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"I'm pretty wild, but I draw the line at Necrophelia. Thanks anyway."

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a character in “Bitten”, as played by Sneakyrio



Full Name: Malcolm Ari Priestly

Nickname: Priestly, he hates being called Malcolm. Renaissance Man, it's his self given code name when he's speaking on non secure lines......or secure lines. He sort of just uses it for kicks or just to be weird.

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Role: Jensen Ackles


Appearance: Priestly stands at about 5'11" and weighs in at around 185lbs. of pure muscle. He is always very easy to pick out of a crowd to say the least. He oddly shaped lamb chop side burns along with a pincer beard. He usually has many different piercings though out his face. Where there's a place on you face you can get a piercing, Priestly has got one there. He never has them all in at once, he likes to switch it around every day or so. Priestly always seems to have a thin layer of black eyeliner on. His hair is always a different color and style every few days put his usual is a Mohawk and he always chooses between red, blue and green, He also occasionally mixes them. His normal hair color is a light brown. His eyes are a mint green and his skin is nice and bronzed.

Priestly has several tattoos scattered across his body, but none of them correlate. He has an interesting looking tribal tattoo on the left side of his neck. Down his left forearm is a number of Japanese characters, the meaning unknown. On his right bicep is a tattoo of Daffy Duck. In an ancient looking font in an arc across his stomach is the word "Cacciatori". Over his heart is a tattoo of a target and a banner over it that says "Insert Stake Here". Across his right hand knuckles is the word "Love" one letter on each finger. The other hand says "RMan" as a reference to his nickname. In between his shoulder blades in the renaissance font are the words "Renaissance Man". Below that, is an incredibly large cross with sunshine coming from behind it. Below it is a banner that reads "Forgive me of my sins." His last tattoo is on his right wrist. It is simply and arrow pointing towards his hand. Above it states "Property of God" a joke saying that he has the right hand of God.

Priestly dresses very oddly. He is usually wearing two black cord bracelet's on each wrist. He wears tons of different odd graphic tees. Some saying things like "Save a Tree, Eat a Beaver." and other odd jokes and sayings. They are usually offensive on different levels. He also wears black jeans tucked into black combat boots. If he's feeling especially gun-ho, he might wear a kilt. When he has to "go to the office" he usually just throws on a striped tie, black and whatever color his hair is that day, over what he normally wears. When he's hunting, Priestly always throws on a large brown leather duster. Along with all of his hunting gear strapped on him.


Personality: Priestly is....well, Priestly. There really isn't anyone else like him. He is the epitome of a smart ass and loves sarcasm to a point of constant annoyance of his "co-workers'. He is very odd and erratic, you never really know what he's going to say next. He has absolutely no social fears and it seems impossible for him to be embarrassed. He might just walk into a meeting and before he steps fully in the door, he might do a little dance. Priestly does what he wants, where he wants and when he wants to do it. However, he is still loyal to the Cacciatori and will follow his orders to the letter. It can always be said that Priestly is a good soldier. Priestly is very out spoken and seems to say things bluntly and doesn't really wait to think if it might hurt somebodies feelings. No matter how tough or scary a situation gets, Priestly will not lose his smile and his ever bombarding humor. Priestly is very witty and never really turns that part of himself off.

But, behind all the wit and sarcasm is a man who can't cope with himself. He uses humor as a defense mechanism to suppress any of his other emotions. A lot of people just think Priestly isn't afraid to be himself, when in truth, he hates himself so he dresses up as someone different so it's easier to isolate himself. When he looks in the mirror he hates what he sees. He never voices any of this and no one seems to ever pick up on it. He just feels like his entire life he has been living for people who have been dead for years. He's tired and feels like he's sacrificed so much for people he doesn't even know. But, what else can he do? Become a civilian? Screw that. this is the only thing he's good at and there is no way he's trading it for anything.

Priestly used to hate creatures and enjoyed killing them. Now he simply enjoys hunting them and he enjoys the rush he gets from killing them, but not the actual act. He'll mainly due witty word play with his prey and try to anger them. He finds it amusing that creatures vain enough to call themselves "Immortals" are scared shit less of what most of them call a "lesser race." He kills vampires, werewolves, witches and the like because they are evil in his eyes. They sacrifice people, drink their blood, eat their flesh, steal their children. That sounds pretty evil to him. Lately though, he's been having second thoughts that maybe not all monsters are evil. There might be some good ones, but.....better safe than sorry, right?

Species: Human

Likes- Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Asia, ACDC, hunting, weapons, woman, The Cacciatori, cheeseburgers with extra tomatoes, Shock top beer.
Dislikes- Vampires, Werewolves, monsters and creatures in general, easy listening, techno, losing a trail, letting a creature get away.
Fears: His only real fear is that this way of life will be his for the rest of his life. He doesn't want to do this forever but he's scared that this is the only thing he's capable of.

History: Priestly was not born into the Cacciatori, but he was adopted into them. When he was 5 years old, his family home got broken into one night. It was a vampire....a starving one. It apparently hadn't eaten in weeks and was desperate to feed. It didn't just suck the blood from his family's necks. It tore them open chugged their blood like a beach kegger during spring break. Priestly was only five years old when it happened. It approached little Priestly with every intention of hurting him. Priestly picked up a knife and stabbed the thing in it's thigh. It was about to kill him when some Cacciatori agents showed up and killed the thing. They took pity on the only survivor and saw how brave he was to try to combat the vampire, even though it was foolish. They took him into the Cacciatori and trained him from the first day he arrived to the night of his first hunt.

That was 20 years ago. Now, Priestly is a top hunter and one of the best trackers they have. He can find any specific monster or monster lair given enough time. From sniffing the ground to checking local news sites for patterns, he can find damn near anything. On hunts he also prefers to go solo and strike the same fear into the heart of monsters that they do to good honest people. He dresses and acts differently from the rest of the Cacciatori due to the fact he is one of the few members who isn't related to them. He has never felt that he really belonged with the other members, but hunting has become like second nature to him. He has skill, no fear and no remorse.......well maybe a little.

Theme Song(s): 21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson and Thunderstruck by ACDC

Other: Priestly is a master of many weapons, but he prefers a certain set of weapons depending on what he's facing. He usually has a pair of sickles, two katars, two hand held crossbows with bolts dipped in diseased blood. He also has two colt 58's with iron bullets. And of course, a sawn-off shotgun....just in case. He keeps this and more in the trunk of his 1975 Hammy. It's black with two falcons on either side holding a bow and a jumble of arrows, in in each talon.


So begins...

Priestly's Story

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An odd looking man sat on a stool in a shady bar at 2:30 in the morning. He laughed drunkenly with with a porcelain red haired beauty. His laugh was filled with inappropriate placed hiccups and snorts. His voice spiked like an erratic heart monitor. Her laugh rolled out of her tongue like a satin ball rolling off of velvet sheets. Her piercing silver eyes only highlighted her immense beauty. As they spoke, it was obvious they were both interested in each other. The woman was the puppetmaster of the two, slowly stringing the man along, getting him to do as she wills. "Your so funny, Brad. I'm amazed you don't have a girlfriend." the crimson haired woman said, a dreamy tone wafting from her mouth. "Hehehe, yeah, thanksh. Sho, your sure your shingle? Caushe your really really pretty. I would die to be with you." Brad said in a stupor. The woman's facial expression from one of happiness to a sinister grin. "Well.....if your that serious about it." She leaned in close and whispered into his ear. "Let's go back to my" Her voice had an inhuman level of seduction worked into it. The man shivered from ecstasy from her whisper. He simply threw down a fifty and half-walked half-stumbled out of the bar, the woman on his hip.

