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Iris Camille Vahl

"I'm just here for the food."

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a character in “Black and White”, as played by AppleSauce





Full Name
Iris Camille Vahl

Cammy, Al





Additional Details
Pale violet hair, candy red eyes, enjoys wearing pale colours or simple greys and whites. Has a scar on her elbow after failing a back flip to look cool in front of her friends.


Iris can be quite sarcastic, blunt and rude. Most of the time she doesn't realise she's being rude as she tends to say things for her own amusement. She's the type to be easily bribed if you offer her something she really likes, and isn't exactly the most loyal as she tends to be far too carefree to be concerned about betrayal. Although she can be sly and cruel, she does enjoy talking with others. Whether it be to taunt them or prank them though is never really known. Iris just loves a good laugh and a bite to eat. If you're boring she'll straight out tell you she's done talking to you because she has more important things to do like watch paint dry. If Iris is argued with and struggles to come up with a comeback she can get quite irritated and pouty; when the joke's on her it's not okay apparently.

Shiny things

When people chew with their mouth open
Probably your boyfriend/girlfriend
Thunder Storms
Slimy things
Being ignored

Although she can be a reckless, rude and relentless at times. If she finds you interesting she can certainly be an amazing loyal friend. Because of her determined attitude she's not the type to give up unless she gets what she wants. She will most likely lose an arm getting that cool new action figure you always wanted if she cared. Iris is also quite agile, quick on her feet. Mainly from years of pranking her friends, she had to be fast at escaping. Iris knows a little self defense but not much and despite her carefree attitude she is quite smart and tends to pick up on things around her, she just doesn't react to them much,

Because of her sometimes simple minded thinking. Iris is easily persuaded. She will probably leave you for a corndog if she had the chance. She has trouble setting her priorities straight and tends to come off as "that rude chick that doesn't care". Iris also has trouble showing how she truly feels about others or thinks it's not worth explaining or getting flustered over. She can also be quite lazy at times and would rather stay home and eat snacks over going out with friends. Too many times they have had to drag her out of bed.

Favourite Colour
Lavender Pink

Watching Movies
Playing video games
Making memes

To create the most amazing tasting food or open her own cafe. Perhaps create the funniest and most popular meme ever? Win championship tournaments in video games. Go skydiving. Get destroyed in a mosh pit. Makeout with some random person. Get a pet bird. Iris has too many desires.

Currently works part time at a rustic styled corner coffee shop.

Iris used to be bullied a lot as a child because of her oddly coloured features. She had an older sister (who is currently living overseas with her fiance) who would usually be there to stand up for her but Iris hated being unable to stand up for herself. She would be a big cry baby and just hide somewhere. Eventually she found that the best way to deal with bullies was to not let it get to her. This wasn't something she could just do right away as she was still quite emotional.

Over time Iris became more headstrong and cared less about what others said. In highschool some female was bullying her friend, so she pulled down her skirt in front of the whole school embarrassing her. Of course the bully got her mob together and beat Iris up later after school but it was worth it. Guys started liking her more because she was much more confident and stood up for herself. And feisty. And possibly because she developed early quite nicely. Nonetheless she tended to reject other's emotions towards her, becoming quite jaded she feared that if she let her emotional slide slip up she might go back to square one and get bullied a lot.

After finishing highschool Iris decided to do a college course in Cooking and is currently studying while working part time.


So begins...

Iris Camille Vahl's Story


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The silence was broken as the female with an eye missing spoke up, also apologising. She seemed to have a kind nature. Considering how easily she introduced herself to him after he rudely bumped into her, he felt that she was quite social and friendly too. Snapping back to reality, his lips curled into a coy smile. Leo gladly extended his arm and grasped her hand firmly and gave it a brief shake. "Leo, nice to meet you." He finally replied before releasing her soft hand. Her giggle certainly quite addictive, he felt the need to make her laugh more after hearing it. "Need any help with the groceries?" He questioned politely. He found that her missing eye made her quite unique and interesting; it certainly didn't bother him. He couldn't help but feel a tad nervous in front of such a beautiful woman he had just met though. Nervously, Leo ran his fingers through his pale silver locks. Leo also liked to try and be unique. I mean, if it's no trouble? I would just like to get to know you more. I mean you know talk and stuff. And help. Groceries. Yuuup." Okay you can stop talking now Leo before you hurt yourself. Despite your looks you weren't best with words huh? Guess that's what the looks made up for.

Iris had spent most days inside whenever she could lately due to the terrible whether. Iris hated thunder storms. The noise, the rain, everything. It always startled her and she hated that.
Crouched on the couch seated in front of the television she stuffed her face with potato chips as she watched a show about a dad who hated being a dad and swore at kids a lot but loved his own kids nonetheless. It was pretty funny as she giggled away, until her mother rudely interrupted and stood in front of the TV.

