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Takeo Belmont

"Let's not do this today...or ever."

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a character in “Black and White”, as played by Kagerou





Takeo Richter Belmont




17 years of age.
DOB is January 14th, 2003



Height & Weight:

5'7" tall, 120 lbs

Additional details:

A small scar runs diagonally across his chest.


Lazy, uninterested in the world around him, and downright irresponsible are the correct words to describe Takeo. The kid is hella smart, but he won't use that big brain of his to do much. His carefree personality has gotten him into many binds, but Takeo seems to always get out of them somehow. He much prefers to avoid people in general, although a few have made it past his barriers. He loves to outsmart people when he has to deal with them. He absolutely detests conflicts and will choose the "flight" option most of the time.

Takeo does love the ones whom he considers close (even if they irritate him to no end). When one can get him out of his bedroom, he really enjoys his time with said person. He really is protective of them, as they are considered precious treasures. They are literally his world, so he would probably advise one not to mess with his friends or family.

Likes & Dislikes:

*Playing video games
*His best friend bugging him

*Having to leave the house
*Delta bothering him


-Very agile
-Has a knack for magic
-Not easy to anger


-Very very lazy
-Seemingly uninterested in everything, so relationships with anyone are hard.
-Unintentionally insults anyone if they aren't "as smart" as him.

Favorite Color:



"Hobbies cost energy. Energy that I want to keep."


"Maybe not die? At least prematurely."


Full time trainee! (Unfortunately...)


Takeo is Yohan's slightly older brother. The pair were born on The Other Side and moved to Gaia when Takeo was fairly young. Takeo remembers very little of his time on The Other Side and never asked either of his parents for clarification. He would hear them talk about it sometimes, but that was about it. His childhood went on about as normal as you would expect for his family. He was always gifted with the magic his mother taught him and his Awakening went by without much incident. Takeo went to school like any other child in America did. He was sworn to secrecy about his magic by his parents, though he never had the intention to blab about it anyways. He just did his school work and played with Yohan since the kid was too young for school. However, things wouldn't always be this way.

While Takeo cannot remember exactly why they were on the road in the first place, he does remember the tension in the car and his mother trying to act happy. They were in the middle of leaving Timberland for some reason. Takeo didn't mind moving, but he remembers wondering why it was so sudden. One moment, everything seemed to be going fine until the car started to rock back and forth. Takeo remembers specifically the sounds of metal being torn apart and his parents swearing. The car was no more in a matter of seconds. His father was yelling for Takeo and Yohan to run, but Yohan seemed to be missing. Takeo had no time to really protect his younger brother. Before he could start to panic, a bright flash of light enveloped the entire area around them. When it finally dissipated, Yohan was straight up gone and his father was dead. However, his mother was helping him out of the rubble. She had tears in her eyes, something Takeo had never seen up to that point. She told him that Yohan was going to be okay, but the moment called for them to run like hell. However, Takeo still cannot tell if she was telling herself more than him that his brother was fine. They gathered the items of theirs that were not destroyed, had one last look at his father and ran out of the city. He and his mother met up with a man named Delta and after a tearful goodbye, his mother left for things unknown and he left for a different country. England, in fact.

It was a bit of a culture shock to Takeo. Some things were similar enough that Takeo adjusted after a few months. He was helped by a woman named Tracey Winters who had known his parents fairly well. Her son was a little bit older than Keo and the two got on fairly well. Sebastian was always wanting to go and do things and Takeo wanted to just be a shut in, so the pair was very balanced. Takeo and Sebastian were best friends and have stayed that way ever since. The boys learned more about their heritage from Tracey, though it seemed Takeo was the better learner. When Delta was around, Takeo gained more knowledge of magic and trained more with his Dragonborn blood. Takeo loathed it, but knew why he needed to do it. He hadn't heard from his mother in a while, but one day they would all be reunited. Takeo is now ready to return to Timberland, just a few short weeks after Sebastian had left for college. Takeo had told him all about his childhood home, even if Sebby didn't quite believe him. Hopefully, it was of some use, but Takeo wouldn't know until he set foot back on American soil.

So begins...

Takeo Belmont's Story


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  1. This post is a collab between myself, Kagerou, Yvandir, Lius and MartinVole

    by The Great Thundorz

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A few minutes passed and the two had finally made it to Yohan's home. Sakuya approached to door with Yohan in tow, the boy obviously ragged from exhaustion. "Is the door unlocked?" Sakuya asked politely.


The boy with deep red eyes finally made it back. Timberland hadn't changed a bit. The same buildings were in the same spots, though the type of people walking around had more variation. He got out of the cab he was being transported in, noting that he was by the main hall. Whipping out his cell phone, he scrolled to Sebastian's name and clicked send. It seemed high time for a reunion.

Yohan grabbed hold of the door and wiggled it around a little. "Huh. Look at that, it's unlocked. Who would of figured. I don't remember unlocking it though." Yohan quickly opened the door and had a quick peek inside. "Uh, well, it's awfully darker than I would of liked it to have been. Good thing those cops didn't stay long I suppose. This would of been awful to come home and find them probably eating up all my food."

Sebastian would feel the mobile vibrate and hear it ring, muffled by his helmet, he switched on the indicator and quickly pulled up the bike to the pavement, fetching his mobile from the pouch and looking at it, he unbuckled his helmet to feel something hit the vector field at the back of his head, the sound of shattering glass and then Wraith was launched into the car behind exploding into smoke "wait that works on me now?!" Sebastian just smirked hit the answer button and brought it up to his ear "morning Keo, what bewitched you to call"

Rupert walks down towards Yohan's house, a paper in held to his face with his address written on it. He had gone to the hospital earlier only to hear he had already been discharged! Oh what luck, he had assumed the worst after the whole horrible ordeal with poor Ricky. In the other hand he held a bag of various movies and games, he wasn't quite sure what clicked with Yohan exactly, so he just picked up whatever... seemed interesting.

"Why are we doing this again?" Puck asks, floating beside Rupert with crossed arms. He had not exactly been too big on this whole adventure, it was actually rather boring to him since it just involved a lot of... walking.

"Agh! The weird figment of my imagination is back!" he yells, flailing the paper in Puck's face causing him to back away... and people to give him odd looks. Clearing his throat he tries to regain his composure. "But as I've said, he was injured, possibly by... gangs, and honestly, I just want to make sure he's okay. Is it weird to care?" he responds, lifting an eyebrow.

"And all this..?" Puck asks, tilting his head as he points to the gift bag.

"I thought it was appropriate," he responds with a grin.

"Appropriate? Expensive is what it was... you act like you are his father or rich uncle, it is unhealthy," Puck responds, shrugging his arms and shaking his head. However something soon grabs his attention, his red eyes widening as he snaps his head in the direction of Yohan's house. "Well, seems it will be interesting after all," he says cryptically, smirking as he fades out.

"Okay, weird, but hey, I'm here!" he says to himself, looking towards Yohan's door.

Sakuya looked into the dark house and shuddered. "It is pretty dark, huh?" That's when they both heard a loud voice coming towards them. The girl looked over to see a man seemingly talking to himself with a gift bag. "Uh...I don't know what that's about, but maybe we should head inside...." Sakuya quickly pushed Yohan in and shut the door behind them. She searched for a light switch and flipped it, taking in the house for the first time. "Your home is lovely." Sakuya commented, wandering around. Soon enough, she turned to Yohan. "So, about the thing I wanted to tell you..." Her voice trailed off but a sudden thump from upstairs prevented her from going any further. "What the heck was that?" She said in a hushed voice. She could feel the same sense of dread coming over her except much stronger. Whoever was upstairs was definitely a threat should they be provoked. "Do you live with anyone? I recall you told me you lived alone.."


Takeo chuckled at Sebastian's greeting. "Just the fact that I'm in Timberland and want you to come pick me up. I want to go do some sightseeing." The boy also shivered. "Plus there are a fuck-ton of people here and I don't want to be out here longer than I have to be."

There was a short moment of tension in the air, the two figures in the doorway freezing at the sudden noise upstairs. It took a second before a rather anticlimactic sounds knocked that tension out of the air, a soft, yet strangely affirmative yip sounding out from the living room. Quickly followed by a strange blue light flickering from it, that in turn being followed by a very distinct sound of a Zap, and then the smell of burnt leather. There was a short shuffling movement before another yip flew out, accompanied by the same zap and smell.

Yohan's mind seemed to tick as all of this happened. The tension was building up slowly inside, it turned around all the gosh dang time. When the time to strike hit the dotted line, it all became clear to him that this was mayhem. Screaming out like a madman upon seeing the fire, he grabbed the fire extinguisher and sprayed away onto the couch without a second hesitation. That's when he noticed the little dog like creature and blinked. This creature was attributed to lightning? How shocking. "I think I'll leave it to play for now." Wait a diggly wiggly moment! "How did this thing even get in here?" His mind seemed to poop out as he sighed and went to grab the little dog, only to --


The dog was thrown in an instant, Yohan's body falling down to the floor paralyzed for a moment as the dog found itself landing perfectly on the floor. Yohan slowly managed to rise himself up as his body twitched and moved uncomfortably now. "Y-yeah, let's go..." Yohan made his way upstairs towards the master bedroom, that's where it sounded like all of this was coming from anyway. Though he still twitched and jolted every now and then as he moved. "Ow. Ow. Ow!"

Sebastian chuckled "alright, i'll be there, where are you?" once having his answer Sebastian would hang up and get his gear back on and put the phone back before walking his bike a little away from the pavement and then head for town hall, passing his apartment to fetch up his spare helmet. talking to himself Sebastian shook his head a little, keeping his eye on the road "I owe Keo my life" he sighed "i'll buy him a pint or something"

"Hold on, wait!" Kraus cries out as he ran up to the door. What would follow however only would soon turn his expression into one of horror, a thump upstairs, the smell of smoke, loud electrical sounds and a loud crash. My God, they are being attacked by a gang armed with tasers! Instincts kicking in, he pushes open the door and rushes in! "Listen up you scoundrels, if you lay a finger on any of my students, I'll personally ding dang- eh..?" Looking around he sees a scorched couch and Yohan on the ground, fried and twitching. In dramatic fashion he drops the bags and falls to his knees beside the presumably ill fated boy, tears forming in his eyes. "OH GOD NO! Stay with us, boy!"

