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Lycan Fitzgerald

A wolf among sheep.

0 · 414 views · located in The Sunny Shield

a character in “Black and White”, as played by Kagerou





Lycan Victor Fitzgerald


Wolfie [by his sister], Lyc.


27, DOB is March 29th, 1993.



Height & Weight:

He stands at 6'5" and weighs around 180.

Additional details:

He has a dark splotch under his left knee. It is a birth mark.


Lycan is a lot like his father: stiff, serious, always trying to be the best at what he does. He is not one to indulge in feelings or what have you. The young man is very focused on whatever task he is doing and has a no nonsense approach to everything he does. Lycan is strict and has no sensitivity. This has gained him a less than positive reputation. Lycan cherishes his siblings more than anything in the world and the trio are very close. Cross them and you are as good as dead. He doesn't make friends easily and takes a very long time to open up to anyone.

Likes & Dislikes:

*His family.
*Drinking...way too much.

*Joking around.
*Arguing with either of his siblings.
*Doesn't take too kindly to being called the "baby" of the family.


*Has a lot of natural talent and strength.
*Has had training in both magic and physical combat.
*Has his father's tactician skills.
*Very clever and is fairly above average in intelligence.


*His attitude can get him in trouble.
*He pushes himself and others way too hard.
*He tends to be more aggressive when around those older than him.
*He can be cocky about his abilities.

Favorite Color:



*Puzzle solving


Lycan wants to live up to his father's expectations.


Bounty Hunter, Mercenary


Lycan Victor Fitzgerald is the son of the great wizard Epsilon. He is the youngest of three, having both an older sister and an older brother. The three are very very close to one another. They all lived with their father while underage, but kept in close contact with their mother who was disabled. Epsilon is a hard man to deal with, being both intelligent, stubborn, and prideful but it was nothing the trio couldn't handle. In reality, it probably made them all stronger. The siblings all had different strengths and weaknesses. It became evident that Lycan gained his father's traits and had an affinity for magic. While he was not as smart as his sister, he was just as skilled in battle as Epsilon and had the power to back it up as well. Unlike his siblings, Lycan was born with the Black. Weirdly enough, his sister Susanna didn't seem to have either. That was a conundrum in and of itself!

Epsilon trained each child harshly. In the long run, it helped make Lycan a stronger individual who always sought new heights. He took the time to really take his father's stern words to heart and improve. This led to Lycan becoming a sword for hire, especially after Epsilon famously left the Order in a...less than honorable way. This only left Lycan hungry to become even better at what he did. True, he had his shortcomings, but if he was going to do something, he was going to be the god damn best at it.

His current target has recently shown her face back on The Other Side. A witch by the name of Kogo. While her crimes are over 17 years old, she was still a hot button issue for some of the royalty folk. And well...Lycan is the best one can hire if you want someone dead. She is very much human, but Lycan has a trick up his sleeve to kill the Immortal One. It would be the last thing he ever did, he swore it! He would prove that even if he is the youngest, he could hold his own!

It was time to step out of Epsilon's shadow.

So begins...

Lycan Fitzgerald's Story