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"I'm pretty wild, but I draw the line at Necrophelia. Thanks anyway."

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a character in “Bitten: The Rivalry”, as played by Sneakyrio



Full Name: Malcolm Ari Priestly

Nickname: Priestly, he hates being called Malcolm. Renaissance Man, it's his self given code name when he's speaking on non secure lines......or secure lines. He sort of just uses it for kicks or just to be weird.

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Role: Jensen Ackles


Appearance: Priestly stands at about 5'11" and weighs in at around 185lbs. of pure muscle. He is always very easy to pick out of a crowd to say the least. He oddly shaped lamb chop side burns along with a pincer beard. He usually has many different piercings though out his face. Where there's a place on you face you can get a piercing, Priestly has got one there. He never has them all in at once, he likes to switch it around every day or so. Priestly always seems to have a thin layer of black eyeliner on. His hair is always a different color and style every few days put his usual is a Mohawk and he always chooses between red, blue and green, He also occasionally mixes them. His normal hair color is a light brown. His eyes are a mint green and his skin is nice and bronzed.

Priestly has several tattoos scattered across his body, but none of them correlate. He has an interesting looking tribal tattoo on the left side of his neck. Down his left forearm is a number of Japanese characters, the meaning unknown. On his right bicep is a tattoo of Daffy Duck. In an ancient looking font in an arc across his stomach is the word "Cacciatori". Over his heart is a tattoo of a target and a banner over it that says "Insert Stake Here". Across his right hand knuckles is the word "Love" one letter on each finger. The other hand says "RMan" as a reference to his nickname. In between his shoulder blades in the renaissance font are the words "Renaissance Man". Below that, is an incredibly large cross with sunshine coming from behind it. Below it is a banner that reads "Forgive me of my sins." His last tattoo is on his right wrist. It is simply and arrow pointing towards his hand. Above it states "Property of God" a joke saying that he has the right hand of God.

Priestly dresses very oddly. He is usually wearing two black cord bracelet's on each wrist. He wears tons of different odd graphic tees. Some saying things like "Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver." and other odd jokes and sayings. They are usually offensive on different levels. He also wears black jeans tucked into black combat boots. If he's feeling especially gun-ho, he might wear a kilt. When he has to "go to the office" he usually just throws on a striped tie, black and whatever color his hair is that day, over what he normally wears. When he's hunting, Priestly always throws on a large brown leather duster. Along with all of his hunting gear strapped on him.


Personality: Priestly is....well, Priestly. There really isn't anyone else like him. He is the epitome of a smart ass and loves sarcasm to a point of constant annoyance of his "co-workers'. He is very odd and erratic, you never really know what he's going to say next. He has absolutely no social fears and it seems impossible for him to be embarrassed. He might just walk into a meeting and before he steps fully in the door, he might do a little dance. Priestly does what he wants, where he wants and when he wants to do it. However, he is still loyal to the Cacciatori and will follow his orders to the letter. It can always be said that Priestly is a good soldier. Priestly is very out spoken and seems to say things bluntly and doesn't really wait to think if it might hurt somebodies feelings. No matter how tough or scary a situation gets, Priestly will not lose his smile and his ever bombarding humor. Priestly is very witty and never really turns that part of himself off.

But, behind all the wit and sarcasm is a man who can't cope with himself. He uses humor as a defense mechanism to suppress any of his other emotions. A lot of people just think Priestly isn't afraid to be himself, when in truth, he hates himself so he dresses up as someone different so it's easier to isolate himself. When he looks in the mirror he hates what he sees. He never voices any of this and no one seems to ever pick up on it. He just feels like his entire life he has been living for people who have been dead for years. He's tired and feels like he's sacrificed so much for people he doesn't even know. But, what else can he do? Become a civilian? Screw that. this is the only thing he's good at and there is no way he's trading it for anything.

Priestly used to hate creatures and enjoyed killing them. Now he simply enjoys hunting them and he enjoys the rush he gets from killing them, but not the actual act. He'll mainly due witty word play with his prey and try to anger them. He finds it amusing that creatures vain enough to call themselves "Immortals" are scared shit less of what most of them call a "lesser race." He kills vampires, werewolves, witches and the like because they are evil in his eyes. They sacrifice people, drink their blood, eat their flesh, steal their children. That sounds pretty evil to him. Lately though, he's been having second thoughts that maybe not all monsters are evil. There might be some good ones, but.....better safe than sorry, right?

