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Abe Jasmine

I do the things I do for a reason.

0 · 780 views · located in Timberland

a character in “Black and White”, as played by Sambea




Name: Abe Jasmine

Nicknames: None

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Height & Weight: 6 feet 3 inch. 170 pounds

Additional details: Abe is very muscular.

Personality: Abe is a strict and determined man. If he wants something he goes out and gets it. He loves a good puzzle unless it has to do with his family. Even with his strictness he is kind. He likes helping out when he can. He loves a good mystery, just like himself.

Likes & Dislikes:
Working out
His job

Lazy people
Romance movies

Strengths: Abe is very athletic, ever since he was a kid he was always in sports. He can endure a lot. Not only is his body strong, but so is his mind. He is a very intelligent individual. He is disciplined and determined, he won't stop till the job is done.

Weaknesses: His family and good food.

Favorite Color: Dark Navy.



Desires: To give Rina a good life and to be the best he can be and at the end tell Rina the secret he has been holding onto for 17 years.

Profession: Detective.

History: Abe is the youngest son to Greg and Hannah Jasmine. As a kid he was always in competition with his older brother, Daniel. If his brother joined a sport, so would he. Though both being competitive they loved each other and enjoyed the thrill in the game. As he got older the competition dulled down, both boys went their separate ways in high school. Daniel being a couple years older started hanging out more with his class and less with him, which hurt him in a way, but left him to find himself.

Abe started working out more, getting more into sports, and even joined the debate team. One day on his way to school he witnessed a murder that set him on the path to working with the police. He was a junior in high school when his brother started bringing home Rina's mom, Serena May, a girl from his University. Abe fell in love with her from the moment she smiled and said hello. He got know her and vise versa. Within a couple moments they would secretly meet up in a neighboring town. He tried to talk her into leaving his brother and being with him, but failed, a year later she married Daniel. Devastated, Abe lost himself in his schooling and activities, anything to keep his mind off of her.

But one night changed it all, he got a call from Serena and asked for him to stay over since his brother would be out of town for the week and she was scared to be alone by herself. Reluctantly Abe went. A couple months after he received a call from her saying she was pregnant with his child. Shocked and confused, Abe demanded that she tell no one, not even his brother. He was afraid he would lose her, his brother, and his child. But the secret didn't stay hidden as he had hoped. Just before she gave birth to Rina , Serena told Daniel. Hurt and disgusted her abandoned Serena and unborn Rina. Serena died four months after she gave birth. Abe has been taking care of Rina ever since, going to University and working. His family doesn't know why Daniel ran off or why he hadn't contacted them in 17 years. They don't know that Rina is actually Abe's daughter. Abe asked his parents that they not talk about Daniel or Serena till he can find a good time to tell her everything. Now he works as a detective for the Timberland Police Department and lives with his niece/daughter in a four bedroom home in northern Timberland.

So begins...

Abe Jasmine's Story


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#, as written by Sambea


Abe paced around in his office, staring at the map he made on his own wall. Each picture of those missing was on his wall, one of them being his own daughter. His fist balled, this is why he should have be stricter with her. He knew the dangers of going out in the storm, now she was missing. Fear and anger ran through him, of all the mistakes he made in his life, this one was the worst. Abe hadn't been able to tell her his secret, maybe he waited too long. No, he would find her alive and when he did should would be so grounded and then he would tell her.

He looked over the pictures, next to the youngest one was the note she left.


The store that was the closest to her mother's work and her house was the same store Sienna, one of the missing, worked. Rina also went to the store, this same store. Something had to have connected them, besides being at the store. Miranda was last seen at her work, the gym where Sienna was heading. So what happened to the girl and Rina after Sienna left work? Did she do something with them? Questions ran through his head, but no answers came forth.

Abe gave the map one more look before grabbing his phone and wallet and headed down to his home gym. He needed to work out, just standing there was driving him crazy. He wanted to to punch someone, mostly himself, for letting his baby girl, the only thing left over from Serena, go. He knew deep down in his gut that he shouldn't have let her go. A feeling had clawed his way through him. What was wrong with him? Why had he gone so soft? This is what happened when you slack the grips on the reins. You lose sight and are overly confidant.

Abe changed out of his suit to sweatpants and wrapped his hands in bandages as he pounded against the punching bag. He pictured himself as the punching bag and with ever hit got harder. He deserved punishment for letting her go. She was probably scared right now, did she miss him? Probably not, he had been strict with her from the very get go. Or maybe he was too strict on her all this time and that is why she went missing. He shook his head, clearing it. Right now he needed to focus on bring her and the rest of the group home.

His phone began ringing. It took a moment before he realized the noise, jogging over towards his phone it read "Frank". Glaring at the phone he answered it, "This better be good, Frank." His voice was deep, angry, and tired.

"I thought it might want this information, might lead to nowhere, but knowing you you want every small detail." Frank said. Frank was his partner and a lot older than him. He had been in the force for some time.

"Spit it out." Abe grumbled.

"There was a 9-1-1 call from a house about five to ten minutes away from the Timberland gym. Apparently it was a lesson for a little girl, supposedly her cousin, but the dispatcher felt like it was cover up. Maybe the girl was calling for help and whoever had her caught her. I suggest you go over there. Becca is texting you the address as we speak." Frank's voice got a serious tone.

"Thanks." Was all Abe said before hanging up in time to get the text message. "Time to get some answers." Abe said before running up to the second story and showering.



Rina woke up feeling absolutely nothing, her eyes locked on the back of Miranda's head. "What the hell happened?" She looked around and saw the perverted old man cleaning the floor and Taja was covered in blood. "Oh my god, Taja are you okay? Are you hurt? What happened?" She hurried towards the girl, examining her.

Taja stared at her in complete shock before letting out a blood curling scream. Rina jumped back, "What is wrong with you?!"

"Y-y-you d-died! Are you another person likes Elsworth? I can't take two of you." She cried into her hands, her tiny body shaking.

"Dead?" She looked around and there it was her mutilated body. " did this happened?" She asked. Falling to her knees next to her lifeless form.

"You bashed your head into the counter after going crazy and Miranda did some of her magic to make you stop bleeding, though you were already dead." Taja whispered.

"Crazy?" She asked, looking back at the girl. She wanted to cry, but no tears had formed.


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#, as written by Sambea


Abe got to the house, his car creeping slowly up the driveway. The house was a plain jane kind of house. It didn't stand out at all. He calmed himself in his car, his hands gripping the wheel tightly. If he went in there with guns blazing it would only cause trouble. Please, Rina, be in there He begged.

He opened the car door and gently closed it before making his way up the to the front door. His face was expressionless, but stern. Abe knocked on the door loudly three times. "Hello! Is anyone in there? I am Abe Jasmine with TPD! A phone call was made from this house. We are just checking up to see if everything is okay." His voiced boomed.


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As Frederick sat down on the chair simply watching the television, he gave a deep sigh. What was he supposed to do now? Maybe he should go home...It was the time of day where most people was at work...Yeah, he should go home read some books and...His thoughts were interrupted when a few knocks came to the door. Someone called out and instinctively Frederick got up and walked over to the door and just...opened it up when he failed to relive TPD probably meant Timberland Police Department.

