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Bitten: The Rivals

Rose City & Moon Forest


a part of Bitten: The Rivals, by .euphoria..


.euphoria. holds sovereignty over Rose City & Moon Forest, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Rose City & Moon Forest is a part of Bitten: The Rivals.

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Genevieve Le'Rouge [3] "Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories."
Ryder Carter [3] "Ummm..."
Michael Carter [3] "Don't underestimate me."
Astrid [2] Nar ett rovdjur alltid ett rovdjur.
Landon Seymour [2] "We're the good guys, so we should focus on protecting above all else."
Janelle Carter [2] "You'll fall under my spell. Everyone does."
Mink Forester [2] "The hunt, the thrill, the taste, its addicting."
Rosie Gowing [2] "Can't talk, I'm busy. Go train some more."
Michael "Monster" Carter Jr. [2] "I'm dead serious."
Mariette Le'Rouge [2] "There was faith, which is childish; trust, which is vain; and illusion, which is dangerous."

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Time: 3:00 P.M
Date: Friday, 5 December 2013
Location: Rose City and Moon Forest
What's Going On?: This is the day where the vampires are moving moving from their house in Rose City to the wolves' house in the Moon Forest. The Cacciatori is getting closer and closer to the vampires' house only to find that they are too late to capture and kill the immortals.

In collaboration with Miss Nomer

For the past week, Genevieve along with the other vampires have been packing up most, if not all of their possessions. While most might be upset over the move, Ginny was a little more... open to the idea of moving in with the dogs. The young vampire packed up the last box of her belongings, all being her journals of what she has seen and experienced for the past 120 years of her life. She made sure that she had gotten every single one of them, knowing that if she left one of them especially one of her older ones it would only lead the hunters one step closer to find the coven and then that much closer to finding the pack only a few miles away from the city in some sort of "house" in the middle of the woods. To be completely honest, Ginny believed that it was going to be a shack in comparison to the coven's large gray mansion which was right at the end of the small Roman city.

The blonde put the box on the floor along with the other several boxes before picking three of them up and walking into the hallway, her small heels hitting the wooden flooring before she cleared her throat and speaking to the others. Her voice wasn't loud but it was pretty high pitched, meaning that it could be heard from almost any room in their large house if she spoke a bit louder than she was used to. "Um, guys. We have about five minutes before we should get going." Genevieve then walked down the spiral staircase to the front door. She was going to leave the boxes there and wait for everyone else but, she felt a bit obligated to go ahead of time to make sure that the wolves weren't planning anything.

She was one step out of the door with the sun shinning on her long blonde hair. Before stopping, the last time she left for the woods without telling anyone she was yelled at for about an hour about how stupid and dangerous that was. Which ended up with her having tears in her eyes, her hiding in her room watching old Disney movies, and making her sister come in to comfort her. Something, she actually really enjoyed. It was a long time since the last time her sister actually stopped acting like her leader and acted like the young girl's older sister. The young girl walked back inside and sat on one of the cardboard boxes, letting out a childish moan.

Mariette has opted to leave behind or destroy most of her things, save for what she deems to be the necessities. She didn't have an excessive amount of things to begin with, anyway, never the sort to be horribly sentimental about holding on to things, and unlikely to see the 'keeping it in case there comes a time to use it' point of view on the matter. Thus, she had a minimal amount of packing to do, which freed up her time to ensure that everything else is running smoothly. This day is, to be frank, the absolute latest that they can afford to leave their house, which they know is not quite as secret a location as it once was. On one hand, she'd like not to dwell too much on the fact. On the other, it is somewhat hard not to; the Cacciatori have been occupying more than their fair share of her thoughts ever since she found Winona dead with that statuette. She's never really been the type to feel completely at ease, or to believe that everything will work itself out. Thus, her mind had been running possibilities for the past few days. There's a reason that she was willing to negotiate an alliance with the werewolves of the area, and it has everything to do with her concern for the coven. Not that most of them can't handle themselves perfectly well- most have more experience than she in such things. Except for Genevieve, of course, but that is another problem unto itself.

