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Tracey Winters

"how are we all today?"

0 · 492 views · located in The Other Side

a character in “Black and White”, as played by Yvandír



Age: "you never ask a woman her age" but really she's over a century old.
around 150 years old

Nicknames: doesn't really have any

Gender: female

Height: 5ft 10"

weight: 59Kg

Additional details: old scars from events in the past.

Likes and Dislikes

+her loving family
+her coven
+chocolate drinks of any kind
+using her magic to help others

- Dracul/her father (for various reasons)
- abusers of their power
- harm towards her family
- irked by her extended family's prideful and arrogant nature.

Strengths: never had an inner demon(born with magic in her blood), gentle caring nature, intelligent
she can fly
weakness: caring nature, fear of spiders, temperament of a dragon.

Favourite colour: Turquoise

Hobbies: bike riding, sailing, Equestrian sports, running her coven.

Profession: secondary school teacher of Mathematics.

HISTORY: Born to the late Dracul's purple dragonborn incarnation, Tracey as she now calls herself in the modern age was always expected,
to live up to that birthright, however her contradictory personality to that of the purple dragonborns made her more so an outcast, raised lovingly by her father
until something changed within him and soon she fell by the wayside, old enough to care for herself she did so, and left long before her father struck the final nail in the coffin. she ended with the unfortunate task of bringing down her own father.

To her credit she did so with the aid of others, but she has always kept close relations with the realms of the otherside since, less so with her own kin feeling they betrayed her and they feel the same about her being a kin-slayer, though these days she keeps herself busy teaching and caring for her husband and two children.

The Coven of serenity
is a gathering of 'Witches' back in the UK numbering just shy of ten members in its current state, Tracey helps organise and run the coven along with the descendant of the founding witch, a close friend of Tracey, the continued existence of the coven has been a matter of discussion for the members and others wanting to influence the Coven's ways, Tracey is truthful to the members and does not hide truths from them, such as it is, many if not all of the dedicated members know her by her original birth name.

So begins...

Tracey Winters's Story


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  1. This post is a collab between myself, Kagerou, Yvandir & DragonDunc

    by The Great Thundorz

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Yohan's eyes slowly opened, his eyes glowing purple for three seconds before fading back to normal. He found his body to feel straining, after last night and the fight with Ricky he was surprised he managed to wake up at all. His eyes widened as he remembered about his right shoulder, pulling the sleeve down quickly! When his eyes looked over his shoulder, he saw no marks of any wound. That's when he remembered about Sakuya, and how she had just been gone. He had assumed at the time she went home, but now that he thought about it, he really wished he had tried looking for her more. "Shoot! She might of been taken by someone!"

In another part of town, Sakuya jumped out of her bed with a start. She looked around, confused. The last thing she remembered was trying to cast a barrier spell around Yohan's friends after a portal to the Other Side opened. But now she was home? It didn't make much sense. She walked towards her kitchen and found a quick note. "Noticed you were unconscious near the station. Brought you home to rest. Don't strain yourself next time." Sakuya read aloud. It seemed to be Delta's handwriting. Sakuya sighed and leaned against her table. She heard a beeping from her answering machine. "Oh no!" She remembered that she had just up and left a shift at work. Most of the messages were from her manager wondering where she went. The last message from her manager was of her termination, as all they could see on the tape was her making out with a boy and running off. Today was just not her day, was it? However, Sakuya took it fairly well. She was more concerned over what had happened the night before. Where did they all go? Did they end up being stuck on the Other Side? Brushing her hair a bit and grabbing her shoes, she left her apartment to investigate.

Yohan wanted to get up so badly, but his body failed time and again. So this is what it felt like to be strained after going all out in a fight, huh? Well, that and he had used an incredibly overbearing power that felt like every time he used it, he was running through fire itself! Luckily he seemed to be fine, for now at least. But he wanted to find out where Sakuya had gone, who knows if Ricky had any more plans they weren't aware of. It seemed suspicious to him, why would Ricky go through all that time and trouble just to send some dog first? Whatever, didn't matter, he had to find her. All he could manage to do was sit up though, he felt incredibly strained just moving around. He checked the current time. Noon?! Really?!? He had slept practically through all of the ding-dang morning!

Sakuya was on her way to the hospital. "They told me it was...this one, right?" She asked herself. She had stopped by the police station to ask more about the events of the night before. They had informed her that Yohan was recovering from something. She made her way up the hospital stairs after getting his room number from a receptionist. Soon enough, she arrived at her destination. She knocked on the door gently. "Yohan?" She asked quietly. Sakuya hoped that he was okay...

Yohan practically almost jumped out of the bed if he didn't feel like total garbage right now. Though hearing her voice made him tense up a little inside, what if this was a trick? He had to make certain, but for now there wasn't much he could do. He just had to believe in himself that this wasn't going to go horribly wrong and that this was actually her. "Yeah. Come in." He spoke out from the bed he currently sat in.

Sakuya opened the door slowly. Yohan looked...well, tired was probably an understatement. She shut the door behind her and approached his bedside. "That was...some fight last night, huh?" She tried to joke, but it probably didn't come across very well. "I...I'm sorry. How are you feeling?"

Yohan couldn't help but smile and rub the back of his neck. "Yeah, it was. I wasn't expecting it, honestly. But I'm alright. I'm just fatigued." Yohan looks over at her. "It's funny. I hate the idea of fighting, yet last night brought about a spark that ignited throughout my entire body. I couldn't stop fighting once I started. I loved it. I wanted to keep fighting. It's strange to admit, but it was oddly addicting. I know it sounds stupid, but I can't help but want to get better at it. Get an idea for it, get my body pumped up so I can enjoy fighting people of higher calibers. I just don't know how else to word it. I think I love fighting."

It was at this time that the door would open and two more people were brought in to the same room as Yohan: Sebastian and Felix. All three of them had been looked over from last night's incident and were on the path to recovery now. The doctors had told Sebastian and Felix to take it easy for today, but they would be allowed to resume their normal routines tomorrow. A woman was also allowed inside: Sebastian's mother Tracey. Once everything had been set up, the others leave and it was just the five of them now. Yohan, Sakuya, Sebastian, Tracey and Felix.

Sakuya was about to respond to Yohan's previous remarks, but she was startled by the door opening. Two men came in, looking just as beat up as Yohan. She felt a sense of dread come up out of the pit of her stomach. They were...something or other with magic. Sakuya waved to them, but stopped as she saw a familiar face, the woman with purple hair. While Sakuya knew that she was considered an outcast among the royal families of the Other Side, she bowed to her regardless. "It's an honor to see you again, Ms. Winters." Sakuya said politely. She glanced over at the other two strangers and also bowed slightly at them. "I hope everything is alright?"

Felix was mostly shocked from the events and pains and while he may have had little physical injury to show, he was taking the doctors' advice quite happily. Although a mildly puzzled expression crossed his face as soon as he entered the room, he tried to cover this up. what he was openly confused about, however, was the way this person addressed Sebastian's mother, as if they were acquainted. The choice of language was...unexpectedly formal as well. "Wait, do you four all know each other?" he spoke up, trying to point to everyone in the room all at once.