They walked to his car. When he reached it, he had trouble getting the keys into it's hole. "C'mon yousonofabitch..." he slurred out, scratching his car a bit. The woman smiled slightly and put a hand on his shoulder. "My place is only 2 blocks away and it's a lovely night. Let's walk." Brad turned around and stared at her with a goofy grin. He nodded. "Okay, let's walk." he then drunkenly stuck his arm out for her. She had a fake look of shock on her face. "My, what a gentleman." and they were off. They walked for about 10 minutes until they turned into an alley. She got closer to him and looked scared. He dawned a cocky grin. "Don't worry baby, I'll protect you." She giggled a bit and pulled him closer. "Oh, I'll bet." She then reached her neck over and started kissing his neck. She then pushed him hard against the wall of the alley. He got a little scared. "Woah, you wanna do it right here?" She looked at him dead in the eyes, her eyes seemd to change to something more....deadly. Fangs then protruded from her mouth. "I love blood with alcohol mixed in it." She sniffed his neck, he seemed to be quivering and let out a little whimper. "Ive been waiting all night for this, Brad." the woman said with ecstasy in her voice. The man was whimpering as she grew closer, but suddenly he stopped. he then spoke in a very different and very sober voice. "Funny, so have I.....Veronica Val Jean." Her face immediately became perplexed. Suddenly, the man pulled a water bottle out of his jacket and threw it on her face. She screamed in pain as steam rose from her face. He immediately hammer fisted her in the gut, causing her to bend over slightly. He then pulled a shiny sickle from back inside his coat. It was for the inside blade lined with gold. He jumped up and rolled off her back, hooking the sickle around her neck. They were now standing back to back, the blade touching her skin as more steam seemed to rose from it. "Wawawhat?" Veronica said sounding terrified. The man shushed her softly. "Shhh. Don't speak. What? Did you think there would be no punishment for running around and killing innocent people. Draining the blood of men who have families and lives to live. Men who couldn't defend themselves from a monster like you?" He said sounding a bit snarky, but with a degree of seriousness. She seemed to be whimpering now, and softly weeping. He shushed her again. "Shh, Veronica. Don't worry." He gently lifted the blade a bit away from her throat. "Huh?" was all she said, trying to compose herself. Then, his tone changed to one who sounded very dead inside. "It'll be quick." He then pulled down with all of his might, decapitating her in one foul swoop.

Her body fell to the ground in a heap and her head rolled off down the alley a bit. He turned around and sighed at the scene before. "Clean up time." was all he said as he walked off back to his car. He arrived a few minutes later with a body bag and another bag filled with odd items. He placed her body and head into the body bag and put it in his trunk. He then scrubbed the alley clean and dusted garlic powder all over it. After he was sure it was spotless, he pulled out his phone. It had an odd jack in it, so the call couldn't be traced or found by any satellite. He made a call directly to his boss. A secretary answered. "Ms. Mornelli, please." The secretary transferred his call. When he heard the phone be answered he immediately started talking. "Mama Eagle, this is Renaissance Man. The Men's blood Bank is closed for business, repeat, the Men's blood bank is closed for business. Got the trash in the bag and the house is shiny." He was speaking in code on a secure line. There was literally no reason to do this, but, Priestly would be Priestly. "Awaiting orders, Ma'am."

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Aurora took their complaints in silence. Being a vampire, it was hard for her to bite her tongue while being challanged. Especially as a coven leader. But Aurora had two hundred years of practicing patience on her side so she listened to them all, letting them each speak their minds. Her face, as she listened, was passive and one could easily say that she cared as much aboutthe conversation as what color the sky was. That was just Aurora. Always cool and hard. Like an icicle, she was delicatly beautiful, and yet hard, cold, and needle sharp as well. Untouchable she made herself seem. Men were either frightened of her or excited by the challange of being the "first" to crack the ice queen. Sometimes she let them. Other times she remained impenatrable.

So she sat with a winter cold demeanor. Not cruel, just calm and collected. Perfectly put together even in the dead of night after having seen the death of her oldest friend. "Aurora why do you smell like--" The question on Julien's voice froze her. Her body stiffened as he paused. Of course he would smell her. She'd just spent an hour inspecting her wounds. She'd been foolish to think that a bath would hide that scent. "Did you find her?" Of course he would be the one to ask that question. She turned to look at him and her facade slipped ever so slightly. Something caught in her blue gaze, her eyes always her tell, and she lifted her hand to fiddle with her necklace as she often did when upset.

Silently she willed herself to answer him, but thankfully, Alphonse began his onslaught of objections to her plan of action. Not soon after, Cassie stood up to defend Aurora, always on her side faithfully, but again that tedious question came up. "Did you find her?" She glanced around the room as silence fell over them. Beside her, Pup spoke up, asking tentativly when they were going to move in with the werewolves. Again, the room was silent as Aurora struggled to find the right thing to say. She squeezed the letter in her hand and averted her gaze from them to look down at it's yellowed surface and scrawled lettering.

She'd made many mistakes as their leader, but always did her best to do right by them. She glanced at their faces, awaiting her reply. She wasn't even related to any of them, except Alphonse through some distant cousin-ship, and they trusted her with their leadership. Was it because she'd been around so long or they honestly believed in her? It didn't matter. She had no doubt that the threat in the letter was real. She'd seen it with her own eyes, and as much as it pained her, if they needed her to recount it in order to see that she was doing the right thing, then she would give it to them.

She lifted her eyes and looked at Julien, finally finding the words to speak. "Yes." She said a little softly. Her face was calm, but her eyes shined with the threat of tears. "I found--" Just as Julien had, Aurora caught on the name. Charlise had been more than just a close friend. She herself had changed the girl a hundred and fity years ago and had helped her rise to power as the leader of a nearby coven. When her home was destroyed mysteriously in a fire, the Coven of Rose City had given her refuge until a month ago, she'd gone missing. "I found Charlise." Even though she said it, her voice wavered on the name. "By the time I reached her, she was already dead, but there was a man. Retreating into the trees." Her hands shook and she tucked them under her legs to hide it. "I killed him in blind rage. He'd dropped a little figurine. Of a huntress. I'm not sure what it means, but I know it's a symbol for something." She paused and ran her fingers through golden blond hair. "When I'd reached Charlise's body, I took extra care in-" she winced "inspecting the wounds. Gold burns and holy water. Nothing a werewolf would have done. We've been blaming the werewolves falsley all this time. I'm not saying they're not disgusting creatures, but I am saying that whatever's out there is dangerous and we need their protection as much as they need ours."

Aurora stopped to breath and propped her elbows on her knees, dropping her head into her hands with a deep sigh. She couldn't even remember the last time she'd been so shaken up. When she lifted her head again, she met Alphonse's eyes. "I'm not asking you to like it. But I am asking you to trust that I'm doing the right thing by you." She let out a sigh and leaned back in her chair, ice cold facade slipping over her again as she crossed her bare legs calmly and twined her fingers. "If you don't want this, have it your way. Find yourself a new coven." The threat hung in the air and her eyes challenged them. Even if it was wrong to throw them from their family, she would do it, they knew she would. There was no other way to convince them. Sometimes being leader was glorious, other times it was nothing but stress and pain. All Aurora wanted to do right now was head into the city and distract herself with the humans. Maybe find a man to bring home, let him think he'd cracked her ice-cold shield. Or maybe she would just go on a frustrated slaughter. A good, old-fashioned hunt like she used to in the old days. Before the coven. When she was on the path to self-destruction.