One that, in fact, brings itself to mind when she looks hears a familiar moan from out in the hallway. Mariette followed the direction of the sound, finding her younger sister sitting on a sealed box, seemingly idle. "If you're bored, why not do another scope of the house for anything that might be. . .compromising?" Mariette suggested, her expression a bit cool, though at the moment, she can't help but remember when both she and Genevieve were children. It gives her a momentary lapse of normality, a shred of nostalgia that floats by before being blown away. She glanced at the large, mahogany grandfather clock in the hallway, and sees that they don't have time for such things. They should be leaving soon. In this instance, soon, of course, means now.

"Leaving in two!" She called up the stairs. Unlike Genevieve, Mariette had a slightly deeper voice- at times, it goes so far as to border on husky. If she believed that they had any significant effect on her, the woman might blame it on cigarettes. As it stands, she knew that she's always had this voice, which contrasts her sister's more feminine and soft one.

Gin watched as her sister came down the stairs. "I would but the last time I did that I got yelled at. And I really don't feel like locking myself in my room today." She said to her sister as the older sister called upstairs to the others who were probably still in their rooms if not our on the town doing only God knows what.

"Come on, then. There'll be enough to moan about when we get there," She made it sound almost like a promise, eyebrows raised down at her younger sister, the only real link to the past she has, as she's thrown out anything connecting her to the first few decades of her life.

Once Mari spoke to Ginny again, she let out one of her contagious smiles before hugging her sister from behind before resting her head on her shoulder and tilting it like a child did with their mother or father when they were curious about something. "It might not be that bad, you know. I met one of them and she isn't that bad. She just told me to watch out for this little girl... Which shouldn't be a problem seeing that I have to best bodyguard ever right here." She said with her smile still on her lips before softly kissing her sister's cheek. "Besides, who knows, maybe it'll actually be enjoyable."

When Gin first hugged Mariette, the elder girl stiffened for a moment, because in all honesty, she still wasn't completely accustomed to such things- she had spent many decades without her sister after her change. Besides, she's made a point of not making her love for her sister obvious, because god knows that the last thing she needs is her enemies singling out Gin as a way to get to her. Still, after a moment she is able to loosen slightly, and looked down at her sister, eyebrows raised with a bit of amusement allowed to slip out. "The little Carter girl? I've heard a few things myself, I'm afraid. From them, I'd suppose she'd make a better vampire than a werewolf. Hopefully she won't be trailing about while I'm trying to cement the peace negotiations with her father," the last bit is more of a thought aloud, really, for it is a genuine concern. Those with the ability to bend the minds of others have always put her a bit on edge. It was a bit unsettling when she had found that her younger sister had such an ability, but at least Gin, if no one else, she can trust. A spoiled little girl is a bit more concerning.

"Bodyguard? I can't imagine who you're speaking of," Mariette says, eyebrows still quirked up. After Gin gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, the elder sister gently pushed her away a little bit, deciding that this has been enough sentimentality for one day. Besides, they certainly must be getting a move on now. Genevieve sighed, losing her smile for a moment before returning it to her face. She knew that her sister meant well but, it still hurt whenever the eldest sister would push or pull away from Genevieve's affection.

She's not one to go purely on instinct, but Mariette was getting an increasingly bad feeling, the sort one feels when there is danger. "Come on, then! Time to go!" She called back up the stairs once more, before sideglancing at her sister.

"Oh, I doubt that. But we shall see."

Ginny smiled once more before picking up her boxes and walking out to her white car to put two of the boxes in the trunk and one in the passenger seat next to her. She started the car, letting her music start blasting as she waited to see who was going to drive with her and who was going to get there on their own.