Sebastian lay quietly reading a book his sister had so graciously brought up from the apartment, though she had gone home to do the sensible thing and sleep, so for the first few brief minutes his head was buried in the book a book by the name of left hand of god by Paul Hoffman; Tracey, however, was alert and quickly turned to Sakuya upon her greeting, she would bow in response "please, there is no need to bow to me Princess Sakuya" Tracey glanced over at Felix and sighed gently "you really are clueless, I know Sakuya and her family, yes." Sebastian had lowered his book to look over the top of it "good morning" he quietly went back to his book, Wraith however was stood next to his cot, poking Sebastian's left temple, the eye patch was laying on his lap and the scarred flesh usually hidden, exposed to all. "Sebby?" Tracey turned to her son who again looked over the top of his book "aren't you at all wondering?" Sebastian folded the corner of his book set it down and sounding lightly irritated "I've learnt to avoid asking questions of this....could you cut that out?" his head sharply turning to face Wraith, who would stop and then poke the scarred tissue "I hate you so bloody much right now Wraith" Tracey couldn't help but pinch the bridge of her nose.

Yohan saw the three new arrivals and quickly got impressions from each of them. So Felix was basically a younger Frederick, Sebastian reminded him too much like a male version of Sienna and the lady was... Well, he had no one to compare her to really. Looked around at them all as they talked, he felt really like the odd duckling among them. Who woulda thunk it? "Um." Yohan started, obviously nervous as he turned to look at Sakuya. "I am totally clueless and such so uh --" His brain immediately would turn itself back on to catch up to reality. "WAIT A MINUTE! PRINCESS?!" Yohan felt himself turn into a ghost for a minute or two at this revelation. "Wait and she's also royalty?! Wait, wha, how, but, I, oh, can someone please explain to me what's going on before I end up losing myself in a new wave of overload?"

Sakuya blushed, embarrassed. She nodded at Tracey and turned her attention to Yohan. "There are multiple kingdoms on the Other Side. My mother and father happen to be in control of one of them." Sighing, Sakuya continued. "I also happen to be the crown princess...but please don't treat me like a baby!" Sakuya exclaimed. She glanced around the room once again, calming enough to explain more to Yohan. "There are certain people that have...a unique look about them. The most obvious is our hair." She pointed to her own hair. "I don't know what everyone here knows, so I should let Ms. Winters explain further."

While Felix couldn't see it, he had a pretty good guess what was bothering Sebastian. "If it helps you feel any better, mine's taken to biting now." The small weasel was, in fact, biting the young man's hand. Although now he had figured out that it couldn't do him any real physical harm, he was just putting up with it. He hadn't been expecting to be in the same room as royalty though. "Er, apologies to have not addressed you correctly!" he blurted out, making as if to bow but then hesitating and sort of inclining his head a little. "Er, your majesty? Highness? Ma'am? er..." His voice trailed off.

Tracey glanced to Sakuya "oops, i take it you were keeping that secret sorry" Tracey tied her purple shoulderblade length hair back into a pony tail and nodded "Sebastian you best listen as well" Sebastian sat back relaxing a little since Wraith left to 'rest' "yeah sure" Tracey just glanced at her son, before looking around to everyone, keeping the nagging voice about the blue haired teen in the back of her mind while she would explain. "firstly, the unnatural hair colours, come from our dragonblood heritage, for myself and my Son Sebastian here, though recessive gene took hold and his hair is a much darker shade, Dragonborn were sired from the Dragon god: Dracul" she spoke the name with some venom and disgust. "most commonly the hair colour you have show's from which bloodline you come, Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple, there are green. There is quite the array, really." she paced a little thinking what would be needed to know and what could be left by the wayside.

Yohan heard about the whole blue thing and reached up to pat his own hair. Well, that just couldn't be, there was no way she was referring to him. Those scales he had manifested before couldn't of been because he was this Dragonborn thing they were talking about. He nodded to her words as he couldn't help but blink. This really seemed like just... Casual information to throw out? He felt like there was more she could of told them, but she was giving them the basics. Really, three in the present room were at least of these Dragonborn's she spoke of. He couldn't really say anything about himself, but that Felix over there looked about as human as Frederick right now. He decided not to really bring up any questions, since, well, he had no idea what to really ask. This was all shocking to him, in reality, he should be freaking out. But he wouldn't do that in a public hospital.

Sakuya listened attentively, though it was information she had known her whole life. She could see Yohan's confusion as he touched his own hair. "Yes, that means you too, Yohan. Your family....your family is not in good graces on the Other Side, though..." She said with a tinge of sadness. "I don't understand why, but a lot of the Blue line was killed off. My mother had a personal grudge, but even she was distraught by the news." Sakuya put a reassuring hand on Yohan's shoulder before turning towards Felix. "Sir, may I ask you a strange question? You don't have to answer, of course, but do by any chance have...magic? You look fairly human to me..."

Felix was a bit taken aback when Sakuya decided to ask him, of all people, for information. “Wha - me? Er…maybe? I think so? I can’t do anything like the others, but I have one of those…things following me around. That only I can see, I mean.” He answered, sighing. “I’m sorry, this is just a lot to take in and I’m a bit lost. Yesterday someone gathered a bunch of us, including Sebastian and myself,” he gestured to the dark-haired man, “and said a load of stuff about...well, magic existing, and us all having it. I’m not even sure what to make of that. Now I’m hearing there’s these dragon…people as well? I really am clueless, I’m afraid.” He paused in thought for a while, “When we went over to that…er, ‘other side’ place, we got these weapons and at one point mine lit up and there was this gold energy that made a kind of shield around me. But I think that was just an enchantment or something, not me. Either way, I'm definitely one hundred percent human, if that helps.”

Tracey nodded taking in what Felix spoke on about. "you mentioned fighting a hellhound on the way here, how you guys survived getting close enough to strike it is beyond me" Sebastian smirked proudly though, he winced when he realized that he still ached and hurt "yeah..." Tracey crossed her arms looking over at her son "what?" she raised an eyebrow "how?" Sebastian's face changed from pride to dismay, he was being interrogated, he let out a soft sigh "I'll explain my story, once you've explained to Yohan, so he stops catching flies" that got Seb a clip across the back of his head, by his own book no less Tracey had used her dominion Telekinesis to clout her son "stop with the attitude, it belittles you" Seb just nodded rubbing the back of his head. Tracey turned back to the others. "Yes...Yohan is it? you are the last of the Blue lineage to my knowledge" she says her demeanor saddened though she set aside the sadness "though back to the lesson, all dragonborn came from the first Dracul the god of dragons, his shards after his shattering formed the different draconic royal family's, and once every so many generations he would reincarnate in a newborn of each family...the last reincarnation was my father...a sad truth really"

Yohan couldn't really believe what he was hearing right now. The heck was this information suddenly? Why hadn't his mother or father mentioned this before? Then again, they hadn't even mentioned the Gateway to him. Everyone else seemed to just magically know this stuff and yet here he was, the odd duckling who was just left out to dry. It upset him in some ways, but in others it made him curious. Curious to find out. He looked over at Sakuya and took hold of her arm lightly with one of his hands. "Thank you all, really. Sakuya, I need you to help me move home. Sorry to just drop out of the conversation suddenly, but I have something to look into now."

Sakuya nodded at him. "I understand. It's...a lot to take in, I'm sure." She looked at Tracey. "Thank you for trying to explain. I think we can handle the rest. Regards to your family." She helped Yohan out of the bed and out of the room in turn. She waved goodbye to Sebastian and Felix, giving an apologetic look to the latter. She shut the door quietly and lead Yohan out of the hospital after he had checked out. "Are you sure you want to walk the whole way? It's pretty far..."

Yohan had a determined look in his eyes as she spoke to him. "Yeah, I do. It's a long trip, but it'll be worth it. Sorry to put this on you out of the blue and all. But if all she's saying is true, there must be evidence at my house from my parents or something relating to all of this. There just has to be something we can find that helps back all of this up. There must be, there just has to be!"

