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Morrigan Wynngard

Long live the Empire.

0 · 527 views · located in Timberland

a character in “Black and White”, as played by Kagerou





Morrigan Adela Wynngard


"Absolutely not."


Nineteen, almost twenty.



Height & Weight:

Five foot one inch
One hundred ten pounds.

Additional details:



Due to her upbringing, Morrigan is a very reserved person. To those she views as superior to her, Morrigan is very obedient. She does not question orders regardless of how morally wrong they are. If she views someone as inferior, she can be very cruel. While she doesn't speak much at all to anyone, her actions make her intentions clear. She has been conditioned her entire life to think this way.

As such, she has also been taught how to fake feelings very well. She is one of the best manipulators in the Empire, period. Maybe it's her innocent looking face, maybe it's the fact that she's a woman, no one really knows. Her charismatic front is pretty solid when she needs it, though some are smart enough to see through it sometimes. When she is using her charm, Morrigan seems to be a normal girl. She's happy, friendly, seems to have things going her way. People tend to follow those who have success. Morrigan has no attachment to those she uses.

Along with these traits, she has inherited her father's intelligence and ideals. She has no qualms with taking any route necessary to carry out her father's wishes to bring peace to both Gaia and The Other Side. She is loyal only to her father and only wants to help him achieve his goals.

Likes & Dislikes:

"There is no time for likes and dislikes."

+Hot Chocolate

-Making Mistakes
-Those she deems "below" her


+Very charming, she is able to get what she wants without the victim even knowing most of the time.
+Extensive physical training. She is much stronger than she appears.
+Expert swordswoman.


-She does not care for others.
-She obeys orders no matter what they are.
-She underestimates magic.

Favorite Color:



"No hobby is worth my time."


Help the Empire grow.




Morrigan Wynngard was born to the Emperor and his hidden lover. Her mother died early in her lifetime, leaving Morrigan in her father's care (along with his wife). Morrigan was raised by the wife without question. In fact, the poor woman had deluded herself into believing she had given birth to Morrigan. Regardless, Morrigan was well taken care of. There wasn't much out of the ordinary in her childhood. She played with her brother and was watched carefully by her father. The father-daughter pair were very close to one another. Morrigan shared his beliefs and ideals which was a strong basis for an unbreakable bond. However, things seemed to change when her father ended up taking over the Empire. Not only was he more busy, he, somehow. Her "mother" became even crazier with her demeanor and inflicted her beliefs onto her children. Morrigan was more susceptible to this and it changed her forever.

Once she was old enough to serve within the Empire, she was offered an unexpected opportunity. The Head Guard wanted to train her personally. He was known for being tough on his students, but Morrigan accepted it gratefully. While her pride was still rearing its' head, the training improved not only her sword skills but also her character. Her mother did not want her to be a lowly soldier, but Morrigan disregarded her opinions and decided to serve as a guard for a while. She became very close to the Head Guard within this time period. He was like a second father to her.

Currently, Morrigan has been switched from a guard to a Watcher. Her mentor thought it would be a "better use" for her talents. Morrigan could not argue with the man, but it saddened her slightly. However, she could not disobey orders. Her new position awaits her with a new assignment...whatever could it be?

So begins...

Morrigan Wynngard's Story


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First Day of School


Yohan felt Sakuya touch him lightly and began to feel warm because of her powers. His cheeks ended up blushing as he felt this way, his heart racing due to this. He couldn't help but hold one of his own hands over hers, a big dumb smile coming across his face as tears began to swell up in his eyes. She made him happy, that was all there was to it. She had always been there for him, even if he didn't see it. Now that he wasn't blinded by his own emotions, he could truly see that she cared for him as a person. Probably one of the few who did in this backwater town anymore.

"Thank you." The words came out quietly, only loud enough for her to hear. He quickly wiped his eyes as he continued to walk towards the school with her. Today was a good day, he didn't care what anyone thought of them. They were happy, so why should they care? That's when he heard the bell and his eyes widened a little. What was going on, this was a little too early to be doing this. Feeling her grabbing his hand, he was pulled along with her as they made great haste to reach homeroom today. When they made it inside the school, they found it to be pretty cluttered with high school students of all ages.