Frederick met face to face with an officer, oh...this looked rather bad huh? He got a call from the house apparently and wanted to check up on things. "Oh, hello officer. Feel free to look around I guess." He replied rather casually as he opened the door. In fact, this was not his house and he was letting an officer in. Oh well.

"Oh my not so little lamb...Have you seen or heard the news? You are supposed to be missing. And here you are at a house that you should not belong in in front of an officer. Oh my~! I never knew you were such a man of sin. Maybe you are letting him in to see the teens and that kid and take all the credit for kidnapping them all. Maybe this is the day you finally tell the truth that you enjoy the younger generation." The voice in his head returned with a giggle.

"Hey! I'm just here to let him look around. Besides, its not like the others are gonna throw me under the bus right?...I just hope my coat is done washing...Besides, if I don't let him in he would get more least more suspicious than he already is. So you can hush your mouth shepherd. Stay in the back seat!" Frederick spoke in his head as he moved to the side to let the man look around.

"Ah, but I am indeed your shepherd. I am here to guide you and make you realize your sin my dear lost lamb. I wonder...How will you react when everything comes crashing down around you and your peaceful life is full of fear, stress and death...This might be the start."

"Oh please, you write and draw a comic in two weeks then come back to me."


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As Abe barged into the house, he made an impeccable amount of noise, the noise that annoyed and awoke the Werewolf who was dreaming on the couch. She sat up, glaring at the man with her glowing Amber eye, her other eye still shut with grogginess. She was quiet, aside from the small, almost cute feminine grunts she made while waking up, yawning and stretching out her muscled body. While she yawned she would accidentally show off her massive Canine teeth, and while she stretched her joints cracked audibly.

In her groggy haze, she blinked "Huh? Phone call?" She yawned again, hiding her teeth this time. Then it hit her; the phone call Taja had made, the one she'd made to her cousin earlier. Speaking of which, her cousin would be arriving shortly. Her concentration was broken when Frederick decided to give the guy permission to search the whole house. He'd find the body...they'd do finger-prints, they'd find her fingerprints on the body, they'd know she's a werewolf, only she could do that much damage to a human skull with her bare hands.


The sound of another car pulling up filled her ears and her chest tightened. This was getting complicated. By the smell of it, that'd be Miranda's cousin, Anthony stepping out of the second cop car, walking to the door, and entering. He'd stop upon seeing Abe. "O-oh...Abe, sir.. I...wasn't expecting you here?" he said. Miranda bit her bottom lip in annoyance. This was going to get annoying really quick, and with the annoying numbness in her arm from Yohan's little trick earlier, she wasn't in the mood for it.

Oh well.


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#, as written by Sambea

Rina heard the familiar booming voice coming from the front of the house. "Oh no no no, Uncle is here. He is going to be so pissed. Can't one of you like...hide my body?" She asked around, but stupid Frederick welcomed him in like a needy wife welcomes her husband home. She peeked out of the kitchen and saw him standing there looking at Fredrick like he was crazy. "I wonder if he can see me." She whispered to herself.


Taja peeked out of the kitchen also before hiding back in. She was covered in Rina's blood. "He is going to kill me though you killed yourself." She wanted to cry, tears stung her eyes. She took a deep breath and walked out. "S-Sir."


Abe could smell iron and bleach. He knew something was up. All these people were the ones to go missing, so why were they all here? He was about to ask what was going on when one of his officers walked in. "O-oh...Abe, sir.. I...wasn't expecting you here?" He said. An eyebrow arched, "Well yeah, why wouldn't I be? The question here is why are you here? Stay right there and call Frank. Tell him to come here and bring a forensic, an ambulance, and backup." He ordered before turning around in time to see Taja, the small girl who went missing. She was crying and full of blood.

Abe rushed over, "Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? Who did this?" He looked her over. Her small hand stopped him.

"I-I am okay, but... but..." She started crying. "R-Rina she... she just... she couldn't handle everything and t-took her head... a-and Pervy Man Fred t-tried to clean up the b-blood because h-he is a neat freak and I just want to go home!" Abe froze. He held the girl close, picking her up.

"It is okay, Taja. We got you." He said as he took a step towards the kitchen and saw his daughter's body on the ground. His breath got stuck in his throat. He wanted to scream, cry, punch someone or something, but he just held onto the crying Taja. "Everyone, stay where you are. Don't move till backup comes." He ordered everyone.


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"Oh dear, looks like the chains of justice has wrapped itself around you my dear not so little lamb. It looks like all your good deeds did go jail that unfortunate." The voice is his head spoke up at the rather...bad situation.

Frederick began to sweat bullets, she just had to tell him that he cleaned up the blood. This was it! He was done for! This is where his life as a janitor and writer comes to an end! He was going to have a new occupation that was for sure, prisoner janitor for years! His father would be so disappointed in him! He could only hear him now!...

"I did not raise my son to clean up prisons as a prisoner! When you get out boy I'm going to make you wish you stayed in prison!" The bearded man yelled in anger as he raised his fist and a mop. "No dad please! It was a misunderstanding!"

"You are also a pervert! To a young girl at that! I will clean up your act! YAHHHHHH!"

"Not the face!"

Yup...This was very bad. What should he do, if he stayed here he had a chance to prove himself or something. But Taja called him a pervert and told on him! If he does not go to jail for getting rid of evidence! Then she would get him in jail for being a pervert! Everything was bad.

"Hey moocher! Don't you like...Have anything to get us out of this situation!?

"You could always run my dear lamb...If you don't want to take the fall for everyone then just run. You always follow rules and everyone. You should break it even when you know its the wrong thing to do. Sure, its the rule to go to jail but you know its not fair when you are the one person. An adult? Surrounded by teens and a child at that? A pervert kidnapper...I wonder who that officer is going to belive in this situation...Oh dear...Just waiting for you to finnaly sin is such a grand feeling, if you want to remain uncaged my dear lamb make a break for it."

"I would shame myself and my fathers legacy as the best janitors! I am no criminal!...But jail sounds bad though..."

"You can only remain sin free for so long...Let us see where your 'good deeds' get you in a couple more minutes...You can trust me my dear lamb...I will lead you to salvation. But if you continue to ignore my recommendations then the path you follow will lead to despair..."

"And the path you follow is mooching! I like to see you in my shoes for being a pervert and kidnapping!"

"But I am not in that situation. You brought yourself in this situation, not I...Looking at a childs thigh, if you want something to look at how about that girl's ghost?"

"What! Ghost!?" Frederick exclaimed as he looked around and noticed Rina...Wait she was dead. That meant she was a ghost! Oh no! She came to haunt him from beyond the grave!

"You are...such a strange lamb..."


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"He is here because I called him here." Miranda spoke up, looking to Abe as her cousin froze, and then began to do as told, calling those qualified to handle a body. "I wanted this to be handled...quietly." she said, not looking away as he spotted the body on the floor, hugging the now crying child that was Taja. She rolled her eyes, the Amber one glowing dimly. "As for the girl...Rina....what Taja said is true; she..." the werewolf paused, pretending to be a bit more human than she was, "...started bashing her head against....the counter...I...couldn't handle the smell of the blood....So I had our Janitor friend...clean it...." she shuddered, convincingly putting on the human-girl act. Though if anyone knew who she was, which Abe likely would, or at least know of the Wallace family, they'd know she was...different.