Sakuya sighed. She couldn't argue with him. The girl started off in the direction of Yohan's home. "It must be difficult for you to process this." Sakuya tried to make some sort of conversation as she thought about her childhood. Something struck her. "Do you remember your father's name?" Sakuya asked suddenly. They were still walking all the while.

"Richter Belmont." Yohan said without hesitation. "Yeah, I know. It sounds like the video game character."

Sakuya almost stopped. She did some quick math. "We need to get to your house quickly. It's going to sound weird, but trust me, okay?"

Yohan blinked in obvious confusion. "Uh, okay then."

"Can you move faster? I don't want to strain you, but any speed would be appreciated." Sakuya said quickly.

"Yeah, sure, sorry." Yohan moved faster at her request.

"Good! Let's hurry!" With that, the two hurried along in their way.

Epsilon was a rather quiet man. He preferred to relax in his strange little room of star lights projecting from his machine he set up right in the center of the room. It gave the room a space feel when all was black and the stars all shined the way they did. Sitting in his hovering bed, he flipped through pages of his book quietly. Whether he had read the book multiple times or didn't really care to read through this one was hard to tell, even for those who had known him for years. Surrounded by strangers who would rather waste their time practicing how powerful they were and how much they could destroy, Epsilon remained in the shadows of his own room and merely relaxed.

He could hear the playing that was being done by Susanne Fitzgerald, his daughter. Susanne was currently messing around with blocks and other toys in her own little floating space. She had long since gotten used to the strange rooms her father ended up creating for himself. Though it would be odd for anyone to see a grown woman playing around like some kind of child. Susanne didn't seem to take note of the world around her though, but to those besides her family that got close to her, she would give off a pretty sickening aura that kept the Dark Wizards their distance from her. One wrong move and she wouldn't hesitate to pop each of their heads.

The door creaked open and Upsilon walked in as slow as ever. Epsilon rolled his eyes and closed the book, putting it down on a floating table next to him, not like it really mattered though. Rolling off the bed, Epsilon adjusted himself to now floating in the air as he looked down at the old man. "Well this is a surprise, I had thought the meeting would of gone on longer than that. Though you've probably already heard that from one of your little apprentices." Epsilon's form was kept in the dark, no one but his kids were allowed to see the true form he put on for himself. Floating down slowly, Upsilon could only watch as Epsilon gave off an intimidating aura about him. Upsilon narrowed his eyes as Epsilon's feet touched the ground. He had to keep his guard up as usual.

"Yes, glad to know you are still observing everyone as always." Upsilon commented. "Paranoid as ever. You just can't let any of us have a break, huh? Well I'm here to tell you the bloody details. Looks like you were right. Magic in Gaia has been on the rise lately. In particular, The White and The Black. Looks like The Emperor's got some stupid vigilante plan for Gaia, but who cares? He used some dumb dude named Ricky to get this whole thing on a head start. The Legion of Demons are ready to attack at any moment, just give me the word and I'll have one of their best lead a charge. It doesn't matter if we start this whole war against the Legion of Demons, they'll never be able to take down the Demon Generals or the Demon Lords. The Order of Gray are all out and about doing things, Lady Alpha requires more information in order to make a stance."

"As to be expected of everyone." Epsilon walked over to one of his tables and opens up a rather large book. "Everyone just needs a little push. The Dark Wizards can assist the Legion of Demons. The Order of Gray will no doubt try and target the Legion of Demons first, then us. The Sukodo Empire won't attack, they will defend. They are too busy mobilizing their forces and defenses. As for The White and The Black forces on Gaia, we can consider them just like the smaller nations and organizations. Everyone's choosing sides. Most of the Dragonborn families have already allied themselves with The Empire. More Dragonborn are becoming allies with them by the day. It's only a matter of time before all of them are under The Sukdoo Empire."

"Whatever. All I care about is finding the mark." Upsilon managed to growl out, the goal he had set in mind was one that Epsilon found to be curious, but he could already guess what it was. Upsilon was too easy a person to read, honestly. He may have tried to fool everyone else, but to Epsilon, he could easily see Upsilon's true intentions clear as daylight. That's why he kept him around. It was just so easy to use such an obvious puppet like this into doing what he wanted him to do. Epsilon had long ago thrown aside the feeling of mercy for people like Upsilon or most of these dark wizards. They only followed him because he had a strong image and reputation about him, nothing more, nothing less. They felt safe behind his shadow, they felt protected by his sheer intelligence and power to overcome any threat that dared cross them. They would have no problem stabbing him in the back if the time came when they saw him as useless. That's just how life in the dark wizard's worked.

"You say that, but for all you know, this person with the mark is already dead." Epsilon continued to scroll through the large book before him. "If you really wanted to find the one person out of everyone with this mark, you should of simply come to me from the start with investigating into it. I would of done the proper research into it, unlike you and leaving apprentice's to do the job for you. What, still upset about that? Don't be. You chose poorly in allowing new people to do research into matters that are beyond them."

"What exactly is the problem with that?!" Upsilon gave a sudden outburst to Epsilon. "I can't do all the work by myself, you know that! I'd like to hear you come up with one of those lame excuses. You can't do everything either, Epsilon! Or did you forget you are still only mortal like the rest of us!"

"Yes, I do not deny that I am mortal. However, I know the truth about the situation of the world at large." Epsilon stopped and pointed at a specific page in his book. "That the world is full of lies. It is full of manipulators and people who would rather erase the truth than keep it. Why do you think no one really speaks of the Gods that the Dragonborn worship? Or of the Ancients mentioned in stories like The Wizard VS The Blue-Haired Warrior? Haven't you ever thought it strange? How The White and The Black are so inaccurately described from what we have read about accounts of them? Too many holes people have just covered up over the years that I am seeking out."

"You say that as if there's a problem, Epsilon. Then again, you did leave The Order in a rude fashion some years ago. Has that, too, been fabricated to you?" Upsilon questioned Epsilon. But Epsilon couldn't help but smile.

"Oh Upsilon. you say the that like you aren't responsible for most of this." Epsilon couldn't help but chuckle as the book began to glow. "But don't worry. You won't have to worry for long. Once I find the book with the inner demon I am looking for, that will all start to change." Upsilon could only watch as the book's words began to shift and form into a circle in the center of the book. "So that's where it's been all this time! I was hoping to use that ring to help me find it sooner. But whatever, set backs have been dealt with." Epsilon began to move around the room. "Upsilon! Call Ken in for me. As much of a goofball as that kid is, he is my direct apprentice. And don't let him near the dark wizards! I don't need them getting recklessly killed!"


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Sebastian had been released from the hospital in the early hours of the morning, only really being there for about four hours, his mother still about, keeping an eye on him, to Sebastian, the only thing hurt at the moment was his pride, he would split paths leaving his mother to see her back at the apartment, he needed to pick up his bike.

Arriving at the sunny shield shop about half an hour of walking, he’d try the door, obviously the night before they forgot to lock the door after they had gone on their trip, Sebastian out of security’s sake checked over the shop and home to ensure everything was where he remembered it, fetching his icebox and putting his leathers and plates on.

He winced as multiple sharp pains began running up his left arm from his hand, the skin hardening and scales began to form, luckily his arm didn’t grow any spikes or bony protrusions, looking rather normal really except for the clawed hand and purple scales.

“this wouldn’t happen to be your benefit of the deal, right?”