When entering into the high school, Yohan noted how much larger it was than the middle school. There were people he knew, people he didn't know and so much more. The lockers looked slightly different from the middle school's, but that didn't bother him too much. Pulling out his notebook full of notes he had jotted down beforehand, he quickly put it away and took Sakuya's hand to rush her over to her locker before heading to his to put away the things they needed to and such. Once they were both ready, they began to head off for homeroom and that's when Yohan noticed it. Sakuya couldn't notice it in time, for a foot was quickly passing by her and reaching out to trip her. Yohan's heart pounded hard for a second. With the way they were moving, she was going to get hurt if she fell down now!

As soon as Sakuya began to fall, Yohan grabbed a hold of her and tried to steer her away from the floor. But he hadn't taken into consideration everything surrounding the situation, her body was pulled into his side and he felt himself being thrown right into a wall at full force, quickly followed by her hitting him and using him to soften the impact. His arms held onto her body in response as he shuddered a little. Looking over at her, he quickly pulled her away and took hold of her hand once more. "Come on." Yohan pulled her along for homeroom, he had no time to receive thanks in the moment. But what he failed to consider was how the other students had seen and concluded based on what they just saw.

What the other students saw was both true and false. While Yohan and Sakuya didn't have any hidden agenda behind what had just happened, their bodies had moved in the heat of the moment and the students had caught sight of this. Of course, to Yohan and Sakuya, it wouldn't seem odd because they both were worried about being late. "Oh my gosh, did you see what Sakuya did there?" One girl whispered to another. "Sakuya totally shoved her butt into him there. Wow, and I thought the kissing was sudden. Now they're putting the moves on in public?" The girls both talked with a snarky tone behind the conversation.

"Hey, did you see what Yohan Belmont did just now to Sakuya?" One boy talked to another. "He totally went for a grab at her! He pulled her towards the wall so no one would notice, but I totally saw one of his hands flying towards her chest!" The boy couldn't help but laugh. "I thought that dude was weird before, now that he's got a girl, he's totally trying to upstage everyone and show us all up. Like, how desperate can you get?" The two boys didn't have much time to continue the chat, for the principal came walking by them with someone following closely behind him.

"What are you kids doing? More of this gossip is it? Get to class! You'll be late if you don't hurry up!" The principal had a rushed ring behind his voice, but the students feared what he would do to them and ran off. The principal's head kept turning from side to side as he watched students hurry along past him. "Stop this foolish gossip of yours. Get to class before you get into trouble! The school year's just started, don't ruin good opportunities by clowning around! This isn't your parent's house, or your relative's place, this is school! Get going, hurry!" The principal huffed a little as he pulled out his cloth and rubbed it along his forehead. "Kids these days don't know what it means to work hard!"

Once the two had finally arrived at his office, the Principal moved to sit down at his seat. "My apologies, sir. That took longer than expected. Please, have a seat." The man in question sat down before the Principal's desk. "I thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to guard the school. It may not seem like much, but we've had terrible crimes over the summer and with that Ricky boy dying out of the blue, I fear someone may try to target the students here." The Principal put on a smile as he leaned back in his seat. "We can discuss more in detail about your position after the school day ends. I trust you already were given the basics beforehand, so I hope you can keep a close eye out for anyone who may try to attack the school. Be they student or not."

"Of course, sir." The man bowed his head to the Principal before raising it back up. Little did he know he was sitting before The Emperor's own head guard himself! "I shall not let any harm befall upon the school or it's students. I am the best at what I do, even if it is only temporary. A week's time will be more than enough to see whether things will happen or not. But if you wanted my personal opinion, I believe nothing wrong will happen. You have my word. There is a girl I have sent a call for to come to town. She will be taking my place to watching over not just the school, but the town in general. I trust her to do a better job than I ever could. You have my word on that."

Back with Yohan and Sakuya, the two just barely managed to make it to homeroom as the teacher looked over at them while adjusting his glasses. "Welcome. I assume by the hair colors that you two must be Yohan Belmont and Sakuya Lecarde. You two are seated next to each over there." The homeroom teacher gestured over towards the two empty seats. Yohan walked over with Sakuya as the teacher continued. "Before we start, I would like to make a little announcement. It's about the PE teacher. Please, do not pick on him or start any fights with him. He is who he is, and if any of you wish to start trouble with him, you will be the ones who will get in trouble. We've had 'trouble' with this in the past, both on his own behalf and the students. But he has already been notified of this, now I am telling all of you here. And I will continue to remind you all of this. School's only just started, don't forget that."


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The start of school!