"He's still alive, dum-dum, he's simply... stunned," Puck says from within Rupert's head, causing him pause. "As to why, well I dunno, probably the clearly electrical dog in the room."

"Huh..?" Kraus asks, looking back towards Paarl, his eyes narrowing.

The sound of a zap and subsequent smell of fire made her raise her head. This was followed by the yelling of some deranged man. "Fuck, okay...I have to hurry..." the woman said mostly to herself. However, she was so engrossed in her search that she neglected to hear the "ow" coming closer to the door. It seemed she had gathered items into piles searching for something and was turning around to search through her old things when Yohan got to the door. The door he could never open no matter how hard he tried. The woman looked up suddenly and locked eyes with the kid. An audible gasp came from the both of them. "Y-Yohan!" Was all she managed to get out before rushing over towards the door. He was obviously a mix of emotions. There was a mirror on the other side of the room that encompassed the pair: a tall boy with blue hair and a short Asian woman with extremely long black hair styled in two half buns. Her outfit was eccentric at best, more so otherworldly. Red eyes peered up at Yohan. "Yohan, you aren't supposed to be here yet." Kogo said in a stern voice. This was not the reunion she wanted.


Sakuya could only watch as the gym teacher bust through the door and look over Yohan. His rambling made it hard to think, but a tiny dog came out and started to yip cutely. It distracted the teacher long enough for Yohan to escape up the stairs. Sakuya decided that the best way for her to help was to continue to distract the teacher. "Mr. Kraus!" Sakuya said in a polite voice. "I don't understand why you're here exactly..."

"At town hall. See you in a few." With this, the friends mutually hung up and left Takeo waiting. It was only about 10 or so minutes before Sebastian was there on a motorcycle and ready to rumble. Takeo gratuitously accepted the extra helmet and the two were soon on their way. "I don't know if you remember, but I told you about my childhood home being here. Let's go check it out!" Takeo said over the roar of the bike. Takeo didn't seem to need to give directions, which struck him as odd, but he did not question his friend. Yawning, Takeo hung on tightly to Sebastian. Their destination awaits!

Paarl gave his head a few shakes, after having been rudely dog-handled. Fur practically flying in every direction, interestingly enough his fur basically levitated, the electrical charged hair standing straight out at different points and casually flowing as if he was underwater, the short discharge which had been shot into the blue man practically didn't affected him in the slightest, it was a low amount after all. The tiny dog was still more than groggy after having been awoken from his nap. Suddenly, a new challenger entered his vision. A rather abrupt change to his recently pleasant sleeping self. Giving off a sudden "Bwah!" he headbutted Kraus, a short "BzzZZT" escaping the connection.

Yohan had been looking through the gift bag and holy smokes. It was heaven. Just simply heaven, too much for him and his little heart. Movies and video games he had wanted for years, even some new ones?! That dude must be loaded if he blew most of his money on these. Whatever, he'd have to try them all out later. For now, his attention focused on the short Asian girl. Well, he said short, but she knew him by name and sounded very much like an adult woman should. It was not the best of confrontations, but well, there ya go. He held onto his bag still, making sure not a single precious movie or game slipped out. Hey, he said he was going to play them all later. He meant that. Static seemed to strike across his vision as he saw the woman. His vision flashing between two different locations. He could see a shadowy figure in the other, but who was either of them? His eyes began to feel like they were straining as his mind felt jumbled and distorted right now. "I'm sorry, I don't think we've properly met. But uh, did you place those curses around the house? Must be why I could never get into this room. So uh, you can take what you need and leave whenever, I guess?"

Sebastian was ever more nervous of Wraith pulling something psychotic now that he had his best friend on the bike as well, he couldn't really speak to Takeo since he had a full helmet and he only had the one eye to keep on the road, though they would arrive amidst the chaos, kicking out the stand for the bike "huh, i didn't leave the door open last night...." he glanced to his side his head moving as he looked at Wraith, who had a great big shit eating grin on his lips "what the fuck has you smiling?" Wraith's smile shifted a little to show its malice "don't worry, just some chaos" he rolled his eyes and removed the helmet and got off the bike once Takeo was off, taking his keys pocketing them and then fetching his eye-patch from his pocket and putting it on "after you Keo, your home"

"Why am I here? To be perfectly honest, I went to the hospital to see if Yohan was alright, I had heard he was in some kind of accident I dreaded the worst, y'know, ever since the whole Ricky incid-," he began to say, only to be suddenly headbutted by the couch destroying electrical dog, sending him toppling backwards into a wall and causing his hair to stand on ends. As he lays back twitching, his eyes beaming at the lightning pup, the most unexpected thing happens as he comes to... he laughs heartily. "Hah, boy's pupparoo really has some real spunk, don't he!? Don't be alarmed little fella, I'm not here to menace you or your master!" With that he pats Parl's head, each time getting a mild shock.

"You do realize I feel this too, right? Puck says to Kraus, his tone becoming indignant.

"Say, odd breed dontcha think? What kinda dog is this?"

Elsewhere a familiar rabbit themed girl, Saiph, too had begun to head towards Yohan's house as well... except she wasn't quite in the jumpsuit and helmet, but rather in a gray dress shirt a few sizes too big for her, the sleeves dangling, and a rabbit pendant on her collar. Her long silver hair braided into a ponytail, and her face, while no longer covered by a helmet, was mostly covered by bandages, except for one bright amber eye. For what was seen, she was a young woman who had a reddish tanned complexion and dark lips, her other oddities being a rather big grin, and... apparently ears being actually long and pointed for reals. Normal humans, however, wouldn't notice her at all.

She looks at the door and then glances around at all the people who are gathering together. "Oh um..." she mutters, looking in and waving. Her voice unmodified was a bit deeper and cracked a little, something she was actually a bit timid about. Her grin turned a bit sheepish. "Bad timing, heh?"

Kogo laughed heartily, her voice echoing out throughout the house. "Never properly met? Honey, I've known you since before you were born!" The woman lightly tapped his chest. "You really don't remember me?" She said more seriously as Yohan stared blankly at her. More footsteps could be heard downstairs and also the roar if a motorcycle right outside. Kogo sighed. "Well, look at what I've gone and done. My own son doesn't even know who I am. You and another one." Kogo shook her head. She then pushed out of the room, shutting the door behind her gently. "Come on, let's see what all the commotion is about downstairs."


Sakuya listened as Kraus explained why he had come, just nodding along politely. She was shocked as the dog headbutted her teacher and even more shocked as a terrifyingly loud laugh reverberated through the walls. She did not hear any noises that indicated fighting, but it still worried her nonetheless. "Yohan? Are you alright?" She called up the stairs, making her way about halfway up before Saiph came in. It took Sakuya a second to realize who she was, but she waved to Saiph after recognizing her. "Please, come in!"


Takeo chuckled at Sebastian. "My house, my rules...though it seems like there's something going on." With a sense of eerie calm, the pair walked up to the door and glanced in. "Hello? I don't know who you all are, but this house is not open to the public..." Takeo quickly maneuvered through the living room and saw Sakuya on the stairs. Her pink hair was the first thing he noticed. He knew immediately who she was, but Takeo decided it would probably be best not to confront her. "Excuse me, miss? I would like to pass you by. I believe I am needed upstairs, since I heard you call to Yohan..."

Paarl gave a few disgruntled yips as the annoying man more or less squished his exquisite fur. If it was possible for a dog to pout he was, even further annoyed by the fact that the man seemed to now be completely ignoring the passive static electricity withing him. Giving out a "Hmph!" He raised both his tail and head, abruptly leaving Kraus against the wall. Displaying a clear amount of "We're done here" attitude. Instead he happily waddled out the living room, glancing up onto the Purple haired woman standing by the stairs, the strange size, and even stranger depth to those eyes almost giving an uncomfortable feeling as he sat down beside her left foot, tilting his head as he continued to stare straight at her, giving a few adorable blinks, reducing the amount of creepiness.

Sebastian had come to a stop in the doorway, looking through towards the basement door, he jumped out his skin as he was knocked out of his focus by wraith's voice "you can't be seriously thinking about going back through to the other side" Sebastian stayed quiet, raising a hand from his crossed arms to wave to those around him "morning, quite the number of people here" his attention soon falling to the small electro dog that exited the living room " the strangest breed of chihuahua i have ever seen" he thought back a moment "nor was it here..." he shut himself up there, nobody needed to know about the basement right?

Yohan was having a hard time right now, trying to get words out only for everyone to talk over it. He just couldn't believe what he was hearing from her, as she pushed him out and he ended up taking in a breath and rubbed his head. "Hold on a second. Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold on, hold on now, just, wait, a, minute... WAIT!" Yohan yelled louder than he should of and took a moment to breath. "You just said I was your son. That means your my mom. But I know for certain my mom and dad died in the car accident ten years ago! Even though I don't have any memory of the incident, I was told by everyone my father and mother died there! Ten years I have believed this, and you suddenly come in and just casually mention it?! No! I refuse to just believe it's that simple!" Yohan crossed his arms over his chest. "You want to really prove it? You want to really show you know who I am? Fine! If you really are my mother, then you will tell me something only you would know then. You better think up something good too, because otherwise, I ain't believing you."

Saiph steps in, only to hear Yohan yelling, sounding rather... angry. She remained quiet for a moment, scratching the back of her neck. The atmosphere was... confusing, to say the least. It didn't help that she was absolutely without her helmet, so she felt a bit exposed. "What... is going on here?"

Kraus shrugs his shoulders at the odd reaction the strange electrical dog gave. He then looks over and sees Takeo and snapping to his feet points with both hands in his direction. "Don't worry, I'm Rupert, I teach at the school, I was just here to see if-" he was suddenly cut off once more as he glances over at Saiph, his right eye beginning to twitch.