A knock at the door yanked her from her thoughts and Aurora raised her head. She could smell them before she'd even stood. Humans. Unless this was one of the coven's persistent human visitors, most likely hers, Julien's, or Belle's, no human would dare disturb their household in the dead of the night. So she decided to ignore it and leaned back into her seat.

But the knocking grew louder, more rapid and she honed her sense of hearing in on the door. Heartbeats. Pounding away as if the owners had just run a marathon. Well that was interesting. Unless they'd sprinted all the way here from the city, she doubted they could have gotten their heart rate that fast. A little too persistent perhaps? Maybe she should tie off a loose end? As the pounding grew more rapid, Aurora rolled her eyes. "All right all right. Shut the hell up!" She shouted as she stood and simply disappeared, reappearing before the door. "You humans never do st-" Her fangs had already slid out and she'd been ready to attack, but she was stopped up short in shock as she looked down at the two faces behind the door. "Well you're not an obessed lover." She smirked and stepped out into the night, closing the door behind her.

"What the hell are you doing here Gabe? I told you not to come here. Not even Julien knows about you and after the bomb I just dropped on them, dragging the two of you into the mix would practically put me on their hit list." She jerked her hand towards his sister, Sam. "Speaking of which, why are you bringing her? She doesn't know about us. Our little agreement was based on secrecy." She advanced on him slowly, white lace billowing about her knees as a breeze shifted by, making her shiver. "Don't make me end that." She glanced at the house. Her coven would be asking questions by now. No doubt they'd already smelled the humans. "God dammit Gabe, you really couldn't have picked a worse time."


Caprice felt the pain in his voice like a knife, feeling temporarily sorry for him. "Of course, I'll gladly take his place, Caprice. Should I-.." At that moment, he paused and Caprice smiled. Albert also seemed to think it would be a good time to come rushing in, panting and out of breath. She held the phone slightly away from her ear.

"Was the vase not a good enough indication that I would like you to stop bothering me Albert or would you like a stapler too? I won't miss this time." She quirked one eyebrow and tucked the phone between her ear and shoulder, lifting the stapler in one hand and popping it open. "This better be good."

Albert shifted nervously and contemplated telling her. Caprice rolled her eyes and raised the stapler. It had the desired effect and got him to get on with it. "Bryce's partner just returned. We know who killed him."

Caprice smiled. "Good boy. Bring him here." Alber scampered off and she turned her attention back to Chandler on the other end. "Hang on Chandler. Dealing with something." She placed the phone on the wood of her desk, not handing up, but not talking to him either, as Bryce's partner entered the room, looking shaken. "You said you know who killed Bryce. Well?"

He shifted uncomfortably. "It was a bloodsucker for sure. We were out hunting and found this one... She was familiar. You remember that old coven we'd burned a while back, a few cities off? She had been their leader. Apparently she got away." He paused, whether for dramatic affect or to irritate her, she didn't know. "So that's who killed him?" She rolled her eyes. "No ma'am. He killed that bitch, but as he was retreating another one showed up. I was well gone by then, but I turned back to see what was taking so long. When I'd arrived she was crouched over his body, holding his Artemis lucky figurine. Then she just took off. I'm lucky to be alive."

Caprice groaned. "That's great, but you do realize if it had been you and not Bryce I would still have a second-in-command? Now who killed him? I might forgive you if you give me a name."

He looked shocked, but stepped forward to the files on her desk. He shifted through the vampire ones before he came to two blond girls. Here he hesitated and Caprice leaned on the edge of her seat. One was the vampire coven leader herself and the other was Isabelle, one of the coven members. After close consideration, he selected the picture of Aurora. "This one." He stated plainly before turning and leaving.

Caprice held the photo in her hand with a smirk, them went back to the phone. "Alright I'm back."

"Should I come by and pick up anything I might be needing?"

Caprice thought a moment. "Yeah. I've got the file of your brother's killer here. Why don't you come down to my office and we'll talk." And withou another word, she disconnected with a sigh, thunking her head on her file-littered desk.

Not a second later, the phone rang again and she groaned loudly. "UGH!" She hissed and picked up. "WHAT?!" She barked impatiently. "Mama Eagle, this is Renaissance Man. The Men's blood Bank is closed for business, repeat, the Men's blood bank is closed for business. Got the trash in the bag and the house is shiny." It was Priestly. Great. Just what she needed. And was he talking in code? Where was he? She rolled her eyes. "Awaiting orders, Ma'am."

"Priestly, your code talk is a little obvious don't you think? No one refers to their mother as 'mam eagle'." She gave a sharp laugh and sighed. "Anyways, good job. Hmm, why don't you come down to my office and I'll give you an assignment. Don't keep me waiting." She hung up the phone and sat up to clean off her desk, putting away all but two files. The file of Aurora Mortenson and the file of Emmanuel Cross.

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Priestly nearly jumped out his skin when he heard Caprice shriek at the other end of the phone, but his voice didn't betray a thing. After he had finished telling her what she needed to know, she seemed to calm down. "Priestly, your code talk is a little obvious don't you think? No one refers to their mother as 'mama eagle'." She gave a sharp laugh and sighed. "Well NOW, it's obvious, since you've pointed it out! Do you know how long it takes me to come up with these code words? Like 5 seconds! You try to come up with something more discreet in 5 seconds." Priestly said in his usual Priestly tone. She spoke again. "Anyways, good job." Priestly smiled a bit. "Well thank you for the recognition of it. I actually had to go to Banana Republic to go undercover. I feel like my skin is burning from all of these casual spring colors." Priestly said, in a mock disgusted tone. "Hmm, why don't you come down to my office and I'll give you an assignment. Don't keep me waiting." Priestly's voice then changed to that of a man from the hood. "Shit, guurl. When do I evah keep you...." the call was cut off from, she had hung up. He looked down at the phone. "Yeah, she wants me." he said to no one in particular with a big cocky grin on his face. He then pulled off the brown wig he had on and took off the wig cap. Revealing un-styled red and brown hair.

He pocketed his phone, then pulled out Veronica's phone he had taken from her body. He skimmed through the contacts until he found what he was looking for. He leaned against his car. "Knew it. Just like the last two." it was a contact in her phone that had no number, just an odd sequence of letters and numbers. It was a different sequence than the other two, but all three had the same contact name for it. They were all connected, different vampires from different covens. They were all connected with this "Big H" whoever that is. All the texts between them seemed nonchalant and rather normal.....too normal. There was a definite code there, but he hadn't been able to figure it out yet. He shook his head and pocketed the phone. He then jumped into his 1970 Dodge Challenger HEMI through the window and landed in the driver seat. He reached into the back and pulled out a huge metal case. He opened it, inside was a huge collection of cassette tapes. He sift through a few, then pulled one out and popped it into the car. Queen started to pour out of the speakers as Priestly turned the volume up, along with all of the windows down. He took off at a very unsafe speed.

