Laura Handrek

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a character in “Black Earth”, as played by Durzobl


General Information: (Name, Age, Gender.):
Laura Handrek

Physical Appearance: (No Famous actors, well known animes, or famous game characters allowed. Face claims are a big plus! Detail is everything. Nationality if you are starting somewhere other than the US.)
Nationality: French (Though in US.)
Eye Color: Bright/Light Brown
Hair Color: Red
Distinctive Marks: Scar on right Shoulder and left shoulder blade. Slash marks.
Height: 6'0
Weight: 71Kg

Quiet, hard to engage.
Quick/Abrupt to anger.
Very Aggressive in anger.
Extremely kind, warm to those known to her (Friends).

Demeanor: (How they are perceived by others?):
Proud in stance and manner of speech (Or lack there of).
Self-contained and motivated. Does not interact with others.
Quick to anger, and brutal when angry.

Equipment: (Weapons are extremely rare, you may not start with one. Under some circumstances you may, GM approval required. GM may as you to modify or remove some items.)
Simple clothing items (Black cargo pants, plain white shirt, leather biker jacket)
Fencing foil (French Rapier http://www.medieval-weaponry.co.uk/acat ... er-710.jpg) x 2 (Two blades)
Backpack (Hiking)

History: (Give us everything you got! Make it deep, sad, or epic, This is where you should let loose on how your character survived this world. No God Moding or Meta Gaming still applies.)
Laura was born in Paris, France. Raised by two people who were in their own rights great. Her mother, a biological scientist and her father a world-renowned professional fencer. As one might imagine, she was heavily pushed into both fields. From a young age, Laura was taught to fence. Countless hours spent testing and working through her fencing forms with long, heavy steel rods so that when replaced with the paper-light fencing foils, she could move with the swiftness and grace of a true artist. While fencing became the main object of her focus, she also developed an aptitude towards the biological sciences. Being home-schooled by her mother, she developed an advanced knowledge of extreme biological concepts at an extremely young age. In many ways her life was perfect. Paired with the physical and mental fitness of countless hours work, ever door was open to her.

Then the Virus hit.

Laura's father, while a bright man, was not at the extremes of the IQ range and quickly developed symptoms. Left alone to her fencing and constantly pushed away from the grotesquely developing symptoms of her father, Laura trained in isolation. Blissfully unaware of the hell that was developing in her home. Her mother spent months at a time squirreled away inside the dark desolation of her lab. Working tirelessly to save her husband. Unaffected herself, she quickly took to self testing.

After being left alone for months, Laura gave up. Heading to her mothers lab to find her parents only to be presented with a rotted, water less corpse that was so badly decayed she could barely recognize it as her father, and another discolored, poisoned body that had once been her mother. With police and hospitals overworked with the dead or dying, Laura took to the streets. Spending day after day living on food stolen from the dead in the streets and protecting herself from the common street thug with her fencing steels. With nothing but the clothes on her back and blades, Laura kept herself alive. The doors of academic and fencing excellence slammed in her face and replaced with the lone and simple task of survival.

To this day she wanders the streets of various US cities. Travelling wherever she sees fit. The world at her fingertips, albeit in a different way.

Strengths: (Don't make your character too strong OR too weak. GM may ask you to change or remove some strengths.)
Physical Exercise
Biological Sciences (Although not explored, she does not see it as useful to explore this any further at the current time.)

Slight paranoia of labs/offices

So begins...

Laura Handrek's Story


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#, as written by Eliyahu
October 16th, 2020.

Winter was approaching. The frozen, unmerciful gusts would too much to handle without some form of shelter. Jackets always helped but a place to bunker down was a requirement rather than a choice. The amount of time it took to find a new stable shelter was, unfortunately, much longer than they imagined.

The current residential area that Eli and Casey were searching, had little in terms of protection from the elements. Many homes had shattered windows and broken doors from the scavengers that had been here before. Very few offered any hope for food or running water..If it held anything of value, it would be a grueling search to be found.

Laura's current location told the story of a once beautiful mall. Signs saying "50% off jeans" and the like, it was clearly geared towards teenagers and young adults looking to make a statement. Three stories of hit fashion stores, food courts, jewelry departments, and gaming hubs lined the halls. What was still left is exactly why Laura was here.

When winter is upon you, you will tell yourself that you are not ready...