"Careful, she's some kind of magical being, you already flubbed it on the dog, by the way, nice going dum-dum! Try to ignore this one at least will you? There's a lot of magic here, The Black and The White included." Puck says cautiously, still rather peeved about the electrical shocks.

Rupert glances back around, trying to break eye contact from the rabbit girl. This became easier, hearing Yohan shouting at... someone, something about his mother?! What fiend would strike so low!? "H-what!? Insulting a man's mother!? That's cold!"

Kogo glared at Yohan as he yelled at her. Stubborn, just like his father it seemed. She waited for him to stop throwing his tantrum and pointed to a very specific spot under his neck. "Here. You have a birthmark in the shape of a dragon. You used to call it your monster." Kogo listened to the exchange between various voices in her home, one voice she knew well. "Takeo? What are you doing here?" She called past Yohan. She turned her attention back to her youngest. "I had to disappear with your brother, otherwise the two of you would be worse than dead. Your father died in that crash. Richter was a strong man, but he didn't have a chance once they...Never mind. There was nothing else I could do without putting you in more danger."

Sakuya nodded and let the boy through. She noticed another boy awkwardly standing in the doorway whom she recognized as Sebastian. She waved to him as well, not sure on what to say. She was worried about Yohan's yelling. Something about his mother...


Takeo passed Sakuya without a second glance. When he turned, he saw his mother, Kogo, along with a boy with blue hair. He instantly knew it was Yohan. "You've grown, Yo-man!" Takeo exclaimed. He was just glad to see his brother alive after the past decade. He dared not approach, however, because Yohan could have changed in ways unforseen and could have been dangerous. Ten years is a long least for them.

Another rather weak "Bwah" Escaped Paarl, by now, he was simply annoyed and only annoyed, temptation to simply rise up and niftly electrocute the woman was rather strong, yet he simply felt too lazy to amass the energy for that. Planting his head atop his paws, attempting to put on a rather cute face to combat being ignored. Yet that was rather quickly ended yet again as his rather strong need for attention took the better off him, striking the side of Sakuya's leg repeatedly with his paws while giving out several yips, surprisingly enough there was no electricity withing the pawing, just determination!

the heated discussion kept catching Sebastian's attention, his eyes wandering towards beyond the staircase, and soon enough he heard mention of the mark. his eyes shifted to Sakuya only long enough to see her reaction to the words, though the shiver ran down his spine. "Hey Keo, I'm gonna head back, my mother is probably getting worried" he stepped out the door and returned to his bike, leaving the spare helmet by the doorway, he kitted up and soon left on the Yamaha Virago, soon enough he arrived back home and went about getting out of his biking suit. "why didn't you take the initiative and end it there?" Sebastian turned to wraith he was pointing his fingers like a gun at Sebastian "what are you on about now Wraith?" Wraith cackled a bit dropping his hand "the mark of Dracul, the last time he walked among us he waged a bloody war, you should've killed him then and there" Sebastian shook his head "nought but a coward" Sebastian gritted his teeth "i am no murderer." he was done with the discussion and began his way back to the apartment from the garage.

Yohan's eyes darted over towards the left side of his neck. He instinctively reached over to pull down his shirt and look over at the Ouroboros mark on it. Though instead of a snake it did look something resembling a dragon. "Always have I questioned this birth mark of mine. Always have I wondered how it came to be. I asked everyone I knew, they all told me they didn't have the answer for me. Here you are, a complete stranger, and yet the first thing you go for is that birth mark." Yohan couldn't help but feel strange. That's when Takeo came over into view and he called him Yo-Man? This guy also looked familiar, but he couldn't make out why. All he could do was put a hand over some of his face and let out a sigh. "I still don't recall anything about either of you. Sorry." Though Yohan did wonder what the mark meant, it probably could wait for now. "I don't got much food to eat, so don't eat it all up. I guess if you are my family though, I can't stop you from moving back in. Though it doesn't sound like either of you were watching over me this whole time, meaning someone else was paying for my food. There's still someone missing, and I bet whoever they are, they're back in this town as well." Yohan was starting to see a lot of things here. Something put him off from Sebastian, something about the look in his one good eye didn't sit well with him. He could feel it swelling up within The White that he held within himself. He is to be watched with caution.


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  1. This post is a collab between myself, Kagerou, Yvandir, Martinvole and Lius.

    by The Great Thundorz

0.00 INK



Yohan had put the gift bag in his room before closing the door and letting out a sigh of relief. He walked downstairs, it was time to do some damage control, even though the couch had ended up the way it did by that little dog. Oh, there was Saiph, he couldn't help but wave to her. He looked around at everyone but sighing out. "Okay. So there's some more people here than I thought there was going to be. So let me clear up a thing or two, okay? I don't got much food. I don't have special much of anything. If you want to hang out, you can. Just saying, my place is not a mansion or anything." Yohan picked up the remote and turned on the living room television, putting the remote down on the table.

"Be my guest and watch whatever you like. Sakuya, I need you with me." Yohan began walking back up the stairs, it was time to deal with the family issue that had presented itself to him. Opening up the door to his room, he walked in and sat down on his bed, turning on his own television and letting out a short little sigh. "Alright." He started, letting his little room of comfort ease him. "So it seems like there are people I don't remember coming back into my life. That's not going to be complicated or anything. Especially when I feel I'm not exactly the best at being the host of a party or whatever this turned into now."

Sakuya jolted with shock as she was nudged repeatedly by the tiny dog. Not literal electricity of course, just with surprise. She pet the dog lightly a few times before Yohan had come down and explained his housing situation. She did not argue with him, but she did manage to scoop the little puppy up and bring him with her to Yohan's bedroom. The door was left open so the poor thing could escape if it wanted to. Sakuya put him down lightly on Yohan's bed and continued to pet him while she listened. "People you don't remember?" She questioned, looking out into the hall. She could see Kogo and instinctively knew who she was exactly, but did not react to her presence. "So, then she was the one here?" Sakuya asked quietly. She also glanced over at Takeo who was making small talk with Kogo in a language she didn't understand. The pair seemed to be catching up. They look so much alike... Sakuya thought to herself. She sighed and looked up at Yohan. "I'm sorry...this all must be a lot for you to handle..."

Kraus looked around at all who gathered, intentionally trying to ignore Saiph in accordance to Puck's instructions. There were quite a few gathered here, like a party, but the feeling was strange. There was at least some relief from the fact that Yohan seemed lively, if not a bit off. He then glances over at Kogo and Takeo talking, a part of his mind actually piecing things together slowly. A grin creeps over his face.

"Hah, had no idea he had so many friends and family, that is wonderful," he says finally, folding his arms. "Had no idea there was going to be a welcome home party! Uh, shame about the couch, though..."

Saiph herself was out of sorts, she had never been surrounded by so many people in a rather small space, in fact, most of her life she had spent in isolation, with dreams of being part of a crowd, going to parties, being normal... but now, she just feels overwhelmed. She puts on a grin as Yohan seemed to recognize her without her gear, waving back at him in response, then watches as he leaves back to his room with Sakuya after him. Her attention again falls to the gathered crowd. With a deep breath she decided to announce herself.

"H-hello... I'm Saiph, Saiph Grimms, pleasure to meet everybody," she says, waving her hand, forcing a grin on her face. She rolls her eye, holding out her hands, trying her hardest to make small talk. "Sooooooo... crazy night, huh?"

Sebastian stood from his spot in the park, the bruises and pelting he'd received from Wraith nearly gone now, he pulled the sword out of the ground and walked back towards his motorbike stuffing the sword into its sheath hung from the sword of the bike, he put the helmet on and went back to just riding, clearing his head.

soon enough he found himself back on the street to the Belmont house, he'd tap the handlebars and bring the bike up setting it back where he left it last, kicking out the stand, he didn't want to be inside the building, it just felt wrong for him to be near it, even on the same street, like he was betraying the trust of friends and family. Either-way he just sat on the bike helmet on his lap, if anyone paid attention to him, he'd chat but he was to busy figuring out what he wanted to do.

As for Tracey however, she was out searching for her son, Sebastian had been instructed to take a day off and he was doing quite the opposite in her eyes, thanks to Rebecca she had a car to drive about in her search for Sebastian. "Sebastian...why are you always so problematic" Tracey sighed heavily glancing down streets as she drove through Timberland.

Yohan looked over at Sakuya and smiled a little. "It's alright. I knew the day would come when I would have to deal with this. Years of just being alone, and then suddenly people start showing up, saying they're my real family." Yohan shook his head. "I don't remember a thing about either of them. I couldn't tell you if they were my real family or not. It's so hard to go about my life when I know I'm missing crucial parts of my childhood. I'm sorry to be a downer, just... I don't think I was ready to hear someone say they were my mom today is all." Yohan rubbed the back of his neck. "I don't know what to do or how to handle this at all. I'm sorry."

The girl nodded. She couldn't imagine what Yohan was going through at the moment. She patted Paarl again and then rubbed Yohan's shoulder gently. "It'll be okay. To be honest, I don't think that woman has much of a reason to lie. She's...notorious for not having a sense of shame." Sakuya said, shuddering at the thought. "Not that I know her personally...most people from the Other Side has at least heard of her."


Kogo and Takeo continued to speak to one another while heading down the stairs. Kogo was mostly glad to be speaking her mother tongue with someone. It was mostly just chit chat, but it was interrupted by Kraus. "It was not supposed to be a party. I really don't appreciate strangers in my home." Kogo glared at him. She then turned her attention to Saiph. "Hello, Saiph. No need for an introduction. I respect your father and it is an honour to have you here. Please feel free to sit anywhere you like."

