Ryuki Maru

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a character in “Black Butler:A new life”, as played by Draruto


โ–  Manditory Picture: Image

โ– Role: Butler

โ–  Name: Ryuiki Maru

โ–  Race: Dragon Demon

โ–  Age: around 520

โ–  Height: 5'10

โ–  Weight: 260

โ–  Clothing Styles:practical and casual

โ–  Skills: guns, swords

โ–  Phobias / Fears: heights to a point

โ–  Bad Habits / Vices: starlight mints

โ–  Best Qualities: listening

โ–  Worst Qualities: temper

โ–  Crush: Aika

โ–  Sexual Background: undecided

โ– Other Important Details plays chess sometimes

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