Frederick smiled as he saw the many high schoolers entering school. Yeah! His skills as a janitor would be put to the test! With so many dirty floors to sweep and mop, he would be the one to keep the whole school clean! As he was walking through the halls he already heard the gossip going on. It's been one day and already he heard talk of...hold on...Yohan and Sakuya!? They were already making out and touching eachother in public!?

"Kids these days man...They are just wild no matter where they are." Frederick spoke to himself as he shook his head. "Oh such youthful indulgence in sin...Lust...Two young flowers in bloom to be joined together in time...I wish the same could be said for you my dear lamb..." Brisé suddenly appeared by his side shaking her head. "Here many young souls are gathered together to socialize, to fall in love with grow up together hand in hand...You however seemed to have squandered an oppurtunity like this...a great shame, but you are still young enough..." She chuckled a bit.

"Jeeze...I told you I'll think about it. What? Do you want me to draw myself a woman to romance or something?" Frederick asked looked over at Brisé, of course with her face all masked and bandaged up, all he could see was that one eye. "Dear lamb...Even you can tell even such lengths sound desperate even for you...but I am not against it...I even encourage it...I am interested to know if romancing a construct is possible. Perhaps you may even have---" "Okay! I get it! No need to go saying that alright!" Frederick interrupted drawing plenty of stares from the many teens around him.

"I understand, you should get to work for now. I heard the gym benches need to be cleaned up. I expect you to finnaly awaken to your hidden sins...At least some of them now, that child you looked at before---" "Will you quit it with that! Jeezums! She had a tail! And horns! I'm...Of forget it I'm dropping this conversation!" Frederick waved her off as he marched to the gym equipment in hand.


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#, as written by Kagerou
A crimson knapsack hung from the wall, all packed and ready to go. However, the woman pacing in front of it was not. Thump, thump, thump. Her boots were hitting the floor beneath her hard. She could not delay any longer. Her orders were clear. She shooed the maids away and collected herself even moreso than usual. With her hair pulled back and her knapsack on her back, she left the confines of her home. There was no reason to say goodbye; everyone important enough to speak to knew where she was going to end up. She headed straight for the Gateway reserved for military use. Of course, it was only her being transported. Her dark eyes narrowed as the Gateway was opened. It was now or never.

When she stepped through, she was in a building. The emblem of the Empire was visible, so it was obvious that it was not completely abandoned. The sounds of movements from a room farther in reached her ears. In a few moments, a infantryman was in front of her, saluting in the most respectful way possible. "Princess Morrigan! It's an honour." Morrigan simply stared at the poor man in a cold manner and walked past him without a word. There were a few other soldiers scattered throughout the building (Morrigan had determined it was an older home), but she didn't bother with them in the slightest. She was to scope out the area in order to execute her orders, so that was what she was going to do. It was of the utmost importance that she get started. And what better way to start then to visit places with high traffic? There was a local high school and college. She was sure something would show up. Taking out a special sort of glasses, relatively plain in appearance, she placed them properly on her face. The glasses could reflect magic in a way a normal human can perceive. It would be an essential tool in this particular mission.

She started to head towards the college, as she would blend in better there as a "new student." She turned her emotions on and got ready for action.


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Sebastian started on making everyone else's breakfast, Grilled bacon and poached eggs on toast, he’d hear his sister going about her morning rituals, which was to say, shower etc. Sebastian walked around setting a pot of tea on the coffee/ tea table and poured Takeo a cup.

“Keo, wake up, breakfast and tea” he didn’t want to disturb Takeo too much, unless time began to run out.

With breakfast made and an hour or so before they needed to be at the college, Sebastian sat back on one of the two chairs in the lounge drinking his cup of tea and reading a book. Though time flies and he’d glance to his sister, who had been trying to wake up Takeo, since he seemed so intent on sleeping in.

“do me a favor and give him a ride, he still doesn’t have a licence.” Rebcca gave Seb a nod but went back to trying to wake Takeo. "Wake up Keo." Sebastian closed his book put his bookmark in the pages and set the book on his bed before leaving. His sword was left in his bedroom, no weapons on campus.

Stopping in the garage, he felt something tight wrap around his neck, he turned quickly throwing out a swing at about his own head height, spooked, he glanced around, there was no more a tightening noose around his neck, if that’s what it was. He got into his full bike suit and helmeted up before walking the bike out and riding out for college.