Kraus was stunned, to be called a stranger in his own home town!? This must be rectified immediately! "Ma'am, I'll have you know that I'm a teacher at the school here, I'm here because of a scuffle the boy had last night that landed him in the hospital, which I'd call that cause for alarm." There was no reason to beat around the bush at this point, he was going to give someone an earful one way or the other. "I've lived here all my life, and I'll tell you, things are certainly weird around here lately, spooky even. So, forgive me if I'm a bit concerned about the residents here, let alone a student. Speaking of which, hmm, you are rather lively for being dead."

"Careful, there's something strange about this one as well," Puck says to Rupert, his tone turning cautious. "To be honest, there's something strange about everyone here. Feel it? Magic all around, and I don't mean rabbits and rainbows either."

"Erm, anyways... need something done about the couch?" he says, glancing over at it and scratching the back of his neck. "Is kinda... scorched."

Saiph was somewhat surprised, she knew her father? Without her helmet she couldn't just scan for files to figure out why, so she simply bowed her head and took a seat in a chair in the living room, looking around the house. "Thanks," she simply said in response. Nobody seemed to be asking why she was here, that was good she guesses, it was good to be... welcomed. Though, there was a knot still in the pit of her stomach, not quite reconciling with what happened. It was the second time in her entire life she witnessed someone die, and this time she played a direct role in it. It didn't help that her head was still fuzzy from the strain, but she decided she couldn't just go back to hide away in her room, it didn't seem... right, for some reason? "You've... known my father long? Kind of a funny coincidence to meet up here," she finally says with a laugh, trying to forget how last night ended up.

Yohan tried his best to smile at her as he put a hand over hers. "Well, they must of been waiting years if they really are family. I don't know what I should do. If I keep them waiting any longer, it might seem rude. But I need someone there by my side to help me out. You don't mind, do you?" He asked. He thought he was pushing his luck a little. She didn't owe him anything, why would she bother going the extra mile for someone like him? It was only these past few days that Yohan had really gotten so much attention. That wasn't enough to put self confidence in his mind. Was he still just some nobody? It felt hard to give a definite answer to that now. Yohan felt hesitant now, no longer an adamant yes came to his mind.

Kogo had to hold back her tongue a bit, but was still highly annoyed by Kraus. "If you're a teacher, in what world do you think it would be appropriate to show up to a student's home? I'm almost positive that if it were brought up with the school board they would not be pleased." Kogo stated flatly. The man then moved on to the couch. "I'd rather you not touch my furniture, thanks." The woman crossed her arms and stared at the man with pure ice. Once her point was across, she turned her attention to Saiph once again. "I've known your father for a long time...since before he met your mother. She was a very lovely woman." Kogo tried to convey sensitivity to the young girl. "I'm assuming you are an acquaintance of Yohan's? That's...a funny coincidence indeed." Kogo chuckled. She glanced over at Takeo. The boy seemed to be distracted. Kogo placed a hand on his head and rubbed it lovingly. She jerked her head towards the door, which he gladly took as an exit cue. "I'll catch you later, Yohan!" Takeo yelled out. Kogo sighed as he left, waiting for certain someones to maybe take a hint.


Sakuya understood. "I can do that if you need someone. I'm not...doing anything." She awkwardly laughed, nervousness taking over. She glanced out to the hallway and back at Yohan, determined to support her friend.

With a sigh Rupert finally turns to walk out the door, he wasn't here to fight, he was satisfied enough at this point. But stops shortly before fully exiting. Placing both hands behind his neck, he sighs, hanging his head. "Look, I'm just going to be honest here, given you are his mother and all. If you or the boy are in some kind of danger, try to tell someone... authorities or something, okay? The town has changed, and not really for the better... so I'm just worried, that's all." With that he walks out, hands in his pockets, and starts heading back home. Something odd catches his attention though, casting a glance towards Sebastian who seemed to just be... sitting there on his bike. He raises a brow but just waves as he passes by. Wonder what he's up to? he thinks, slowing his walk.


Saiph ponders it for a moment. Since before her dad met her mother? For a moment she looks down upon the mention of her mother, then her eye widens and she snaps her head to Kogo. "Whaaaaaaaaa~," was the only sound that could escape her mouth at the moment. She clears her throat, and regains her composure. "Oh! Then you are... that Kogo! Wait, then you are," she stammers, scratching her head with a chuckle. It was quite a coincidence, indeed. She had come to check up on Yohan, and met up with a family reunion as well, and somehow it all connects to her dad in some way. Just how many people does he know? "Well, we met last night while I was checking up on something for my dad, and things got a biiiit craaaazy," she says, once again planting on a grin. "But we got kinda separated, and... honestly, I've never had a friend friend before, being half here, half there, y'know? And I just... heh, I'm not really sure how to explain it really... guess I wanted to not just be a jerk and disappear after everything? Um, pleasure to meet you by the way!"

Yohan couldn't help but smile over at her and pull her into a brief hug. "Thanks. It feels good to have someone I can depend upon." He couldn't help but laugh a bit out of honesty, rising up to his feet as he takes in a deep breath before releasing it through his nostrils. "Okay. I'm ready." He stated, heading off out of his room slowly, making sure Sakuya left before closing the door. He heard something about a 'see ya later' from the sounds of it, had Takeo left? He could only manage a brief wave before heading down the stairs. He let out a little groan as he rubbed his neck out of annoyance. "Um, hi." He stated to everyone who was still here, glancing to Sakuya nervously before looking back over to the others. "So, uh..." He looked over to Kogo. "I might need a refresher on the names and all that. If you are going to be staying here with me from now on and all."

Kogo just shook her head as Kraus left. What a strange man. Saiph, on the other hand, seemed to just have a revelation about her. She listened to the Grimms girl attentively. She was a bit awkward, but it was nothing Kogo didn't expect. "I knew something or other was going on...I was actually nearby at the time. I had my own fight going on." Kogo pulled back the collar of her dress to reveal some bandages stained with blood, but Kogo didn't seem to mind her injuries. However, before she could say more, a girl with pink hair had gained her attention. Kogo instinctively narrowed her eyes. Sakuya shrunk back a little, and sort of hid behind Yohan as he asked Kogo for names. "Names of what, exactly? I'm an old woman, you're going to have to be more specific."

Yohan looked over at Sakuya and sort of laughed a little. He couldn't help it, she was just too sweet for her own good. He knew exactly how that could feel sometimes. Looking back over at Kogo, he rubbed the back of his neck as he tried to think of how to explain it. "Well, it's like. I don't remember you or the guy who called me Yo-man. So it's like, uh, I don't know what to call either of you really? If that makes any sense."

Kogo nodded. "The one that called you Yo-man was Takeo. He is your older brother by a year and a half just about." Kogo explained matter of factly. "And I mean...I am your mother so I would assume you'd call me Mom or Mother...but if you insist most call me Kogo." She shook her head, mumbling to herself in Japanese. "Miss Grimms was just informing me of your encounter last night...She said things got a bit out of hand. You seem to be alright now...we kind of have a saying for that in my language. It's fairly old, but words of wisdom never die. The saying went...'起死回生'...coming out of a situation that seems hopeless with a burst of energy and coming back twice as strong..."

Seb hadn't noticed Kraus at first but glanced over and raised the one visible eyebrow, looking at the man with neutral expressions though Sebastian's body language expressed some shallow amount of concern as to whether the man was dangerous or not, either-way he soon went back to looking over his helmet soon enough hooking the straps over the handlebars to hold the helmet out the way, his hand had wondered towards the hilt of the sword though when he felt the wire that covered the hilt he scowled at the blade and drew it from the sheath and went to work removing the wire, if not to just see if there were any maker's mark or secret hidden beneath "should get some wrap for this...the wire isn't the most comfortable" he spoke out to himself and sighed, continuing mucking about with the hilt of the longsword.
Tracey wasn't having much luck in finding Seb and had pulled over looking at a small map of the town "i really shouldn't..." if she got caught using magic she would be in a lot of trouble, she rubbed her eyes and starting back onto her search.

Kraus's eyes widen as he looks back, watching Sebastian draw out a sword... in public!? With a chill down his spine, he slips behind the corner to watch from a distance. He didn't know what was up with this guy, but he got the feeling he wasn't here for LARPing. Whatever the case may be, that sword looked real enough.

"Well... this just got a bit more... interesting. Who wields swords this day and age I wonder? Hm, for some reason this reminds me of a play..." Puck says, only to get no response from Kraus, who was watching the man intensely.


Saiph scratches her head and chuckles nervously. She felt kind of like she just snitched on Yohan, which was not her intention. Though what was with last night? There was a fight going on nearby as well? "U-uhm... sorry, did I maybe... blab too much?" she asks, turning to Yohan and sinking down in her seat.

"Nah, it's fine." Yohan started to say, shaking his head a little as he put a hand up to his head. "I would of had to explain anyway, what with me ending up in the hospital...?" Yohan's sentence around the word hospital started to fickle. He collapses to his knees, looking to be struggled as his entire head felt like it would split open. Memories he had forgotten for years suddenly started to flood back into his mind all at once. It was like a rush, but most importantly, he finally remembered the incident. That tragic incident and how this had all started. How the White Haired Boy first came to be.

The white haired boy couldn't help but laugh at Shiro. "So he finally remembers, does he? Good. I was tired of mimicking you anyway." The white haired boy shifted in his seat, his eyes flashing red. "Shiro, you must release this form of me I was unwillingly thrown into. I've been stuck like this for years now. It is not a good form for a part of the greater force known as Malice!" Shiro rose up to his feet and walked over to the orb, not saying a word in response to the Fake Shiro. "Fine! Be that way! When the day comes you get thrown back to your so called paradise, I'll happily take this boy's body for my own! I can feel it, my power grows by the day!" Fake Shiro couldn't help but grin as his formed shifted into that of Ricky's.

"Oh, look at that. A new Inner Demon has already come about since last night. One's death has lead to another's creation. I still have a hand to play in our little game, Shiro. Don't forget that!" Fake Shiro returned back to looking like Shiro, grinning madly as he began to be sucked away into the big red door. Shiro couldn't help but sigh as he watched the memories flash within his orb. When all of Fake Shiro was sucked away, the door slammed shut behind him and he finally found himself able to sit back down comfortably while putting a hand up to rest against his head. Malice didn't seem phased by the destruction of the Inner Demon of Despair. The struggle was not yet over for either him or Yohan.