He was zooming down the roads of Rose City, screaming the lyrics at the top of his lungs. " LIKE A TIGER, DEFYING THE LAWS OF GRAVITY! LIKE A RACING CAR, PASSING BY! LIKE LADY GODIVA! I'M GONNA GO GO GO, THERES NO STOPP'IN MEEEEEEEEEE!" He sang as loud as he could. No one would call Priestly a bad singer, then again, no one would call him a good singer, either. He came to a red light and he stopped at it. He was still singing when another pulled up next to him. It was a bunch of girls in a convertible bug. They looked at him like he was crazy. Priestly then immediately looked over at them....and started to sing louder. He then pointed at them and bobbed his head. "I'M LIKE A SEX MACHINE, READY TO RELOAD! LIKE AN ATOM BOMB, I'M GONNA WOAH WOAH WOAH EXPLODE! SHOOTING THROUGH THE SKY, YEAH. 200 DEGREES THAT'S WHY THEY CALL ME MISTER FAHRENHEIT!" He never broke eye contact with hem. They all giggled and then gave him a thumbs up. He returned the favor, then sped off as soon as the light turned green.

Priestly had arrived at his place before the end of the song. He pulled into his garage and shut the door behind him. He then popped his trunk and pulled the body bag out of his trunk and into his house. His house was nothing special. It wasn't in the best neighborhood and the second story was just a loft and two bedrooms. It was covered in band posters from across the ages and several signed guitars, some on walls, others in glass cases. He carried the body over to a bookshelf absolutely covered in books of the occult and several different religious books, including Torah, the Bible and the Koran. One book was out of place, though, it was a children's book called "Oh Little Rabbit!" He reached up and pulled the book right next to that one. He then turned around and saw the marble floor descend into a staircase. He went down the staircase, bag over his shoulder. As he entered a dark room, the stairs ascended. He hit a big industrial light switch and blinding lights came on consecutively. The room was was incredibly long with a rather low ceiling. It was stark white, the ceiling was made of light fixtures. One wall house hundreds of physical weapons, another had guns and long range weapons. One was covered in palm sized red bags hanging from the wall with name tags on them. On that same wall, tails hung from nails of different size, shape and color. In the middle of the room looked like a massive command center with computers and several boards with maps with pictures stuck on them with red yarn connecting them. He walked through the entire expanse of the room to a single door. He opened it and descended a large metal stairwell in darkness. He walked down into a room covered in brick and had a large oven looking thing in it. Oddly enough, right next to the oven was a steel bath tub. He unzipped the body bag and dumped it's body into the bath tub, Priestly then started to fill it up with water.

Priestly then walked away and started to undress, feeling very uncomfortable in these name brand clothes. His skin was cracked and betrayed hundreds of small scars, some larger than others. All of his tattoos were visible and he shook himself. He noticed the tub was almost full and he turned off the water. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a wooden rosary. He held it over the water and began to speak in a very low tone. "In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. AVE MARIA, gratia plena, Dominus tecum. Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus. Sancta Maria, Mater Domini nostri, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen." he then dropped the rosary into the water. The water then started to bubble rapidly and the body inside seemed to start melting. He smiled slightly. "Instant Holy Water. Just add Rosary." he chuckled to himself as he walked over to a big metal drawer. He pulled it open. Inside was several small red bags, similar to the ones hanging in the room above. He pulled one out and then grabbed a pen. He wrote the name "Veronica Val Jean" on it. He noticed the water only held a skeleton with fangs. He grabbed one of the many plastic jugs set up next to the tub and put it under a faucet sticking out of the tub. He turned the handle and the tub started to empty into the jug. Priestly then gathered the skeleton out of the tub and brought it over to the oven. He opened a hatch, pulling a tray out. Fire could be seen swirling inside the oven, Oddly enough, the flames looked purple with tints of green in them. He placed the skeleton on the tray and pushed it into the oven, closing the hatch.

The hunter then grabbed a plastic chair, flipped it around and leaned on it, waiting for the oven to do it's job. He pulled out his form and brought up Caprice's personal number. He texted her, "Finishing up evidence, be there soon. Priestly." He sat there with a sort of dead look in his eyes, his face completely placid. He rubbed his eyes a bit. How many times had he done this, too many times for someone like him to count. He takes out one, picks up another case, takes it out, pick up another. On and on and on and on. Sure it was to protect humanity and all that, but why did he have to do this? He was forced into this life. He wasn't born into it, he had a taste of a normal life, then was thrust into the night. He sighed. He was tired, he always got like this when he was tired. It would be better after he got some rest.....or food. He then heard his stomach growl a bit. "Yeah, definitely food." He was thinking about the pies he had upstairs when a ding was heard. He stood up and walk over to the back of the oven and pulled out a hand held tray. It was covered in black ash. He pulled the red purse out his pocket and poured the ash into it. He then re-sealed it and then ran back upstairs, grabbing a hammer and nail on his way up.

He reached the white room and jogged over to the wall of identical bags. He then picked an empty spot and placed a nail into the wall with the hammer. He then hung the bag by it's straps form the nail. He nodded to it, smiling then ran over and hit a big red button, causing the stairs to descend again. he ran back up them into his living room and pushed the book back into place, turning the stairs into the floor once again. He ran up to his room and got changed into his normal clothes. He put on a pair of red and black tartan pants along with black combat boots. He then threw on a black tee that has written in bold white letter on the front " HUNT NAKED". He then put his studded leather bracers on with knives hidden in them. The hunter then walked out of his room and into his bathroom. He dipped his hand in a large pile of gel and started doing his hair. Two minutes later he had parallel red Mohawks. He then re did the eye-liner around his green eyes, and ran down stairs and grabbed a pie out of the fridge. He made pies as a hobby because he loved them so much. He would occasionally bring a pie to Caprice when she had a job for him, but it had been months. He knew she liked Pecan, so he decided to grab one of his Pecan pies and bring it wit him.

Soon enough, the rainbow-haired warrior was back in his trusty metal steed and was zooming along highways towards "The Office". He was blasting "Wanted" by Bon Jovi. After about 15 minutes, he had arrived at the building. He pulled into his parking place and ran into the building, Pie and files in hand. He danced awkwardly in the elevator to it's music as he waited for it to get to Caprice's floor. It dinged open and he walked out in a brisked pace, his trademark smile stuck on his face. He trudged towards Caprice's door with abit more spped and purpose than he should've had. Albert was sitting at his desk outside her office, he saw him coming and a sort of panic spread on his face. "Priestly, you can't go in there! She's speaking with..." He was suddenly cut off by Priestly. "Silence, Albert! I don't have time for your warnings and logic! For I have Pie!" he then walked straight over to her door and bicycle kicked it open.

As he burst in the room, he said. "Nobody panic!" He stopped, then did an odd flailing tap dance, pie and files still in his hands. He then jumped up and landed on the couch on the side of her office. He then put his hands behind his head, pie and files on his stomach. His smile ever wide. "I'm here." he said incredibly nonchalantly. He then noticed Chandler was in the room as well, He then noticed their expressions, especially Caprice's. His smile faded. "Ah.....I'm interrupting something. He then sat up and placed the Pie and files next to him and folded his hands into his lap. "Well............go on. Don't stop on my account. I'm not even here." He then placed his chin into his hands and looked at them with a waiting smile of a child.

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A few hours earlier...
(Vampire time)

Emmanuel Cross woke with a groan. Someone was shaking his bed, and he'd just fallen asleep. He sat up and rubbed his eyes sleepily, letting them adjust to the dark. "Wake up darling, I have a message for you." He knew that voice. Emmanuel's eyes snapped open, and, just as he'd suspected, Fox was perched at the end of his bed, a letter in her hand.

"What are you doing here Fox?" He grunted somewhat rudely and stood, crossing to his dresser. Since he wasn't ever going to get to bed, there was no point in not dressing. Cranky when his sleep is interrupted, Emmanuel yanked the drawer open a little too hard, causing the wood to splinter. He groaned. "See what you make me do Fox?" He smirked at her before slipping out of his pajama bottoms and tugging on a pair of jeans and a white cotton t-shirt.