"No." Iris was quick to interrupt as she swayed to the side in attempts to continue watching TV, chewing away.

"Sweetie be reasona-"


"Iris it's not even raining anymore! You have no excuse!" Her mother scolded. Iris simply pouted and looked up at her with a frown. She had a point.

"Ugh. Fiiiiine what do you want?

"We need your favourite. Food. You can't live off snacks so I wrote a list of things you need to get." Her mother placed the note on the table in front of her then walked away. Iris eyed the note and didn't deny she quite enjoyed grocery shopping. Most of the time she was scolded for bringing home something extra home that wasn't on the list.

Iris didn't over do it today with her outfit. A simply nice fitting, grey winter dress, some sheer, tan stockings and some white canvas shoes. Grabbing her phone and wallet she headed to the marketplace.

Upon arrival she had a basket of things ticked off the list. Walking through the aisle with her head down looking at the note she muttered to herself. "Eggs...Bread, milk..." That was when she heard a bit of commotion beside her followed by a female falling over only to be greeted by some tall guy with cool hair. She couldn't help but cringe at how cliche their story already looked. Is she in a movie? Glancing around in search of a camera she shrugged.

Suddenly pausing. There it was. Her favourite cup of instant noodles. Sweet ole teriyaki chicken and beef oh how her mouth watered just thinking about it. Of course this wasn't on the list, and it was far too high up for her to reach. That wouldn't stop her though. Standing on her tip-toes she reached up, grunting at the struggled as her dress lifted ever so slightly. Letting out an irritated sigh she thought about possibly asking for help? Staring at the two tall love birds she gagged and shook her head. Looking around some more a guy with an eye patch who looked around her age was looking at various items on the shelving. Okay where's the director? This has to be a movie. She felt almost plain among these people, and she had naturally pale violet hair and candy red eyes for crying out loud.

Deciding against all options she placed her shopping cart down, rolled up her sleeves and jumped. No noodles. "I'll climb you cursed shelf if I have to..." Actually. That's not a bad idea. Or so she thought as the female placed down her shopping cart and began attempting to climb the shelf for her beloved instant noodles.


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Sebastian glanced up from what he was looking at a carton of soymilk, too the two strangers “Sebastian...yeah, thanks for the offer but no thanks, looks like you’ve already got yourself some company” a pleasant smile and he’d walk away to look around for the other items on the list.

Stopping to watch the pale violet haired young woman climb up the aisle, he approached before she could get any climbing done. “would you like help or are you happy to just climb and try to get the noodles?” Sebastian hadn’t approached all that close leaving a five foot gap between himself and Iris,

From the earbud hanging lazily from his collar the tunes of Ozzy’s Crazy train was playing, Seb’s head lightly bobbing to the tunes, from the other bud in his ear. Seb’s yellow eye examining the scene before him, for now his eye didn’t wander, he glanced to the three remaining pots of the noodles and approached reaching up and grabbing one of the pot noodles for the pale haired stranger and one for himself.

“there, take care” his good deeds done he moved on to finish the shopping he had to get done. “alright where’s the cat food.” mumbling to himself, he took out his mobile and flicked through his songs, and then shuffled the songs. The new song, Sabaton’s Firestorm.

Sebastian’s head bobbed along as he whispered along “better run for for cover, you’ll be quick or be dead...” he continued to wander collecting together his needed supplies. the music gradually spiralling into heavier and darker songs.


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Amber's breakfast was fairly light, and so it took no time at all for her to finish it and start contemplating what else to do with her time. She had a few plans later in the day, but there was a gap of a few hours she would have to account for in the meantime. She was caught up on television, and wasn't quite in the mood for reading (that was planned for tonight, since she hadn't heard of any outings), so, bar any interesting contacts popping up on her phone, she'd be going out!

She really was dressed for it, anyway.

She made her way to the car, pausing to think about where she wanted to go briefly before deciding on a place--a quick stop to replace some things, and then perhaps a further look in the mall to see if she could spot a birthday present for a friend of hers. She hadn't seen it in stock anywhere a few weeks ago, but with luck she'd be able to find it in time.

However, she realized quickly she'd need a list to do the first thing. Luckily, that was mostly taken care of (she knew she was running low on some things), though she would need to add a few items as well. It wouldn't be hard at all to do so.

Once she had reached the marketplace, it wasn't too hard to find anything. Simply a matter of checking things off the list--which was why she made such things. However, as she moved about the shops, she noticed someone familiar-looking...she didn't quite catch their face, but it looked like that of one of the girls a year or so ahead of her. She decided to go up to them and see if she was right. Of course, she also was looking for supplies in that direction, so she had a sort of "out" if she was wrong and about to embarrass

"Hey, do you know where I could find mayonnaise?" Amber asked, waiting for the face to turn.