She wasn't planning to move anyway, so when he told everyone not to move, she just laid back down, yawning, not bothering to hide her canines as she yawned, the sharper-than-average, and much larger-than-normal teeth in plain view to anyone looking over the couch. Like her cousin Anthony, who looked away at the sight of her teeth. Yawning, much like bearing one's teeth was a way of displaying dominance over others in Werewolf Culture. She closed her eyes and continued her yawn, loudly doing so while finding herself growing comfortable on the couch. She'd have to either ask Yohan where he got it, or steal it. Either one.


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#, as written by Sambea

Taja held onto him and watched.


Backup arrived. They gathered everyone who was there. Abe walked around and looked at Frederick. "I want everyone brought to the station and question. Keep an eye on this one, " He motioned towards Frederick. Forensics started to close off the kitchen and paramedics started to check everyone out before they were ushered to the back of the cop cars. "I will bring Taja, you all can go." He ordered.

With one hand he held onto the girl's and with his free hand he rubbed his neck. "I think we should get you to the station and let you call your parents, okay?"

Taja nodded. Both walked to his car and drove off to the station.


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  1. I had help from the wonderful, Tanman/Specmarine/and Scorpion!

    by Sambea

0.00 INK

#, as written by Sambea

Abe walked in, file in hand, and sat in front of Taja. They had to get her a booster seat because she sat down all you could see was a floating head and it made him chuckle. He had to be serious and her looking silly like that would not help. She looked scared, but he reassured her that she was alright and that her parents were on their way. She nodded, sitting there playing with her thumbs.

“What happened the night you went missing?” He asked softly.

She looked up at him, scared, “Momma had to leave and the babysitter wasn’t there yet. She was worried of leaving me alone, but I reassured her I would be alright. Then after she left I started hearing a voice inside of my head telling me to go get Sienna from her work and bring her to the gym. I also got visions showing me where to go. I wasn’t going to go, I swear, but then it wouldn’t stop till I left and went get her. She wouldn’t come to the gym, actually she thought I insulted her. I didn’t mean to call her a cow or anything, but it kind of slipped out. Rina stood up for me and I took the time to hurry and steal the keys before running. It was the only thing I could do to make her leave.” She was on the verge of tears.

He nodded, patting her hand, and asked, “Did you get abducted?”

Taja shook her head, “No. Once we all were in the gym things started to happen. Like a car crash and then us being all in pain. We got these marks and then went to this scary place where everything was the same, but a lot scarier. It was horrible.”

Abe smiled softly, “How do you all know each other?”

Taja looked up at him, “I have never seen any of these people before today. I am ten, my momma would never allow me to be near these other people, except Rina. I could see Rina babysitting me. She was a nice girl. I liked her a lot.”

Abe was glad to hear someone liked his daughter and that she would treat a young girl well. He raised her to at least be a decent person. “Okay, Hun, now who owns the house you all were at?”

Taja rubbed her eyes, “I think it was Yohan’s house. I am ninety percent sure it was. I don’t like him very much, but I rather him over Pervert Man, Frederick. He stared at my thighs for a long time. He even stared at Sienna and Rina a little longer than he should.”

Abe wanted to punch this man in his face, he couldn’t understand perverted men. “How did Sienna get away but everyone else stay? Is she working with the owner of the house?”

Taja shrugged, “I didn’t know she left. As for working with Yohan? I believe Miranda would be the one to work with him the most, though… I think he was just trying to get with them, “She leaned in close, “if you know what I mean.”

He chuckled before looking down at the next question and frowning. “Okay, what happened with Rina?”

She looked down at her hands again, speaking low she said, “I walked in to the kitchen after I woke up and Rina was holding a cup of coffee just looking up in space. I thought she was just daydreaming… I know I do it a lot when I am feeling nervous. Pervert Man was making breakfast, so I thought maybe she was nervous to be around him…” She started to tear up, “t-then she just… started freaking out. Asking if I was real or if she was going crazy. It scared me a lot. Then out of nowhere… she just started banging her head into the counter. Frederick tried to stop her and then help her stay alive. It was a mess. Blood was everywhere. I don’t know why she did that. I really really don’t.”

Abe tried to calm her down, “It’s okay. You are here and safe. I am sorry you had to see all of that. So, it was you who called 9-1-1, what happened? Why did you hang up?”

Sniffling she tried to calm down. Nodding at the first part of the question, “I did, I slipped in Rina’s blood trying to get to the floor. She needed professional help, but Miranda stopped me. I think she had someone to help with it. She told them I was her cousin, which I am not… I don’t think. Then she called her actual cousin and asked him to come over.”

“Okay I am going to circle back around to Yohan. You are doing great. Have you known Yohan before?” He asked.

Taja shook her head, “No, officer. The first time I saw him he looked like a loser sitting in the corner. He was a cry baby. I think he even puked in the back of the gym. Something is very wrong with that guy.” She shivered.

“Why was he not at the house?” Abe asked.

She shrugged, “I have no idea. He was there when I went into the kitchen. Maybe everything got him scared and he ran… like maybe Sienna got scared too and ran. I know I would have if I wasn’t so scared and wanting to call for help.”

Abe nodded again, “Could he be possible for Rina’s death?”

Taja shook her head no, “No, sir. Unless he threatened her before anyone got to the kitchen, but that percentage would be very low. Yohan is a freak, but I highly doubt he would have killed Rina.”

Abe patted her head and closed the files, “Thank you so much for answering the questions. You did very well and I know for a fact your mother and father would be proud of you.” He held out his free hand, the other was holding the file, and walked out of the room. They walked to the front where her parents were waiting for her. He let go of her hand and she ran to their arms. All three of them were crying. He called Frederick to the back room and walked away. He couldn’t look at the family anymore. It killed him that he couldn’t do that with his own daughter.


Abe walked in, file in hand, and sat in front of Fredrick. He had been one of the people missing. When Abe looked up from his file he saw Frederick pull out a card. "Sorry for the misleading attitude offer, Secret agent Frederick. I was working on the missing persons case when all this happened." He spoke as he held the ID for him. Abe took it, looking it over, and shaking his head. Something was off, but he was going to ask the same questions as the rest of the group. He decided that he was going to make Frederick stay for more questioning once he ran his name in the data base to see if he was in fact a secret agent. "Anyways officer, I will be answering your questions.”

“What happened the night you went missing?” He asked, writing something down on a pad.

“On the night, I went missing I was working at Timberland High School acting like a janitor when I went out into the parking lot to head back to my car. A well-dressed man was waiting there and before I knew it I was in a different place I had no clue where it was. That was when I met all the teenagers and the one child. Funny story, the child thinks I’m a pedo...Do I look that creepy? ...Ugh....Anyways this was the first time I met any of these kids." Frederick spoke as he placed a finger under his chin.