Once dressed, he walked back to his bed and sat in front of her, grabbing the letter from her hand. It was crisp, yellowed, and even smelled old. His night-vision allowed him to scan over it in the dark, and when he was done, he raised a single eyebrow at Fox. "Alright, I'm interested. What the hell is this about?"

(Werewolf time)

Emmanuel watched his packs reactions. Rose wanted to run out and cause a fight. Of course. Alex didn't want to, and Natalie started playing music at some point, but it was Damien who asked the million dollar question.

"What are you talking about? We know to stick together. Is there something else?"

He'd planned not to tell them until the vampires actually showed up, but that didn't seem to be an option anymore. He wouldn't lie to his pack. "Uh. Yeah." He replied, not too sure on the best way to break it to them. In the end, he chose bluntly. "The vampires are going to be moving in with us a bit later today." He paused, allowing the news to sink in before running a hand over the back of his neck and continuing. "I've gotten a message from Aurora," he said, remembering Fox's visit earlier that morning. "There's a band of human hunters after us. She got a magic letter from the lost Princess Danielle Cabelle that explains how strong they are. She's convinced that the only way to stay safe is to join forces."

He looked at Rose, knowing she would probably disagree the strongest, his green eyes pleaded with her to understand before he turned back to the others. "I'm going to go ahead and trust her on this one. Aurora and I have hated each other for two hundred years, but hey, if this turns out to be a trap, they're all just that much closer right? It'll be easy to finish them off if things go sideways." He shrugged and pushed his hands into his pockets, awaiting their reactions.


"Believe in or not, I actually do have an idea."

Caprice smiled at the same time as Chandler, she knew he'd been a perfect replacement for Bryce. "Just promise you'll listen to all of it before you go crazy on me?" That made one eyebrow raise, what could he be planning that would make her crazy? She leaned forward, elbows on her desk, prepared to listen. His blue eyes burned on her brown ones and she gave him a slight nod and made the motion of zipping her lips and throwing the key away.

"Remember that rogue vampire I brought in a couple weeks back? The one cursing in a different language? Real strong.. Took at least five guards to hold him off?" She did. It had been a great catch, but what did he have to do with any of this? Confusion clouded her eyes for a second until he explained.
"Well, I'm going to need him after all, his blood. You want this Aurora girl aliv-.. Well, un-undead, right? I know how I'm going to do it. How I'm going to get myself close to her to bring her in. Doing so, however, I must become.. One of them partially."

That shocked her. He'd leaned forward while he was talking, their faces merely inches apart. When he said that though, he'd leaned back as if she would hit him, but she just sat waiting cooly, as if they were talking out their favorite sports team. "I know me saying it aloud sounds completely idiotic, but just hear me out, Caprice." His blue eyes pleaded with her, and she gave him a nod, urging him on.

"Bryce, obviously, done everything he could think of doing to bag this vampire. Everything but going behind enemy lines. You know I can do this. All I have to do is inject a vial of vampire blood. It would mask my human scent, making me, yes, a h-half breed.." She caught the wavering in his voice and one eyebrow shot up slightly. "But it will get my foot in the coven's door. I can say I'm a loner, a rogue they needs a coven. Caprice, you know I'm strong.. Think of if I had leech blood running through my veins. Practically unstoppable," Caprice smiled lightly. He was cocky, but then again so was she. Pride wasn't always a bad thing.

Her usually unreadable eyes had widened to twice their, already huge, size, shock clearly displayed. He wanted to make himself a monster and expected her to just let him do it? She rose out of her seat to object, but he beat her to it.

"Once again, I know it is risky. It will be a lengthy process. I will have to earn the head leech's trust, but it can be done. Plus, I can feed you back information behind the lines. And! Think of all those immortals we can wipe out after awhile." That halted her for a second. He was right. With someone on the inside, they could kill practically all of those vermin.

"So, what do you think, boss?"

Caprice grinned slowly, crossing around to the front of the desk where she leaned on it's edge in front of him. "Okay." She said with a quirk of her eyebrows and a sigh. "It's risky, but we could kill almost all of Rose City's pests." Her brown eyes twinkled. "Not just Miss Aurora." Her head turned slowly towards him and she raised a challenging eyebrow. "Maybe I will have to sleep with you." She smirked, referring to the comment she'd made earlier about his killing all the Immortals in the city.

Just then, Priestly barged in, making a wild entrance. As usual. She rolled her eyes, but couldn't keep the amused smile off her lips as she pulled away from Chandler and wrapped back around to the other side of her desk to sit again. "Ah... I'm interrupting something." He said and Caprice gave him a sarcastic look, as if to say: Really?. "Well... go on. Don't stop on my account. I'm not even here." She sighed and turned back to Chandler.

"Alright, well. I'll let you do this, but if you get in trouble and have to sink ship." She shrugged. "Don't take me down with you, because if you do..." She stood, brown eyes suddenly menacing as she leaned over her desk and pressed a nail to his chest. "So help me God, if you take my opperation down, I will jump in there, save your ass, then drag you back here and make sure you get the slowest, most painful death I can provide." She paused, letting that sink in before sitting again daintily. As if she hadn't just threatened his life, her nonchalant coolness fell over her once more as she pushed him the file and waved her wrist. "You can go."

Caprice now looked at Priestly. "Nice timing, as usual Priestly." She said sarcastically and lifted the second file in one hand. "Are you going to put on another little show or do you want your assignment?"

Oh, and Aurora's just kinda chillin' in her room 'till Julien and Cassie get back

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Chandler Hamilton

Chandler arched a brow, blue eyes swarming with curiosity as Caprice stood, and made her way around the desk. The muscles in his stomach immediately tensed as he crossed his arms over his wide chest instinctively to keep his hands to himself. Whenever she got close, which was rare, he always reacted that way.

"Okay." Chan's eyes widened, tripling in size when he heard that simple word. He could have swore she would start swatting him, cursing and saying how foolish he was. But she did not. "It's risky, but we could kill almost all of Rose City's pests." He nodded, almost mechanically like, watching his boss. She was close enough to touch, yet he wouldn't dare unless he wanted to lose a few fingers. Then again..He would have seven more if that happened. Nah. However, her next words blew him out of the water, and he had to swallow hard, keeping himself from gaping like a fish. "Maybe I will have to sleep with you."
Chandler immediately met her challenging gaze, a wolfish grin slipping across his lips.
"Oh, if you have to, I don-.." Chandler began, yet trailed off as Priestly barged through the door. Tension immediately set in between his shoulders as he glanced over at the dancing monkey. He grinned a bit.

"Ah... I'm interrupting something." What was your first clue? Chandler thought, but he did not say it aloud. Instead, he decided to play along.

"Of course you did! I was about to ravish her body, and have her right here on this desk!" He tossed his arms into the air to add effect before laughing huskily, shaking his head. He turned back to look at Caprice, blue eyes now bright, swirling with amusement.

"Alright, well. I'll let you do this, but if you get in trouble and have to sink ship." Inclining his head forward, he listened as she went on. "Don't take me down with you, because if you do..." Chandler watched her stand, sighing inwardly. Here came the threat. He dropped his arms to his sides casually, letting her go on. His eyes followed her nail to his firm chest. "So help me God, if you take my opperation down, I will jump in there, save your ass, then drag you back here and make sure you get the slowest, most painful death I can provide." When she spoke her voice was deadly, but Chan could not help the grin that crossed his lips.

