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Aleksandr Dostovalov

Russian UFO extraordinaire!

0 · 407 views · located in Timberland

a character in “Black and White”, originally authored by ColeMaibara, as played by RolePlayGateway


ImageName: Aleksandr Dostovalov

Nicknames: Zandr

Age: 26 (DoB: 7-8-1994)

Gender: Male

Height & Weight: 178 cm, 0.0666 Metric Tons (147 lbs.)

Additional details: Brown hair, green eyes. Y'know. The usual shebang.

Personality: An old-fashioned sort, Aleksandr comes off as being very eccentric with his flourishing movements and the way he acts like him and everyone around him is stuck in some old 1920s crime story with him as the investigator. He also has an unusual fascination with cryptids, often completely ditching his "work" in order to listen to potential UFO and and cryptid sightings.

Likes & Dislikes: Aleksandr likes the unknown despite people normally fearing it. He wishes to study it and find proof of its existence. Despite his constantly failures, that is. He doesn't like things that are very mundane however, finding himself avoiding work with companies and the like due to his inability to curve his boredom while there.

Strengths: Aleksandr has the uncannily good luck. Despite his situations usually being dire and staring down death on quite a few occasions (at least, according to his stories) he's managed to avoid harm.

Weaknesses: Aleksandr has a thick Russian accent, making him hard to understand sometimes. In addition to this, he has a hard time getting any real jobs.

Favorite Color: #0000FF

Hobbies: Hunting down UFOs and cryptids, trying to be a Private Investigator, making a scene.

Desires: He desires to hunt down, document, and understand the unnatural.

Profession: Private least, unofficially so. Despite not making much money from his job, he somehow came upon a lot of money when coming from Russia and is now pretty rich.

History: Coming from Russia to seek better employment in the USA (and also seeking 'unnatural' beasts and things) in his 'journey' as he calls it. Upon coming to America, he found a suitcase lying around in a small town that looks like it had been forgotten. In the suitcase was a shit ton of money (just under a fuck load) and without a second thought, he tried to search for the owner. For days he tried to find them, and yet...nothing. They didn't even have any identification on the suitcase. After a week and having burnt through some of his own funds he brought with him from Russia, he figured "Eh, their loss" and claimed the money for his own. Five years later, and still he has a lot of the money still left (mostly due to having pretty good resource management, and also because there was just a lot of money in there).

He now searches for 'unnatural' things that he's convinced exist, yet remain hidden. This is because he learned a lot of his English from a podcast he listened to that discussed cryptids, UFOs, and the supernatural. Little did he know, the podcast was an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) and wasn't actually real.

So begins...

Aleksandr Dostovalov's Story