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#, as written by Vix


Location – Casa de Luna, Moon Forest, Italy
Time – 3:02pm


“Papa! Papa!” Janelle was the first to greet her father as he walked through the door. The burly man had anticipated her jump and caught her midair, swinging around with her. “Janelle, what have I told you about beating people up at school?” His deep voice was stern as he stopped spinning with the small girl and watched as her green eyes were cast down. “No witnesses, papa. No witnesses and if I leave them alive, make sure they'll keep their traps shut.” He nodded as he set her down on the floor. “Exactly. So – Next time, I better come home to a victory story minus the call from your teachers.” He planted a kiss atop her head and ushered her off to finish her lunch before taking off up the stairs to the “Alpha Cave”. His room was the largest bedroom in the house and it was filled with things that you'd think you'd find in a hunter's lair; Trophy heads from various animals, a bear skin rug, fur blankets. The only things he didn't have were guns. The Alpha shed his uniform suit and tossed it into the hamper before donning a simple black tank top that hugged his cut muscles and a pair of loose denim pants. He let out a brief sigh of relief, hardly feeling comfortable in a suit even after so many years of being stuck in one. He ran his fingers through his thick, ebony mane as he left his room only to come face to face -sort of- with his son. Little Monster Mike looked up to his father with his innocent, soulful blue eyes as he spoke. “The Vampires are coming today, right?” The young boy had never met any Vampires and his inquisitive nature made him just a little bit excited to meet them. He and his sister had already began their prank plotting so that they could make the Night Children feel more welcome. The Alpha gave a curt nod with a lifted brow and parted his lips to warn his son about his hijinks, but the adorable boy was already running away to plot with his sister. Shaking his head, the older man found his gaze shifting to the left. He walked down the hall some to meet a dead end where the wall was covered with picture frames holding portraits and pictures of all members of the Moon Forest Pack, past and present. His favorite was that of himself with his mother. Janelle Chloe Carter was one of the eight children of Alberto Molinelli and the last one to die. His mother, his uncles, his aunts, his grandmother, and his grandfather. They had all died at the hands of the Cacciatori.

And they would pay.

He didn't know when or how, but they would. Lately, he felt like giving up and sometimes he felt as though his family were all rolling over in their graves. His own brother with a Vampire fetish and his Scout a Half-Breed running around with a handicapped human trying to have the best of both worlds. If the pickings weren't so slim and her loyalty not so...wishy-washy, he would have killed the fool of a human by now. But, so long as he was safe (or alive, at least) she remained. Michael tended to brush off the smaller wolf when she moaned and groaned about his children harassing her and her human. He honestly didn't care and assured her that she was doing it to herself. But, she was just a stupid kid. She wouldn't listen. That was fine. When they both realized how dangerous it was for them to be together, he wouldn't have to kill anyone. For now, he just banned the boy from his land. Right now, he didn't have time to worry about some stupid girl though. He needed to find his brother. And Robert. He definitely needed to find Robert. He had good news for his Hunter – Well, it was good news to him. In such troubling times for immortal beings, news of being promoted wasn't always something that was celebrated. That meant more responsibility fell to your shoulders. It wasn't easy to sleep at night knowing that people's lives depended on the decisions you made everyday. Still, Robert struck him as a strong and reliable wolf. He had to at least ask. He wouldn't get the chance though – His phone rang with a text and he checked it only to find that Giovannina had spotted the Vampires getting ready to go. His talk with Robert would have to wait while he prepared himself to work the arrangements out with their Leader and make sure that the boundaries and rules were clear. Heaving a heavy sigh, the Alpha turned away from the wall and made his way downstairs in the massive cabin out the in woods. This home was designed to house an entire Pack. As a child, he could remember when his mother ruled nearly thirty wolves. This home wasn't designed to be a home for everyone, but for those who had no other place to go. His grandfather had built this home with his wife and children after migrating to Italy.

