna wanted to object to leaving her friend and leader alone in there with the alpha. Though Lykos may be showing some form of hospitality, one could never be too careful around werewolves. It was really unknown to Anna why vampires hated them so, but she never questioned it. Instead - she grew a hate for them as well. She didn't trust the creatures.
"Of course" Anastasia simply said as she nodded towards the door. Lester and her left to the truck, only to see a man on the floor and another commanding for an audience with the Alpha. Was the man a hunter?
"Hey, what's going on?" Anna asked, a stern look on her face. She looked around the premise with caution. The man thrown to the steps looking scared and rather...meek in Anna's standards. If that boy was a werewolf - she would have never guessed. He didn't look strong at all, and didn't have the guts to stand up for himself. Lester stood beside Anna, not saying a word. This could prove to be a difficult situation if it wasn't handled right. Anna saw Larisa come out from behind them, and automatically she grew more worried. Inside the leader would be safe - out with these strangers she didn't know what would happen.
"What do you think" she said lowly, to Lester, her eyes wandering back at Larisa who continued walking.
"I don't know. Certainty odd" he whispered back to the dark haired girl before looking at the stranger.
"Look we're just going to go to our car. So uhm, have fun with whatever you're doing" Anna said, her voice rather serious. Though she said those words - she didn't know whether to move from where she was or not. With the man blocking the bottom step and another boy laying on the ground, she was curious to what the ordeal was. Instead of walking to the truck, she turned around to get Larisa.
"We have a bit of a problem my blonde friend" she said to the leader, walking by her side. Second in command was long for body guard in her eyes. She was to help make decisions, and to keep her friend safe.
"If this boy is a werewolf, he definently isn't living up to the name" she said quietly, looking towards the one that was seemingly being bullied.



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"You're fine." Lykos said"I love the fuzzy slippers, you have to tell me where you got those." "Hey they decided to visit before ten on a weekend why should I have to get dressed up for them" Dani responded "seriously though, do they not sleep at all?" taking another sip of her root beer, and finishing off her BLT.

As the Vampire's truck rolled up the driveway most of the pack tensed up, it was understandable of course, there was bad blood between them running back centuries. As the vampires got out of their car one pack member let out a growl, that was so low it was barely audible. When the vampires had reached the porch Lykos, and the vampire woman we had come to know as Larisa, began to exchange pleaseantries. Though it was fairly one sided as once he had responded to Larisa, Lykos had immediately began instructing the pack telepathically. "Do we trust them?" A chorus of hell no's followed, but Lykos just Continued semmingly unfazed "Dani, stay with me. The rest of you go watch perimeter. This could still be a distraction." the rest of the pack filed out the door, and spread out into the woods surrounding the pack house, Lykos spoke directly to Dani this time. "Run upstairs and get ready, yeah? I love the slippers but they're maybe not the best fighting shoes." Dani gave Lykos a small nod and bolted through the door, and up the stairs to her room.

She set her root beer onto the top of her dresser, and quickly pulled out a black shirt, black sweatpants, and of course a pair of black sneakers, hey at least if she got blood on them it wouldn't show. Dani threw on her clothes, and grabbing her root beer, she pulled open her window and jumped out of it landing in a crouching position on the porch. After briefly dusting herself off Dani walked over to the front door to listen to the conversation, ready to jump in if the vampires tried anything, as the conversation neared its end Larisa sent her two companions out to the car, following a minute later.

Just as the vampires had gotten into their truck, Dean, the pack scout, walked past the vampire truck dragging a boy along by the wrist. When Dean and the boy reached the porch, Dean threw the boy onto the front steps and shouted for Lykos. "What the hell Dean" Dani snapped "why are you being so rough with him, he obviously doesn't pose a threat to the pack, I mean look at him. Did you seriously have to drag him here like that, a simple get out of our territory probably would have sufficed. And don't you dare try to feed my another bullshit story, like last time when you claimed you got attacked by a psychotic vampire, when you really just got jumped by a pissed off squirrel!"


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Dani carefully examined the dagger Dean had handed her, by the make of it the dagger appeared to be for self defense. "As soon as I get the word, I'm going to rip you apart, slowly." Dean said harshly to the captive. "Dean, I hope you know how stupid that would be, if he is a vampire, and he was working with the vampires in the truck, then it would be extremely stupid to kill him infront them." Dani said, obviously annoyed. The man suddenly punched Dean, causing him to stumble backwards, and fall unconscious. The man attempted to stand up, but was quickly tackled back down by two other pack members who had been watching the commotion from a few feet away.

"Dani, let us kill him. The bloodsuckers can not be trusted. Just give us the word, come on Dani." The two pack members begged. Dani sighed "You both know I can't give you permission to do that, I'm not the Alpha, but even if I were I wouldn't give you permission to kill him, because if we killed him we wouldn't know why he trespassed I into our territory, if he was trying to attack us or, made an honest mistake. Besides if he were a vampire, wouldn't the vampires sitting in that truck have come to help him"

Dani crouched in front of the man, who was being held down by the two pack members. "Tell me why you haven't tried to escape again yet, you proved that your strong by knocking out Dean. So why are you just sitting here, not making a single move for escape. You just sit there waiting for a judgement to be passed. You're obviously not a vampire so I'm going to assume you're a lone wolf, maybe a young warlock. Now I would also like to know who you are, and why you are in our territory." Dani sighed inwardly. Where the hell is Lykos when you need him, and how the hell do Alphas do these things without having panic attacks.


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#, as written by Mei
Misty starts to run as fast as she can and enters in the house, then she resolves to appear near of Dani. He looked shocked with something. "Hm, what happened?" She asked confused while she tilts her head confused, starting to watch the body of the man.
He was dead?
She thought to herself.

"Did you kill him?" Misty crouched in the side of the man, paying attention to all the details of his neck, trying to see if he was bitten or not, she holds in his pulse also to try see if she feels his heartbeat. Sincerely, Misty worries too much about people, it was a flaw to her.

She looks to the face of the man, he was with his eyes closed. She even wondered if he was dead or not.