"After we managed to escape where ever we were locked up, one of the Kids...Yohan was his name brought us to his house. I would have headed to the police station but it was too dangerous so we needed to lay low.” He said.

The guy was a weird one, but he was answering some of his questions before he could even ask. “How did Sienna get away but everyone else stay? Is she working with the owner of the house?” He finally asked after shifting through his questions.

“As for Sienna...I guess she got out as morning came while we were resting she snuck out back home or something. So, I don't think she is working with Yohan.” He said.

“What happened with Rina?” Abe just asked.

As for with Rina, I was in the kitchen...making food, yes, I know I made food here. But everyone was hungry and well someone had to cook the food. So, I was there when Rina walked in. I did not realize it at first until I heard some banging on the counter and well...It was only her, so she just went crazy all of a sudden so I did my best to stop her. But she was going full force on the counter like she was possessed or something. I did my best and stopped her but... there was... a lot of blood... and matter...." Frederick shook his head to get rid of that scene from his mind before speaking again.

“Why didn’t anyone call 9-1-1 before Taja and why did someone say that she was just learning how to dial 9-1-1?” Abe asked, looking over his questions again.

"I was busy trying to keep her alive and that’s probably when Taja called 9-1-1. Honestly, I was busier looking and trying to help Rina.”

He nodded, Abe was beginning to like the man. He at least tried to stop her, though she never seemed suicidal before. “Have you known Yohan before?” He asked.

“As for if I know Yohan I never met the guy. All I know is that some girl probably came by and he left with her. I say he is having some private romance or whatever. But I highly doubt he was the cause for this..." Frederick spoke as he breathed a deep sigh.

Abe looked up at the man after taking some notes and closing the file. “Thank you, sorry that you can’t leave just yet. I will need you to sit in the hallway by the front desk. We need to run your name in the base to see if you are actually a secret agent, standard protocol is all and maybe a few more questions.” He said with a small smile before walking out and switching files with his partner.


Abe walked in, file in hand, and sat in front of Miranda. She had been one of the people in the house at the time he got there. She was the third one he interviewed. “Alright, Miss Wallace. I am just going to ask you a series of questions. Just answer to the best of your ability.” With that he began the series of questions.

“What happened the night you went missing?” He asked, writing something down on a pad.

Miranda raised her eyebrows and thought back, “Was a regular night at the gym, then these kids came in, and some...supernatural, magic shit went down; ruined my night." she said, looking back to whoever was questioning her. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she was leaned back into the chair casually.

Abe’s face didn’t change, instead looked at her and continued his questioning, “Did you get abducted?”

"If by "abducted" you mean be transported to an alternate dimension without my knowledge or permission, yes." She shrugged. Despite the sarcasm, she was sincere as well.

He wrote some stuff down in his pad and continued on from his previous question, “If so who was he/she?”

"Think that was Yohan's doing. Not sure. White haired boy, cute face, much too young to be doing what he says he's doing." She looked up with her eyes, trying to remember the details as they came to her.

Abe nodded and gave her a minute before asking another question, “How do you all know each other?”

"Really, I don't. I know their names, I think...Like I said, they burst into my gym for whatever reason and offered little explanation." She uncrossed her arms and offered a full shrug in response to this question.

Abe nodded, “Now, who owns the house you all were at?”
"Think that was Yohan, or, his parents? Dunno much about him." Again, a shrug.

He was getting bone dry answers from her. His eyes narrowed a bit, “How did Sienna get away but everyone else stay? Is she working with the owner of the house?”

"Pretty sure she just walked out." She said, nodding after a second of thought.

“Okay, what happened with Rina?” He had been wanting to ask that question since Taja had told him, but he wanted to get everyone’s take on it.

"Lost her mind, smashed her own head against the counter. I had the Janitor clean it up." A slow blink, the tone of annoyance with the questions began to creep into her voice, and she leaned further back into the chair.

“Where were you when it happened?” He said, fighting down the tone of annoyance. This girl had something to her. She was hiding something, but he kept on with his answers.
"At the table, watching her. Lost my appetite." She looked down with her eyes, shuddering subtly.

“Was it a suicide or did someone do that to her?” He asked.

"She did it herself, I've never seen a human with such a lack of self-preservation." She put an emphasis on the word human with her tone, looking at the questioner with a stern expression.

Abe cracked his neck. Never in his life did he want to cross over a table and straight up punch a woman in his life, but she was getting to him. His fisted his hand around his pen, trying not to lose his cool, “Why didn’t anyone call 9-1-1 before Taja and why did someone say that she was just learning how to dial 9-1-1?”

"That's because I called my cousin, Anthony. I expected him to get there quicker and handle the situation quietly. Last thing this town needs is media coverage. I stopped Taja from calling because I don't like unnecessary bull-shit." She gestured around to the room around her as an example of what she meant with her words.

He nodded, “Have you known Yohan before?”

"No. Seen him walking around, never spoke." Simple shake of the head.

“Why was he not at the house?” He asked with a blank face.

"He left I guess. Chickened out when Taja called 911." Shrug and a nod.

“Could he be possible for Rina’s death?” Was his final question.

"All this shit went down after he showed up in my gym, so I'm going to say yes. Can I go now?" Finally she leaned forward, putting her hands on the table and looking as though she were about to stand up.

“You can go from this room, yes, but I am going to need you for further questioning after I talk to everyone. You can sit in the hallway by the front desk.” With that he got up and left the room himself. He gave his partner the file and took another one from him.


Abe walked in, file in hand, and sat in front of Sienna. She had been the first one here that was in the group, but with all of the chaos didn’t get the chance to interview her till last. “Alright, Miss Cartlow. I am just going to ask you a series of questions. Just answer to the best of your ability.” With that he began the series of questions.

“What happened the night you went missing?” He asked, writing something down on a pad.

“That’s… Well, hard to explain… You’ll probably think I’m lying or whatever, since it’s pretty absurd…” Sitting back in her seat with her arms folded, Sienna’s brow furrowed as she was clearly thinking, staring to the water left on the table. “Somehow, we ended up in another world. It was honestly like something out of a comic book. There were monsters and shit… I get it if you don’t believe me, but something… Changed while we were there. The only word I can think of to describe it is magic.” She paused, clearly looking to him to see what kind of reaction Abe would give. Leaning forward slightly, she unfolded her arms, placing her hands onto the table in front of her. “I could show you, if you don’t believe me.”

Abe’s face didn’t change, instead looked at her and continued his questioning, “Did you get abducted?”

“I guess? I wouldn’t know who was responsible though. It’s not like I ended up involved in this other world crap willingly...” Sienna scoffed a little, looking off to the side and staring at a spot on the table, maybe zoning out.

He wrote some stuff down in his pad and continued on from his previous question, “If so who was he/she?”

Looking back up at the question, Sienna sighed. “Like I said, I’ve got no idea. I guess I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Abe nodded and gave her a minute before asking another question, “How do you all know each other?”

“To be honest, I only know them all through this crap. That Taja girl showed up with Rina at my work, and the little… Brat.” There was a notable pause as Sienna held her tongue from a harsher expletive. “She stole the keys to the store. I ended up calling my roommate to try and look after the store while I gave chase. After that I met uh… Gym girl at the gym. Can’t remember her name. I think Yohan was there too? And I dunno when that creep guy showed up, but it was in that other world…” Sienna stopped for a bit, looking up to Abe. “Are they here too?”

