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Skylar Cross

I just scored tickets for their next gig!

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a character in “Bitter-Sweet Ecstasy”, as played by RawrImaPanda



Name: Skylar Duncan Cross

Nickname(s): Skye, Bubbles

Role: The Fan-Girl

Age: 19 years old

Description: Naturally, Skye's hair is blonde, but she dyed her hair a bright blue due to personal reasons. She has a glowing, white complexion that seems to stands out in the dark. She, usually, wears make-up around her light blue eyes, that make you feel like you're choking on air or drowning if she even sends you one of her death stares. She stands 5 feet and 2 inches off the ground, with a nice, slim body. She has an average frame, and has nice, slightly rounded hips. Skye has a tattoo of a small flock of birds on her upper back, following with one on her wrist of a musical note. She has a silver septum piercing, that she only wears on 'special occasions.' On her left ear, she has an Auride piercing, and three ear lobe piercings of colorful stars. On her right ear, she has a Daith piercing, an Anti-piercing, and two silver ear lobe piercings.
Skye is very interested in fashion, and likes to change her style from every now and then. Her usual trend is t-shirts of her favorite bands and skinny jeans of all types or something a little more revealing like a skirt or regular shorts. She is always wearing a necklace that has a small cross on it, she never takes it off. No matter what.

Personality: Skylar is a free spirit who has the rush for adventure and life, itself. She likes to travel in groups, because sometimes she thinks too much when she's alone. Skye has a strong passion for the art business, and enjoys the sound of mostly any type of music she can find. When she isn't busy with her sketch book, or when her ear-bubs are plugged into her ears, she either goes out to random clubs, or even parties she finds in a street. Skye's mind is filled with thoughts most of the time, and usually hates when it does that. She tries to block it out with sometime fun, like partying or something. Skye usually has a nice smile on her face, and looks at you in the eyes, with those calming blue eyes of her when she speaks to you. She finds it rude, if she's not looking at the people she's talking to. She has a weak heart because of her abusive family, and tries to hide it to most people she knows. Skylar is mostly a lover than a fighter but if you rub her the wrong way, watch out, there will be a fist rocketing to your face in several heart beats. Over all, Skylar is a sweet girl, at heart, and tries not to fall in love too quickly. But all of that changed, when she bumped into Scotty, the drummer of B-SS.

History: Skylar Duncan Cross, better known as 'Skye', was born on the chilly New York's December on the 26th day. Life wasn't so exactly perfect for Skye. She lived with her strict mother, her alcoholic father, and her older troubled brother. She grow up on the dangerous lines of physical and emotional abuse from her parents and her druggie of a older brother who usually took her to college parties, the air filled with sex and the dry taste of Mary J. Skylar's life changed when she decided to sneak out of her house, and never turned back. She took some of her belongings with her and slept in several places until, one day, a Volkswagen bus filled with hippies came along and asked her if she wanted to go with them. Without a doubt, she joined them and travel around the country with them by her side. As a year and a half pass, one of the hippies, who is known to be Skye's best friend, told her about this band called 'Bitter-Sweet Ecstasy' and wanted Skye to join her for one of their concert. She had a strong addiction to music, so she didn't see any harm in it. That concert was one of the best she ever been to in her life! She loved the pumping heat of the coward and the band's attitude and style send chills down her spine. Once the concert was over and people was leaving in their own pace, Skye bumped into his young man that send her heart beating like a drum, it was like love in first sight. They hit it off, and Skye agreed to come to each and every concerts of theirs so she could see her favorite member of the band, Scotty.

Dream: Skye has always had this big dream about becoming an artist when she was older. She also wishes to live a peaceful life away from her parents.


So begins...

Skylar Cross's Story


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(Super Sorry for writing so much x.x" I promise I'll never write this much ever again! ><)

Skylar Cross

Skylar gripped the steering wheels with her left hand, her knuckles turning white from the pressure of grip she had on it. "I can't believe I agreed to come to a place you don't even know where it is." she snorted to her friend, Crystal. "You know, we could had asked for directions when we stopped for gas like I don't know..." she trailed off slowly as her anger built up. "Two hours ago!"

Crystal had her legs kicked up onto the car, giving them a little height and comfort. She had her natural light blonde hair loose, looked more golden from the sun's rays that bounced into the bus' windows. Her eyes were round and big like cartoon eyes, and they had a nice shade of hazel mixed into with some green. Her fingers were wrapped around a lit cigarette, some of the ashes dropping on the car floor from the bumps of the road. She lifted the cigarette to her painted lips and took a long drag as she tried to listen to her best friend screaming at her without laughing. Crystal's eyes rolled over to Skylar's direction, a small smile tugged on her red lips as she blew out the cloud of smoke into the atmosphere of the bus. "Chill, man. Do you want a joint to calm your nerves? You seem a little tense."

"A little?" Skylar snapped, running her free hand through her fringe and the rest of her brightly dyed hair. "We been on this little trip for more than 4 hours! My ass hurts from driving, you know? And I can't let you drive from all the Mary J you had the last stopped."

Crystal let out a louder than usual laugh as they passed a huge, nicely decorated sign that said, "BITTER-SWEET ECSTASY CONCERT UP NEXT" with an arrow pointing straight. "Aw look what I found." A large grin tugged on her face, as her eyes were filled with satisfaction. "I guess we didn't need some hill-billy to tell us where to go."