It was originally just a secret summer home hidden in the hills of the forest of Moon for he and his family. Albeit, a large one. But he welcomed his Pack members when they needed a roof over their heads. It was the one place of his that the Cacciatori never found. Those who had gotten close died before coming within two hundred yards of the cabin by the lake. Michael had been raised in this house with twelve other young Werewolves - There were so many memories here. And now he was welcoming Vampires...His grandfather and mother would take turns skinning him alive if they were standing before him right now. But maybe they would understand. This was for the survival of their races. If they knew what he knew, they wouldn't be so angry. He closed his eyes for a few moments and then opened them as he made his way into the large dining room where his two children were hovering over a plate of raw steak and a piece of paper. They were incorrigible.

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Time || 3:30 P.M.
Date || Friday, 5 December 2013
Location || Rose City

Klaus’s mind was a galaxy; littered with a plethora of stars and planets. Thoughts like meteors zoomed from every angle of his brain. His sun was his cause and the asteroids were his targets. Constellations mapped out his plans and as he marched forward into action. His weapon of choice was grasped in tight tanned fists, dark intelligent eyes scanning the area with practiced precision. He inhaled the crisp air, the scent of rotting leaves and damp earth entering his nostrils. Poise and alert, Klaus’s muscles tensed as he and his fleet approached the House of the Night Children.

Nodding his head at a group of his men, Klaus watched them from the shadows of the trees. He observed from afar; his fellow hunters examining the perimeter. They scrutinized the outside. There was uneasy nestled in the pit of Klaus’s stomach when not a soul stirred in the windows of the estate. Something was amiss…it all felt too easy, too barren. His eyes cut to his second in command, his gaze alight with frustration and realization.

“They fled,” He said, curtly just as a hunter approached him with a report that confirmed his inquiry.

His jaw clenched, as did his large fists. The leader ventured forward onto the premises; his crossbow raised and ready to fire. One could never be too safe. As his shifty eyes darted from window to window, the constellations in his mind altered themselves; changing shape as he tried to rearrange his plans. Boldly, the hunter walked to the entrance; kicking the double doors in before stomping into the estate.

“Search every crevice of this forsaken place, do you understand me? I want to know where they’ve found refuge, when they left, who they ate for breakfast.” He dark eyes darted to his second in command. “Whatever they find, I want to know about it. I must take my leave now. I have a witch to interrogate.”

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Time: 3:00 P.M ish - who really knows anymore?
Date: Friday, 5 December 2013
Location: Rose City and Moon Forest

“What's in a name? That is what we ask ourselves in childhood when we write the name that we are told is ours.” - Ulysses.

The cool air seeped through the small cracks in the dusty attic, yet they were not felt by the man hanging from a support beam, casually flipping through the pages of a novel in the dark. True, one would wonder why such an odd fellow would find comfort in a novel while darkness shrouded the area, but the again that person hadn't met a vampire before: and, if they were close enough to witness him, were probably drained at the moment.

Nevertheless, Zakhar hung from the wooden beam, his eyes scanning the pages of the newest novel he had found: The Girl with the Dragon tattoo. In sincere honesty, he was shocked at how detailed and intricate the piece of literature was. More often than not, he was starting to become bored with the modern idea of literature, in which each age group had a specific set of themes and plots. How were the young adults supposed to 'upgrade' into the adult section, if all there was to read were fantasy drama and post-apocalyptic novels? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo surprised him with its intricacy and theme, so he was having a bit of difficulty conversing with others.

Piled beneath him were all that he owned: two duffel bags stuffed with relics and literature. Anything else that Zak owned was either stored in a safe box in the middle of the Atlantic ocean - as a sailor, he found random islands all the time - or had been burned. Sure, he would miss a few of his old belongings, but anything that had significant sentiment or knowledge was stored within his journals, which were what nearly took up an entire duffel bag themselves. Granted, the others were on said island; after all, he was somewhere around 400 years old, and he hadn't stopped writing since he could.