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#, as written by Durzobl
Another day, another myriad of depression sources. The soft sigh that escaped Laura's lips immediately turned to a soft white mist. The empty, trash-covered floors over the supermarket she had been residing in remained unchanged. The same decayed and moldy cardboard containers, the same empty soda cans and the same decaying, insect-riddled corpses. Laura stepped over one now, cringing inwardly as her heel clips a limp arm. She had never been squeamish, though something about the soft thud of the bodies limp arm hitting the ground caused her to shiver.

She had already scoured this superstore, most of it having already been looted before she had even arrived in this city. Her eyes trail over the stores around her, eventually settling on a small food-market. After checking her rapiers where still in position on her hip and back, she stepped through the long since broken down opening gates, bumping it open with her knee as she moves down the isles. She pulls up the front of her jacket, protecting her nose and mouth from the stench of decaying food.

Meandering around the corridors produced only a few cans of beans and some rotten corn. Not the best I've done... She packs the food away beside her rags and gear in her backpack before slinging it back over her shoulder. With another white sigh she adjusted her jacket, cracking her neck as she meanders into a clothing store, finding only a knee-length pink skirt, a baseball cap and a hoodie. She raises an eyebrow at the skirt, sighing before tossing it aside. She stuffs the jacket into her backpack beside the cap. She quickly moved from the clothing store to a nearby gun store. After spending a few minutes trying to get open a safe in the back room, she gives up, settling for an empty Colt Pistol and six shotgun shells.

Satisfied that she had enough to last her the night, she moves to the superstores upper levels, returning to her sanctuary in the rooftop gardens. She had been up here for the whole week. Her position offering her a perfect view over the decimated landscape and car park surrounding the store, whilst also having some overgrown flowers and grass so that it was not abhorrently depressing. She drops onto the towel that had been her bed, setting her backpack aside as she unholsters her two rapiers. A smile tugs her lips as she gently runs a finger over the length of their blades, removing the small black sharpening rock from her backpack's front pocket. She slowly begins sliding along the blades length, the sharp sound of a sharpening blade calming her as she hones their edge.

Thinking back to the previous years she sighs. She had only had to kill a real person once, and his face still haunted her dreams. Dreaming and sleeping used to be the one leisure in a destroyed world, and now even that had been taken from her. Tomorrow she would venture to the city center. Maybe there, she could find another survivors. For now though, she simply lay back. Both swords clutched to her chest as she collapses into the blackness of unconsciousness. Continuing her search for peace, and for another night she failed to find it.


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Character Portrait: Laura Handrek

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#, as written by Durzobl
As the sun rose the following day, Laura woke with a sharp gasp. Her breath coming out in short sharp puffs of white as her mind slowly begins to comprehend her surroundings. The same questions she asks herself every morning pinging around her skull.

What is your name? Where are you? Are you safe? Are you alone?

With effort she forces her breathing to calm down, the image of a mountains of corpses still clouding her mind as she regains control of herself.

Laura. Supermarket roof. Yes. Yes.

She rubs a hand through her unruly crimson hair, pushing it away from her eyes as she stands slowly. Today was the day she would move on. Her universal rule of moving at least once a week kicking in. After standing, she tightens the belt on her hip along with the harness over her back. With both swords in place, she slings her backpack over her shoulder. The weight comforting between her shoulders. The relaxation of routine.

Three hours later she was striding down the center of one of the main roads that crisscrossed through the city. Instict told her to stick to the storefronts, to not make herself so obvious. But hell, at least if someone attacked her she'd know that she wasn't the only one alive. She sheer impossibility of that hope immediately dampened her mood.

Hours of looking for another place to set up camp were fruitless. Though, pacing down a smaller street near the city edges, she found footprints in the dust of the ground. Kneeling she gingerly trails her index finger around the edge. So I'm not alone. The thought was both comforting and terrifying. She exhales gently, standing once more as she rests a hand on the pommel of her parry-blade, setting off to follow the tracks, the faintest of smiles tugging her lips.


The tracks had been a dead end. Leading into a small house which had contained the rather depressing bodies of a large male and a younger child. Both several months old. She couldn't bring herself to check them for gear, instead muttering a slight prayer and returning outside. She followed the street as the sun went down, eventually deciding it was time to set up camp, finding the first multi-story home she could. Laura had always wanted to be up high. She shoulders open the door, moving into the dim interior. Inside, a lone zombie meandered through the corridors. She sidestepped him, taking little joy in the outmaneuvering of the beast. It's lack of sense leaving it to be a very small accomplishment. She made her way upstairs, finding the first bedroom. Inside, the door shut behind her with a cabinet pushed up against it, she lay on the floor. The bed too unnatural to her by now. She remained where she was, simply staring at the roof. Thinking.