Abe’s eyebrow raised, if he hadn’t of interrogated her first he would have thought the young girl would have never done such a thing. She didn’t have the background to up and steal a set of store keys. “They are, but that is all I can tell you. Now, who owns the house you all were at?”

“I guess it was Yohan’s place. Apparently, we had to go there to get back from the other world. It’s uh, kinda like a parallel dimension, the place has the same general layout as Timberland.” Sienna put her hand to her chin, before rummaging in her pocket. “I brought this paper back from there. It was in the basement of the other dimension’s house. It’s like, a design for the machine? Or part of it? Anyway, all that crap should still be in his basement. Well, the device at least.” Sienna placed the somewhat crumpled schematic down for Abe, wondering if it would actually be handy at all.

Abe tilted his head. He wasn’t expecting to get so much information from the girl, but he took the paper and added it to the file he hand on her, noting on a clean piece of paper that it was evidence and to check out the basement more. “Thank you, Miss Cartlow. This helps us a lot. How did you get away but everyone else stayed? Are you working with the owner of the house?”

“How did I get away? Well, shit went down and… I guess I couldn’t really handle it. I was coming here to turn myself in though and get some information. I honestly don’t know where to go from here. As for working with Yohan, I barely know the guy. I think we’re all connected now or some crap though…” Rolling up her sleeve a little, Sienna lifted her hand to show the strange symbol that had materialized on it. “I think we’ve all got this mark. ‘Cept Yohan’s is a little different.”

Abe leaned in, taking a closer look. He had honestly never seen a tattoo like that before. He made a not to get someone to look at it before she left. “Okay, what happened with Rina?” He had been wanting to ask that question since Taja had told him, but he wanted to get everyone’s take on it.

“She… “ Sienna stopped again, involuntarily flinching at the memory of the corpse she’d seen. It hadn’t been a pretty sight. “Well, I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I came down to hear the others freaking out and saw… Well, that. I think that’s why I kind of got out of there. That dude was cleaning the blood and Miranda was on the phone to someone about cleaning it up and… Well, that didn’t sound right to me. I was a little scared, but I honestly didn’t want to be associated with some sort of cover up. They said she killed herself, but… I honestly don’t know.”

Abe had to try hard not to curl his fist. So it was a cover up, but Taja had been there. She had seen it, maybe Miranda had threatened her to lie. I am going to have to talk to her cousin after this. “Where were you when it happened?” He asked after clearing his throat.

“Upstairs. After everything that happened I… needed some time alone. I kind of had a bit of a breakdown… The smashed mirror up there should be testament to that…” Sienna mumbled, unconsciously squeezing her bandaged hand.

Abe took notice of her hand, but continued his questioning. “Was it a suicide or did someone do that to her?”

“I couldn’t say. I didn’t notice until I came down and she was…” Sienna swallowed uncomfortably, then reached for the water, shakily pouring her glass and drinking from it.

Abe was noticing Sienna’s actions and took note of it all. “Why didn’t anyone call 9-1-1 before Taja and why did someone say that she was just learning how to dial 9-1-1?”

“Like I said, I didn’t even know until I came down and heard some crap about cleaning the blood and dealing with it. I wasn’t about to stay there and calmly dial the number, but I did tell the officers I met about it. You can ask them.” Sienna stated confidently that they’d back up her story, having nothing to hide in that regard.

He nodded, “Have you known Yohan before?”

“No, like I said, I met everyone for the first time.” Sienna repeated, a little agitated by the repeat question.

Shifting in his chair, trying not to seem so stand offish to the woman he asked her, “Why was he not at the house?”

“I dunno. I lost track of him when I went upstairs, so I have no idea where he went.” Answering truthfully, Sienna was trying to be as cooperative as possible. She was getting anxious to find out about Rio, but she needed to get through this shit first.

Abe could see her becoming anxious and tried to get through the questions as fast and thoroughly as possible, “Could he be possible for Rina’s death?”

“Possibly? I don’t know. He was pretty quiet for the most part, but he didn’t seem crazy murderous. Then again, Rina didn’t seem crazy suicidal…” Sienna muttered the last part as she thought out loud on it.

Once the questions paused for a while, Sienna sat up a bit, looking back over to Abe. “Um, I… I saw on the news that… My roommate Rio… Can you tell me what happened?” Sienna asked hesitantly, but there was a strained desperation in her voice.

Abe looked up, his lips twisting down in a frown. “I am sorry, it seems like she had spun and hit a wall. She would have made it, but then another vehicle crashed into her, which sadly lead to her death. That is all I can give you since it is still an ongoing case.” This night had turned out to be one of the shitiest nights in his life. “You are free to go, Miss Cartlow.” He said before walking out. He looked at Frankie and shook his head.

"We are going to be having a long night a head of us. I kept a few for more questions. Also, Frederick claims to be a secret agent. I need you to run his name in and tell me what you get." He said. Frankie nodded and walked off to do just that.


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"Hold!" Ricky shouted out, raising up his left hand with his all black fingers. All of the vehicles came screeching to a halt as they stopped in the middle of Timberland. It had taken them some time, but they had reached here just in the nick of time. Ricky got out of his truck to see the sun setting in the distance behind them, causing him to lick his lips. This was looking all too sweet, everything started here and now! "Yes, excellent, most excellent! Everyone, you know what to do!" Snapping his fingers, all but his own truck road off to begin travelling throughout the town. It was going to take them all night, but he could tell luck was in his favor tonight.

"Alright, it's just me now." Ricky reached out his right arm to pat his truck gently. "We've been waiting for this moment, too long it feels like. Such a small amount of time, stretching out over what feels like an infinity." Ricky couldn't help but laugh now, throwing his arms up into the air as he bent backwards while raising his arms up. "What an exquisite feeling! What more is there to gain from life than what I am feeling right now? Ah, to be alive, to be human, to be the dominant predator!" Ricky went back to standing normally and cleared his throat, narrowing his eyes to get a more serious look about them before walking over to the back of the truck.

Looking over the five cages he had selected, he raised his hand up and his eyes glowed yellow briefly. Multiple hands came out from behind him, grabbing hold of the cages and setting them down on the ground next to each other one by one. Having a hand reach over to unlock each cage, the doors swung open without hesitation and at first nothing really seemed to happen. Then, the dogs mentioned before slowly began to each walk out of their cages, causing a small trail of darkness to be emitted behind them until they each stopped next to each other as if waiting for orders.

Ricky couldn't help but once again admire the almost strange beauty that came off of these mutts. One would assume at first glance they were looking at a skeleton of a dog, but they were far from it. Having no real eyes in their eye sockets, these pale blue mutts were more akin to that of how ghost dogs, at least to Ricky that's how they looked anyway. They weren't actually ghosts, but close enough no? No liquid came down from their mouths, and petting one of them would make you think you were touching something reptilian instead of mammal. They had been sent for one purpose only, and pulling out a little white orb, he was going to send them out on that purpose.

