Black Dawn

Black Dawn


Private storyline between Pathas and Mosswine Leader.

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In the far distant lands of Demacia, a Kingdom which prospered with the most advanced civilization in the known world, vast knowledge in the arcane arts, and with riches that gave way to jealously from bordering nations, a King demanded his mages to find the key to immortality. During his reign, his mind wa clouded with materials and power that he dare not give up. King Ramanastre sought the ultimate taboo that the Teachings denounced as the Forbidden Knowledge, for whomever sought the temptations of immortality would call upon such terrible tidings that generations would feel the violent force of the Teachings.

The warning was forgotten as the Royal Circle of Mages toiled to find the answer, for their reward was also immortality. The Forbidden Knowledge gave way to the practice of Dark and Blood magic alike. Subjects were stolen from their families only never to be seen again, urchins from the streets were missing from their hiding places, and even whores were taken from the streets and were soon forgotten only to be replaced by others.

The Old Gods watched with despair as they watched King Ramanastre from their Grand Cathedral within the Heavens. Signs were sent to dissuade the King, but the seers, their vessels, were killed, for their news pleased not the ears of the ruler who hungered for what no mortal was allowed. At last, the Gods looked away as they let loose their servants, the Fellous, or in mortal terms, the Souls of Demons.

Demacia was the first to burn as citizens were killed in the streets, soldiers fighting only to be torn into puddles of flesh, and the great cities of Demacia reduced to nothing but rubble. Ramanastre, distraught over the events, pleaded to the Gods for forgiveness. His cries were heard, but his greed remain true and strong. The Gods persisted.

Soon enough the scourge spread beyond the borders of Demacia and into her neighboring nations. The Gods intervened to halt the Fellous' advance, but, within their carelessness, they had released the three Arch Demons, Gods that had rebelled only to be defeated in the past. The Demons, with their surprise, fought the Old Gods and reseated them and vanquished them towards the prison of Taranos where they had lurked for many years.

Securing their power the three, Gywans, Pestila, and Gallulanos took towards the mortal world and appeared before the King and his mages and consumed them to take their form for convenience. Gywans, the original Father of the three halted before Ramanastre. Because of this King, so full of Hubris and desire, made it possible for them to return, immorality as a slave to the three to forever suffer and be their puppet was granted to him. King Ramanastre now stands within the Grand Cathedral of Demacia killing all who enter. As he stands guard, his turmoil, intentionally so, never wavers as the fault of such destruction lays with him. The Mad King who brought death through his insatiable greed.


In the ensuing months, the armies of every Kingdom united into one to halt the advance of the unholy beasts. However, their rampage lays unsalted while many sons, fathers, and even daughters fall in the battlefield amongst the rotting dead or within the bellies of the demons that they fight.

The Old Gods that now dwelled in Taranos wept for their mortal children. With the last of their essence, they gave rise to a pair of souls whom would inherit their strength and rival the Fellous and the three. With what little power they had, visions were sent to whatever seers they could find from within their prison. The two were to be sought out, raised in the burning flames of war, and save what little of humanity was left. With this, the Old Gods hoped that these two could correct what they couldn't. With the chosen rests the hopes of the death of the three demons, and, without hesitance, King Ramanastre.

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Character Portrait: Vince Kaiser
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