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Felix Tolbert

Felix woke with a yell as the ringing of his alarm broke the morning silence. Still not entirely aware that he was awake, he continued flailing his arms and legs in a similar fashion to a turtle stuck on its back, before promptly sliding off the bed and thumping his head painfully on the floor.

Groaning, he pushed away the pile of pillows and sheets he had buried himself in. One hand rubbed his head while the other searched for his still blaring alarm. Slamming it quiet, he yawned and stumbled to his feet. Golden sunlight was seeping through the drawn curtains, which he pulled open, so it was now flooding his small student room. He remembered having some kind of bizarre dream in which he could have sworn he was being chased by giant goats with teapots with heads. Why he’d even been scared he couldn’t guess but he just felt stupid now.

Shortly, having showered and checking the mirror to see how his - for want of a better word - ‘beard’ was coming along, he dressed himself in his usual attire of dark blue jeans, a medium blue shirt and his favourite caramel brown sweater. After slipping into a pair of black shoes, he strolled into the flat kitchen to pour himself some cereal and a rather strong cup of coffee. He was happily munching on his breakfast when something on the news caught his attention. There had been two car crashes yesterday, both fatal. Not only that, several people had been reported missing. This shook him slightly, and his expression fell as he stared at his flatmate’s laptop, open on the table.

“Don’t worry about it man,” he said, noticing Felix’s apprehension; it was no secret he was a bit of a coward. “I mean, you saw that storm, right? That was really bad weather. And they’ll probably find those people soon enough.”

“Huh?” Felix replied, indignant. “Pfff. I’m not scared. Really. Heh...” He cleared his stuff away and made his way out of the door, his flatmate shrugging.

At least the weather’s improved since yesterday, he thought to himself as he pushed open the door of the accommodation building. Leaving his grey waterproof unzipped, he set off to the supermarket where he was working a shift today. Despite himself, he kept making wary glances at the roving traffic, as if certain a truck could spin off course and plunge him into instantaneous death at any moment. He shook his head in embarrassment, eventually reaching the store. After clocking in and stowing his coat away, he donned his work jacket and name badge and got to work at the checkout, greeting each customer with a cheery smile and as helpful an attitude as he could muster.


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Leo felt more confident once Sonea agreed to have some company. Knowing that she was new to town and unfamiliar with the area gave him plenty of excuses to ask her out and simply get to know her more. Wow Leo already so interested in a girl and it hadn't even been a whole day with her. For all he knew she could be one of those creepy stalker chicks that had pictures of him all over her room. But in his world this female was most beautiful, cute and quite friendly. Although she seemed distracted by something from time to time; perhaps it was just nerves?

Nonetheless he gave the other random man a short wave although he was about to introduce himself, he seemed busy with his own shopping and helping the strange girl reach for something? Must be in a hurry so he simply went back to concentrating on Sonea. In all honesty he couldn't help but be happy that the man with the eye patch declined Sonea's offer; feeling quite possessive already. Perhaps the kid could sense this? Like a strange guy code or vibe for could you kindly let me have alone time with this cutie.

"Ah well lucky for you I pretty much grew up here. My whole life has been spent in this town. Although I am fond of it, it would be nice for a change of scenery I must admit." Leo grinned before continuing. "I would love to show you around. It'll be much more pleasant knowing I'm giving you a little tour." The company was always nice and he was already planning ahead in his mind some interesting and important places to show her. "Oh how interesting! You're a blacksmith? That's actually pretty cool." Leo was quite surprised such a pretty thing wasn't afraid of getting a little grease and cinders on her. Plus not many females particularly took interest in the trade, it made him more keen to get to know her.

As they began walking down the aisle with their shopping, he felt more and more comfortable talking to her so casually. He wasn't sure why but she had a very welcoming aura. "Currently I'm just a programmer but to be honest it's not my thing. I mean it's easy and it pays well but I'm more interested in becoming a journalist."

Iris was just about to start climbing the shelf in her winter dress until an unfamiliar voice seemed to be directed her way. She froze as her eyes scanned for the owner of the voice before landing on eye patch guy. Iris was surprised he spoke to her at all, thinking normally people would just ignore others and go about their business. Did she look that distressed? Apparently. Not really understanding how desperate and quite reckless she must have looked being caught trying to climb the shelves.
"Nah I'm fi-" As she was about to decline his offer for help, she was caught off guard to see the male approach her, reach up and grab the instant noodles. One for her and himself. She would admit he had good taste noticing the flavour he had chosen. "Or not. Uh thanks." Iris couldn't help but feel a little nervous by the random encounter. Her heart beat slowly calmed as she hopped off the shelf and watched as he went back to shopping. Tilting her head to the side he studied him from afar, as she couldn't help but get a sense of nostalgia from him? Strange.