"Gotta love you magical dogs." Ricky walked over in front of them and knelt down, waving the orb slowly in front of each of them. The magic dogs each began to sniff and become familiar with the scent he was giving them, and one by one they all started to emit an eerie growl unlike that of any regular dog. "Can't be seen, felt or even heard by normal people! Only those with magic can do anything about you." Ricky put away the orb and rose up to his feet, walking back over to his truck.

"You can't see normally, so you use your other senses to track down the target. Able to track the scent of your targets, able to sense out the magic within them once you locate them. Shouldn't take too long for you to find them." Ricky snaps his fingers. "You know who I want tracked down. Find the missing people that were on the news earlier today, track them down and don't stop until either you or they are dead. If you manage to kill even one of them, bring me their bodies as proof."

The dogs eerily began to move forward slowly, a blue glow briefly appearing within their eye rockets before fading out just as quickly, continuing to flicker like this in a matter of seconds for each of them. A car flew into Ricky's sight and headed straight for the dogs, Ricky couldn't help but smirk as the dogs only continued to walk slowly before the car ran over their position. The car continued about it's business as usual, but the dogs were perfectly fine, as if the car hadn't even touched them.

A blue flame appears within each hound's eyes sockets, a terrifying roar emitting from each of them now as blue flames burst forth and covered over every one of them, acting as fur and protection at the same time. The blue flames only covered certain parts of their head, making the blue flames within their eye sockets stand out all the more. Wasting no time now that they were active, they each began to run forward and search out for the targets Ricky had specified, each of them holding a terrifying grin as they left a brief trail of darkness behind them before it faded away.

"What a waste to use them on regular people." Ricky leaned back against his truck as he closed his eyes and smirked. "Ah, well. I got a job to do and I ain't wasting no time about it. I wonder, who shall prevail in this fight? Either way, I wish I could watch it with my own eyes, but that will have to wait. Don't fail my expectations, Hounds of Despair." Ricky bursts out into an evil laugh as he rears his head back.


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With Frederick waiting inside the station after giving his statment, he sighed in relif. For now that ID was saving him a whole lot of suspicion, sure they are going to check their database which unnerved him to no end but for now at least he was not already in cuffs. He soon brought out his phone to pass the while while he waited and wanted to give his thanks to the unknown helper from beyond...well, a better helper than the moocher in his head.

F. Bell

"Hey! Thanks for the help! Your assistance saved my bacon for the time being!"

"Once this whole mess is over feel free to message me what you want done. I may not be the president, or a very important business owner but I am a dedicated Janitor, Cook, Writer and comic and manga artist! Well, Thanks again!"

Frederick texted to the B. Rabbit name as he pocketed his phone and looked up at the ceiling. Inside a police station, not for cleaning but under some heavy suspicion like the rest of the younger people around him. He would rest alone but of course he knew better. "How are you doing my precious lamb? Still awake I presume, and under a deal of stress." The voice in his head lightly chuckled. Frederick sighed as he felt a bit tired. "I have to know, what is it you want? Now I may have not questioned it but I know you have a motive hidden under your calm and mysterious demeenor. What is your game here? Trying to possess me? Getting me to do something great and fight something terrible? Or did you just pick me to have a free host to live in?" Frederick questioned as he poked his own head in an attempt to do something to the voice in his head.

"My poking your own head? You must look a bit weird to everyone. And if you think that will be touching me then I'm afraid that you will have to wait to get your sinful paws on me. But my precious lamb, I suggest you stay awake for the time being. If you wish to learn then follow the wise words of the Shepard. I will guide you and clense your sins. And in order to do so you must acknowledge your love for the opposite gender. And to be free once in a while, and stand up for yourself. Only then will you know yourself." The voice in his head chuckled. What did it mean stay awake? And acknowledge his sins? Man why did he get the strange spirit, angel demon thing? It would be so much better if it was stright up...Granted its always the mysterious ones that speak in riddles that always have pretty wise advice at the some sort of trial! Hah! It cannot fool him just by acting strange it was like a trial! The voice in his head seemed to have laughed at his thoughts. "You are one strange lamb...But you are on the right path. I wonder if you can keep it up? I will have to see...So don't die now my Lamb, we have many things we must do to wash away the sin that stains this world..."

"Does that mean I have to bring some extra strong cleaning solution and a mop?" Frederick asked and he could feel the voice in his head reel back from the ridiculous response. "I stand corrected...You are the least brightest Lamb I have ever laid my eyes upon...Leave it to me to guide the one that could die of thirst even if he was trapped in fresh water..." The voice spoke clearly still reeling from its shock and Frederick scratched his head in confusion. Did he say something wrong?


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  1. A part of this post is a collab between myself and Kagerou.

    by The Great Thundorz

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Sakuya listened as Yohan awkwardly explained what had happened. It seemed he didn't understand everything that was going on. The feeling deep down within her subsided as he was clearly not a threat to her. He was worried she was going to take him away? The girl couldn't help but chuckle at him. "I don't have the authority of taking you to someplace dark and scary, Yohan." Sakuya sighed. "I wasn't sent after you. However, I was sent here..." She gestured to the area in general. "Look, it's probably not a good idea to show that around. Most people from Gaia....don't understand that sort of thing." Sakuya pushed them back a bit farther away from the public eye. "Does anyone else know?"

Yohan blinked as she began to explain things, she could see a more innocent expression coming across his face now as he looked at her. If she thought he was cute before, well... Opinions might change now that she got to see more of the "real" him coming through now. "Uhm... Me and five others were sent to this weird looking town with this big Hellhound. A girl among us committed suicide, so I think that leaves four others. I have no idea where they currently are though."

The girl nodded. "Five others? That's..fairly unheard of. Maybe this place really is..." Her voice trailed off. "Regardless, you need to hide that arm of yours. I don't have the power to conceal it." Suddenly, something felt wrong between the two of them. There was a huge and menacing presence that seemed to overtake the town. "Oh no..." Sakuya whispered, hiding them both behind a dumpster. "We need to be careful..."

Yohan couldn't help but be pulled along, though he did feel a shiver run down his spine. He never felt anything like this... This feeling of fear was gripping him tightly. Even worse, it reminded him of those years ago... He had to worry about Sakuya right now. "What's going on?" He asked, she seemed to know more than he did right now, so there was that. He couldn't help but swallow quietly out of nervousness, He worried for his own life, but protecting others was his top priority always.

"Shhh!" Sakuya said suddenly, covering Yohan's mouth. They felt the pressure coming towards them and faint barking. Sakuya didn't quite know what they were, but for her to feel this much fear, there must be something up with them. Speaking out from the other side of the dumpster, she could see the head of a hound sniffing around. The almost lizard like skin and blue flames almost made Sakuya gasp aloud. Keeping her fear down, she pulled her head back quickly and held her breath. However, she could hear the hound coming closer to them. Her magic was hidden...Yohan must be too new to realize what he can and cannot do. Sakuya started to panic. In a last ditch effort, she uncovered Yohan's mouth and pressed her lips against his. 'Please work, please work!' Sakuya whispered in her mind. She held on for about a minute. In those long 60 seconds, she could hear the dog walk away from them and a horrifying growl as they left. She broke the kiss immediately and ran out towards the road, watching them head down towards town. "Yohan, you said you didn't know where your friends are, right? I got a feeling that they know and it won't be pretty if they get a hold of them."