Upon arrival at the college carpark, he’d chain up the bike and lock it up, before heading inside, he needed to talk to the receptionists, around him other college students older and new wandered about sticking to their groups of trust, doing their own things.

He was quiet uncharacteristically so, the past few days events shuck up his very knowledge of the world, sure he was educated in the dragonborn that he was one. Though, he was sure he caught a glimpse of someone he recognised on his way into the building, in the carpark.


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#, as written by Kagerou
Takeo was awakened by the slap across his face. He lazily opened one eye to see Sebastian's twin sister looming over him. He sighed with annoyance and rolled over on the couch. "Get lost, Rebecca." Takeo growled. Little Becky was not having it, not today. She physically pulled Takeo off of the couch and dropped him hard on the floor. She simply glared at Takeo (while he glared back, mind you) until he relcuctantly pulled himself up and guzzled down the tea and breakfast. Sebastian was not a bad cook. It was one of the things Takeo admired most about him...that and ya know, not letting Takeo starve to death out of pure laziness. That was pretty important, maybe, potentially. He showered in about five minutes and got dressed in clothes that he randomly grabbed out of his still packed bag. Luckily for him, all of his clothes matched (he...might wear a lot of black...) regardless of what he chose. He slithered into his signature red hoodie and put earbuds in. The more he could ignore the world, the better.

The ride was obviously quiet. Rebecca and he got along well, they just did not have much in common to his knowledge. They soon met up with Sebastian in the parking lot. Takeo looked as if he didn't want to be there, but he tried to make an effort regardless. Before he could say hello to Sebastian, a young woman walked past them that caught his eye. No, not in that way. She looked...oddly familiar? A faded, fuzzy memory came to mind when he saw her, but it was nothing definite and not helpful. She glanced at them and smiled, but something seemed off to Takeo. No one else would notice, and not even he could point out what was wrong with it. The girl was quickly making her way towards the college, writing and walking at the same time. Probably a to-do list from what Takeo could see. He watched her go as he and Sebastian made their way in a different direction. He would have to keep an eye out...

"I've gotta go this way, we'll meet up at lunch? Cool." Takeo quickly said to Sebastian. The day was going normally otherwise until about halfway through his first class. There was suddenly a frenzy among the students. "A bomb?! At the high school? No way!" He listened more intently. "That weird kid Chase had it I guess....he set it off while fighting another kid. What was his name? Yoyo? Oh! It was some kid named Yohan!" Takeo immediately stood up and approached the students talking. They looked at him with a bit of fear as Takeo barked out to give more details. "They both went to the hospital. Hey! Where are you going?!" Takeo was already out of the room before another word could be said to him. He ran all the way to the hospital. Once he explained that he was Takeo Belmont, brother of Yohan Belmont, he was escorted to a waiting room. It seemed that girl Sakuya was in with him...Hopefully, his younger brother would want to see him and would be alright.

"Mom is going to kill me."


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The young woman that had caught Takeo’s eye had also caught the attention of Sebastian, he’d speak up just before the glance and smile “Good morning” leaving the stranger be for now, Seb felt the firm clip about the back of his head from Rebecca’s hand “not even done with the first hour and you’re already checking out the opposite sex” Rebecca folded her arms and raised an eyebrow, Sebastian just gave a smirk and a chuckle. Which gained a roll of the eyes response from the twin.

Stepping inside the group soon split away, Takeo with his computer engineering Rebecca with her business administration and Seb; he was mechanical engineering student, he had already two years of his diploma he just needed to do two at a different college on the same subject, to pass the level 3 before going into university levels.

The block of the college he was studying was rather uneventful, heck the rumors didn’t reach him until midday, Sebastian on hearing the rumors and those involved immediately called Takeo, to make sure he was alright, he stepped out the dining area he was in, grabbing his bag and jacket, he got a lot of funny looks for wearing his gloves constantly, then again he couldn’t let anyone see that his left hand and arm was scaled and had claws.

“Fucking hell man, you guys alright?...” he had stepped into a quiet area out the way, to have his call, if there was one to be had. But that same feeling from the garage grew over him, he began to choke, like an invisible noose wrapping around his neck and pulled tight.

Sebastian dropped his mobile and grasped at his neck clawing with his left hand resulting in three clean shallow cuts to the left side of his adam’s apple. even now you’re weak, fall. know true power the words formed in his mind, Sebastian came back to reality collapsing down the wall when someone from further down the hallway around the corner came through, Sebastian didn’t allow a drop of his blood to fall, using his dominion to keep the blood from leaking from the three claw marks. He stood up and picked up his mobile, looking to see if the call was still on going.