Species: Human

Likes- Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Asia, ACDC, hunting, weapons, woman, The Cacciatori, cheeseburgers with extra tomatoes, Shock top beer.
Dislikes- Vampires, Werewolves, monsters and creatures in general, easy listening, techno, losing a trail, letting a creature get away.
Fears: His only real fear is that this way of life will be his for the rest of his life. He doesn't want to do this forever but he's scared that this is the only thing he's capable of.

History: Priestly was not born into the Cacciatori, but he was adopted into them. When he was 5 years old, his family home got broken into one night. It was a vampire....a starving one. It apparently hadn't eaten in weeks and was desperate to feed. It didn't just suck the blood from his family's necks. It tore them open chugged their blood like a beach kegger during spring break. Priestly was only five years old when it happened. It approached little Priestly with every intention of hurting him. Priestly picked up a knife and stabbed the thing in it's thigh. It was about to kill him when some Cacciatori agents showed up and killed the thing. They took pity on the only survivor and saw how brave he was to try to combat the vampire, even though it was foolish. They took him into the Cacciatori and trained him from the first day he arrived to the night of his first hunt.

That was 20 years ago. Now, Priestly is a top hunter and one of the best trackers they have. He can find any specific monster or monster lair given enough time. From sniffing the ground to checking local news sites for patterns, he can find damn near anything. On hunts he also prefers to go solo and strike the same fear into the heart of monsters that they do to good honest people. He dresses and acts differently from the rest of the Cacciatori due to the fact he is one of the few members who isn't related to them. He has never felt that he really belonged with the other members, but hunting has become like second nature to him. He has skill, no fear and no remorse.......well maybe a little.

Theme Song(s): 21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson and Thunderstruck by ACDC

Other: Priestly is a master of many weapons, but he prefers a certain set of weapons depending on what he's facing. He usually has a pair of sickles, two katars, two hand held crossbows with bolts dipped in diseased blood. He also has two colt 58's with iron bullets. And of course, a sawn-off shotgun....just in case. He keeps this and more in the trunk of his 1975 Hammy. It's black with two falcons on either side holding a bow and a jumble of arrows, in in each talon.


So begins...

Priestly's Story

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An odd looking man sat on a stool in a shady bar at 2:30 in the morning. He laughed drunkenly with with a porcelain red haired beauty. His laugh was filled with inappropriate placed hiccups and snorts. His voice spiked like an erratic heart monitor. Her laugh rolled out of her tongue like a satin ball rolling off of velvet sheets. Her piercing silver eyes only highlighted her immense beauty. As they spoke, it was obvious they were both interested in each other. The woman was the puppetmaster of the two, slowly stringing the man along, getting him to do as she wills. "Your so funny, Brad. I'm amazed you don't have a girlfriend." the crimson haired woman said, a dreamy tone wafting from her mouth. "Hehehe, yeah, thanksh. Sho, your sure your shingle? Caushe your really really pretty. I would die to be with you." Brad said in a stupor. The woman's facial expression from one of happiness to a sinister grin. "Well.....if your that serious about it." She leaned in close and whispered into his ear. "Let's go back to my" Her voice had an inhuman level of seduction worked into it. The man shivered from ecstasy from her whisper. He simply threw down a fifty and half-walked half-stumbled out of the bar, the woman on his hip.

They walked to his car. When he reached it, he had trouble getting the keys into it's hole. "C'mon yousonofabitch..." he slurred out, scratching his car a bit. The woman smiled slightly and put a hand on his shoulder. "My place is only 2 blocks away and it's a lovely night. Let's walk." Brad turned around and stared at her with a goofy grin. He nodded. "Okay, let's walk." he then drunkenly stuck his arm out for her. She had a fake look of shock on her face. "My, what a gentleman." and they were off. They walked for about 10 minutes until they turned into an alley. She got closer to him and looked scared. He dawned a cocky grin. "Don't worry baby, I'll protect you." She giggled a bit and pulled him closer. "Oh, I'll bet." She then reached her neck over and started kissing his neck. She then pushed him hard against the wall of the alley. He got a little scared. "Woah, you wanna do it right here?" She looked at him dead in the eyes, her eyes seemd to change to something more....deadly. Fangs then protruded from her mouth. "I love blood with alcohol mixed in it." She sniffed his neck, he seemed to be quivering and let out a little whimper. "Ive been waiting all night for this, Brad." the woman said with ecstasy in her voice. The man was whimpering as she grew closer, but suddenly he stopped. he then spoke in a very different and very sober voice. "Funny, so have I.....Veronica Val Jean." Her face immediately became perplexed. Suddenly, the man pulled a water bottle out of his jacket and threw it on her face. She screamed in pain as steam rose from her face. He immediately hammer fisted her in the gut, causing her to bend over slightly. He then pulled a shiny sickle from back inside his coat. It was for the inside blade lined with gold. He jumped up and rolled off her back, hooking the sickle around her neck. They were now standing back to back, the blade touching her skin as more steam seemed to rose from it. "Wawawhat?" Veronica said sounding terrified. The man shushed her softly. "Shhh. Don't speak. What? Did you think there would be no punishment for running around and killing innocent people. Draining the blood of men who have families and lives to live. Men who couldn't defend themselves from a monster like you?" He said sounding a bit snarky, but with a degree of seriousness. She seemed to be whimpering now, and softly weeping. He shushed her again. "Shh, Veronica. Don't worry." He gently lifted the blade a bit away from her throat. "Huh?" was all she said, trying to compose herself. Then, his tone changed to one who sounded very dead inside. "It'll be quick." He then pulled down with all of his might, decapitating her in one foul swoop.