Back on track, and in the present: Zakhar was roughly halfway through the book before the first call was sent out by Genevieve - something about five minutes to go. Plenty of time for Zakhar to get through more of his book. Sure, it wasn't the greatest idea to leave things to the last minute, but where was the fun in being so overly prepared? Part of what made his life so exciting was that edge that was imposed upon him, the fact that no matter how prepared you may think yourself, it was nowhere nearly enough for the trials ahead. Nowadays, people wanted everything to be predictable: how could one have fun like that?

Refocused, Mariette now yelled out that they were leaving in two. Where did those three minutes go? Zakhar stopped reading to stare at the pages in confusion. How had he simply let three minutes slip through him so easily? It wasn't because he was reading, as he only got a page done. Zak mused over this problem for a little bit before coming to the realization that this musing was his problem; once that was established, he went back to reading. He could not help but allow his mind to wander slightly, pondering why he was, again, under the thumb of another. For centuries, Zakhar had been refused to be ruled: what made now any different? Zakhar tilted his head slightly, wondering what had changed, if anything. Perhaps it was simply this city: he had heard lots of mysterious and ominous tones coming from this city when he circulated the globe. Obviously, this piqued his interests enough - but was that the reason he was only the right hand man?

His thoughts, once again, were rudely interrupted by Mariette yelling about how it was time to go. An annoyed sigh escaped his lips before he could stop it, and his right hand closed the book before he dropped down. Preparing himself, Zakhar put on a pair of sunglasses and opened the half-broken window to the sunlight. As if he was an odd version of spiderman, Zakhar scuttled from the attic all the way down to the roof - while hard to describe, it was quite interesting to watch. In a few moments, Zakhar was on the roof, but he didn't stop there: nope, Zakhar moved and read like paper in the wind, drifting around objects with random precision, until he was on top of the car (Zakhar quite enjoys sitting himself in places one would find odd). While there was music playing underneath, he laid on the roof and began reading again, before speaking in the direction of Mariette, knowing her sister could hear him as well.

"Destroying the mansion would be safest. Burning would be better, but is too obvious - perhaps a storm or sledgehammer would do the trick? Hmmm." Zakhar was pensive before speaking again. "Cacciatori will find what they want regardless. Destroyed mansion will confirm we were hear and are not coming back: abandoned may confuse them." Zakhar's random speech pattern was odd, sure; but while his words were choppy, his tone and voice were always as smooth as silk. "I may stay behind, act as spy and scout. Find out what they know about us. Kill a few for fun."

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#, as written by Vix
“Oh, dear. This simply won't do. I will ask you once more. Do you or do you not owe Cheveyo fifty thousand dollars?”

The voice came from a scantily clad woman with a young appearance who was holding a red-haired male up by his ankle, watching his head dangle inches from the ground. Her lucullan lips curled lightly into an almost feline smirk, her free hand on her hip with a brow cocked every so mildly in slight amusement. The man was crying and thrashing around, begging for the Viking Vampire Vixen to release him. “No! No, I don't!”, he screeched, the scent of fresh urine beginning to float into the air, the aroma wafting ever so gently under her nose. She gave a shiver and dropped him to the ground, moving so fast that she was merely a blur. He tried to get away but he was soon looking up mile long ivory legs, pinned to the ground by stilettos pressed against his chest. “Dear. There's no use lying to me. I already know that you do owe him money. I just really would prefer it that you admit to your wrong before we go any further. Ah – But don't think that you can stall me until someone comes by and hears your pathetic and irritating whines by continuing to lie. You have exactly three seconds to concede before I simply say fuck it and eat you. It will be drawn out and dreadfully painful for you – I'm going to literally eat you. Flesh and all.” Her grin had shifted to that of a cruel nature, her tongue gliding over her freshly glossed lips.