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Having been discharged from the hospital not long after arriving, Felix had spent the rest of his weekend and Monday not up to much. Since he was here to study, he would just be working a few evenings a week, plus Saturday, so he wound up in his room most of the time, refusing to go out for fear of something weird happening again, reading comics and novels to pass the time. He had decided to stay away from TV for the time being, after switching it on and immediately seeing a news report about a death here in Timberland.

What certainly didn’t help was that his ‘annoying sidekick’, as he was now calling it, had figured out it could essentially shapeshift and cast illusions on him, being part of his psyche and all. On Sunday night, he had been kept up by scratching and distorted, unearthly whispering noises at the door. Now he had figured out the culprit, it was slightly less nightmare inducing for him, but the trick where it turned into a horrifying mutated goat and charged at him still made him flinch, which obviously amused the creature, as it changed back to its normal form and rolled on the floor in hysterics. Throwing in a few spiders and snakes seemed to be working pretty well too.

He was actually relieved on Tuesday morning when he finally had to leave the flat. He thought he would be a nervous wreck walking around town after the recent incidents, but he always felt safe surrounded by other people, especially in the daytime.

Everything went pretty normally from there. His walk to the campus was short and peaceful. His first lessons of this year were more like poetic rambling than teaching anything practical but he listened intently nonetheless. Last year he had gotten looks from the others as he was one of those students who take excessive interest. He still managed to work up a small mountain of notes, but his peers were used to it by now. Even his inner demon found him hard to distract.

Having spent far too long reorganising said notes, and struggling to stuff them and his books back into the brown laptop bag he was now keeping in his locker, he set off to grab some lunch.

Nearing the dining area, he heard some scuffling and what sounded like someone collapsing. He hurried around the corner to see if something was up, only to run into one of the people he’d met the other day. Sebastian was standing up and seemed fine, and although it seemed some kind of wound was on his neck that hadn’t been there before, there were no signs of bleeding.

Felix approached him, waving to the young man just has he was picking up his phone, making him wonder if he had fallen over or just dropped his mobile and struggled to get it off the ground quickly.


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Sebastian hung up the call, and the words hung in his mind, he didn’t realise Felix was approaching him until, the natural human sixth sense of ‘being watched’ kicked in, Sebastian looked up. “afternoon, how are you holding up?”

Seb felt the shallow cuts with his right hand, holding his phone with the left, the fingertips to his glove on the left hand cut open exposing the retracting claws, if anyone was observant enough anyway.

“do you know where the infirmary is, so i can get these stitched up, i don’t want to focus on keeping my neck from spewing blood for the rest of the day.” Sebastian’s voice had that note of annoyance it always got when he was even remotely annoyed or angry, though Felix listened to that any time Seb was speaking to or about the inner demon.

“oh and by the way, do you want your bow back?” he sighed and lost the not of annoyance, after all, he didn’t have a reason to be pissed off with Felix. Thankfully, for the both of them, Sebastian, pocketed his mobile and turned back to head into the cafeteria, really to fetch his stuff.


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”I’m doing alright. In fact!” Felix responded, ”I have deduced! That if I forget about the other day and pretend everything is completely normal, nothing weird or dangerous will happen to me. Er, well, it’s more wishful thinking than deduction.”he finished before realizing he’d disrupted a phone call.

”Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, if you were on the phone, it’s just I thought I heard someone falling over, and was headed this way anyway. I guess was mistaken.” Since Sebastian apparently didn’t know where to go if he was hurt or ill, Felix guessed that this was his first year, or at least his first year at this particular college. He also noted the hint of annoyance in his voice, but put it down to wraith, since he couldn’t see whether it was there or not.

”Er…what bow?” he lied very obviously, before sighing, since there was no point. ”It’s fine, keep it, I don’t really want to get mixed up in any of this. Oh! That’s not to say I expect you to keep it if you don’t want to!” he added, ”I’ll take it you’d rather not hang on to it. Anyway, I’ll help you get to the infirmary, I don’t know what’ll happen if you use that too much after only recently getting it. What if it’s like one of those games where you spend your own health points to cast spells? he asked, also making his way to the cafeteria, although in his case to grab something quick he could eat on the go.