Yohan's eyes widened when he saw her clap a hand over his mouth. He grew nervous all of a sudden, swallowing nervously until his eyes shifted over and saw... The damn hound! That bloody grin on it's face, the desire to devour it's prey... He could sense it, clear as daylight, he remembered! The Hellhound's gaze, it's crazy grin and the way it almost found them and was ready to attack at a moment's notice. He could sense the same thing off of this creature, his body starting to shake as he saw it approach. Why him? Why was it coming here?! What did it want?!? That's when she pulled him over and... Oh dear, his face went red and his eyes widened as she did this. A minute long kiss?! His mind couldn't handle it, yet he didn't resist... For whatever reason, he couldn't tell you. Once she saw the beast walk away, she broke it and he was dropped to the floor with a dazed looked in his eyes. "Did you get the number of that donkey cart?" He mumbled, shaking his head as he regained himself and stood up to his feet, looking over at her, his face still blushing madly. "... Shoot. I have a feeling I know what you are talking about. Alright, let's go!"


The clocks all read 11 PM in the police station now, the sun no longer visible as the night had taken over the sky. It wasn't known for how much longer Abe would be keeping them there, nevertheless, they had already been there for a long time. However, a familiar figure suddenly appeared before all of them, and as the white haired boy looked out to each of them, a red shine would flash over his eyes before reverting to normal. "Hello everybody!" He said, giving a quick little bow from the waist in a mocking gesture, rising up to look over at Abe with a smug look.

"You've been hanging out with this old fart instead of me?" He pretended to look hurt, putting an arm over his face as he leaned back while faking some sniffling. "I'm offended. You left hanging out with me on The Other Side to try to repay a debt to some dead girl." The white haired boy couldn't help but smirk now, shifting his form suddenly to resemble how Rina's inner demon had appeared. This... Was certainly new! "That's silly." The voice came out, sounding way more aggressive and twisted than Rina's inner demon would normally sound like. "You can't run from your problems forever. Hiding like little cowards..." The inner demon began to spread it's arms out to the sides, all of them would begin to see the room forming cracks and gaining a menacing red color to it.

"You think you can ignore me?!" The inner demon's voice suddenly grew louder, becoming more aggressive, more twisted, the room beginning to violently shake, making them all feel threatened while also giving them some motion sickness. "You think you can deny what I want, DO YA?!" The room would be shaking now, pieces of it breaking off to them as the inner demon slowly began to approach them, each step growing louder with each stomp, causing twisted cracks to spread wherever it stepped. "I WILL NOT BE DENIED!!!!!"

Everything returned to normal in an instant, Rina's inner demon suddenly gone and the white haired boy having returned with a mocking little grin on his face, once again, his eyes glowed red. "Another time, perhaps." He licked his lips as he walked over to Abe. "Well, no one better to replace her with than family, right?!" The white haired boy grinned to them all, smacking Abe's back without hesitation, although Abe wouldn't feel a thing as his hand passed right through Abe's body. However, Abe would feel a strange sensation coursing through his body, and as the white haired boy walked towards the entrance, Abe could suddenly see him now.

"We can save introductions for later." The white haired boy leaned on a wall near the entrance to the police station, looking down casually at his hand. "You've got bigger fish to worry about." As he said this, the five hounds from before began to enter into the building... But not in the way you would expect. They were walking right through it?! They looked like ghostly dogs, so maybe they were... But it was highly doubtful. Something was off about these dogs, and despite them having entered into the building, none of the officers around them were panicking. Each of them covered in blue flames, having blue flames in their eye sockets and a deadly grin resembling the Hellhound's across each of their twisted mugs.

Yohan and Sakuya arrived too late, only able to watch as the dogs entered into the building, Yohan's eyes widening as he saw the dogs just... Phase through inside?! "Ah dang it!" He couldn't help but state, looking around as he saw no one around, but he couldn't shake off the feeling of being watched right now, by someone... Or something. "They have to get out of there! This isn't good, I can't use my power from out here without drawing attention to us!" To say the least, they were in a tight situation!

Meanwhile, the hounds began to move slowly towards the group, as officers began to walk around near the hounds, they would simply walk through them, the hounds not even bothered by any of what was going on right now. The white haired boy couldn't help but let out a delightful little chuckle, Yohan was right outside, yet he couldn't even see the white haired boy in here? Things just weren't adding up right now, but again, they had bigger fish to fry right now. "Well I would love to stay and help you all, but it looks like two of you have some opening of the eyes to do!" His eye shifted to Abe and Frederick with a twisted grin on his face. "See ya, if you make it out alive of here that is." He let out one more mocking laugh before fading away completely, leaving them with the hounds slowly getting closer to them!


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Despite the attempts of the White haired boy and his little demonic friend to frighten everyone present, Miranda would only slowly open her eyes, the different colored orbs filled with annoyance. Speaking of demons. She glanced to the side, where her Demon was staring at her, a sadistic smile on its face as both of its eyes glowed amber. Thinking for a moment, she supposed the imagery there was that so long as she had both of her eyes, one Sapphire and the other now permanently Amber and glowing, her Demon would be sticking around.

Flaring her nostrils, the werewolf stood quickly as the five hounds entered the building. "Such Insolent Dogs..." Miranda's Demon growled. Miranda agreed, lowering her chin and growling, her growl not one of a human imitating a wolf, but of a feral wolf itself. Slowly the girl's lips peeled back, exposing her savagely long teeth as she stared down the five hounds; knowing full well that she'd be unable to harm them physically with her body. She only hoped the others didn't bolt like scared children. "What if they do run? Hm? Leave you to fight for yourself against five hungry mutts? Like cowards; they want you to die. They want your power for themselves. Our power....for themselves!" her demon growled.

Miranda snarled loudly, her throat rumbling with the feral sound and the sound echoing in the halls of the police station. Miranda's demon became more bestial with each passing second and Miranda lowered into a stance that would allow her to move in any direction at any moment without any hesitation or pre-warning. But suddenly she blinked; she had no room to fight here...she needed to leave. Narrowing her eyes she took a step back, hoping the humans with the White could see what she could see, and knew to run. Slowly the werewolf kept eye contact on the hounds, but moved towards the back of the police station. She knew there was a back door; there had to be; for safety reasons, right?

Snarling, the Werewolf's Amber eye began to glow brightly and she reached out her hand towards the hounds, attempting to grab them with her powers of mutation and at the very least, make their legs snap to slow them down. At the most, to make their organs rupture and make them die quickly and painfully. If it didn't work, she'd try again, if only to cause pain at the very least.


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Things were now looking dangerious, not only did some white haired kid who had transformed into some kind of demon suddenly appeared. There was some...demon dogs! And thay phased through the walls and the officers could not even see them. They also looked angry! He knew a scenario like this, it was like murderious ghosts! Since these officers could not see them nor touch them they could kill them and no one woukd know their sudden cause of death.