Skylar felt a sigh of relief release from her rosy lips. She couldn't believe she was finally going to get out of the bus after four hours of driving in circles. Her legs began to tingle at the thought of getting out of the bus and stretching her body out. Crystal invited her to his concert that she got tickets to from poker night, and Skylar agreed to go for the sake of music. And also, she didn't trust Crystal on her own with a bag of Mary J and a pack of cancer sticks with her. "What genre is the band?" she asked, fading from her thoughts.

"I don't know." her friend replied, taking another drag of her cigarette and blowing it out of her mouth and nostrils. "Rocky and Rolly?" Crystal looked over to Skylar, who let out a sigh, and observed her carefully. Skylar's hair looked brighter then ever, much be the affect of re-dying it last night. It flowed down to her bra strap filled with volume and some source of shine. Her lovely eyes, framed by her long, black lashes, were a bright blue that reminded Crystal of the ocean. She had her usual make-up on; A light cover of black mixed with some grey for eye shadow, black eye-liner, and a rosy pink lipstick to finish the look. Skylar wore a navy blue polka-dot dress that fit her body type perfectly. It flowed down to her middle of her thighs, and she had on some tight, see-through black leggings with some used combat black boots. For accessories she wore a bunch of different kinds of bracelets, three skull-themed rings on her left hand, and her usual necklace that had a cross on it.

The bus finally arrived in a large parking lot, that was filled with all types of vehicles. Some people were near their cars, smoking or having a few beers before the concert started. Skylar quickly spotted a parking spot and took it before anyone could of. A smile appeared on her face as she turned to her best friend. "We're finally here, Crystal."

Crystal opened the door from her side, and toss her cigarette away while hopping out of the bus, barely standing straight. "We're here! Hooray for not being kid-napped by aliens!"

Skylar chuckled to her friend's reaction of finally reaching the location. She twisted the keys from the bus, pulling it out and getting out of the driver's seat. She rose her dress up and placed the key between her skin and underwear. She lowered her dress out and fixed herself up from the reflection of the windows of the 1960s modeled bus. When she finished, she made her way to the other side of the bus where Crystal was lighting up another cigarette. "You think anyone here is worth getting lucky tonight?" a light smirk upon her face.

Skylar returned the smirk, her eyes filled with disgusted. "I don't know. I think they're too good for a couple of girls like us." Crystal snorted out an annoying laughter and placed her arm around Skye's shoulder and they began to walk over where the concert was being held. They showed their tickets to the booth and they proudly walked over to the large crowd of people. Some were shouting for the band, others were dancing crazily to alternative rock.

"I want to get a better look of the band. I heard the members were smoking hot, and their music isn't half bad." Crystal said, almost shouting so Skylar could hear her. Skye nodded and both of them, holding on to one another, moved their bodies around the people until they got to almost the front. On their way there, most of them pushed them or rubbing against them, it was a crazy journey but they made it.

Skylar couldn't help but feel excitement running their her veins, her heart pumping for more. "This concert better be good!" she said closely to her friend's ear, as light grin tugged on her lips. I wonder when the concert is going to begin?


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(Sorry for not posting, I been really busy, but I'm back!)

-Skylar Cross-

The crowd went wild as the band stepped on stage. Girls, guys, screaming at the top of their lungs, and Skylar felt that someone fainted beside her. Crystal send Skylar a smirk and a blissfully wink. "The band's hot. I think I can become a fan, even though this isn't really my style." she nearly shouted out, moving her body to the chant of the crowd. Skylar's lips curved up into a smile as she pierced her eyes up on stage. The band was a mix, boy and girl, and as Crystal had stated they were all attractive. Skylar couldn't decide to be fan just yet. She had to hear at least one of their songs, but drooling over them like an idiot. Unlike Crystal, Skylar didn't care much about a band's ideal. It was more about what they want to send out to their fans.

"BSE! BSE! BSE! BSE!" over and over again, and it got even louder when the leader singer stepped in front of his microphone to speak. He gripped it between his fingers of his left hand, and began to shouted cheerily. "Hey everyone!" The cheer roared louder then ever, making Skylar flash a smile and wanting to cheer as well but stay put. "Hope you all enjoy the show. Thanks for coming." he finished, and the crowd let out more screaming and shouting, causing the leader singer to chuckle. "Here we GO!"

The crowd continue to chant their name, as the lead singer flick his wrist and the band began to play. The crowd started to move like jello to the sound of the music playing; people screaming, others singing along, and even played the air guitar to the beat. Skylar moved her hips to the talent beat of the drums, and along with the guitar as Crystal winkle her nose a bit. It wasn't her style of music, she was into the classics, like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, etc. Skylar placed her arm around her friends waist, bumping hips.

"You drag me to this concert, and you're gonna have fun with me if you like it or not!" she said, a light smirk on her face as she made eye contact with Crystal. She shot her a smile and began to jump to the beat of the song just like others were doing around. Skylar laughed a little, and continue to dance to the song that was playing. The song was up-beat with a dash of rock, and it was a great song to begin the concert. Skylar could feel the blood rushing in her veins, and her head getting too light to think, and her heart pumping to the beat of the drums. She couldn't wait for more!