“I do! I do! Alright – I'm sorry! I tried to get the money on time but I couldn't! I didn't even mean to borrow any money, but it's Italy...and. Y'know! Live it up! When in Rome.” He sobbed uncontrollably, his squeaky and too-thick Jersey accent assaulting her ears as much as the scent of his urine was assaulting her olfactory senses. She wrinkled her nose delicately and sighed. “Well – If you can't pay it off...You'll have to work it off.” She gave a coy smile and pulled him up by the back of his shirt, yanking him close to her, though making sure he didn't press his lower body against her. “I have a friend. Her name is Isis. She's a Spaniard, a bit young. Perhaps two or three hundred years old. A child, really. But she has this feminist Coven. It's quite lovely – I'm sure she'd pay quite a bit for another bitch to slap around. It's sad that you have such great size but no spine to back it up. No worries – You won't be needing it there.” She snickered and drove her knee into his groin, watching him roll in the grass and wallow in pain, begging her not to do it. “I have children and a wife! You can't take me from th-umph!”

Astrid delivered a kick to his stomach, watching him sail ten feet away and slam into the trunk of a tree, cutting him off before he finished his sentence. “Maybe you should have thought about your precious family before you borrowed fifty thousand dollars to pay for Cupid's itch and herpes. Tell me – Were the hookers worth it, 'Mikey J'?”

She taunted him with a melodious purr, a light giggle escaping past her lips. She walked over to him slowly, pushing a few platinum blonde locks from her face. “Don't answer that. Either you're going to lie and it's going to piss me off or you're going to be honest and that's going to piss me off...I don't like you.” She sighed and heaved the human over her shoulder before leaping up and over the fence, taking off at high speeds through the forestry that soon lead to a back road. She wasn't running for too long before she came upon a beautiful plantation style mansion, approaching it from the side before moving towards the front and knocking on the door. The person who answered the door was a little girl who looked no more than twelve or thirteen years old. She gave a sweet smile, rocking back and forth on her heels as she played with the ruffles of her frilly violet southern belle dress. “Oooh! Hiya, Astrid! What'cha got there?” The little girl shuffled some, peeking to see the man heaved over the Viking's shoulder, shivering from fear and the chill he had caught from her speed. “It's a gift, really. Or – Not much of a gift. More of an offer.” She returned the smile as the “child” lit up, clapping her tiny hands. “He reeks of fear and piss! Ha! He's a wetter.” The little one squealed more as she jumped up and down. “I simply adore the ones that wet themselves! It's so hilarious! I'll give you seventy-five large for 'im.” The little one's fangs finally slid out as she practically shivered with excitement.

“Oh, Isis. That's just so sweet. Instead of paying me all at once, why don't you just pay me over the course of a few months? Mikey's been a really naughty boy.” Astrid smirked, throwing him onto the porch, watching as he tried to scramble away, only to be caught by Isis. “Ohh! Lita's just going to love him! He's O positively pathetic!” Her giggle was hauntingly adorable as she grabbed him by the hair to look him in the eyes. “Do we have an accord?” Astrid tilted her head, her icy blue eyes watching as Isis played with her future meal. The little one was gone in a flash and soon returned with a stack of cash. “Here's five large up front! Thanks Astrid!” Astrid gave a light curtsy, tucking the money between her breasts after folding it in half. Isis was soon dragging Mikey into the house by the ankle, doing it painstakingly slow just to freak him out more. It was working because he was screaming like a little girl. It made Astrid smile as she whipped out her phone and sent out a text to Cheveyo before taking off, feeling a shiver go down her spine. She had damp urine on her shoulder...Disgusting.

Just as quick as she had arrived, she was gone. It was a long drive from Milan back to Rose City. Ah, Citta Rosa was a small city compared to the other, more well-known parts of Italy. But it was beautiful and peaceful. At least for the most part. What amazed her was that her Fae companion, Cheveyo, was able to make so much money in the small place. But Milan wasn't too far away and he made a small fortune preying on the tourists like poor Mikey. Cheveyo had extended the man a fifty thousand dollar loan and the man hadn't thought to pay it back. Cheveyo wasn't really intimidating. Physically, he was quite attractive and well-built. But anyone who spent three seconds with him knew he wasn't a fighter. He didn't need to be. Astrid was not self-conscious about using Cheveyo as a source of income, acting as his muscle when people tried to skip town on him. She liked to have nice things and they would not stand between she and a new Gucci purse. It was the perfect partnership and the close bond they had tied in with it being only two of them made it even easier. She knew Chev wasn't going to fuck her over on her cut and Chev wasn't worried that she was going to demand more than she deserved. They had just over two centuries worth of loyalty between them.