Yohan soon made his way back up to his feet, with a little help from three people unexpectedly. Letting out a sigh of relief that the pain had subsided, he couldn't help but smile over at Kogo. "Uh... Well, this is a bit awkward for a family reunion, isn't it?" He couldn't help but chuckle as he grabbed all three of them and pulled them into one big group hug. "Sorry for causing so much trouble. But I finally remember. I finally remember, mom. I'm finally here." Yohan felt tears begin to swell up in his eyes as he was forced to close them as a rush of different emotions was currently sweeping throughout his entire body.

Kogo and Sakuya alike were concerned when Yohan fell to the floor. Kogo immediately, even instinctively, reached for him, trying to make sure he didn't hurt himself. "Woah there, kiddo. Take it easy." Kogo whispered to him. The three women did help him back up, and Yohan was unexpectedly emotional. She patted his head a bit. "It's great to know I didn't totally fuck up." Kogo said, glancing around the room a few times. She gave her son a genuine hug. Sakuya smiled at the happy reunion, but felt that she was out of place.

"Yohan...are you going to be okay?" The girl asked tenderly. She stole a look at his mother before she waited for an answer.

his mystery solved. he tapped the wire and used the vectors to rewrap the hilt, as if his tampering hadn't happened, he put the sword back into its sheath and began to bind the sword into its sheath, dismounting the bike, he had noticed that Takeo had left the building, Seb had crossed his arms and waited for some response to a question that need not asking, though for the sake of the question and Sebastian's curiosity he'd ask anyway "needing a place to crash? you've got the look that you've just had all your luck shat on"

soon enough Sebastian's mobile would begin ringing and he'd check the caller answering briefly "yeah I'm fine, are you driving about? could you not waste Rebecca's fuel" he got an earful from Tracey and before he had to put up with it anymore he'd just hang up, only pissing Tracey off that bit more.

Kraus sighed as he put away the sword, ready to keep walking when Puck suddenly manifests next to him, a grin on his face as he floats there looking in Sebastian's direction. Kraus snapped a worried look at him. "Puck, what are you doing? Let's go.

"You are me aren't you? You're curious, I know you are~!" Puck responds with a tempting tone, grinning all the way. He then grabs Kraus by the collar and pulls him close. Kraus's eyes widen in shock, looking around to make sure no one sees him. "C'mon, partner, where's your love of theatrics? you can't just leave this as some hanging plotline." With a sigh, he lets go of him and closes his eyes. "Well, looks like today is a solo act, but you're gonna owe me." With that he walks out from behind the corner, taking on a more humanoid form, changing his purple robes into a hoodie, and taking on dark blue hair and begins to head towards Sebastian and Takeo, a mischievous grin on his face. Kraus himself kept, not sure what was about to happen.

"Well well, what is going on here I wonder? Up to something sinister with that sword? Funny choice for a gang weapon! he says, addressing Sebastian himself. He laughs, rubbing his chin as he begins to circle. "This... reminds me of a play, but is it Julius Ceasar, or MacBeth? I'm not sure... but maybe I'd waste time explaining, unless... you get the general theme of both?"

Saiph was shocked when he collapsed, holding his head like that! Had he suffered some deeper injury in the fight? The terrifying thought of a lasting effect of Payne crossed her mind, but then, helping him get back up, he suddenly says that he's remembered, and hugs them all. Her face visibly turning a bit red, her eye twitching. It wasn't usual to be hugged, not even by her father, well, not since the accident. She submitted into it though, feeling it was something he needed, even if she wasn't exactly sure why, and for some reason, there was relief in the back of her mind.

"Y-yeah, I mean, nothing... lingering from, y'know," she stammers, gesturing with a finger gun.

Sebastian turned to face the stranger who approached them. "damn stereotypes, ever heard of 'never judge a book by its cover', just 'cause i have a bike and the sword, its a recent purchace." as he spoke his accent broke abit exposing his faded English accent, sounding to be from the midlands he crossed his arms tapping his right bicep looking this hooded blue haired guy up and down, whomever it was he didn't sit well with Sebastian, 'rubbed him the wrong way' as the saying goes. "as for gangs, I wasn't even aware of any in this town" subconsciously he had sat with his English accent. "and who are you anyway?, you look like a Yobbo yourself."

Yohan soon let go of all three and shook his head, running a hand through his blue hair. "Sorry. It's just been a long time since I remembered." Yohan nodded to Saiph, indicating he wasn't suffering from any side effects from last night before looking a little sad. "I remember everything. The good and the bad. Richter Belmont. I can't believe it." Yohan sat down on his couch as he put a hand on his head. "I don't know how to say any of this. I remember being taken out of the car and being used as a hostage against my own family. I felt a rush of emotions coming through me, I remember the people around me being sent flying away as a huge blinding light engulfed the area around me. When I came to, my dad was dead. I don't think it was the attackers though that did it. They never got close to him to do it." Yohan's hands began to shake as he did his best to control his breathing. "... I think I did it. I think I was the one who took his life!"

Puck chuckles a bit, one of his suspicions had already been confirmed, this guy is not normal, he can see and hear him clear as day. "The name's Puck, well, one of them, anyways," he says, taking a small bow, before flipping his head up with fixated gaze. "And you'd think a simple little town like this wouldn't have much! You would think... but with the disappearances and reappearances, the bloody death of poor Little Ricky and all the other bizarre things going on, one has to wonder," he says, as he places a hand over his face. Then slowly he'd lower his hand. "Quite a night, wasn't it..?"


Saiph is speechless, it was a lot to take in all at once, but far more for Yohan, he was shaken, and yet, somehow she understood it. His memories came with baggage, uncertainty, and guilt, that much was clear. With a sigh, she holds up a finger ready to say something, "Well, I..." she mutters, then shakes her head. She then crouches down and mutters a bit to herself inaudibly, searching for something to say, looking around every which way for an answer. "You were like... really little right? And in like a bad situation... you were scared, confused. It hurts, I know, I... mean I get it, I... well, I lost my mother when I was really little too, right there in front of me, father he," she begins, stammering a bit, before cutting herself off and lowering her head. "And it... hurts, a lot, but you... even if..."

She stops once more, then raises her head staring right forward at him. "Look, I haven't known you long, so it is kinda awkward coming from a weirdo like me. H-hah, I'm really like, not even good at well, this, but... I can tell you this much: it just wasn't your fault! You're a good person, my first impression was a guy throwing himself into danger for others, who really cares for others. Maybe a little awkward at times, but heh, who isn't?"


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Unexpected Changes


Kogo patted Yohan's shoulder. She tried to give him a reassuring look, but her eyes were distant. Her memories of that day were a bit hazy. Was Yohan really responsible? It would explain that bright light.... "It wasn't anything you could control, Yohan. I know Richter understands that in the next life wherever he is." Kogo nodded at Saiph, understanding what she meant. "Don't beat yourself up over it. Both of us knew something would happened, we just didn't know when or how."

Sakuya stayed mostly quiet. She rubbed Yohan's back gently while the other three spoke. She did not have much to add as her family, as far as she knew, was alive. The only thing she could do was support Yohan and hopefully not say the wrong things.

Takeo didn't have to breathe a word for Sebastian to know exactly what he was feeling. Before he could even mumble half of a decent response, a voice caught his ears. Sebastian was more of a talker, so Takeo stayed back and studied the new figure. He was most definitely magical in nature, but what his purpose was Takeo had no notion. The thing seemed to piss off his best friend enough for him to forget about an American accent. The figure then went on to list the bizarre happenings of the past few days. However, Takeo just wanted to get out of there. He sighed quietly, glaring at Puck with daggers. "I don't know what you're trying to get at, but we don't want anything to do with your shenanigans. I'm sure my friend here will agree. Please take it elsewhere." Takeo then tapped Sebastian on the shoulder. "I'm good if you're ready."

Yohan could feel all three of them trying to reach out to him with what they were saying and he couldn't help but close his eyes. He could feel his mother patting his shoulder while Sakuya rubbed his back. He gave it a few to let it sink in, the memories conflicting with what they were saying. But he gave a thumbs up to Saiph and opened his eyes, smiling at her. Then he looked over to his mother and nodded. "It won't be easy. I know it won't. But I can do my best right now. I'm not going to fall back down into depression again, I'm not." Then he reached over to place his hand over Sakuya's and looked over at her, not wanting her to stop rubbing his back, but if she did, he wouldn't stop her. A slight blush came over his cheeks as he looked her directly in the eyes and smiled. He appreciated her gentle touch, his hand shifting slightly to allow hers to grip his hand in return. He certainly wasn't going to let go anytime soon if she did.

Sebastian was knocked back to reality, his answer was to hit the guy and leave but Takeo's calmer and more pleasant way, helped shave off some of the forming chip on Sebastian's shoulder, he nodded, "yeah, I'm good to go" just having his friend about calmed him down, the mellow nature rubbing off on Seb, apparently Seb needed more of it. "goodbye stranger" he turned towards his bike and took his helmet from the handlebars and went about putting it on. "oh by the way, Macbeth dies after his murderous rampages and Juilius was stabbed to death by his senators" Sebastian just had to put that out there, knowing the basics of the play and history of Ceasar.

Tracey was fed up and taking her son's advice of not wasting her daughter's fuel, she returned to the apartment to wait impatiently and worried for her Son's health "he's always been trouble...but this is something else altogether" Tracey was talking to herself as she pulled the car into the private garage and climbed out. when she returned to the apartment, she sat down in the small lounge, at her request Rebecca had removed the plaqued and mounted sword hilt, it now was in the 'storage' room, really it was supposed to be a third bedroom.