Her body fell to the ground in a heap and her head rolled off down the alley a bit. He turned around and sighed at the scene before. "Clean up time." was all he said as he walked off back to his car. He arrived a few minutes later with a body bag and another bag filled with odd items. He placed her body and head into the body bag and put it in his trunk. He then scrubbed the alley clean and dusted garlic powder all over it. After he was sure it was spotless, he pulled out his phone. It had an odd jack in it, so the call couldn't be traced or found by any satellite. He made a call directly to his boss. A secretary answered. "Ms. Mornelli, please." The secretary transferred his call. When he heard the phone be answered he immediately started talking. "Lady Eagle, this is Renaissance Man. The Men's blood bank is closed for business, repeat, the Men's blood bank is closed for business. Got the trash in the bag and the house is shiny." He was speaking in code on a secure line. There was literally no reason to do this, but, Priestly would be Priestly. "Awaiting orders, Ma'am."

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"What's up?" Julien said, coming out into the hall with Fox. Immediatly, she looked away and tried to come up with words to say. But she didn't have to. In the next second, there was another noise in the hallway. Brisk, angry footsteps.

Aurora turned her head to see Trix, the Faerie that ran Paranormal in town, an Immortal-friendly club. Her and the woman weren't enemies, but they weren't allies. Faeries rarely allied with anyone. Not completely anyway. They may choose favorites, but their true intentions were rarely known. β€œHello Aurora. Julien. Fox. I hope you don't mind me interrupting, but this-” She said, pointing to the young vampire she had by the ear β€œ-little monster tried to feed in my club. And you know how I don't like that.”

Aurora groaned and ran her fingers through her hair. After everything that had happened that night, this was not what she needed. "And you couldn't deal with it yourself because?" She hissed, slightly hostile. "You know I give you permission to punish any of my vampires who cause problems for you and your club." Aurora clenched her hand around the broken Artemis statue, twisting her lips. Suddenly, she had an idea. Trix was always good for information so... "Alright. I'll make sure he never messes with you and your club again... If you investigate this for me." She said, placing the statue in the faerie's hand. "That should be an amusing little project for you."

And with that, she turned back to Julien, not caring that Trix was still standing there. "We're moving in with the vampires." She announced bluntly, looking straight into his eyes. She tried to keep her expression hard. One that said it wasn't up for debate, but she couldn't do anything about her tear stained cheeks or shaking hands.

"Fox." She said, turning to the dark haired woman, handing her the letter. "Please bring this to Emmanuel. Tell him it's made of some old magic and just showed up in my room. Tell him we're moving in with him for the protection of both of us." Aurora, who was used to 200 years of giving orders and not accepting no's, knitted her brows. "Please?" She asked, running her hands through her damp, blonde hair to hide the shaking.


Not a moment later, Caprice's phone began ringing, and she looked down at it with a sigh. Lifting it, she cradled it gently between her shoulder and ear while she dangled a pencil in her hand. "I have Priestly for you ma'am." Caprice glanced at the file on her desk with a smile.

"Alright, this better be good. Put him on." A second later, Priestly's voice was coming through the receiver at her. "Lady Eagle, this is Renaissance Man. The Men's blood bank is closed for business, repeat, the Men's blood bank is closed for business. Got the trash in the bag and the house is shiny." He was speaking in a ridiculous code. "Awaiting orders, Ma'am."

"Priestly, please, the code's completely see through." She said with a sigh, sifting through the files on her desk. This Aurora woman knew about them, and she was the leader of a coven. She was an immideate threat that needed to be taken out.

Orders? He wanted more orders? Hmmm... "Alright." She said with a sigh, flipping the phone to the other ear. "Meet me in my office in ten." She said, hanging up and dropping her head in her hands to rub her temples.