Wraith formed himself sat on the couch and applauded Sebastian’s quick conclusion. “Well done, though we both know we’re just a monster, born from a kin-slayer, who herself sired from an insane god.”

Sebastian swung the now draconoid fist towards Wraith who vanished from thin air, reappearing to uppercut Sebastian’s jaw and flip Sebastian onto the coffee table, smashing it under his weight and the added weight of the biking armour.

“So predictable, you should get that temperament looked at, it might kill you” Wraith’s laughter filled Sebastian’s mind, he rolled over onto his front and pushed himself to his feet, spitting out blood, Seb took his wallet from his jacket and dropped thirty dollars on the couch before leaving the building, Making his way home.


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Sebastian didn’t hang about his family, Rebecca, his sister and Tracey were busy discussing the college mostly and how the two of them had settled in, Tracey had quickly figured out Rebecca hadn’t awakened to magic just yet, finding it odd that Sebastian had years prior. She was glad she had been suppressing Sebastian’s dominion over the years, she didn’t want to put up with a bratty magical child on top of what Seb had done.

Sebastian was laid in his bed staring into oblivion up at his roof, the enchanted longsword resting up against the bed, there was no silence to think and Wraith’s continuous taunts, jabs and insults slowly grating at Sebastian. “would you just shut up!?”

The fury of the dragon released. Seb had tapped the hilt of his blade causing it to flip and then fly into impaling Wraith, launching him through into the ensuite bathroom, apparently dead, hanging limply two foot off the floor, Seb stood up and walked towards the ensuite door, Wraith suddenly looking up and laughing maniacally, pulling itself off the sword. “the look on your face! It was perfect! That’s it! That’s what i want, come on, do more...” Wraith’s voice trailed off

Sebastian looked on, Wraith’s face, pure horror his anger displacing and soon he felt his breathing began to struggle, gasping for air around him darkness began to form engulfing the room around him. “good, the door, be consumed” a silent voice filled Sebastian’s head. but before his vision faded he felt a concussive blast and was knocked from his hallucination and launched back onto his bed bouncing off it he pulled himself up off the floor, the door swinging open his two family members rushing in.

“What the hell is going on in here, sounds like you’re trying to break through the floor” Tracey exclaimed expecting the bedroom, Tibber Rebecca’s cat rushed into the room and up onto the bed hissing at something in the room, it wasn’t wraith, Wraith was still paralysed with fear in the ensuite. It seemed to be hissing towards an old sword hilt mounted on the wall.

Pushing himself up off the floor he fetched the longsword from the wall behind Wraith, as he passed that hilt however he felt that depressing consuming presence enter his mind again. “you fear your truest pinnacle of power” the voiceless words haunting him.

Sebastian threw on his jacket and took the sword along with his keys, neglecting his bike equipment, he stormed from the apartment and rode for twenty minutes around town before heading down to the park locking his bike up and then going to find a secluded place out of immediate sight.

He stabbed the sword into the ground and then set down against it. Looking out into the water of the lake there, after a few minutes, Seb began to tear up only to be stopped when Wraith kicked him.

“WHAT THE FUCK WRAITH!?” Seb had rolled back and twisted up onto his feet glaring at the inner demon.

“YOU FUCKING KNOW WHAT, SUICIDE!? SUICIDE!? I WAS FUCKING RIGHT, YOU’RE A GODS DAMNED COWARD!?” Wraith’s fear replaced with anger again but Sebastian’s rage faltered, was Wraith crying?

Wraith swung again Seb deftly deflecting the blow. The pair traded blows for what seemed hours, until Seb missed a block and allowed Wraith to strike him.

“ha! You’re just weak”

“I’m not fighting you” Sebastian lowered his fists and walked around Wraith towards his sword and to sit back down stopping when he felt a foot plant in his back

“C’mon fight me, else you’ll end up black and blue” he swung again putting a fist into Seb’s cheek and knocking Sebastian to the ground. Sebastian just got back up ignoring wraith.

The next few moments lasted eons between the demon and Sebastian, then a crack of light formed across Wraith, followed by others forming. Wraith swung out again enraged by Sebastian though again impact was made but his hand shattering and soon enough, Wraith shattered completely.

Sebastian went and sat back down resting against the sword once more and sighing softly. “why fight myself?, you were just my self loathing, I’m better than that”

Though the issue of Yohan bearing the mark of Dracul. It weighed heavily, now even in this peace and quiet, though the threat of whatever that thing that nearly got him because of Wraith also hiding behind the peace.


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  1. This post is a collab between myself, Kagerou, Yvandir, Martinvole and Lius.

    by The Great Thundorz

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Yohan had put the gift bag in his room before closing the door and letting out a sigh of relief. He walked downstairs, it was time to do some damage control, even though the couch had ended up the way it did by that little dog. Oh, there was Saiph, he couldn't help but wave to her. He looked around at everyone but sighing out. "Okay. So there's some more people here than I thought there was going to be. So let me clear up a thing or two, okay? I don't got much food. I don't have special much of anything. If you want to hang out, you can. Just saying, my place is not a mansion or anything." Yohan picked up the remote and turned on the living room television, putting the remote down on the table.

"Be my guest and watch whatever you like. Sakuya, I need you with me." Yohan began walking back up the stairs, it was time to deal with the family issue that had presented itself to him. Opening up the door to his room, he walked in and sat down on his bed, turning on his own television and letting out a short little sigh. "Alright." He started, letting his little room of comfort ease him. "So it seems like there are people I don't remember coming back into my life. That's not going to be complicated or anything. Especially when I feel I'm not exactly the best at being the host of a party or whatever this turned into now."

Sakuya jolted with shock as she was nudged repeatedly by the tiny dog. Not literal electricity of course, just with surprise. She pet the dog lightly a few times before Yohan had come down and explained his housing situation. She did not argue with him, but she did manage to scoop the little puppy up and bring him with her to Yohan's bedroom. The door was left open so the poor thing could escape if it wanted to. Sakuya put him down lightly on Yohan's bed and continued to pet him while she listened. "People you don't remember?" She questioned, looking out into the hall. She could see Kogo and instinctively knew who she was exactly, but did not react to her presence. "So, then she was the one here?" Sakuya asked quietly. She also glanced over at Takeo who was making small talk with Kogo in a language she didn't understand. The pair seemed to be catching up. They look so much alike... Sakuya thought to herself. She sighed and looked up at Yohan. "I'm sorry...this all must be a lot for you to handle..."

Kraus looked around at all who gathered, intentionally trying to ignore Saiph in accordance to Puck's instructions. There were quite a few gathered here, like a party, but the feeling was strange. There was at least some relief from the fact that Yohan seemed lively, if not a bit off. He then glances over at Kogo and Takeo talking, a part of his mind actually piecing things together slowly. A grin creeps over his face.

"Hah, had no idea he had so many friends and family, that is wonderful," he says finally, folding his arms. "Had no idea there was going to be a welcome home party! Uh, shame about the couch, though..."

Saiph herself was out of sorts, she had never been surrounded by so many people in a rather small space, in fact, most of her life she had spent in isolation, with dreams of being part of a crowd, going to parties, being normal... but now, she just feels overwhelmed. She puts on a grin as Yohan seemed to recognize her without her gear, waving back at him in response, then watches as he leaves back to his room with Sakuya after him. Her attention again falls to the gathered crowd. With a deep breath she decided to announce herself.

"H-hello... I'm Saiph, Saiph Grimms, pleasure to meet everybody," she says, waving her hand, forcing a grin on her face. She rolls her eye, holding out her hands, trying her hardest to make small talk. "Sooooooo... crazy night, huh?"