Puck simply lets out a disappointed sigh as they leave, it was looking like it was just getting interesting. With little choice left he shrugs, slips his hands into his pockets and walks back to Kraus with his head down looking sullen. "A shared theme was betrayal," he mutters looking to Kraus, his eyes lighting back up and grinning once more. "Time to suit up."

Kogo took this as her cue to leave the kiddos to their own devices. She had a specific mission in mind anyways. "I understand the years have been hard on you...unfortunately, I'll probably be a bit...busy. I have some personal business that needs dealt with. I know you can handle the fort while I'm gone." Kogo gave a final wave to the group of kids. "Oh, by the way Yohan, there's some money on the table for whatever take out you wanted...enough for all three of you actually. I also took the liberty of stocking the fridge and pantry...I wasn't sure what your tastes were like, so it's mostly just essentials. Be back soon." Kogo then headed towards the basement stairs. With the crystal necklace around her neck, she opened the Gateway and slipped through. Her adventures were not yet at their end.

The girl was surprised by Yohan's touch, but continued to run his back while Kogo made her exit. Once the woman was gone, Sakuya audibly exhaled. " a very intimidating woman..." She squeezed Yohan's hand and looked around the living room. She pulled Yohan over towards the couch, grabbing a large blanket from the back of a recliner. She threw the blanket over the couch. "This will have to do for now...What do you want to do for now, Yohan? A lot happened today and yesterday..."

Takeo gave a peace sign to Puck before putting on the helmet and settling in to a familiar position. "Well, that was...something. That's enough of people for the day." Takeo couldn't wait to just relax for the rest of the day...but something seemed to be bugging Sebastian. He made a note of it to ask about later, when they weren't on a rolling deathtrap.

the Ride home on the 'death trap' was uneventful, thankfully, when they arrived at the apartment complex Sebastian took the bike round to the garage and locked it up, chaining the wheels, locking the handlebars into their resting position. he hung the helmet off the handlebars and began heading up to the apartment, of course they'd take the Elevator. The confrontation with his Mother never happened, the purple haired woman was still there of course, but Tracey had calmed down "Sebastian...please don't do that again" Sebastian just shuck his head and walked past yawning "we have a new room mate Rebecca, I'm gonna get the spare room cleared out" Tracey and Rebecca glanced to each other and then to the door.

Takeo entered in behind Sebastian. He was a bit surprised to see Rebecca and Tracey alike, but simply waved after he saw them. He was processing in his mind what that Puck guy was up to...but what had happened the night before? He knew someone had died, but did Sebastian have much to do with that? "It can wait a bit, Sebastian. Can we talk a minute?" He smiled at the two women before basically dragging Sebastian off to what looked like his bedroom. "What the hell have you been up to? I spend literally three days away from you and you've already gotten in trouble!" Of course, while Takeo was being serious, the stupid grin on his face made it seem otherwise. Takeo even crossed his arms in a funny way, much like his mother would when they would get in trouble as children. His "harumph" was emphasized as well. "You've gone off and made enemies! You could have at least made some with me!"

Well, Kogo went off just like that. Guess she was a busy woman or something. Well, Sakuya pulled him off with her, feeling a bit nervous now that she was holding his hand and all that. He chuckled nervously and looked over to the kind of destroyed couch. He could only hope his mother had some kind of power to fix that up or whatever. Hopefully Sakuya could keep that electric dog under control and from destroying anything else. Just what kind of animal did that other place produce anyway? If things like this existed, what else could there be? He smiled as he looked down at her hand and then back up at her. That's when a thought hit him. "Oh shoot, you haven't played video games much, have you?!"

He turned to look over at Saiph and points at her. "Go through that bag and find something multiplayer based. We're gonna teach this young lady what it means to play the vidya gaems!" He scratched his cheek with his free hand at that. "You know what I mean. This poor beautiful young woman is uneducated in the ways! We must show her the true glory!" He pulls out his cell phone with his free hand and sits down on the couch with Sakuya, holding her hand as he begins to call up some takeout. "Both of you tell me what you want before we start up. I want to make sure I get this just right before we begin the carnage that is the butt whooping."

The three hung out and played video games, losing track of time as they did so and just having fun. It was a time to relax and get to know one another. When it was getting late and night was starting to settle in, Saiph and Sakuya decided to head home and Yohan promised to walk with Sakuya to school while showing Saiph what a school looked up in person. When all was said and done, Yohan decided to head to bed, leaving a note on the couch that it needed to either be repaired or replaced whenever Kogo returned. With a short yawn, he headed up the stairs and looked over his shoulder at the house one more time before heading on up. This could be the last night he would have a "normal" life as it were. Everything from here would be entering into a whole new world he didn't even know existed.

"Yes sirs, I just received an update report on last night's activities in Timberland." Chi spoke to Delta and Beta as they stood on the highest building in Timberland, overlooking the town as the sun began to rise up over it. "Last night, a man in a strange attire came out and suddenly stopped a crime. He was gone before the police could get there though, he only left some kind of card with an emblem on it. I will keep an eye on this man's activities while you deal with finding who the connectors are." Once communications with Chi were down, Beta turned to look over at Delta.

"This is not looking good. It's possible that hero project is already underway Delta." Beta gave Delta a look of concern. "You should know better than anyone how that man leading the Sukodo Empire thinks by now. Can we really trust him to handle something like this? It's totally unexpected and came out of nowhere on us, the timing's off and the number of people who are being infected is rising by the day. I wouldn't blame those who are connected to start receiving the side effects starting since last night."

"The problem is that we cannot do anything about any of that for the time being." Delta gave a quick pat to Beta's shoulder. "We'll observe the High School today. If no results show up there, we'll move on to the Middle School and then start searching the shops and such. Have patience, my friend. School is about to begin soon. We should get moving if we want to observe everyone there in time."

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020. That was the current date as Yohan had woken up and gotten prepared for school with his bag. He had no real time to check to see if Kogo was back yet or not, he would have to hang out and talk with her more once he came back. He still couldn't believe a man died yesterday, he still couldn't believe that Sunday had started all of this. He had to clear his head, for now he had to remain focused. He left the house and kept it locked like always, putting away a spare key within his backpack so he wouldn't forget. He wondered how Saiph was going to meet up with them, she did tend to just appear randomly. But that wasn't a bad thing. He walked outside of Sakuya's house and sat on one of her steps outside, waiting for her to come out.


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Sebastian was caught off guard by Takeo’s sudden exertion of effort, he had the look of a semi confused cornered fool, Sebastian did. He let out a heavy sigh “the only thing i fought last night was a giant flaming dog thing, that killed itself in its attempt to incinerate us.”

Sebastian turned around to pace about his room, noticing the sword hilt that was mounted above one of his set of drawers in the room was gone, he just nodded a little, glad he didn’t have that thing trying to kill him, he turned back to Takeo.

“as for why i knew where you old home was, I and one of the others i was with, used the orb thing in your basement to get back, and i didn’t even know someone had died last night.” he shook his head.

“and well i now have a dominion, Vector manipulation” he looked through to the ensuite, the gash in the tiled wall, still there from when he launched the longsword. “That will need fixing” he rubbed his face and turned to his desk sitting down on the desk chair and turning to face his friend.

“anything else you want to ask?” he leaned back against the backrest of his chair, leaning onto the arm rest and resting his cheek on his knuckles. “are you signed on at the college then or can i expect I’ll need to move my Consoles.” He motions to the Xbox one and PS4 sat together on the tv stand under the television across from the bed. “into the living space?”

The setting changes from Timberland to The Other Side


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  1. This post actually is set in Timberland, not The Other Side.

    by The Great Thundorz

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#, as written by Kagerou
Takeo was a bit deflated at Sebastian's serious sounding answers. Here he was, trying to joke around for once in his life, and what does he do?! Mopes! "Mother told me something about a Hell Hound she helped fight last night...she neglected to mention she was with you. Odd. Maybe she didn't realize who you were?" Takeo questioned mostly himself. Kogo was a strange woman indeed, that he knew. Keo looked his friend in his one good eye. The boy still had that same grin on his face. "I had to make sure you don't go absolutely crazy with chicks and unfortunately, I enrolled in the college. It's got pretty good credentials considering this is a hick town in the middle of the United States. I was 'too smart' for the high school, they said." Takeo sighed. "I was accepted into the computer engineering program...hear they have a course on robotics. Might be slightly interesting maybe." Keo nodded to himself. "I've got some cash saved up, so I shouldn't be a total drain on you." He walked around the room a bit. Today was exhausting. "I'm ready for some recharge. Game session?" Takeo took the liberty of picking up two PlayStation 4 controllers and offering one to Sebastian. "You look like you could use some down time there, friend."

The setting changes from The Other Side to Timberland


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Sebastian nodded, listening to his friend about the college and the course he was on. “please don’t build any death machines, unless they’re for that battlebots show; then have fun” his expression had shifted, he had a bit of a smile, but he was still tense, when ‘Keo offered him the controller, he took it and reached back onto his desk for the remote and turned on the TV and switched it to the PS4.

“So what’s the game you want to give a go?” though to be honest with how much Sebastian used to sink into his consoles, what games didn’t he have, but Takeo was right, he needed to stop being himself for a few hours and relax for a change.

A few hours was on the lighter side of how long they were playing video games they pretty much sank most of the rest of the day into six or so games, between just stomping about and causing mayhem in the open world games, and anything of a linear story, was just a skip all the cutscenes and keep the gameplay going.
The tense feeling gripping Sebastian had long gone but in the back of his mind, he didn’t need any reason no matter how small, to use his new Dominion, Magic, powers, whatever the damn thing was in public especially in college.