"Will you be wearing one of those sexy, leather outfits while punishing me?" he asked, trying to break the sudden tension in the air. Once again, taking a step back, however. He watched her sit, then reached forward for the file she pushed his way.

"You can go."

Chandler gave a casual nod. Same old Caprice. "Yes, ma'am," he teased gently, turning and moving towards the door. He took slow, deliberate strides, pausing with his hand on the gold door handle. Glancing over his shoulder, his eyes fell on Priestly. "Hey, Priestly," he called, waiting for him to look at him before he continued. "If me injecting this vampire blood turns me into a mindless monster, kill me, alright?"
Chan didn't wait for an answer though, simply left the room, letting his words hang in the air like a light fog. He wasn't afraid to die, not really. He was afraid, yes, of what he was about to do. How stupid can I be? He wondered, thinking of what Bryce would say. What he would do. Bryce would call me an idiot, try kicking my ass, and he wouldn't let me do it. Chandler thought with a slight grin, making his way down the hallway, towards the elevator.

Once inside said elevator he pressed the button with the large number ZERO printed on it, heavily black. Floor zero was where the Cacciatori kept their prisoners. No, they never saw the light of day once down there. Chandler leaned back and when the doors slid open he stepped out, being met my two Cacciatori members who always guarded the prisoners.

"Chandler! You're back! .. Empty..Handed?" Shawn, the shorter, red haired guard shouted as Chan came into view. He just shrugged, walking over to a long strip of counter space to the left. It was right before you got to the cells where all the prisoners were. From there Chandler heard growling and screams, causing him to roll his eyes upward, towards the ceiling. Did he really want to become one of those monsters? Could he..Do it? By this time he was rummaging through a cabinet, pulling out a syringe and a couple needles. Of course I can does this, I'm Chandler Hamilton.

"Chan, man, what are you doing?" Marcus, the tall, dark skinned guard asked, behind him. Chandler sighed, not liking to be questioned. He scooped up the supplies in his hands, turning around.

"Is it really any of your business?"

"We're not allowed to let you back with the prisoners unless you give us a good enough reason." Shawn called from the gate him and Marcus guarded to keep the immortals in, people out. Marcus just nodded, crossing his overly muscular arms. Chan snorted, walking past him, going towards Shawn and the gate.

"You'll let me in or I'll notify Caprice, and your asses will be grass." he stated with a devious smirk. At the mention of Caprice both the guards stiffened. Shawn turned, quickly unlocking the gate, and stepping back.

"G-Go on in," he stuttered. Chandler chuckled lowly, walking past him sporting his cocky, lopsided grin. Once he began walking down the line of cells the immortals began calling, screaming, growling, and hissing.

"Chandler Hamilton," a sickly sweet voice purred, getting a mere glance from him. It was the vampire Chan brought in exactly a month ago. Female. Vampire, small brunette with chocolate brown eyes. She had almost got the best of him, but he, naturally, won in the long run. Walking straight ahead he came to a quick stop at the seventh cell to the left. Slowly, he turned on his heels, smirking at the immortal inside the cell who was starring back at him. It a swift, sudden motion the vampire lurched forward, slamming into the bars of his prison. His eyes glowed silver, and when he spoke his voice was a loud, angry screech that hurt Chandler's ears.

"Te! Te misellus excusationem ens! Rapiet tibi cor, et illud convivium ante oculos tuos!! Et ut vita tardius leav-" Chan held up his hands, and the vampire immediately stopped screaming, puzzled.

"You're speaking Latin," he murmured nonchalantly, and the vampire snarled, as if offended. "I researched it a few days after I brought you in." He went on, moving closer to the bars. With the motion the rogue vampire hissed like a frightened cat, backing up a bit. Chandler laughed, dropping his hands back to his sides. "I need to take some of your blood.." This statement did not go over well. In the next second the sickly pale vampire had its body slammed up against the iron bars again, arms through as he reached for Chan's neck. Mr. Hamilton did not move.

"I will kill you!" he screeched, causing the hunter to quirk a curious brow.

"So you can speak English." he joked, shifting his supplies to one hand as he ran his free one through his short, thick hair. "Just listen to this proposal," Chandler had always been a smooth talker.
"If you let me draw some blood, I'll let you go.." This piqued the rogue vampire's interest. He stopped trying to break Chandler's neck, easily leaning forward some, face pressed to the bars.

"I'm listening," Chan smirked.


Almost twenty minutes later the elevator button made a soft 'tinging' sound as Chandler Hamilton made his way back up above ground. In his right hand he held a clean needle and a syringe full of crimson liquid. On his left jacket cuff was a quarter-sized blood stain from the kill he made not ten minutes ago. It was safe to say he did not let the vampire go. Outside he took a deep, soothing breath, glancing down at the syringe. Inside, held the main object of his plan. Walking over to his smooth, black Camaro he slid into the driver's seat, tossing the other file in the passenger seat, yet he didn't shut the door. Slowly, Chandler shrugged out of his leather jacket, opening the small packet that held the needle. I can do this, He was trying to convince himself, popping the needle in the syringe, in place. Holding out his right arm he squeezed his hand into a fist, relaxed it, squeezed it into a fist once more, working up the large vein in his arm.
After three minutes the vein bulged, and he was ready. Raising the syringe to his mouth his pulled the cap on the needle off with his teeth, spitting it in the passenger seat of his car. Chandler was giving up more than half of his humanity. Possibly his life. And what about once this was done? Cacciatori was his life. If they didn't take him back because what he was..He would belong nowhere.

Enough thinking.

In a swift motion Chandler plunged the sharp needle into his skin, sucking air in fiercely through his teeth at the immediate burn. And then he pressed in the end of the syringe, injecting the vampire blood into his system. It happened quickly. He jerked the needle from his arm, slinging it across the car as he cringed, yanking back. His blood had to be on fire. On fire and coursing through his veins like wild horses on a rapid race. "Ahh!" he cried out softly, leaning his head back. His body twitched and twisted, black splotches dancing before his eyes, threatening to take away his vision. He. Was. On. Fire!! His heart was beating way too fast. He could hear it pounding in his ears like a quick drum. Chan groaned, head lobbing to the side.
The pain had started to ever so slowly subside, but his heart..It was still rambling at a terribly fast pace. Then..It just stopped.

It was weird, hearing your own heart stop, yet not dying. Feeling yourself take your last breath..Surely he was dead. But he wasn't.
Chandler blinked once, twice. His vision had increased tremendously. He took a unneeded breath, turning his head at the sudden attack on his nose. All the scents.. And the burning! It had left his body, yet was settling in the center of his throat, smothering him. Get to the Coven's House. he thought immediately, reaching forward. His body moved too fast for his mind to comprehend. Chan snatched his hand back momentarily, blue eyes wide. It was so strange.
Reaching forward again he typed in the address of the leeches mansion in his GPS, he had it memorized. Now, all Chandler had to do was convince the coven master he wasn't a newborn vampire, just a rogue needing a place to stay. A coven. This was just perfect.


Chandler didn't drive his car up the long driveway up to the mansion. Instead, he left the Camaro down by the main road, slightly in a ditch, and disappeared into the woods. His speed was exhilarating. He felt as if he could run forever and ever, not getting tired once. He wanted to try it. Yet, the burning in his throat was so distracting.. He decided against it. I have a job to do. He reminded himself sullenly, appearing beside a tree back behind the coven's mansion. Looking at the looming building Chandler crossed his arms, leaning against the elm tree he was beside. He scented the air, taking in the scents in the house. More vampires than anything-he thought- but there were other smells too. One smelt absolutely mouthwatering, which made Chandler disgusted with himself. He rubbed the back of his neck. Now being partially what he hated, he felt extremely dirty. Gazing along the building he eyed a balcony, perfect climbing distance, jutting out just enough. Instead of simply knocking on the enemies door, he was going to swing into their home.