The pale violet haired female shrugged it off and turned to place her noodles into the basket until she jolted at the random sight of a young blonde girl who asked about mayonnaise? "Jesus Christ-- You scared me." Iris let out a relieved soft awkward laugh as she sighed before grinning at the female. "Mayonnaise huh? Hm I think that's in the sauce and dressings aisle." Iris then studied the girl more closely, she too looked familiar. From school perhaps? She would take note to pay more attention to the people around her next time. Even though she would most certainly not do it anyway. "I can show you if you want?" The female then placed her noodles into her cart and picked it up glancing at her own list for a moment.


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No, Amber definitely knew the face of the girl who turned to talk to her...but from where, she wasn't quite sure. Well, probably the school, since that was where pretty much everyone she knew was, but there were a couple other possibilities that she couldn't necessarily rule out. A camp, for instance, or even the street, if she was really combing her own brain.

Wherever Amber knew this other girl from, she realized that she wasn't going to satisfy her own curiousity unless she kept the interaction going. "Oh, sure! Can't believe I missed it, but the market's a pretty big place, isn't it?" She said, though she could probably have found it herself if she wanted to. She waited for a moment before moving, in case she would have to let the other girl turn around as the two of them located the sauce and dressings aisle, then looked around briefly for things she might have wanted from this aisle before heading off to get the mayonnaise.

As she and the other girl walked, Amber made sure there wasn't any dead air. "I don't know what happened, but there used to be another store, Emporia, that I'd always go to to get mayonnaise and things. I can't believe they closed." She'd have plenty of time while they were hanging out to figure out where she remembered this other girl, introduce herself, and so on, so it was certainly possible for Amber to make her conversation partner a little more comfortable. "Did you ever get stuff from there?" She added, making sure that the other girl had something to work with.

While this was happening, Amber also made a mental note of the blacksmith's shop that she could see something pointing to from outside the market entrance, which there was practically a straight line to from where they were. She might check it out later, she decided, once she'd gotten everything she needed. It wasn't every day you saw one of those in Timberland. Or, well, anywhere, really.


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#, as written by Sambea

Taja's body went numb. Strike one came a warning from nowhere. She didn't even think anything of it as she got up and turned to walk out of the kitchen. She passed up the group she had been with and walked towards the front door. You know, kid, you could have stopped her. Elsworth appeared next to her. Taja kept her head down, she didn't feel like talking or listening to the stupid thing that always kept coming around when it was clear he wasn't wanted. I mean, why did she come after you and not the pervert? I just find it so str-"

Taja interrupted him, "Probably because it was me who had her go to the stupid gym, ElsWORTH." She said his name, mocking him like he was actually something of worth. "If I hadn't listen to the voice or the visions she wouldn't have ran after me! She would have gone home." She was screaming at him now.

The image of Rina bashing her head over and over again brought her pain, but somewhere deep inside it also brought her joy. Shaking her head ran towards the living room. "Where is the gym from here? I am wanna go home. I need to go home..." She glanced back towards the kitchen and saw just the feet of Rina. Her eyes started to water, "Someone needs to call the police..." She wasn't aware of her feet moving but she saw the phone behind where Rina lay. Before she knew it, Taja was walking in the blood was tippy toeing to the phone when she slipped in the blood. It took a few moments before she lifted her hands and saw red. "No no no..." She quickly got up and to the phone, dialing 9-1-1.

"911, what is your emergency?" A female voice came over the phone.


Cayson felt a chill near him and looked around. "Strange." He said before going back to his pickle selection. "Pa, pa pickle pa pa pa pickle." He sang as he looked through jars of pickles, making sure they were in good conditions and looked as fresh as a fresh pickle could be. He was just about to pick when a vision flashed before his eyes. He was to go to some kind of tea party at a place called The Sunny Shield at 8 p.m. and to bring food.

Once the vision ended Cayson stood up tall, he didn't like the feeling that was going through him. He looked around and saw an old couple and a lady in her twenties staring at him like he was some kind of piece of cake. Smiling awkwardly he went back to pick the jar of pickles he selected and then a couple more. "The vision did say to being food." He said to himself and walked to one of the cashiers and looked at his watch. It read 11:13 a.m. He had a good amount of time to go looking for Taja before he had to go have tea at the sunny place.

"Eleven dollars and ninety-four cents is your total." She said. Cayson dug around in his pocket and gave a fifteen dollars. "You sure do like pickles, huh?" She asked before turning to get his change.

"Yeah, plus going to bring some to a tea party." He said nonchalantly.

The cashier gave him a looked and laugh, "Well that is a bit odd to have, but hey if you like it then that it is all that matters." She said while she gave him his change. "You have a good day."

"Thanks, you too!" He waved as she jogged out the market. He headed towards the corner store that was near Taja's home. He planed on going around the block and towards the gym where that other girl who was too skinny was walking towards.