“So new college students aren’t allowed cars? On the grounds that is?” he glanced at Keo as they steam rolled through one co-op story mode of a game. “Or is that more hollywood bullcrap for the movies? ”


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#, as written by Kagerou
Takeo couldn't help but chuckle at Sebastian's comments about a death machine. He wasn't that malicious...or rather, he didn't have a reason to be yet. He was glad to see his best friend finally relax a bit. Sebastian had a habit of always doing way too much. The two blasted through game after game. The day was well past spent by the time Sebastian spoke of something other than the game. Something about cars on campus? "I have no clue. You know I don't have a license." Takeo sighed. They continued to play the game, but Takeo was becoming exhausted. It was a long day of travelling, and the first day of class was the following day. Takeo glanced sideways at Sebastian. He was so focused! They really were the opposite of one another. Hiding the light coloring that came across his face, Takeo looked around the room. "Are you ready for tomorrow? I had a lot happen over the past few days. Maybe we should hit the hay. I'll sleep on the couch." Takeo gave a reassuring smile to Sebastian and put the controller back neatly. The pair mumbled a goodnight to each other and Takeo settled on his temporary bed.

"Timberland doesn't change...and neither does any of its' inhabitants..." Takeo whispered to himself. The boy quickly drifted off to sleep, not to be disturbed even by a nuclear bomb. The next day held many wonders, but what would he discover the answer to? The world was his oyster, as they say. Who would benefit from fortune, he wondered unconsciously. The night only held the darkness that was a dreamless sleep for Takeo. Maybe it was for the better.


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Sebastian, stayed up a little later after Takeo took to sleeping on the couch for the night, more out inability to sleep due to stress, he wandered about his room just about twelve times each time sitting down then laying down, trying to sleep only to go back and pace again, it wasn’t till about one in the morning that Sebastian finally fell asleep.

Five hours later, still exhausted Sebastian woke up and went into his ensuite to shower, and go through his daily routines,it wasn’t until he finally got to look in the mirror that he saw just how much Wraith’s little deal had affected him, his entire left arm up to his shoulder and half his left side of his chest and a little down the side of his torso was coated in scales now, the purple hue from them tinting his skin and amongst the first words out his mouth were “BLOODY FUCKING NORA! the fuck am i supposed to hide this?” Sebastian had to slap himself and did so with his left dominant hand. “Okay...freaky scaley left hand and arm...”

Shaking his head and shutting up, he had Takeo in the house and only in the lounge, though he could sleep through world war three, his sister however, she couldn’t and he probably woke her, when he cursed like a sailer.

Though he showered quickly threw on his clothing and kept his shirt sleeves down instead of rolling them up in his usual style,though he’d try to keep his left hand hidden throughout the morning, about seven Rebecca would wake up, and it was easy for Seb to avoid her. Since he had been up an hour already, eaten breakfast and made his lunch for the day he was already set to head out.


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Sebastian started on making everyone else's breakfast, Grilled bacon and poached eggs on toast, he’d hear his sister going about her morning rituals, which was to say, shower etc. Sebastian walked around setting a pot of tea on the coffee/ tea table and poured Takeo a cup.

“Keo, wake up, breakfast and tea” he didn’t want to disturb Takeo too much, unless time began to run out.

With breakfast made and an hour or so before they needed to be at the college, Sebastian sat back on one of the two chairs in the lounge drinking his cup of tea and reading a book. Though time flies and he’d glance to his sister, who had been trying to wake up Takeo, since he seemed so intent on sleeping in.

“do me a favor and give him a ride, he still doesn’t have a licence.” Rebcca gave Seb a nod but went back to trying to wake Takeo. "Wake up Keo." Sebastian closed his book put his bookmark in the pages and set the book on his bed before leaving. His sword was left in his bedroom, no weapons on campus.

Stopping in the garage, he felt something tight wrap around his neck, he turned quickly throwing out a swing at about his own head height, spooked, he glanced around, there was no more a tightening noose around his neck, if that’s what it was. He got into his full bike suit and helmeted up before walking the bike out and riding out for college.

Upon arrival at the college carpark, he’d chain up the bike and lock it up, before heading inside, he needed to talk to the receptionists, around him other college students older and new wandered about sticking to their groups of trust, doing their own things.

He was quiet uncharacteristically so, the past few days events shuck up his very knowledge of the world, sure he was educated in the dragonborn that he was one. Though, he was sure he caught a glimpse of someone he recognised on his way into the building, in the carpark.


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#, as written by Kagerou
Takeo was awakened by the slap across his face. He lazily opened one eye to see Sebastian's twin sister looming over him. He sighed with annoyance and rolled over on the couch. "Get lost, Rebecca." Takeo growled. Little Becky was not having it, not today. She physically pulled Takeo off of the couch and dropped him hard on the floor. She simply glared at Takeo (while he glared back, mind you) until he relcuctantly pulled himself up and guzzled down the tea and breakfast. Sebastian was not a bad cook. It was one of the things Takeo admired most about him...that and ya know, not letting Takeo starve to death out of pure laziness. That was pretty important, maybe, potentially. He showered in about five minutes and got dressed in clothes that he randomly grabbed out of his still packed bag. Luckily for him, all of his clothes matched (he...might wear a lot of black...) regardless of what he chose. He slithered into his signature red hoodie and put earbuds in. The more he could ignore the world, the better.

The ride was obviously quiet. Rebecca and he got along well, they just did not have much in common to his knowledge. They soon met up with Sebastian in the parking lot. Takeo looked as if he didn't want to be there, but he tried to make an effort regardless. Before he could say hello to Sebastian, a young woman walked past them that caught his eye. No, not in that way. She looked...oddly familiar? A faded, fuzzy memory came to mind when he saw her, but it was nothing definite and not helpful. She glanced at them and smiled, but something seemed off to Takeo. No one else would notice, and not even he could point out what was wrong with it. The girl was quickly making her way towards the college, writing and walking at the same time. Probably a to-do list from what Takeo could see. He watched her go as he and Sebastian made their way in a different direction. He would have to keep an eye out...

"I've gotta go this way, we'll meet up at lunch? Cool." Takeo quickly said to Sebastian. The day was going normally otherwise until about halfway through his first class. There was suddenly a frenzy among the students. "A bomb?! At the high school? No way!" He listened more intently. "That weird kid Chase had it I guess....he set it off while fighting another kid. What was his name? Yoyo? Oh! It was some kid named Yohan!" Takeo immediately stood up and approached the students talking. They looked at him with a bit of fear as Takeo barked out to give more details. "They both went to the hospital. Hey! Where are you going?!" Takeo was already out of the room before another word could be said to him. He ran all the way to the hospital. Once he explained that he was Takeo Belmont, brother of Yohan Belmont, he was escorted to a waiting room. It seemed that girl Sakuya was in with him...Hopefully, his younger brother would want to see him and would be alright.

"Mom is going to kill me."


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To Make You Happy


Class started off fine for Sakuya. The teacher introduced herself, some students were working on some early projects, life was good. About 10 minutes in, however, a terrifying sound reached them and the music of shattering glass was the only thing Sakuya heard. Thankfully, she was towards the front of the room and away from the windows. Some of her classmates weren't so lucky, but no one was dying. They all stood up, looking around. Sakuya, however, felt something familiar. Magic...specifically Yohan's magic. Something had happened. While everyone was distracted, the girl slipped out unnoticed and followed her instincts. It lead her towards the back of the school. A group of people was already starting to form. She approached with caution, just in case, but soon saw Kraus, Yohan, a boy known as Chase, Saiph, and other faces she recognized. Kraus was trying to wave people away, but Sakuya only got closer. She had to know.

Yohan was still breathing, thankfully, but looked like he was in horrid pain. Sakuya let out a gasp and covered her mouth, but her shock was mostly contained. She stared for a minute before snapping out of it and coming up next to Yohan. "Yohan?" She whispered, knowing he couldn't really hear her. Without much thought, her Dominion started to radiate around her. Normal humans would feel much calmer and warm at most, but those with magic would be able to see a bright light over their wounds. This was effecting both Yohan and Chase. "Hang in there, Yohan. I got you..."

It would be some hours before Yohan would wake back up. His body shook as he opened his eyes. It must of been first lunch period, he felt hungry. But his body suddenly jolted up and he felt someone's hands lightly pushing him back, looking over to find Sakuya sitting next to him. That's when he looked over at a nurse nearby. "Thank goodness you are alright. We had some people coming in to check on you. School is still going on, thankfully, but you have been given the day off. Along with this girl here. She more or less volunteered to stay by your side, she said she was the closet person you had at the school." Yohan looked over to see Sakuya's hands glowing. She must of been using her Dominion all day on him. He could feel his body not being in as much pain, though it was still there. "I'll be going now to inform the doctor. You might get some visits later today." The nurse left the two alone, and that's when Yohan knew it was time.

"Sakuya... I'm sorry." Yohan spoke up. "I'm... Such a screw up. I stood up against Chase and got everyone worried. Most of all, I got you worried. I... I don't really have anyone else. I keep pushing it all on you, don't I? I'm starting to have more friends now, some of my family has turned back up, but you are... The only one who seems to be the closet to me. And I... I feel like you might of picked the wrong guy to be best friends with." Tears started to swell up in Yohan's eyes as he avoided looking her directly in the eyes. "I... I feel like I can't be honest with you right now. I don't know if you have been feeling the same way, I just..." Yohan raised his arm up to wipe away some tears. "I'm sorry... I feel like I don't deserve anything or anyone. All I do is just cause trouble for everyone. I don't deserve to be happy."

Sakuya was just happy to see Yohan awake and well. She listened to him intently and blushed. "Oh, h-hush! You deserve it just fine. Besides, I'm not the only one here to support you...I'm just the only one in the room right now." She petted Yohan's head a little, trying to calm him down. "You have people who love you and just want you to be happy. Don't let that Chase get you down. Although...did you feel something weird from him?" Sakuya lowered her voice as she said this. Her magic senses never quite turned off. She kept a hold of one of Yohan's hands, rubbing a little circle over and over. "I dunno...I just have a strange feeling...."

"I did." Yohan mentioned. "He had something." Yohan sighed out as he held her hand in his, looking over at her. "... I don't know what's gone down in the past between others. Or what my family has gone through. But I..." He swallows as he looks at her. "... I really want you to..." He hesitated, taking in a deep breath as he closes his eyes. "I'm sorry... I shouldn't say it. I'm..." Yohan stopped again, looking over at her. "... I really want to be happy. And, lately... I've been happy the most around you. Ya know?" Yohan said with a stupid smile as tears began to run down his face. ".... I want to be happy... Together."