Sebastian stood from his spot in the park, the bruises and pelting he'd received from Wraith nearly gone now, he pulled the sword out of the ground and walked back towards his motorbike stuffing the sword into its sheath hung from the sword of the bike, he put the helmet on and went back to just riding, clearing his head.

soon enough he found himself back on the street to the Belmont house, he'd tap the handlebars and bring the bike up setting it back where he left it last, kicking out the stand, he didn't want to be inside the building, it just felt wrong for him to be near it, even on the same street, like he was betraying the trust of friends and family. Either-way he just sat on the bike helmet on his lap, if anyone paid attention to him, he'd chat but he was to busy figuring out what he wanted to do.

As for Tracey however, she was out searching for her son, Sebastian had been instructed to take a day off and he was doing quite the opposite in her eyes, thanks to Rebecca she had a car to drive about in her search for Sebastian. "Sebastian...why are you always so problematic" Tracey sighed heavily glancing down streets as she drove through Timberland.

Yohan looked over at Sakuya and smiled a little. "It's alright. I knew the day would come when I would have to deal with this. Years of just being alone, and then suddenly people start showing up, saying they're my real family." Yohan shook his head. "I don't remember a thing about either of them. I couldn't tell you if they were my real family or not. It's so hard to go about my life when I know I'm missing crucial parts of my childhood. I'm sorry to be a downer, just... I don't think I was ready to hear someone say they were my mom today is all." Yohan rubbed the back of his neck. "I don't know what to do or how to handle this at all. I'm sorry."

The girl nodded. She couldn't imagine what Yohan was going through at the moment. She patted Paarl again and then rubbed Yohan's shoulder gently. "It'll be okay. To be honest, I don't think that woman has much of a reason to lie. She's...notorious for not having a sense of shame." Sakuya said, shuddering at the thought. "Not that I know her personally...most people from the Other Side has at least heard of her."


Kogo and Takeo continued to speak to one another while heading down the stairs. Kogo was mostly glad to be speaking her mother tongue with someone. It was mostly just chit chat, but it was interrupted by Kraus. "It was not supposed to be a party. I really don't appreciate strangers in my home." Kogo glared at him. She then turned her attention to Saiph. "Hello, Saiph. No need for an introduction. I respect your father and it is an honour to have you here. Please feel free to sit anywhere you like."

Kraus was stunned, to be called a stranger in his own home town!? This must be rectified immediately! "Ma'am, I'll have you know that I'm a teacher at the school here, I'm here because of a scuffle the boy had last night that landed him in the hospital, which I'd call that cause for alarm." There was no reason to beat around the bush at this point, he was going to give someone an earful one way or the other. "I've lived here all my life, and I'll tell you, things are certainly weird around here lately, spooky even. So, forgive me if I'm a bit concerned about the residents here, let alone a student. Speaking of which, hmm, you are rather lively for being dead."

"Careful, there's something strange about this one as well," Puck says to Rupert, his tone turning cautious. "To be honest, there's something strange about everyone here. Feel it? Magic all around, and I don't mean rabbits and rainbows either."

"Erm, anyways... need something done about the couch?" he says, glancing over at it and scratching the back of his neck. "Is kinda... scorched."

Saiph was somewhat surprised, she knew her father? Without her helmet she couldn't just scan for files to figure out why, so she simply bowed her head and took a seat in a chair in the living room, looking around the house. "Thanks," she simply said in response. Nobody seemed to be asking why she was here, that was good she guesses, it was good to be... welcomed. Though, there was a knot still in the pit of her stomach, not quite reconciling with what happened. It was the second time in her entire life she witnessed someone die, and this time she played a direct role in it. It didn't help that her head was still fuzzy from the strain, but she decided she couldn't just go back to hide away in her room, it didn't seem... right, for some reason? "You've... known my father long? Kind of a funny coincidence to meet up here," she finally says with a laugh, trying to forget how last night ended up.

Yohan tried his best to smile at her as he put a hand over hers. "Well, they must of been waiting years if they really are family. I don't know what I should do. If I keep them waiting any longer, it might seem rude. But I need someone there by my side to help me out. You don't mind, do you?" He asked. He thought he was pushing his luck a little. She didn't owe him anything, why would she bother going the extra mile for someone like him? It was only these past few days that Yohan had really gotten so much attention. That wasn't enough to put self confidence in his mind. Was he still just some nobody? It felt hard to give a definite answer to that now. Yohan felt hesitant now, no longer an adamant yes came to his mind.

Kogo had to hold back her tongue a bit, but was still highly annoyed by Kraus. "If you're a teacher, in what world do you think it would be appropriate to show up to a student's home? I'm almost positive that if it were brought up with the school board they would not be pleased." Kogo stated flatly. The man then moved on to the couch. "I'd rather you not touch my furniture, thanks." The woman crossed her arms and stared at the man with pure ice. Once her point was across, she turned her attention to Saiph once again. "I've known your father for a long time...since before he met your mother. She was a very lovely woman." Kogo tried to convey sensitivity to the young girl. "I'm assuming you are an acquaintance of Yohan's? That's...a funny coincidence indeed." Kogo chuckled. She glanced over at Takeo. The boy seemed to be distracted. Kogo placed a hand on his head and rubbed it lovingly. She jerked her head towards the door, which he gladly took as an exit cue. "I'll catch you later, Yohan!" Takeo yelled out. Kogo sighed as he left, waiting for certain someones to maybe take a hint.


Sakuya understood. "I can do that if you need someone. I'm not...doing anything." She awkwardly laughed, nervousness taking over. She glanced out to the hallway and back at Yohan, determined to support her friend.

With a sigh Rupert finally turns to walk out the door, he wasn't here to fight, he was satisfied enough at this point. But stops shortly before fully exiting. Placing both hands behind his neck, he sighs, hanging his head. "Look, I'm just going to be honest here, given you are his mother and all. If you or the boy are in some kind of danger, try to tell someone... authorities or something, okay? The town has changed, and not really for the better... so I'm just worried, that's all." With that he walks out, hands in his pockets, and starts heading back home. Something odd catches his attention though, casting a glance towards Sebastian who seemed to just be... sitting there on his bike. He raises a brow but just waves as he passes by. Wonder what he's up to? he thinks, slowing his walk.


Saiph ponders it for a moment. Since before her dad met her mother? For a moment she looks down upon the mention of her mother, then her eye widens and she snaps her head to Kogo. "Whaaaaaaaaa~," was the only sound that could escape her mouth at the moment. She clears her throat, and regains her composure. "Oh! Then you are... that Kogo! Wait, then you are," she stammers, scratching her head with a chuckle. It was quite a coincidence, indeed. She had come to check up on Yohan, and met up with a family reunion as well, and somehow it all connects to her dad in some way. Just how many people does he know? "Well, we met last night while I was checking up on something for my dad, and things got a biiiit craaaazy," she says, once again planting on a grin. "But we got kinda separated, and... honestly, I've never had a friend friend before, being half here, half there, y'know? And I just... heh, I'm not really sure how to explain it really... guess I wanted to not just be a jerk and disappear after everything? Um, pleasure to meet you by the way!"