A light smile curved on her lips as she came to a halt on the side of the road to see an attractive young man in a business suit pull over just ahead of her. “You look like you could use a lift!” The Faerie called out with a light smirk playing on his lips, watching as Astrid mosied over to the green ferrari and slid into the passenger's seat. “What happened to the Bugatti?” Astrid and Cheveyo had arrived only hours earlier to spend the morning collecting money from clients when she insisted that he wait for her while she took a rather reluctant Mikey out into the forest for a quick chat. “The salesmen in Italy are very convincing when the pitch.”, he laughed before peeling out. They would have met in the city, but Astrid had told him to meet her near Isis' within an hour. She was too lazy to run back to Milan. They now headed out to their new Coven in Rose City, Astrid whipping out her phone and sending a text to Genevieve.

Had business to conduct; Cheveyo and I will meet you and the others at Casa de Lupi Luna soon. ETA is three hours.

She didn't mention what kind of business it was because it was none of Ginny's business. Astrid went through great lengths to keep her age, her powers, and Cheveyo's species a secret for the past twenty years. She grew irate with people looking to her in a Coven to be the muscle when things weren't going their way and she didn't like the idea of other Vampires tasting her Cheveyo. They weren't a couple, no. But he was hers. Plain and simple. He was all she had left. She had Basil... Her first and only progeny. He was like a son to her. But Örlög had taken him away as punishment for not sticking by her Maker and original Coven when the true death was courting them. That's why she stayed with this little Coven. To hunt down her son's killer and make up for that which she had done wrong, clearing her conscience and putting her at ease. For once she had helped this Coven in their time of need, she would enter Valhalla when and if the day of her true death came.

Too bad there were only two people in the Coven she could stand to hold conversation with.

Alywin and Zakhar were the only ones she truly could say she actually liked within the Coven. She would probably like Ginny if she didn't brush the girl off so often. But she didn't want to form an attachment and Ginny was the kind of girl that people attached themselves to. She didn't want to spend too much time with Mariette either. It wasn't anything personal; She had some form of admiration and respect for the younger Vampire. But she was afraid worried that the younger Vampire might try and pry into Astrid's past. It was a touchy subject and she did very well at playing the part of being collected, quiet, elegant, and mysterious. She wasn't going to lose her temper over a persistent girl and end up killing her. Mink... That irritating little slimeball could go to hell.

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Time: 3:05 P.M
Date: Friday, 5 December 2013
Location: Moon Forest

Ryder watched from a long distance as his house started to become crowded not with other werewolves but vampires. With a shake of his head he turned away, wishing that this wasn't happening and that he wouldn't have to live with a bunch of vampires. He let out a soft growl as he shifted painfully into his wolf form, not even caring if any one saw him. With one last glance behind him he padded away from his home and hoping to get the vampires off his mind for a little while. "Stupid Cacciatori," He thought. In his wolf form he ran all around the forest and even circled around the perimeter of their land to make sure no one was sneaking about. Might as well put himself to use while he was out, ignoring both his older brother, and the vampires. He just ran and ran until eh felt he couldn't run any more until he felt that he could not go on much longer. Stopping he growled softly, plopping down next to a tree he looked at it carefully. With unbelievable strength he rose up a little on his strong hind legs and placed his paws on a huge tree trunk. He wasn't sure why he was doing this, maybe it was his anger or maybe it was just that he needed to get his mind off of the vampires and his secret. Ryder hesitated then pushed his paws hard against the trunk of the tree and began to push the tree over. The ripping of roots most likely easily heard by other wolves that could be around or anyone near by. This time he slammed his large paws against the tree trunk this time the entire tree came crashing down onto another tree. A bark echoed through the forest as he dragged his sharp claws down the trunk of the half fallen tree.