"To-together?" Sakuya repeated. It took a moment for it to click in her head. "I would love that!" She exclaimed and hugged Yohan a bit too tightly probably. "Sorry! Sorry...I thought you would never really feel that way about me." She had a huge blush on her face (really, it was like that anime stuff all the kids are uppity about these days) as she held his hand tighter. It really did move along quickly, didn't it? Only two days ago did they really start talking, but maybe their attraction was more than a crush. It seemed like fate was working its wonders quickly. "Are you sure about this?"

"Well, at long as you don't have seven evil ex boyfriends I have to fight. I mean, I'm not ready to take up the mantle of Pilgrim." Yohan locked his fingers with hers as he couldn't help but blush and smile. "Yeah, I'm more than certain. I don't want anyone else but you. I thought you would feel like you were cursed to being stuck around me so much, like most seem to act. But if you are happy to hook up with a guy like me, well... Thank you." He said, grabbing her shoulder with his free hand to pull her in and, well, close his eyes and lock lips! If this was Scott Pilgrim, he might have just gotten the Power of Love power-up!

Sakuya kissed him back, her heart threatening to bust out of her chest. The kiss was...well, way better than the first one they had the other day. This time there was no fear, no forced feelings, just the two of them entwined into one another for this moment. She broke off the kiss, smiling at him. "You probably need your rest...I can just tell your brother that you're really tired and send him back home...he seems really worried about you though." Sakuya kissed him again lightly and put a hand lightly on his cheek. She was starting to feel drained. Her magic reserves were running low and she was starving. "Yohan...let's take it easy today, okay?"

Yohan returned the light kiss as he smiled right back at her. He couldn't help but stare right into her eyes as he rested his forehead against hers, holding her gently against him as he couldn't help but keep her close. "We can go to my house once we're out of here, go on a first date. I'll cook something up for us to eat. Just tell me whatever you want." He couldn't help but get another quick kiss off of her as he thought about what she suggested. "If he comes here, I... I'll appreciate that. I forgot about him for ten years, he must feel so bad to know that. I want to make it up to him. Besides, I... I want to introduce him to the cutest girl I know." He decided to throw out a flirt, blushing a little as he let off a little chuckle.

"I'll go get him then." Sakuya said, still blushing as she slowly got up. She stepped out of the room quietly and walked down the hallway to a semi-private waiting room. Takeo had basically paced a path into the tile. Sakuya lightly tapped him on the shoulder. "Yohan said he wanted to see you." The two silently went back to Yohan's room, Takeo entering cautiously. Yohan didn't look as bad as he had imagined.

"Hey, bud, how ya doing?" Takeo asked him quietly. Sakuya took her seat back and Takeo stood on the other side of Yohan. "I heard something about a bomb? You look...considerably less charred than expected. Sakuya has been taking good care of you...good, good...." Relief was visible on Takeo's face. He dared not touch Yohan without his permission, but it was obvious that Takeo deeply cared for the younger brother who had been separated from him for a decade. Sakuya was glad that Yohan finally had a family...and gave her hope that hers would be reunited as well.

Yohan smiled as he saw Sakuya and Takeo walk back in. "I'm good, thought I was going to have a Chase scar on my chest for the rest of my life. That would of been freaky. Luckily, it looks like I'm not going to have anything left over from that jerk beating me up for ten years." Yohan took Sakuya's hand into his own once she had sat down. "Uh, Takeo. This is Sakuya Lecarde. She's, uh... My g-girlfriend." He said with a slight blush, but soon brought that smile back on. "Sakuya, this is Takeo Belmont. He's my older brother, You met him earlier at the gather up yesterday. I uh, think it's a good idea to ease mom into the whole, hooking up thing and all that." Yohan sighed out as he leaned back and rested. "Bomb? There was no bomb. Chase had a knife, he had The Black, but like... There was no bo--" He stopped as his eyes widened. ".... Oh no." His grip on Sakuya's hand tightened slightly. "I.... I used my power, didn't I? I couldn't control it, it -- it went out like a blast and.... Shoot! He has some things coming, but now he's gonna end up in jail because of me. And without magic, no one will believe me because magic can't be backed up with simple evidence! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to cause a scene, honest!"

Takeo and Sakuya both patted Yohan, trying to reassure him. "It happens, little brother. It seems he had it coming. But the rumor is that he did, in fact, have a bomb. But if he had the Black..." Takeo and Sakuya exchanged a glance. "Things just got a lot more complicated. Timberland is making quite the stir and I'm positive that it's going to garner attention from all sorts of magic types." Sighing and rubbing his head, Takeo sat down. "I'm not quite sure what the best course of action is. your back." Takeo then turned his attention to Sakuya, taking her in fully. "Erm...Mom is going to be...less than happy about this. If she doesn't know already, she will find out. She doesn't have the best history with the Lecarde family." He saw Sakuya's face fall and the knowing look in her eye. "I have no problem with who you like or whatever. Good for you guys." Takeo gave a thumbs up. However, another person gaining magic suddenly was not good. "I assume they probably won't let you out today. Do you want anything from the house? Here's my number in case you need me. Sebastian makes sure I don't leave without it, the knucklehead." Takeo chuckled to himself.

"You know...where is Mom? I thought she would be in here already."

Yohan ran his free hand through his hair as he thought about it as well. "Probably still out. After you left, she used that strange device in the basement to go somewhere. I presume she hasn't returned yet if you don't know where she is. Doesn't matter. Let's focus on the issue at hand. I thought how strange it was, when Ricky, this little petty criminal, suddenly comes out of nowhere with The Black. Then suddenly people like Chase start having it? I think there was more to Ricky's plan than just targeting us last night. It almost felt like too much of a taunt, baiting us in to distract us from the overall bigger picture. I think that somehow, Ricky must of gotten some friends of his to help spread The Black throughout the town while we were all busy with him. We were all exhausted after it was over and then he suddenly pops up a martyr on the news. I remember dad used to tell us stories about warriors clashing in the past." Yohan pulled Sakuya's hand up to his chest for comfort, while keeping his hand in hers as he did this. "... I think we're about to see another clash like the legends."


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The young woman that had caught Takeo’s eye had also caught the attention of Sebastian, he’d speak up just before the glance and smile “Good morning” leaving the stranger be for now, Seb felt the firm clip about the back of his head from Rebecca’s hand “not even done with the first hour and you’re already checking out the opposite sex” Rebecca folded her arms and raised an eyebrow, Sebastian just gave a smirk and a chuckle. Which gained a roll of the eyes response from the twin.

Stepping inside the group soon split away, Takeo with his computer engineering Rebecca with her business administration and Seb; he was mechanical engineering student, he had already two years of his diploma he just needed to do two at a different college on the same subject, to pass the level 3 before going into university levels.

The block of the college he was studying was rather uneventful, heck the rumors didn’t reach him until midday, Sebastian on hearing the rumors and those involved immediately called Takeo, to make sure he was alright, he stepped out the dining area he was in, grabbing his bag and jacket, he got a lot of funny looks for wearing his gloves constantly, then again he couldn’t let anyone see that his left hand and arm was scaled and had claws.

“Fucking hell man, you guys alright?...” he had stepped into a quiet area out the way, to have his call, if there was one to be had. But that same feeling from the garage grew over him, he began to choke, like an invisible noose wrapping around his neck and pulled tight.

Sebastian dropped his mobile and grasped at his neck clawing with his left hand resulting in three clean shallow cuts to the left side of his adam’s apple. even now you’re weak, fall. know true power the words formed in his mind, Sebastian came back to reality collapsing down the wall when someone from further down the hallway around the corner came through, Sebastian didn’t allow a drop of his blood to fall, using his dominion to keep the blood from leaking from the three claw marks. He stood up and picked up his mobile, looking to see if the call was still on going.


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Having been discharged from the hospital not long after arriving, Felix had spent the rest of his weekend and Monday not up to much. Since he was here to study, he would just be working a few evenings a week, plus Saturday, so he wound up in his room most of the time, refusing to go out for fear of something weird happening again, reading comics and novels to pass the time. He had decided to stay away from TV for the time being, after switching it on and immediately seeing a news report about a death here in Timberland.

What certainly didn’t help was that his ‘annoying sidekick’, as he was now calling it, had figured out it could essentially shapeshift and cast illusions on him, being part of his psyche and all. On Sunday night, he had been kept up by scratching and distorted, unearthly whispering noises at the door. Now he had figured out the culprit, it was slightly less nightmare inducing for him, but the trick where it turned into a horrifying mutated goat and charged at him still made him flinch, which obviously amused the creature, as it changed back to its normal form and rolled on the floor in hysterics. Throwing in a few spiders and snakes seemed to be working pretty well too.

He was actually relieved on Tuesday morning when he finally had to leave the flat. He thought he would be a nervous wreck walking around town after the recent incidents, but he always felt safe surrounded by other people, especially in the daytime.

Everything went pretty normally from there. His walk to the campus was short and peaceful. His first lessons of this year were more like poetic rambling than teaching anything practical but he listened intently nonetheless. Last year he had gotten looks from the others as he was one of those students who take excessive interest. He still managed to work up a small mountain of notes, but his peers were used to it by now. Even his inner demon found him hard to distract.

Having spent far too long reorganising said notes, and struggling to stuff them and his books back into the brown laptop bag he was now keeping in his locker, he set off to grab some lunch.

Nearing the dining area, he heard some scuffling and what sounded like someone collapsing. He hurried around the corner to see if something was up, only to run into one of the people he’d met the other day. Sebastian was standing up and seemed fine, and although it seemed some kind of wound was on his neck that hadn’t been there before, there were no signs of bleeding.

Felix approached him, waving to the young man just has he was picking up his phone, making him wonder if he had fallen over or just dropped his mobile and struggled to get it off the ground quickly.