Yohan couldn't help but smile over at her and pull her into a brief hug. "Thanks. It feels good to have someone I can depend upon." He couldn't help but laugh a bit out of honesty, rising up to his feet as he takes in a deep breath before releasing it through his nostrils. "Okay. I'm ready." He stated, heading off out of his room slowly, making sure Sakuya left before closing the door. He heard something about a 'see ya later' from the sounds of it, had Takeo left? He could only manage a brief wave before heading down the stairs. He let out a little groan as he rubbed his neck out of annoyance. "Um, hi." He stated to everyone who was still here, glancing to Sakuya nervously before looking back over to the others. "So, uh..." He looked over to Kogo. "I might need a refresher on the names and all that. If you are going to be staying here with me from now on and all."

Kogo just shook her head as Kraus left. What a strange man. Saiph, on the other hand, seemed to just have a revelation about her. She listened to the Grimms girl attentively. She was a bit awkward, but it was nothing Kogo didn't expect. "I knew something or other was going on...I was actually nearby at the time. I had my own fight going on." Kogo pulled back the collar of her dress to reveal some bandages stained with blood, but Kogo didn't seem to mind her injuries. However, before she could say more, a girl with pink hair had gained her attention. Kogo instinctively narrowed her eyes. Sakuya shrunk back a little, and sort of hid behind Yohan as he asked Kogo for names. "Names of what, exactly? I'm an old woman, you're going to have to be more specific."

Yohan looked over at Sakuya and sort of laughed a little. He couldn't help it, she was just too sweet for her own good. He knew exactly how that could feel sometimes. Looking back over at Kogo, he rubbed the back of his neck as he tried to think of how to explain it. "Well, it's like. I don't remember you or the guy who called me Yo-man. So it's like, uh, I don't know what to call either of you really? If that makes any sense."

Kogo nodded. "The one that called you Yo-man was Takeo. He is your older brother by a year and a half just about." Kogo explained matter of factly. "And I mean...I am your mother so I would assume you'd call me Mom or Mother...but if you insist most call me Kogo." She shook her head, mumbling to herself in Japanese. "Miss Grimms was just informing me of your encounter last night...She said things got a bit out of hand. You seem to be alright now...we kind of have a saying for that in my language. It's fairly old, but words of wisdom never die. The saying went...'起死回生'...coming out of a situation that seems hopeless with a burst of energy and coming back twice as strong..."

Seb hadn't noticed Kraus at first but glanced over and raised the one visible eyebrow, looking at the man with neutral expressions though Sebastian's body language expressed some shallow amount of concern as to whether the man was dangerous or not, either-way he soon went back to looking over his helmet soon enough hooking the straps over the handlebars to hold the helmet out the way, his hand had wondered towards the hilt of the sword though when he felt the wire that covered the hilt he scowled at the blade and drew it from the sheath and went to work removing the wire, if not to just see if there were any maker's mark or secret hidden beneath "should get some wrap for this...the wire isn't the most comfortable" he spoke out to himself and sighed, continuing mucking about with the hilt of the longsword.
Tracey wasn't having much luck in finding Seb and had pulled over looking at a small map of the town "i really shouldn't..." if she got caught using magic she would be in a lot of trouble, she rubbed her eyes and starting back onto her search.

Kraus's eyes widen as he looks back, watching Sebastian draw out a sword... in public!? With a chill down his spine, he slips behind the corner to watch from a distance. He didn't know what was up with this guy, but he got the feeling he wasn't here for LARPing. Whatever the case may be, that sword looked real enough.

"Well... this just got a bit more... interesting. Who wields swords this day and age I wonder? Hm, for some reason this reminds me of a play..." Puck says, only to get no response from Kraus, who was watching the man intensely.


Saiph scratches her head and chuckles nervously. She felt kind of like she just snitched on Yohan, which was not her intention. Though what was with last night? There was a fight going on nearby as well? "U-uhm... sorry, did I maybe... blab too much?" she asks, turning to Yohan and sinking down in her seat.

"Nah, it's fine." Yohan started to say, shaking his head a little as he put a hand up to his head. "I would of had to explain anyway, what with me ending up in the hospital...?" Yohan's sentence around the word hospital started to fickle. He collapses to his knees, looking to be struggled as his entire head felt like it would split open. Memories he had forgotten for years suddenly started to flood back into his mind all at once. It was like a rush, but most importantly, he finally remembered the incident. That tragic incident and how this had all started. How the White Haired Boy first came to be.

The white haired boy couldn't help but laugh at Shiro. "So he finally remembers, does he? Good. I was tired of mimicking you anyway." The white haired boy shifted in his seat, his eyes flashing red. "Shiro, you must release this form of me I was unwillingly thrown into. I've been stuck like this for years now. It is not a good form for a part of the greater force known as Malice!" Shiro rose up to his feet and walked over to the orb, not saying a word in response to the Fake Shiro. "Fine! Be that way! When the day comes you get thrown back to your so called paradise, I'll happily take this boy's body for my own! I can feel it, my power grows by the day!" Fake Shiro couldn't help but grin as his formed shifted into that of Ricky's.

"Oh, look at that. A new Inner Demon has already come about since last night. One's death has lead to another's creation. I still have a hand to play in our little game, Shiro. Don't forget that!" Fake Shiro returned back to looking like Shiro, grinning madly as he began to be sucked away into the big red door. Shiro couldn't help but sigh as he watched the memories flash within his orb. When all of Fake Shiro was sucked away, the door slammed shut behind him and he finally found himself able to sit back down comfortably while putting a hand up to rest against his head. Malice didn't seem phased by the destruction of the Inner Demon of Despair. The struggle was not yet over for either him or Yohan.

Yohan soon made his way back up to his feet, with a little help from three people unexpectedly. Letting out a sigh of relief that the pain had subsided, he couldn't help but smile over at Kogo. "Uh... Well, this is a bit awkward for a family reunion, isn't it?" He couldn't help but chuckle as he grabbed all three of them and pulled them into one big group hug. "Sorry for causing so much trouble. But I finally remember. I finally remember, mom. I'm finally here." Yohan felt tears begin to swell up in his eyes as he was forced to close them as a rush of different emotions was currently sweeping throughout his entire body.

Kogo and Sakuya alike were concerned when Yohan fell to the floor. Kogo immediately, even instinctively, reached for him, trying to make sure he didn't hurt himself. "Woah there, kiddo. Take it easy." Kogo whispered to him. The three women did help him back up, and Yohan was unexpectedly emotional. She patted his head a bit. "It's great to know I didn't totally fuck up." Kogo said, glancing around the room a few times. She gave her son a genuine hug. Sakuya smiled at the happy reunion, but felt that she was out of place.

"Yohan...are you going to be okay?" The girl asked tenderly. She stole a look at his mother before she waited for an answer.

his mystery solved. he tapped the wire and used the vectors to rewrap the hilt, as if his tampering hadn't happened, he put the sword back into its sheath and began to bind the sword into its sheath, dismounting the bike, he had noticed that Takeo had left the building, Seb had crossed his arms and waited for some response to a question that need not asking, though for the sake of the question and Sebastian's curiosity he'd ask anyway "needing a place to crash? you've got the look that you've just had all your luck shat on"

soon enough Sebastian's mobile would begin ringing and he'd check the caller answering briefly "yeah I'm fine, are you driving about? could you not waste Rebecca's fuel" he got an earful from Tracey and before he had to put up with it anymore he'd just hang up, only pissing Tracey off that bit more.

Kraus sighed as he put away the sword, ready to keep walking when Puck suddenly manifests next to him, a grin on his face as he floats there looking in Sebastian's direction. Kraus snapped a worried look at him. "Puck, what are you doing? Let's go.