His front paws returning to the soft ground. Ryder stretched then shook his fur, looking at the tree that he had pushed over he wondered what was going on back at the cabin. Were vampires moving into his room with him? Was his brother possibly getting into an argument with another vampire? Anything was possible. Flicking his tail, he soon went from uncomfortable to angry. Why? Well it was just the thought of his brother's disapproval to Ryder's mistake. To Ryder's secret that only his brother figured out. He hated his brother being disappointed or possibly even angry with him, but there wasn't much he could do about it now. That might have been what angered Ryder the most is that he couldn't changed what he had done in the past. Maybe things would be different if he hadn't ran around with that vampire? What if those vampires knew about him? What if his pack knew what he did? Would his pack be mad? Probably. Ryder scratched the ground with his claws at the thought. What ever it was that made him angry it didn't matter. That much he knew or at least that much was his opinion.

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#, as written by Vix

Location - Moon Forest

“Più dolce di caramella su un bastone, mirtilli, ciliegie, o calce. Se aveste la scelta, sarebbe la vostra scelta, ma lecca-lecca è mio!” Lollipop by the Chordettes was one of her favorite songs. It was so upbeat and poppy and it made her smile. She belted it out powerfully as she stepped out of her bathroom, clad in a robe and throwing her arms out as she sustained the last note. A smile crossed her face until a wave of discomfort crashed over seemingly out of nowhere. She immediately recognized the emotional print as Ryder's in the same way she would have recognized his... Musk. A sigh escaped her as she ran her fingers through her hair and pushed open her window, watching as Ryder took off in wolf form into the forest, taking his irritation with him. As the Sentinel and Pack Therapist, it was her job to go make sure that he wasn't going to do anything stupid, talk to him, and make him feel better.

It was her specialty, after all.

Cringing with the pain of shifting in the middle of the day, the Italian cried out. That cry morphed into a howl as her bones crunched and began to reshape themselves, her face extending into a muzzle, a tail growing from the base of her hips, and fur sprouting all along her body among other painful transformations. She was big in her wolf form, coming up to about five foot three in height, but she was a shrimp in muscle mass and height compared to the others. Letting loose a howl to alert the Alpha that she was heading out, she was gone. She was but a streak of golden and snowy fur as she leapt from the window and took off after Ryder, her paws kicking up the light snow that stuck to the ground.

He wasn't really that hard for her to find even with several new scents and emotions hitting the air around her. Well, that, and he wasn't exactly being very quiet. She needed only to follow the sound of his panting and soon after the crash of a tree. She watched him from the bushes for a few moments as though she were about to pounce him. She was sure that the Vampires and the other Wolves at home had smelled the irritation that oozed from his pores, but she had something better than a sense of smell. She felt his irritation. It was so strong and she had to literally fight it off to keep her own self from becoming as irate as he was.

It was with a pained growl and more bone crunching sickness that she shifted back, the fur receding into her flesh as she took on a human form once more. Standing naked it front of him, she didn't seem to care so much about it. It wasn't that she was particularly narcisstic about her body -well, she was pretty confident- but, when you shifted back, you didn't have your clothes on. They weren't Witches who used magic to keep their clothes intact when they shifted. They had to get naked unless they wanted to get tangled and strangled by cloth. It happened a few times before. A very embarassing way to die.

Or end up by the medic. So, they learned from a young age to be able to be around naked people without going into heat. Back to the story at hand, she tilted her head and let her blue green eyes scan him for a moment before speaking, her voice gentle and filled with care as she worked with her power to tug and pull at the dampening Aura around him in an attempt to calm him. “Hey, Ry. You want to talk about what's eating you up?” The Italian words rolled off of her tongue with ease as she leaned against a nearby tree that he hadn't taken down.