They were getting closer to each of them! In response Frederick jumped up from seat. He was not a fighter, he was just a simple nice guy so he could not fight much. What was he supposed to do? Especially againt a foe where video game and comic dictates that he cant harm them unless he was a mage...or at least an epic demonslayer...

As he seemed to focus more on how to beat those demon dogs, and not his current saftey one of the dogs would lunge for him going in for the kill! It even phased right through a cop to get at him. He let out a girl scream as it was ready to bite him. "Bad demon dog!"

However as he closed his eyes the bite did not come, in fact he something hit his head instead along with a small ring. Letting out a pained 'ow' he rubbed his head as he oppened his eyes. A figure stood in front of him. It was a little bit shorter than him, maybe five inches shorter looked feminine, on her back was a white feathery wing and a bone like wing from her back. Silver like hair which reached to her back and one of her side had a bandage covering one of her eyes and a broken white mask covering the other side to reveal only a purple like iris.

Her long white dress adorned her body, one of her arms was covered with some sort of big arm glove while her other arm was bangaged. In her hand, was some sort of sheperds staff, wooden and bell included. This...woman had forced the demon dog back from her presence. Of course....he had a sneaking suspicion who this person was.

"Alright moocher...You saved my life! Thanks!" Frederick gave a thumbs up and the figure hit him over the head with her staff as the little bell rang. "Ow! Was it because I called you a mo---" Frederick was interupted again as he was hit over his head again. A jingle following it once more.

"Be quiet my dear lamb for this moment. This moment will pass, but they have made their move it seems...It is time my lamb to finnaly awaken to your fate. I ask that you offer up a part of your body to me." She spoke, however her request was more akin to giving out an order.

"Wait...What do you mean by that? A part of my body?...does that mean that you!---" Frederick was about to say as he was whacked over the head once more. The bell ringing once again. "A part of your body you care for...We have no time for jokes my lamb unless you care to be torn apart like a wolf who has found a defensless sheep..." She spoke clearly hiving him one last chance to decide before the offer ends.

"Alright then, my hands. There happy? A janitor, writer---" Frederick was about to give his speech again about his occupations before she grabbed his hands with her own. As suddenly as she did his hands caught on fire. Pain sirged through his hands as she let go. "Why!? My hands are litteraly on fire! Spirit fire probaly but fire!" Frederick called out no doubt causing some officers to look at him...and question his state of mind...

Once the fire stopped, he noticed he had kept his hands. However they seemed these hands were like copies of his old hand. "The pact is made...Your fate is now set in stone until the end...Now, be a nice lamb and eliminate these dogs." Her form suddenly faded away as Frederick had one question.

How was he supposed to do that!?


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  1. Frederick parts written by Specmarine by collaberation.

    by MartinVole

0.00 INK

Laying on her back, Saiph had fallen asleep on the roof, surrounded by various wrappers of food strewn about messily from staying camped out up there. She had lost track of time in her slumber, the sun had fallen, but in her helmet a blip kept tabs on her... little investment.

Maddy sat down the cup of tea onto a saucer, creating a clatter, Maddy's ears stand erect and wiggle, stirring from her slumber.

"Oh dear, it seems little Frederick has run into a round of rotten luck," Maddy spoke in that warped voice.

Abruptly, a hole opens up under Saiph, dropping her onto a roof close to the police department, rather gracelessly onto her back. She then grabs her feet and rolls over to the edge, flopping onto her stomach to get the best overlook possible. Maddy materializes beside her, presence denoted by four yellow eyes glowing in the dark, the glimmer of teeth, and the steam off of tea.

"Wuh-oh," Saiph says, as her lenses zoom in on the chaos that was unfolding in the police station. Several scaly dog things covered in blue flames had infiltrated the place. Oh dear, dear, dear..! There's five Hounds of Despair now? Wasn't there just... one? she ponders. How odd it was in the first place to see such things in the world of norms. Ohohoho, someone's been naughty! The lenses shift color from red to green, and she then starts to see through the station. Specifically, she focused on Fred, being pathetically harassed by one of the beasties. "Oh dear! My investment is gonna be doggy chow!"

"The time has come," Maddy says, creepily cryptic as it were. "To talk of many things."

Saiph stands up, raising her hands into the air and begins doing a series of stretches to limber up, making quite the racket. The few people still outside would hear strange sounds, looking up only to see nothing there.

"Of shoes, and ships, and sealing-wax, of cabbages, and kings," Saiph sings joyfully, opening a portal above her. She then raises both her arms into the air, her mechanical claws with palms facing upwards. "And why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have..."

Her claws launch off into the portal, still attached by segmented mechanical cables to devices under her sleeves. Out the other end of the portal, opening a little ways to the side from poor Frederick. The claws shoot through, each one on each side of the beast, each claw digging into a wall, anchoring tightly into it, and then with a loud whir, out, in dramatic form, Saiph launches through slamming head first into the hound, with just enough force to send it sliding away. Rebounding from the force, she backflips into the air, dislodging her claws and retracting them with a zip, then landing on her feet!

"...wings!" she shouts, holding her arms out with theatrical flair, swinging her hair in the air. Looking to Frederick, she reaches out, grabbing onto the collar of his shirt. She takes a moment to look down at his hands, noting that a change has occurred with him, something awakened, but given his state, he seemed not yet sure. The modulation of her voice suddenly deepens, one of her lenses blinking a red color as she looks back at his face. "Come with me if you want to live."

As Frederik was busy waving his hands as the threat of death loomed over his head, something came to his aid. Not his...Spirit...angel...demon...He would figure out a name for her eventually. For now someone else came to his aid. It was someone...or something that looked kinda like a rabbit. Now this was weird, but what was weirder was that she grabbed him by the collar and pretty much told him to come wit her or die. Of course he nodded his approval. "Of course! I wanna live!"

"I've always wanted to say that," she says with a chuckle, voice returning to a shrill playful tone. She then raises the volume on her helmet's audio then turns away from Frederick. "Hey, noobs! Lets try taking this outside! That means you too, Ms. Bark N. Bite!"

After that she creates another portal and pulls Frederick in with her, for him, space warps around him briefly, before suddenly the rush of the cool night air wafts over them. The two were outside in the station parking lot.

"Wha? Huh? D-Did we just like warp like...Wha?" Frederick spoke as he looked around. They were outside the station. Of course it looks like they would have to fight outside. But wait...why would she help him unless...To test his theory he pulled out his phone and replied to B.Rabbit with the letter 'a' and waited.

Surely enough, Saiph's phone dings a cheerful little tune and she looks down at it then at Frederick, letting go of him finally. "Bingo, you got me, Freddie, the mysterious Black Rabbit, also known as Saiph Grimms, at your service!" she says, holding up the phone to confirm his suspicion, then bowing. Putting one hand on her hip, she leans back up slightly, tolting her head. Holding up a metallic index finger to his face with her other arm, then turns it downward, pointing down at his hands. "Now about this, any idea what your power is yet, hmmmm? Suppose not, otherwise you'd've used it against them nasties, must be something to do with your talents though... huh... well, oof, now I'm tingling with anticipation! What could the Frederick Bell's newfound super powers be!?"