"You are me aren't you? You're curious, I know you are~!" Puck responds with a tempting tone, grinning all the way. He then grabs Kraus by the collar and pulls him close. Kraus's eyes widen in shock, looking around to make sure no one sees him. "C'mon, partner, where's your love of theatrics? you can't just leave this as some hanging plotline." With a sigh, he lets go of him and closes his eyes. "Well, looks like today is a solo act, but you're gonna owe me." With that he walks out from behind the corner, taking on a more humanoid form, changing his purple robes into a hoodie, and taking on dark blue hair and begins to head towards Sebastian and Takeo, a mischievous grin on his face. Kraus himself kept, not sure what was about to happen.

"Well well, what is going on here I wonder? Up to something sinister with that sword? Funny choice for a gang weapon! he says, addressing Sebastian himself. He laughs, rubbing his chin as he begins to circle. "This... reminds me of a play, but is it Julius Ceasar, or MacBeth? I'm not sure... but maybe I'd waste time explaining, unless... you get the general theme of both?"

Saiph was shocked when he collapsed, holding his head like that! Had he suffered some deeper injury in the fight? The terrifying thought of a lasting effect of Payne crossed her mind, but then, helping him get back up, he suddenly says that he's remembered, and hugs them all. Her face visibly turning a bit red, her eye twitching. It wasn't usual to be hugged, not even by her father, well, not since the accident. She submitted into it though, feeling it was something he needed, even if she wasn't exactly sure why, and for some reason, there was relief in the back of her mind.

"Y-yeah, I mean, nothing... lingering from, y'know," she stammers, gesturing with a finger gun.

Sebastian turned to face the stranger who approached them. "damn stereotypes, ever heard of 'never judge a book by its cover', just 'cause i have a bike and the sword, its a recent purchace." as he spoke his accent broke abit exposing his faded English accent, sounding to be from the midlands he crossed his arms tapping his right bicep looking this hooded blue haired guy up and down, whomever it was he didn't sit well with Sebastian, 'rubbed him the wrong way' as the saying goes. "as for gangs, I wasn't even aware of any in this town" subconsciously he had sat with his English accent. "and who are you anyway?, you look like a Yobbo yourself."

Yohan soon let go of all three and shook his head, running a hand through his blue hair. "Sorry. It's just been a long time since I remembered." Yohan nodded to Saiph, indicating he wasn't suffering from any side effects from last night before looking a little sad. "I remember everything. The good and the bad. Richter Belmont. I can't believe it." Yohan sat down on his couch as he put a hand on his head. "I don't know how to say any of this. I remember being taken out of the car and being used as a hostage against my own family. I felt a rush of emotions coming through me, I remember the people around me being sent flying away as a huge blinding light engulfed the area around me. When I came to, my dad was dead. I don't think it was the attackers though that did it. They never got close to him to do it." Yohan's hands began to shake as he did his best to control his breathing. "... I think I did it. I think I was the one who took his life!"

Puck chuckles a bit, one of his suspicions had already been confirmed, this guy is not normal, he can see and hear him clear as day. "The name's Puck, well, one of them, anyways," he says, taking a small bow, before flipping his head up with fixated gaze. "And you'd think a simple little town like this wouldn't have much! You would think... but with the disappearances and reappearances, the bloody death of poor Little Ricky and all the other bizarre things going on, one has to wonder," he says, as he places a hand over his face. Then slowly he'd lower his hand. "Quite a night, wasn't it..?"


Saiph is speechless, it was a lot to take in all at once, but far more for Yohan, he was shaken, and yet, somehow she understood it. His memories came with baggage, uncertainty, and guilt, that much was clear. With a sigh, she holds up a finger ready to say something, "Well, I..." she mutters, then shakes her head. She then crouches down and mutters a bit to herself inaudibly, searching for something to say, looking around every which way for an answer. "You were like... really little right? And in like a bad situation... you were scared, confused. It hurts, I know, I... mean I get it, I... well, I lost my mother when I was really little too, right there in front of me, father he," she begins, stammering a bit, before cutting herself off and lowering her head. "And it... hurts, a lot, but you... even if..."

She stops once more, then raises her head staring right forward at him. "Look, I haven't known you long, so it is kinda awkward coming from a weirdo like me. H-hah, I'm really like, not even good at well, this, but... I can tell you this much: it just wasn't your fault! You're a good person, my first impression was a guy throwing himself into danger for others, who really cares for others. Maybe a little awkward at times, but heh, who isn't?"


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  1. This post is a collab between myself, Kagerou, Yvandir and Martinvole

    by The Great Thundorz

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Unexpected Changes


Kogo patted Yohan's shoulder. She tried to give him a reassuring look, but her eyes were distant. Her memories of that day were a bit hazy. Was Yohan really responsible? It would explain that bright light.... "It wasn't anything you could control, Yohan. I know Richter understands that in the next life wherever he is." Kogo nodded at Saiph, understanding what she meant. "Don't beat yourself up over it. Both of us knew something would happened, we just didn't know when or how."

Sakuya stayed mostly quiet. She rubbed Yohan's back gently while the other three spoke. She did not have much to add as her family, as far as she knew, was alive. The only thing she could do was support Yohan and hopefully not say the wrong things.

Takeo didn't have to breathe a word for Sebastian to know exactly what he was feeling. Before he could even mumble half of a decent response, a voice caught his ears. Sebastian was more of a talker, so Takeo stayed back and studied the new figure. He was most definitely magical in nature, but what his purpose was Takeo had no notion. The thing seemed to piss off his best friend enough for him to forget about an American accent. The figure then went on to list the bizarre happenings of the past few days. However, Takeo just wanted to get out of there. He sighed quietly, glaring at Puck with daggers. "I don't know what you're trying to get at, but we don't want anything to do with your shenanigans. I'm sure my friend here will agree. Please take it elsewhere." Takeo then tapped Sebastian on the shoulder. "I'm good if you're ready."

Yohan could feel all three of them trying to reach out to him with what they were saying and he couldn't help but close his eyes. He could feel his mother patting his shoulder while Sakuya rubbed his back. He gave it a few to let it sink in, the memories conflicting with what they were saying. But he gave a thumbs up to Saiph and opened his eyes, smiling at her. Then he looked over to his mother and nodded. "It won't be easy. I know it won't. But I can do my best right now. I'm not going to fall back down into depression again, I'm not." Then he reached over to place his hand over Sakuya's and looked over at her, not wanting her to stop rubbing his back, but if she did, he wouldn't stop her. A slight blush came over his cheeks as he looked her directly in the eyes and smiled. He appreciated her gentle touch, his hand shifting slightly to allow hers to grip his hand in return. He certainly wasn't going to let go anytime soon if she did.

Sebastian was knocked back to reality, his answer was to hit the guy and leave but Takeo's calmer and more pleasant way, helped shave off some of the forming chip on Sebastian's shoulder, he nodded, "yeah, I'm good to go" just having his friend about calmed him down, the mellow nature rubbing off on Seb, apparently Seb needed more of it. "goodbye stranger" he turned towards his bike and took his helmet from the handlebars and went about putting it on. "oh by the way, Macbeth dies after his murderous rampages and Juilius was stabbed to death by his senators" Sebastian just had to put that out there, knowing the basics of the play and history of Ceasar.

Tracey was fed up and taking her son's advice of not wasting her daughter's fuel, she returned to the apartment to wait impatiently and worried for her Son's health "he's always been trouble...but this is something else altogether" Tracey was talking to herself as she pulled the car into the private garage and climbed out. when she returned to the apartment, she sat down in the small lounge, at her request Rebecca had removed the plaqued and mounted sword hilt, it now was in the 'storage' room, really it was supposed to be a third bedroom.