With a boyish grin Chan ran, grasping the ivy going up the side of the mansion. He then began climbing, halfway up leaping, grasping hold of the ledge. Being in the physical state he was he easily pulled himself up, hopping over the balcony's railing. He landed with a soft grunt, not the graceful of hybrids, apparently. Having the success of making it up, Chandler easily strode towards the double doors leading into the bedroom the balcony was outside of.
Both hands on the doors, Chandler stopped short, blue eyes widening the slightest bit. Two figures were in the room. Two vampires. And one he recognized from a certain picture: Aurora.

Amused, lopsided grin falling into place, Chandler dropped his hands from the door handles, giving the coven master an easy wave.

Oh shit.. Was his only thought..


Keira's ears had pricked forward, and she lifted her head from her paws as Julien entered. He looked annoyed. "I'm going to find Aurora. I don't care if she told you to tell me not to," Assumptions confirmed, she tilted her large head to the left, watching him pass with the roll of her eyes. Once he was up the steps she stood, shifting back into her human form. Doing so it seemed as liquid fire shot up her spine. She gave a slight hiss. Damn, She thought sourly, glancing around. Alone at last.

Keira moved towards the living room, running both her hands back through her thick hair. Her mission was accomplished, it was time to wind down, she hoped. Then again, I should pack.. The thought was quickly veto'd as she sunk into the soft, velvety love seat. It caressed the visible skin of her long arms, causing her to yawn. She was more tired than she thought. Everything that had happened was a lot to take in. Everyone was off on there own, and the hybrid was left by herself once more. It was honestly nice.
She leaned her head back on the arm of the love seat, still silver eyes gazing upon the ceiling intently. For some reason she felt like wrestling. A good, just-because fight. The sudden want for it surprised her, but it was easily ignored. No one wanted to bother with her at the time being. She didn't even want to bother with herself! Keira's eyes traveled to the fireplace, its flames licking the inside. Watching the flames dance with one another, her eyelids began to grow heavy. She turned on her side, curling up into a loose fetal position.

A nap wouldn't hurt..

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Thankfully it seems that Caprice was amused by his antics instead of furious. It seems he was starting the day of good.....for once. She simply sighed and turned back to Chandler. Priestly didn't move from his listening position. "Alright, well. I'll let you do this, but if you get in trouble and have to sink ship." She shrugged and Priestly's eyebrow immediately shot up in an inquisitive way. "Don't take me down with you, because if you do..." She stood, her amber eyes suddenly menacing as she leaned over her desk and pressed a nail to Chandler's chest. "So help me God, if you take my operation down, I will jump in there, save your ass, then drag you back here and make sure you get the slowest, most painful death I can provide." She paused, letting that sink in before sitting again daintily. Hairs rose on the back of his neck. He had faced down entire covens and packs without batting an eyelash, but Caprice was the one thing that could instill fear into was kind of hot. As if she hadn't just threatened his life, her nonchalant coolness fell over her once more as she pushed him the file and waved her wrist. "You can go." As if he just brought her coffee. Priestly turned and he gave Chandler a spirit finger goodbye, batting his eyelashes in a joking manner. Before he left, he said something...odd. "Hey Priestly, if this Vampre blood injection thing turns me into a monster, kill me. Alright?" Priestly just raised his hands with a smile without giving it a second thought. "Sure thing man." In his mind he simply screamed WHAT!?!?

As soon as he was gone, Caprice turned to him. "Nice timing, as usual Priestly." She said sarcastically and lifted the second file in one hand. Priestly raised his hands up in a dramatic shrugging position, then lowered them. "You know me, I always aim to please." He stated with a cocky grin. She spoke again. "Are you going to put on another little show or do you want your assignment?" Priestly's expression immediately changed to sensual. He slowly stood up and cocked his chest out. "Well it depends..." he moved closer to her desk in a very exaggerated strutting fashion, his hands on his hips. He spoke again, his voice incredibly deep and sensual sounding. "Why kind of show do you want?" he then immediately turned around and jumped backwards onto her desk, making sure not to knock anything over. He then shook his ass in her direction for a few seconds and rolled it around. He made odd undulating sounds to highlight his little show. He then jumped off her desk and began pelvic thrusting while doing the disco fever with his hands. Needless to say, it was quite a sight. He only did for about 5 seconds before stopping. He laughed for a bit and smiled a genuine smile, no smugness in it. "I guess there's a time and a place for everything." He looked over to the couch. He then picked up his file and pie. "Speaking of time and place.......I brought pie!" He said in an Oprah sounding voice, pulling off the tinfoil to reveal a pecan pie. He placed it down on her desk, a giant open smile still on his face.

Priestly then composed himself and then handed her the file. He cleared his throat. "Anyway, that's all the data I got on my latest kill. She had the same contact as the others and the same code pattern as the other texts. I'm not sure what it means exactly, but I have a theory." He then sat down in on of the chairs in front of her desk and crossed his leg. "I think it might be some kind of.......secret....Vampire.....spy network. All of the targets were from different covens and I doubt knew about each other. So it's nearly impossible for it to get back to their leader.....this "Big H", this Vamp must have a good amount of influence." He then looked down and made a fist of his mouth, as if thinking hard. His eyes seemed serious. "Every time Ive tried to contact Big H, about 7 minutes later, the phone disconnects. I did it twice now, once on the others phones." He pulls out Veronica's phone. "This one is still intact." He places it down on her desk. He then looks her in the eyes, a look that was genuine....almost apologetic. "I'd be able to give you more, but as you stated earlier, I'm not very good with codes. That's all Ive got.....sorry." he said sounding genuine. Even though he had done his job to the letter, he wished he could give her more. Something that would make al of this easier....but he couldn't. He had to accept that he had done all he could.

Priestly shook his head for a brief second then blinked a few times. "Umm, right, yeah anyways. You said you had a new assignment for me?" He said looking up at her with a normal expression, with a slight smile. He now felt it was an appropriate time to ask the question. "Oh yeah, that thing Chandler said.....WHAT?! Why did he say he was injecting himself into Vampire blood?! Were you just okaying that!? WHAT IS GOING ON!!!????" He then immediately changed his posture to one completely at calm. "You know.....if you can." He said with a very theatrical smile.

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(Vamp time)

Fox's reply to his harsh questions was a pout. Why was he not surprised? "Must it always be business first between us, Lover?" she said. "I haven't seen you all day. Didn't you miss me?" He just looked at her. Sure, he was being rude, and he had missed her, but he wasn't about to admit that. He was angry with her for waking him up at four in the morning. She then leaned forwards walked two fingers up his arm to his shoulder and then heaved herself so that she was draped across his lap.

The smile she flashed him was innocent and angelic, and he finally gave in. "You're right Fox. I'm sorry." He said and gave her a slight kiss on the cheek. "I missed you, now can you please tell me what this letter is about?"

"Although, maybe you're right. I'd hate for either of us to be distracted... Now, what was it that I was supposed to tell you..." She tapped her lips for a moment as she thought. "Oh right. Aurora Mortenson proposes a deal. She will be here tomorrow morning to join her Coven with your Pack. You will protect each other from these humans, these Cacciatori. And she said something as well about princesses and that magic letter, but I wasn't really listening. Either way, she was not asking. She'll be here at ten."