Puck simply lets out a disappointed sigh as they leave, it was looking like it was just getting interesting. With little choice left he shrugs, slips his hands into his pockets and walks back to Kraus with his head down looking sullen. "A shared theme was betrayal," he mutters looking to Kraus, his eyes lighting back up and grinning once more. "Time to suit up."

Kogo took this as her cue to leave the kiddos to their own devices. She had a specific mission in mind anyways. "I understand the years have been hard on you...unfortunately, I'll probably be a bit...busy. I have some personal business that needs dealt with. I know you can handle the fort while I'm gone." Kogo gave a final wave to the group of kids. "Oh, by the way Yohan, there's some money on the table for whatever take out you wanted...enough for all three of you actually. I also took the liberty of stocking the fridge and pantry...I wasn't sure what your tastes were like, so it's mostly just essentials. Be back soon." Kogo then headed towards the basement stairs. With the crystal necklace around her neck, she opened the Gateway and slipped through. Her adventures were not yet at their end.

The girl was surprised by Yohan's touch, but continued to run his back while Kogo made her exit. Once the woman was gone, Sakuya audibly exhaled. " a very intimidating woman..." She squeezed Yohan's hand and looked around the living room. She pulled Yohan over towards the couch, grabbing a large blanket from the back of a recliner. She threw the blanket over the couch. "This will have to do for now...What do you want to do for now, Yohan? A lot happened today and yesterday..."

Takeo gave a peace sign to Puck before putting on the helmet and settling in to a familiar position. "Well, that was...something. That's enough of people for the day." Takeo couldn't wait to just relax for the rest of the day...but something seemed to be bugging Sebastian. He made a note of it to ask about later, when they weren't on a rolling deathtrap.

the Ride home on the 'death trap' was uneventful, thankfully, when they arrived at the apartment complex Sebastian took the bike round to the garage and locked it up, chaining the wheels, locking the handlebars into their resting position. he hung the helmet off the handlebars and began heading up to the apartment, of course they'd take the Elevator. The confrontation with his Mother never happened, the purple haired woman was still there of course, but Tracey had calmed down "Sebastian...please don't do that again" Sebastian just shuck his head and walked past yawning "we have a new room mate Rebecca, I'm gonna get the spare room cleared out" Tracey and Rebecca glanced to each other and then to the door.

Takeo entered in behind Sebastian. He was a bit surprised to see Rebecca and Tracey alike, but simply waved after he saw them. He was processing in his mind what that Puck guy was up to...but what had happened the night before? He knew someone had died, but did Sebastian have much to do with that? "It can wait a bit, Sebastian. Can we talk a minute?" He smiled at the two women before basically dragging Sebastian off to what looked like his bedroom. "What the hell have you been up to? I spend literally three days away from you and you've already gotten in trouble!" Of course, while Takeo was being serious, the stupid grin on his face made it seem otherwise. Takeo even crossed his arms in a funny way, much like his mother would when they would get in trouble as children. His "harumph" was emphasized as well. "You've gone off and made enemies! You could have at least made some with me!"

Well, Kogo went off just like that. Guess she was a busy woman or something. Well, Sakuya pulled him off with her, feeling a bit nervous now that she was holding his hand and all that. He chuckled nervously and looked over to the kind of destroyed couch. He could only hope his mother had some kind of power to fix that up or whatever. Hopefully Sakuya could keep that electric dog under control and from destroying anything else. Just what kind of animal did that other place produce anyway? If things like this existed, what else could there be? He smiled as he looked down at her hand and then back up at her. That's when a thought hit him. "Oh shoot, you haven't played video games much, have you?!"

He turned to look over at Saiph and points at her. "Go through that bag and find something multiplayer based. We're gonna teach this young lady what it means to play the vidya gaems!" He scratched his cheek with his free hand at that. "You know what I mean. This poor beautiful young woman is uneducated in the ways! We must show her the true glory!" He pulls out his cell phone with his free hand and sits down on the couch with Sakuya, holding her hand as he begins to call up some takeout. "Both of you tell me what you want before we start up. I want to make sure I get this just right before we begin the carnage that is the butt whooping."

The three hung out and played video games, losing track of time as they did so and just having fun. It was a time to relax and get to know one another. When it was getting late and night was starting to settle in, Saiph and Sakuya decided to head home and Yohan promised to walk with Sakuya to school while showing Saiph what a school looked up in person. When all was said and done, Yohan decided to head to bed, leaving a note on the couch that it needed to either be repaired or replaced whenever Kogo returned. With a short yawn, he headed up the stairs and looked over his shoulder at the house one more time before heading on up. This could be the last night he would have a "normal" life as it were. Everything from here would be entering into a whole new world he didn't even know existed.

"Yes sirs, I just received an update report on last night's activities in Timberland." Chi spoke to Delta and Beta as they stood on the highest building in Timberland, overlooking the town as the sun began to rise up over it. "Last night, a man in a strange attire came out and suddenly stopped a crime. He was gone before the police could get there though, he only left some kind of card with an emblem on it. I will keep an eye on this man's activities while you deal with finding who the connectors are." Once communications with Chi were down, Beta turned to look over at Delta.

"This is not looking good. It's possible that hero project is already underway Delta." Beta gave Delta a look of concern. "You should know better than anyone how that man leading the Sukodo Empire thinks by now. Can we really trust him to handle something like this? It's totally unexpected and came out of nowhere on us, the timing's off and the number of people who are being infected is rising by the day. I wouldn't blame those who are connected to start receiving the side effects starting since last night."

"The problem is that we cannot do anything about any of that for the time being." Delta gave a quick pat to Beta's shoulder. "We'll observe the High School today. If no results show up there, we'll move on to the Middle School and then start searching the shops and such. Have patience, my friend. School is about to begin soon. We should get moving if we want to observe everyone there in time."

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020. That was the current date as Yohan had woken up and gotten prepared for school with his bag. He had no real time to check to see if Kogo was back yet or not, he would have to hang out and talk with her more once he came back. He still couldn't believe a man died yesterday, he still couldn't believe that Sunday had started all of this. He had to clear his head, for now he had to remain focused. He left the house and kept it locked like always, putting away a spare key within his backpack so he wouldn't forget. He wondered how Saiph was going to meet up with them, she did tend to just appear randomly. But that wasn't a bad thing. He walked outside of Sakuya's house and sat on one of her steps outside, waiting for her to come out.

The setting changes from Timberland to The Other Side


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Takeo was a bit deflated at Sebastian's serious sounding answers. Here he was, trying to joke around for once in his life, and what does he do?! Mopes! "Mother told me something about a Hell Hound she helped fight last night...she neglected to mention she was with you. Odd. Maybe she didn't realize who you were?" Takeo questioned mostly himself. Kogo was a strange woman indeed, that he knew. Keo looked his friend in his one good eye. The boy still had that same grin on his face. "I had to make sure you don't go absolutely crazy with chicks and unfortunately, I enrolled in the college. It's got pretty good credentials considering this is a hick town in the middle of the United States. I was 'too smart' for the high school, they said." Takeo sighed. "I was accepted into the computer engineering program...hear they have a course on robotics. Might be slightly interesting maybe." Keo nodded to himself. "I've got some cash saved up, so I shouldn't be a total drain on you." He walked around the room a bit. Today was exhausting. "I'm ready for some recharge. Game session?" Takeo took the liberty of picking up two PlayStation 4 controllers and offering one to Sebastian. "You look like you could use some down time there, friend."