That had caught him completely off guard. Aurora just expected to show up at his house and move in like everything was okay? They'd been fighting for almost two centuries and she expected him to just throw up his hands and let her bloodsucking family in his home, near his pack? He shook his head. "Tell her no." He said plainly. "It's not happening." He held up the letter. "How do I know this isn't a trap?"

(Werewolf time)

“Okay, so when?” Damien asked, not objecting, but clearly not happy about it either. Emmanuel breathed.

"Ten." He said, glancing at the clock. 9:30 am. "Half and hour."

"So, let me get this straight..." Emmanuel turned his eyes on Alex. "We're going to let a coven of powerful, blood-sucking vampires who have always been nothing but trouble for our kind into our home in order to protect ourselves from a secret group of 'human hunters', all because of some magic letter? Look, Emmanuel, I trust you with my life man, but this is crazy! All of this just screams 'trap!' to me! Why take the risk? Haven't we lost enough to them?"

Now there was the argument he'd expected. Emmanuel sighed. "Look Alex," he held up the letter "this letter is real. It even smells like magic and old age." He shook his head. "Even if Aurora is just trying to pull one on us, there is no way she could have faked this letter. And if she does try anything, we'll be ready. What if we do what you say Alex, and refuse them," he paused, "And you're wrong." He shook his head. "If these humans are out there, we will need them whether we like it or not."

"Are you two insane?! I mean,Emmanuel I love and trust with my life but,come on. Humans tiny little humans can not know how to kill us. How do you know that this isn't a trap,you wouldn't just be putting my life in danger but more importantly you're putting your life,my cousin's,your sister's, Adrienna's, and my brother's lives all in danger. Hell,if I die I couldn't care less but if I lost you guys to those bloodsucking demons I would have nothing left. " Natalie's sudden outburst made Emmanuel jump a bit and he turned to look at her. "I trust you almost as I trust Alex but,we have all hated those spawn of Satan ever since we changed and now you and that blond headed witch are trying to get us to play nice!? Look this is crazy and damnit haven't we lost enough already!"

And with that, she stormed out of the room, cherry red hair trailing behind her. The slam of the door rattled in the silence and Emmanuel pushed his hands into his pockets, looking at the ground. That question again. Haven't we lost enough already? He sighed and looked up. "I'm not asking you to agree with me, but we have to do this. You'll see. I wont let them stay here long if nothing happens, but if Aurora's telling the truth and this group of hunters is after us, we'll need everyone we can to finish them off. They're a huge operation and we've lost a lot of pack members to the feud. Not that I don't want to fight." He grinned mischievously. "We just need a common enemy. Think of how unstoppable we'd be."

"And afterwards," he added, "if you guys want, we'll kill the vampires. Rid ourselves of all possible threats. Rose City and Moon Forest would be ours. Not to mention, we could take their house." He said with a slight laugh. While the werewolf mansion was massive, the vampires's made it look like a hovel.


The look on Priestly's face instantly changed in that way of his. Now, instead of being a goofball, he was giving her a sensual, smoldering stare. It shocked Caprice and she looked at him, confused. What had she said...? "Well it depends..." Oh. She should have guessed Priestly would make a joke out of her comment. "Why kind of show do you want?"

She didn't respond, merely leaned back in her chair with a slight smile as he did his little dance. When he finally composed himself, she simply looked at him and quirked up one eyebrow. It was hard not to laugh. "You done?" She asked with a smile.

"I guess there's a time and a place for everything." She laughed lightly and rolled her eyes.

"Yes, but your judgement of that seems to be completely mixed up." She smiled.

"Speaking of time and place... I brought pie!" Pie? She watched with brown eyes as Priestly brought a pecan pie over and placed it on her desk. She'd been half hoping that it would be raspberries, so that she could throw it at him and complain about how she was allergic. Pecan however, was her favorite so she was forced to give him a smile and a thank you instead.

After giving her the pie, he sat on the other side of her desk and looked suddenly serious. His ability to switch moods so quickly annoyed Caprice, but he was always good for a bit of amusement if she ever got bored around the office and there was nothing to hunt. He threw a file on her desk and Caprice lifted it open with two fingers and looked at it. Veronica. She dropped it again and looked at him, listening. "Anyway, that's all the data I got on my latest kill. She had the same contact as the others and the same code pattern as the other texts. I'm not sure what it means exactly, but I have a theory. I think it might be some kind of... secret... Vampire... spy network. All of the targets were from different covens and I doubt knew about each other. So it's nearly impossible for it to get back to their leader... this "Big H", this Vamp must have a good amount of influence." Spy network? She'd never heard that one. Interesting... "Every time Ive tried to contact Big H, about 7 minutes later, the phone disconnects. I did it twice now, once on the others phones." He placed a phone on her desk and Caprice reached forward, grabbing it and looking it over for a second before setting it down again and returning her chocolate gaze back to him. He looked apologetic and sincere. "I'd be able to give you more, but as you stated earlier, I'm not very good with codes. That's all Ive got.....sorry."

It's true, she wished he had more, but he had done a good job so she just nodded. A gesture that could be taken either way. Not a second later had he gone straight back to the Priestly that annoyed her. "Umm, right, yeah anyways. You said you had a new assignment for me? Oh yeah, that thing Chandler said.....WHAT?! Why did he say he was injecting himself into Vampire blood?! Were you just okaying that!? WHAT IS GOING ON!!!????" He then immediately changed his posture to one completely at calm. "You know.....if you can."

"Not that it's any of your buissness..." Caprice said with a small smile of amusement as she leaned back and crossed her legs. "But Chandler's going undercover. And yes. I agreed." She shrugged. "As long as he doesn't use his new gifts to kill innocent humans, he's extremely valuable to us. Not a target." She pushed the file on her desk towards him.

"Anyway, as for your assignment, I think we've let up on the werewolves a little too much lately. You're going to be going after Emmanuel Cross. Their leader."


Of course Aurora heard Julien coming, but she didn't care. She just stayed where she was, gloden hair splashed across red silk sheets as she stared up at the ceiling. And that's exactly how he found her. "So, let's just get straight to the point. Who are they?" He said plainly and she sat up, moving to the center of her huge bed and sitting there, looking him over. He was going to argue with her. Why not? As if her night hadn't been stressful enough. At least it would feel good to yell at someone.

"They're humans." She smirked, blue eyes challenging, daring him to fight with her. "Or could you not tell by the smell?" She rolled her eyes and quirked her eyebrows. She knew that hadn't been the answer he was looking for, but she didn't care. "Spies." She said with a shrug. "I hired the boy to do some looking into things. To see if something was... suspicious. The Cacciatori found out and threatened the sister." She pretened to yawn. "Are you mad that I brought humans in or that I didn't tell you?"

She rolled her eyes and flicked her wrist dismissively. "Men." She said plainly. "Always think they have to know everything. You know Julien it's not th-" She was cut off short.

Standing on her balcony was a man. She looked at him in confused shock as he gave her a little wave. What the...? A cold breeze floated in, rustling her sheets, tugging at her nightgown and hair, and bringing Aurora the mans scent. Vampire. But not a full vampire... She tilted her head to the side and raised an eyebrow at him. He'd interrupted her argument. She'd been so looking forward to screaming at someone.

"Who the hell are you?" She hissed, trying to control her boiling anger. "And why are you here?"
"You better have a damned good reason."